Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 2, 2017

Stripping Down! Understandings from Scotland <3


Man oh man, sometimes (most of the time) spirit can be so damn pesky.  My last day in Scotland, I woke up in the silent zone… no voice.  Couple that with head and chest congestion, full-blown asthma attacks and my neutralizer was packed safely in my suit case…  my flight home was… rough.  Fortunately the long trip over the Atlantic was on a half full airplane and I got my window seat row all to my self.  I did not sleep, but I did get to sprawl out and that was good.

Now here I am, home for three days now and am still voiceless, (no readings or class today) but at least down to just upper respiratory congestion, which is keeping the voicelessness in play.

There are many things I want to share with y’all from my Scotland adventure, and many things I know I will not understand until we connect thru the field of readings, but today, I want to focus on two night-time adventures that took place.

My amazing tour guide and friend, Julie, broke our adventure up into three sections.  The first section (3 days) was spent in Kilmartin, connecting with many of the standing stones in that area, climbing (what felt like a mountain) a hill to castle ruins in wind and rain and many other adventures I will write about, but not today.

The next phase of our adventure was going to the Island of Mull, directly across from the Island of Iona.  The very first night in our beautiful B & B, I was awoken in the middle of the night, eyes open, mind conscious… to an energy shift in my room.  The most amazing energy shift I had ever felt and I have no way to describe it with words.  There was a Being I could not see, but felt and heard, levitating in the 3 foot space between my bed and the bathroom door.

circle and lineHe told me that I have not released all my beliefs yet, there is more to go.   He explained that I have got to get myself (we all do, this was about me, sharing to everyone so we all understand and get to this point within ourselves) to a place where there is only me and Source.  He then placed an image of a circle or an opening in the airspace and a line moving upwards into and thru the circle area.  The line was me, each of us, moving into the Source of All Life.  We will know we achieved this place because that energy shift I felt and so did not want to part with, will be felt as a constant.

I didn’t get any instruction on how, or what the hell do I have left to let go of, but I can say it broke my heart when that energy left.  Even when I woke up in the morning and went outside for my holy smokes, I did all I could think of doing to reconnect with that energy… not the Being, just the energy and other than relish the memory of having experienced it, I could not reproduce it to save my life.

OK, I am on a mission.  What ever the freak I have left to let go of… I am stripping down.  Every day, several times a day, I begged for help.  I am walking the land of Iona, up the Dun I, praying to understand what I still need to dump… I surely will, I just don’t know what the hell is left!!

There is was an interesting twist I could feel with the letting go instruction.  I went back to Blessed Mother meditation experiences in 2001, when she told me to lay down all my beliefs so that I may be filled with the truth of spirit.  At least with that instruction, I knew the mile high beliefs I had, I just didn’t know how to let them go, and she gutted me like a fish.  Here, I now know completely how to let things go, I just have no idea what I may still be lugging around.  HELP!!!

With my Blessed Mother experience, I paced my house for three days trying to figure out how to release my beliefs before reconnecting and begging her to help me in meditation.  I walked Iona and Mull begging to know what I need to realize and release…

The third and final leg of our amazing adventure was way up North on the Mainland of the Orkney Islands, in a land named Twatt (that just cracks me up, ok a few miles outside of Twatt, but hey!! lol)  Here we rented a whole house for our 5 day adventure.

Night one, at about the same time as my Mull experience, a tick after midnight, something horribly unpleasant was happening.  There was a massive pipeline of energy being pumped into my solar plexus, stirring the incredibly full juices in my stomach (one will never ever go hungry when on a trip with Julie) and it was like my stomach was suddenly split in two parts, the lower part rumbling with gases being released into my bowels and the upper part boiling like water.  I tried to breath the nausea away for a good half hour, but it became too intense, I decided out was much better than in and walked across the hall to the bathroom, stuck a finger down my throat and started what would end up being at least 5 minutes of projectile vomiting.  It looked like molasses with major chunks coming up and out from the depths of my Being.  I know, too much information lol, but hey, I didn’t eat anything that resembled molasses, nothing dark or black and surely nothing that chunky!!!

When I released the last of whatever was spewing out of me, I crawled back into bed, begging for mercy.

The vile inside of me now gone, a new nighttime adventure was about to take place.

I did fall back to sleep for a moment, then was awoken, well, my consciousness was awoken, my body laid sleeping on the bed.  I could see it and was very aware of it sleeping.  About 2 feet above my sleeping body a whole other plane of reality opened up.  In this plane, which was filled with as much depth, detail and feeling as the one underneath it that held my sleeping body (which I could see and experience both at the same time.)

In this upper plane of existence was that amazing energy I experienced the first night on Mull.  OMG, this is where I want to live!!  In this energy field. I was shown my present day body in this upper plane, my entire abdomen now hollow, empty of anything, including guts, a circle was placed from my rib-cage down to my pelvic floor.

hologramInside this circle spirit placed two mountain peaks with the most beautiful blue sky behind it.  Imagine my stunned surprise when i seen these mountain peaks on a tour bus named Rabbies.  (I snagged their logo from their website.)  But, back to my night time adventure for now.

