Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 14, 2017

The New Human Template!!

the new human... emerging

Well here we are, down to my last day on american soil, well, for the next two weeks anywayz.  I have my tripod packed, my plan is to do some videos and if possible, one or two facebook live events, especially at the Isle of Iona.  I called Verizon and they said they have service in Scotland and for $10 on any given day, I can use my unlimited call, text and data with them too without incurring roaming fees.  So if I want to do an upload or facebook live event, I can!!  Yay!!

I was able to get a reading done on Saturday, granted, only one and she was in Australia, but hey, we will take it and run with it.  So much wonderful information came thru her energy field!!

Of course the field is shifting and re calibrating itself anew, I really feel this is the main reason we are not able to connect to the field, at least until we get post solar eclipse, like we are accustomed too.

On the right side of the field, about mid-line from front to back, there are several trees lumped together, that separates my yard from my neighbor’s yard.  This is also the same set of trees I seen my monkey lady drive into the lake of light.

What is interesting, as I write this out this morning, at least, about the trees, I am instantly reminded about that one huge tree from Marco Island, the event that started this whole Nation of Lights in my heart experience.

In my lady’s reading, this clump of trees not only separates old world (my neighbors yard) from the new world (my back yard aka your field) it is also representing the new tree of life as well.  So imagine my surprise when my seen my lady, high up in the tree top, suddenly move away from the lake of light.  This is not our first rodeo together and she is a member of the Nation, she is NOT aligned with the old world, so what the hell she doing heading into it???

I was instantly reminded of the blog I had just published and the tension wires I wrote about.  I could see them strung out thru the entire field to the right (only in my neighbor’s yard) and my lady down under, set up on this really large unicycle thing, as if she was cycling across the highest tension wire.  The entire color scheme was in the old yellowed black and white flavor, I think we determined it to be sepia, to give the understanding of “old energy.”

My mind was working overtime trying to understand why she was purposely heading in that direction instead of over or into the lake of light.  She then reminded me that she is a massage therapist and the avalanche of understanding released itself!!  Especially when she said that she accesses the akashic records of her clients in sessions and spirit said… NO, go directly to their blood and their living blood lines!!

This goes in direct relationship of working directly with humanity, the ones still living.  Her team emphasized the living.  The ones already passed on are in other families in other blood lines and resolved what they needed to in the afterlife!!  Our focus has to be on those still kicking about in bodies!!

The blood itself, which carries both oxygen and DNA, will travel to all the family members that hold any portion of that DNA in their body, and upgrade their light quotient directly thru the bloodline.

So the highest (tension) wire unicycle visual was to show how incredibly skilled she is to stay above peoples issues while working directly on them and constantly maintain her inner and outer balance as she does her work!!

Speaking of doing body work… Ohhhh my dear good god!!  I had the absolute privilege of digging my hands into a precious soul named Linda yesterday as the final energy work class of the Well Being series.  The first event we held at the Nation of Lights Retreat Center as well!!  It was recorded both thru webex as well as my camera.

It has been so long since I got my hands fist deep in someones biological energy field and OMG the wonders I have been missing!!  The things we are growing in our bodies!!  Holy freakin shit batman!!!!

The first ting I discovered thru my lady were these things coming out of her temples.  They are not chakras, but something else.  I have never seen them in all the bodies I have ever connected with thru my 7 years of doing hands on body work.  I can call them antennas but that would be inaccurate too, altho they do serve an enhanced function in that way.  I gave as much information as I was able to understand in the video (I will include the videos of this session at the end of my blog) and I can feel it, much more than that information is currently being withheld from me, dammit!!  But next month, I am going to have a field day exploring the new evolving human template thru the Into the Void Workshop.  I think the reaping phase will be ohhhh so much more than I could have even fathomed.

There is also this new gland that is “ready” but not ready for use yet.  It is located at the lower part of the diaphragm and looks like it is made out of a material closely resembling the muscle of the heart, but is small and shaped between looking like a puffy 7 and a puffy comma ( ‘ ).

Spirit called this an “activation gland” and quickly told us not an activation like we would think.  It is to activate portals and wormholes and things like that.  It is chemically based and will only appear (first) on highly evolved humans (those that keep their energy clear.)

I think it is thru this portion of the information coming thru her body that it became very clear that there are 5 mother ships hoovering above the USA, watching or maybe better stated, guarding the airspace, guarding us.

It was further explained that once this activation gland is ready for use, we will be able to transport ourselves from here to lets say, their ships by our inner chemical release of transportation.

It makes even more sense as to why spirit made sure we knew that this massive wave of energy is targeting our endocrine system…

“Beam me up Scotty” may just be a chemically infused thought away!!!

There is so much more to share, but I am going to let you watch the videos to get the rest of the information.

By the way, we have a new retreat planned for October 28th and 29th focusing on Earth Magic.  All of October is Earth Magic Month within the Nation.  Please go to our events page and click on the links of each event for more details!!

Also, we have organized the videos for the paid member’s and are getting the energy work sessions that was done for everyone to enjoy, into the information portal area.

I love you so much!!  I am not sure if I will get another blog out before my return from Scotland, but one way or another, I will get videos out!!

I have three baggies worth of crystals I am taking with me, some to leave, some to christen and give away when I return.

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with awe and wonder and new attributes within our biological species!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  50% off The Nations membership thru August!!!  Join the Nation today!!!

Here is the full length video of the Hands of Light Energy Session from Sunday August 13th!!





  1. Happy birthday…loves

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  2. Dearest Lisa, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Lisa, Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu 💖 💕 😚
    May your journey into this next phase be as wondrous as your Soul can imagine! Have a fun time on your upcoming trip! Blessings


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  4. Hello Lisa,

    My name is Lorelie and I just recently came on board in subscribing to your blog posts. I write to you today in a solid stupor for the simple fact that you have helped me connect a HUGE piece of a puzzle that I have been seeking for almost a decade. Allow me to explain … Many years ago, I had this “dream”, felt like a dream yet I knew it wasn’t for it felt way too real. I was standing outside looking at what I knew to be my future Dome Home w an inoperable Land Rover out front which had obviously not been used in a very long time. And in this dream, I just KNEW that I had kept this car outside as a symbol of how we used to travel around. Equally so, I also knew that we were all now able to teleport physically, organically, to and fro, devoid of any mechanical device … Since then I have silently been OBSESSED w portals and have wondered for so long how I would be able to do so and firmly believing that it is possible. I could go on and on about portals … how I think Water is involved and that they feel like Spirals … now thanks to you, I know the time has come. Thank you so much for your work. Blessings to you and yours.

    Sincerely, Lorelie Highfield

    On Monday, August 14, 2017, The Shift of Time and Energy! < > wrote:

    > Lisa Gawlas posted: ” Well here we are, down to my last day on american > soil, well, for the next two weeks anywayz. I have my tripod packed, my > plan is to do some videos and if possible, one or two facebook live events, > especially at the Isle of Iona. I called Verizon and t” >


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