Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 12, 2017

Staying Above the Tension Wires and Glean the Energy of the Eclipse, Now!

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Ohhh these crazy, amazing times we are in on planet earth!!  Why can’t we do crazy and amazing at the same time!!  Talk about duality!!  As I started my day of readings yesterday I could feel…. I stress, tension… intense tension in my whole body, in my mind.  I did an inner check… I am not sure this is mine, but could be, I have been a stress ball lately!!  I had 5 readings on my dance card, and one could say I blanked every one, because I seen nothing at all.  However, every one brought a stillness to the energy field.  Like one of those intensely still days, not a breeze or a bird in the midst of life.  When I would disengage from trying to connect, that tension of the field came back.

I realized eventually, this was a world-wide tension, not just my own.  However, that said, when the entire world is hyper-tense, well, it has a world wide effect on individuals too.  I checked the headlines of the news… dammit, Trump went on a twitter tirade against North Korea again.  This man is looking for a fight.

I wondered to myself…. if I placed duct tape over his mouth, is there a karmic blow-back to me??  Invasively silencing someone is not nice.  I then couldn’t get the visual of taping Trumps mouth shut out of my mind.  Of course, my desire was from a place of fear, not one of those obvious, big ass fears, more like when you see you have 10 minutes to get to work and know its a 20 minute ride.  A subtle fear if you will.

Nothing good ever comes out of fear.  I am sure I am not the only one around the world wishing he would just shut up, less is more in this case.  Ohhh no, when he couldn’t engage North Korea, lets invade Venezuela.  While we are at it, lets poke China too.  Someone surely will engage back!!

For the first 38 years of my life, anger and rage was an uncontrolled force in my life.  There were times, I just needed a fight and I would go looking, usually thru those I loved, spouse, boyfriend, kids… the who didn’t matter, I needed a release from the energies boiling inside of me and I would get pissed if I invoked a fight that did not engage back.  I would go hunting… or drinking.  I dared anyone who told me to calm down or shut up to face me.  I had crazy trigger fists back in the day, and used them!!

There is a place, you and I meet, that is so calm, so beautifully silent, protected even.  I thought the entire day yesterday was a blank on the field, but really, it was an instruction manual.  In times of intense chaos and building tension wires, find others of like frequency and engage there.

Which has me back to Saturdays unusual day of field events!!  The first one, nutting, the next three, that split screen of lake of light and porch images.  Then my last two took me by such excited surprise, they were both in the field, at least, engaging with the field!!  The only two this entire week I have called “readings.”

I am going to start with my last lady first… she was up in the trees that are in the middle of the field line, far right.  That place that once denoted the melting of time.  Now I feel it is the area denoting light and the new tree of life itself.  OMG just like the crop circle created the other day:

eclipse crop circle

This coming eclipse on August 21st is a trail to the new tree of life.  Which would make my second lady’s visual the energy of the eclipse.  Holy shit batman!!  This is kind of exciting to finally understand!!

So my last lady was in the tree with the energy of a monkey.  She was even told that she hold many of the qualities of the monkey within her.  I smiled when she said she has had past life memories of Being a monkey!!

Then, as she was monkeying around in the tree (smile) suddenly she had this light blue snorkel, goggles and flippers on her body and I knew the timeline was August 15th, when the energies stop rising.  She dove out of the trees and into the middle of the field, diving down so deep I could no longer see her, but knew, this was the time to dive deep into ourselves, find the treasures buried deep within the lake of light, absorb them in and get familiar!!

record-player-049The lady before her, being the very first one I was actually able to see engaged on the field held more information than I realized.  She was in a canoe and in the center of the lake of light, was an easy 25 foot diameter whirlpool of energy.  The more I looked at this whirlpool swirling around and around clockwise I realized it had striations on it just like the old school records did.  Only, not so evenly placed.  Some had gaps of inches, some closely grooved.  She was in a canoe that did not move out of place, just like the needle on a record player, it’s the record that moves, the needle follows the grooves.

I already knew she had left Texas and staked claim in the marijuana fields of Colorado, now owning her (and her husbands) own pot farm.  That was two years ago and right now as we talked, her first crops are emerging out of the ground.  Spirit was soooo excited!!  They will be encoded with very special lake of light frequencies and will be released to anyone who smokes or consumes that crop.  Hey, I am coming for first fruits!!  I am not a fan of marijuana, but hell, I can make an exception one time or two!!!

I fully understand this morning she is already encoding the energies of the eclipse into her babies.

So I went looking for her husband, what is he doing?  She was the only one in the canoe.  He was directly below her, but way below.  He was in the black energy of the void, the timelessness of the void doing something… mechanical.  What I felt was bringing new mechanics to the emerging field, how or what, I have no idea, I could not see.

With this understanding, I am not sure we will be able to see before I return from Scotland.  I will show up for every reading and do my best to glean something, but if you are scheduled between today and Monday and want to wait til September, I completely understand.  Or we can just talk, which is about what I had done yesterday and then rescheduled together!!

I would use this crop circle image as your meditation platform.  Start at the eclipse energy, explore the depths of it all, then hop circle to circle, exploring each one, until you get to the new tree of life… of light.  we need to huddle there and Be the calm thru the storm!!!  WE ARE lady Liberty and Uncle Sam, feeding the masses and keeping safe refuge!!!

I love you all so much!!!!  Big big (((HUGZ)))) of gratitude for your patience with me thru this massively changing times on the field!!!

 Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Hahahaha!!!! I love it! My dream last night had a huge freezer bag of pot in it. I guess I was trying to multitask and I dropped the bag of pot on the floor and said I would put it away later and left. Well apparently I left the door open and when I got back a police officer was standing there. Let’s just say I spent the whole dream answering questions.

    I kind of took that dream as whatever has been happening the past weeks, we are now reaching a time of accountability. Whether we feel something was good or bad, we will still have to take ownership of them.

    Before I felt asleep I was thinking about what all of the major leaders have in common and it’s money. Putin, Kim and even trump in his own way have a talent for stealing millions/billions of dollars from their very own government. I’ve seen the numbers these men have taken from their own people and it’s mind blowing. There has to be a day coming for redemption, right? I really can’t wait until they ‘pay’ and that money is given back to its people.

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