Who ever was talking to me (I could not see who it was, nor understand who it was either, and truly, I did not care) explained that life itself is an individual hologram that emits its frequencies from what we call the lower chakra’s.  From the solar plexus down to the pelvic floor.  The hologram emits its life force (our personal realities) by the energies coming from the upper chakra’s and that is to include the mental planes as well.  There is a reason the brain is in the head and not on our laps.

I did try and understand why this image, what does it mean and received no understanding at all.  Somewhere along this experience, I fell back to sleep and then woke back up again. (This actually happened many times thru the night until I finally got out of bed at 6am and not because I wanted to get up lol.)

When I awoke again, everything was the same, except now there was a second circle being placed mid-center and horizontal.  The only thing that was explained to me, or maybe, that I can recall, is it is what activated the new hologram.

It was only after getting out of bed and pondering that I realized the relationship to a gyroscope that came thru so many readings a couple of years ago.  I have to giggle at this moment, as I went looking for a gyroscope, one of the first things google shows is some of my handy-dandy artwork from those times, and I am going to include the blog link it came from (I have not reread that blog yet.)  I have to giggle as well, at the name of that blog:  The Light of Creation and the Gyroscope!  Written at the start of 2012 ❤


OK, I had to scan that blog and am glad I did!!  Here is an excerpt from it:

The Guardians created a whole new twist for my poor processing mind.  They showed me them… their individual energies flowing down from the top of the Mesa Cliff, thru the center of the field itself, to where I sit (and do all my readings) moving in thru me (us) back out and upwards to the Cliff top.  Their energy created a flow, another circle of energy.  This time tho, the circle of energy was vertical.

All I could think of as I had seen what is now happening in the field was a of a gyroscope.  I also heard with the new formation of circular energy “The Wheel of Time.” 

I find that amazingly interesting because the one thing Julie and I knew, was were went to Scotland to reset time to zero.  Many believe (and am now a firm believe in its truth) that time began in Scotland and so we went back to where time began, to null its history and clear the energies.  Reset to a true zero time or maybe better stated, a void of time.

Back to sleep I faded, then woke up to a new scene just above my sleeping body.  Keeping in mind, we had just arrived on Orkney, so we had not set out exploring any of its amazing places yet.  We simply unpacked from our 6 hour trek across Scotland and enjoyed our time together until the morning.

When I woke up in the split screen of my room, the upper plane was also a split screen.  Here I had Julie’s husband Greg to the left of my view field and Julie to my right.  Greg doesn’t really resonate with the spiritual understandings we talk about, but really loves the adventures he goes on with his wife.  His body was as if I was looking thru the midnight field, and he was laying down, parallel to my own sleeping body, but to the left of it.  Suddenly an ax came down and split him open from throat to pelvis and all this black goo started coming out of.  I heard very distinctly that that was the ax of Thor. Hey, the ax of Thor just came thru a reading before I left.  Wish I could remember the details from it.

Then there was an image of this cliff at the ocean, flooded in daylight.  There was a C shape to this cliff and suddenly I seen Julie’s head parallel to the inside of the cliff.  She started at the shortest part of the curve and with the force of a massive vacuum, zipped alongside the cliff and out, completely disappearing.  The only thing I seen of her was her hair flying in the force of the wind!!  I asked at least 10 times thru that experience and the days following… where the hell did she go??  Silence!!  Dammit.

Then, again a trip into sleep then back out again, this time the view was from above the clouds and I knew I was view me.  Hey, I cannot see anything below the clouds!!!  What the hell??  The only thing I knew for sure… this was me in the trio of us.

Of course I pondered hard on this when I got out of bed.  Something huge is being revealed, some understand, but I am truly puzzled over Julie… not any longer tho.  Today, I get it.

hammerGreg was easy to understand.  He was so reminiscent of my Blessed Mother experience.  Only she had AA Michael’s sword of truth gutting me, he had Thor’s ax.  I knew Greg represented the majority of humanity, but why Thor’s ax?  Well, I googled about it and came to realize that Thor’s hammer clearly states that those that are worthy holds the power and magic of Thor’s hammers, others get an ax.  I understand the ax to show that one must be stripped of all false beliefs and ideas to become worthy of the power, of any power.  So there is a true stripping away right now of humanities false beliefs.  This, I am sure of.

cloudsEven my image was sort of easy to understand.  I was demanded to release all beliefs, ideas, preconceptions and stuff.  When you get down to nothing, then there is only nothing left.  Puffy clouds!! The absolute VOID.  The view from above the clouds and not down looking up.

time goneAnd then there is that pesky Julie.  Imagine my stunned surprise when we went to the Black Craig Cliffs, a place completely known as where time began, and there it was.  The cliffs have been dated back 500 million years.  The part standing in the sea by itself, was carved from the ice-age 10 million years ago.

I created the highlight of the cliff line she was sucked out of, the stick figure represents her.  Today, this morning, I get it.  Julie could be the greatest history major ever, going beyond the mundane history into the many layers of other understandings.

We returned to where the stories of anything started and it was all sucked out of the plane of existence we are now in.

We will never build the new with even one fragment of the old coming in.  Any fragments are incomplete and inaccurate.

So our major purpose there was Julie clearing all the old lines of history, of the stories told, retold and reinvented.  Greg clears humanity.  And I am gazing from above.  We were like an oreo cookie and Greg the creamy middle!!

One of the pictures I captured really showed the record being cleared:

black craig cliffs

I want to come back to the gyroscope of creation before I close for today.  It was explained to me that the gyroscopes work like magnetic frequencies.  We bind to another’s hologram of frequency and experience.  Creating a larger story, unbroken thru the mind’s eye.  When we fall out of resonance with another (this can be places, jobs, people, everything) we disengage from that hologram and find others of like holograms, or, at least we should.  There are many that stay out of their resonance and start the body break down because of it, free will and personal choice is ever lasting.

One of the biggest things that came thru my night-time weaving journey that last 6 hours was about the storm still brewing out in the Gulf of Mexico named Harvey.  The voice that was talking told me that once this hurricane comes on land and creates destruction (which was really a deep, intense energy clearing) people will blame it on the government and HAARP.  I think we as a people cannot fathom mama being so powerful in her energy.  Trust me, I seen first hand how she can slice mountains and make them crumble!!  Let me share some amazing images of her handy work:

She forms new cliffs, oozes her juices out of the ground to shift the landscapes.  She is not a passive player in this new story unfolding, but a determined mama cleaning house!!

I didn’t see anything being blamed on an outside source until Houston happened.  It was the most amazing thing to witness on facebook.  First there was one person who mentioned it, then later that day, another… the day after, a few others, now it’s flooded with it from many sources that I trust and admire.  Interlocking magnetic holograms!!

This is what happened to our history too.  Couple all this that embraces fear and blame, we cannot say we are in the new while doing old things.  Propagating fear is not new.  Controlling the weather is not new.  Hell we did it while in Scotland.  We had three hurricanes follow our asses to that great land and the entire 10 days was supposed to be drenched.  Once we got to the Orkney’s and the third hurricane, Gert made its way across the sea, I asked if it would just park over Ireland and give us a break.  I had to giggle when we woke up in the morning and the whole thing was drenching Ireland and we had no more rain until we left.  (Sorry for the inconvenience Ireland.)

It would be so great if we all could stop propagating fear of anything.  Weather, food, corporations, life itself…  If you truly want to unleash your personal Guardian of Shambhala and Live Heaven on earth, release any and all old stories now.  Focus on the beauty, the bounty, the magic.  You and Source.

The door of opportunity closes at the equinox.

I love you all soul soul much!!  Thank you for enduring my times of silence (from the field) and know with all my heart, I am looking forward to seeing what we will experience next together, from there!!

((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))) of wonder and SourceFilled Bliss to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P. S.  September Nation of Lights Special:

Every new and renewing member in September will be shipped 5 Scotland drenched crystals.  I brought the newly mined crystals to Scotland and they hung out in the sun, the rains, the moon and the joy and are now highly charged and ready for their humans.  I will need your physical mailing address once you sign up as a full member, or your membership renews.

These crystals will be used in Octobers Earth Magic Classes as well.







  1. Check out the books of Immanuel velikovski

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  2. Great blog Lisa! The transformational energy you experienced in Scotland really came through with your words. As I was reading today’s post, I started to sneeze, felt a bit nauseous, and even belched a few times. Always a good sign that old energy is moving out of my system!

    Best wishes,

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  4. Great blog Lisa! html
    I like him already!


  5. ! Great blog Lisa!

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  6. ! Great blog Lisa!

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  7. What a great blog, Lisa….whilst you were in Scotland, lots of things were happening in my little World, so never got to read all of your blogs. I now have a new lens in my right eye, (YAY) so reading is a lot easier! I Loved Loved reading all this…..I think I told you I was born a few miles from the Scottish border, so have always felt a great connection to Scots people & Scotland. In my teens, where I grew up, I went to school with Scots children & tended to have their brogue too…..(was not too far away from my own!) . .so anything to do with Scotland is/has always been dear to me. Thank you (soooo much, trillions!), for bringing me back into the energy, (you did!!). & thanks to BIA for triggering a memory inside me, regarding releasing stuff. Life is very strange for me right now, at 75, it’s hard to release one’s perception of what it is like to be old (I deny this, I am Not OLD, lol…..) & not too healthy! BIA gave me more insights as to what has been happening lately, lots of nausea, not eating, been very exhausted. Still have not released whatever is causing my back/hip pain, but working on it. Thank you all!! BTW, Loved, Loved the photos! I send you as much Love & Blessings as I can muster, include yourself in this if you are reading this! I am feeling a bit detached, like I am skimming above Gai’a, trying not to let the emotions of all the destruction/human & animal suffering/releasing affect me too much, but at the same time attempting to understand why/how/what to release myself. I Love you all, trillions of thanks for all of your insights. 🛅🕧🔷⁉️


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