Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 10, 2017

The Lake of Light ….and the Dark!

lake of light

For the second night in a row, my body was wide awake at 2am, thinking its time to get up for the day…. not!!  By the time I fall back to sleep I am waking up near 7am.  This is throwing my groove out!!  But then again, this is the season we are in.

Here we are, post 8/8, ok, by two tiny days, but still!!  I do not know why, not for a moment did I think, ok if we come thru the wringers of 8/8 flat as pancakes, old juices gone, it may take a bit before we reconstitute ourselves.  Something I suppose, should not and is not being rushed.

All my readings yesterday showed a sliver of a sun coming up over a horizon.  But not thru the night, in the whitest daylight field I had ever seen.  The field itself is like a rising river of light.  I say rising because these energies will continue to fill up our fields thru the 15th, where they hit their peak, then concentrate themselves.  I have no idea how that even happens and I will be flying high in the skies as they concentrate.  I wonder if it would be considered rude if I scanned the plane and sneak peaks of what that looks like thru the bounty of various frequencies that will undoubtedly be flying with me??

Anyway, I do not have very long to share today, so let’s get to some potent information that I was able to glean thru a precious soul that showed up on the field.  Even tho there was nothing but a lake of light in the field, a few people did show up on my deck, in front of my feet to look at and understand some things thru.  One lady in particular was a huge target of light picking for me.  She was the lady that the tsunami wave showed up thru and then spirit turned that tsunami wave into their expression of a “shit storm.”  With everything happening now between the two children in charge of countries…. I was looking forward to picking information from her soul.

I do find it incredibly interesting and I do not think I really fully realized that some people hold very particular information in their soul light, that others just do not have for easy pickens.  It is your unique alignment and purpose on this amazing grid of earth life for sure.

She showed up on my porch wearing hip waders (fishing boots) and slugging around in something that just reminded me of the sewers, liquid lumpy stuff.  I didn’t give any weight to the fact she was walking around a landscape wading thru the lumpy brown waters yesterday.  Because the last time I had seen her, several weeks ago, that wave of water was just rising and now, on the other side of the 8/8, it was at the ground level.  But hold that thought a moment, I will get back to it…

I asked her if she got her high-rise apartment, not, she was completely blocked from getting it, so she is staying, uncommitted, where she is at.  She mentioned something about being in charge of personal destiny and this series of rings start to show up with such understanding I never really took a look at before.

Her team said, yes, we all are in charge of our personal destiny, but then there is familial destiny, city destiny, state and country destiny and then, collective destinies, that intertwines and sometimes, when they all converge at a critical point (which I seen these rings moving and interlocking at her personal destiny ring) everything changes.  It’s where everything changes.  Think of the storm system Katrina.  No one would have purposely placed their personal destiny into that horrific event, but because of all the other interlocking destiny’s, lives changed thru it all.

We were all made aware of the completely inadequacy of our government thru that storm event.  The complete disconnection of the government from its people.

And yet, as the waters dried up, an event that was purposely placed for us all to rethink our allowance of government, we all went back to life as usual.

That lake of light is not a passive player by any means.  Yes it is there for the reaping, but also has its own agenda in clearing up the muddy waters of life.

Our conversation, quite on purpose for me, went to the current escalation of Trump and Kim Jong Un.  I wanted to see what we would see thru her soul light that seems to have a direct connection to what is coming down the pike with all this.  I was not disappointed at all (in being able to affirm what I had seen the day prior, with some shock involved.)

When Kim Jong Un started targeting Guam in his blast back to Trumps rhetoric of fire and fury, I could see him standing there, in my field of vision, pointing to Guam and doing something to the USA while eyes are elsewhere.

While connected with my lady and bringing up this memory from the day prior, there to the right of us, directly in front of my clock, was an elevated Kim Jong Un pointing with her right hand to Guam.  The field of light firmly at his back.  I never expected the light to be in support of any of this.  Kim’s left hand was in the dark, wiggling about, sneakily doing something that I could not see.  It was hidden in the depths of the darkness.  I knew where it was located tho… our white house has truly become a chaotic dark house.

I was shocked, to say the least, but seeing Kim in such a back-lit field of light, and could not understand WHY the light would support and get behind such an antagonist.  I tried to pull Trump in to understand his energy but I could not.  His field is so dense and brier ridden, there was no way of getting him on this field for reading.  At least, not yesterday.

As my last appointment came around, and I was simply explaining to her the things I had seen and the fact we are not seeing anything beyond the dawn of the new day we are all in, the undertanding of why Kim was back-lit in light.

When change takes place, there must always be a catalyst to create that change.  I suddenly remembered bad boyfriend choices, evictions, workplaces, things that single-handedly devoured my life and placed me and my children into chaos.  There must always be a catalyst when we are not doing the changing of our own accord. Like the storm named Katrina, the catalyst is a strong force of destruction.

As I must conclude this sharing to start a day of readings, I hear a phrase repeated over and over… “You can change it.”  (“You” being a plural you.)  Not from our lofty places above it all, but take down the beast before the beast is unleashed.  This, is a collective beast, not a single man.  The self preserving ego’s, the separation of humanity, of the world itself.

On that note, I am going light picking again today!!!  I love you all so much.  Ohhh and I did yet another maiden voyage, a youtube live event last evening.  Thank you for helping me thru it.  Ha!!  I found an embed thingie from facebook, hopefully it works.  Thank god I perfected the art of rambling!! lol  Enjoy ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Thanks for talking about things being interlocking. If you haven’t been able to tell from my past conversations, I love history! Maybe that’s why I’m a “spiritual historian”! 😉

    Everything you are talking about with trump and Kim can be traced back to the beginning of time. If you pull up every timeline of every event that has happened and cross exam them, you will be able to see the comparisons. The same event with different names.

    An example of this would be ISIS. They are actually the modern day version of Assyria. A place long, long ago that was ruled by power and their ego that took over many countries like Babylon. The location of these events are Iraq and Syria. The name ISIS is from the Egyptian goddess which means mother of fertility and a bunch of other things. But the interesting thing about isis is, her brother was Apep-diety of darkness. She in essence is the mother and bringer of darkness.

    When you hear things like history repeats itself or things happen in 3’s (like world wars) there is truth to that. So when you think of people having karma…so does the earth and countries and cities etc like you have mentioned.

    Are you curious about Trumps role with history? His role is to bring us back in time to experience and re-live a very important historical event, or person. Ready???? Hitler! Now let me make this clear, trump is not reincarnated hitler. Trump believe it or not is working with lightworkers without knowing it. So his actions take us to the very brink of destruction….then the lightworkers come in and change it and put things on the right track. So trump is playing both a light and a dark position. If it was actually hitler, he would destroy us again. Trump will take us there, but isn’t powerful enough to take us all the way.

    Another interesting side note is the awakened ones….there are different degrees of lightworkers. Someone could be awake and understand what’s going on, but they have a hard time apply certain things in their life. Like darkness. They only want light and love and either ignore the dark and refuse to be part of it. Then there are those TRULY awakened souls. They know they have to get down and dirty and play with both the light and the dark energies. For these few, they don’t want to do these things…..but they know they have to do them to keep the timelines going and resolve the earths karma.

    I would love to do a ready with you one day Lisa! I would love to see what you can “see” in me. 🙂 thanks for the great post.

    (Just in case you were curious about Assyria. Spoiler alert! They were defeated pretty much by themselves. They stretched themeselves too thin and were weakened by their own exhaustion.)

    Ultimately, Assyria conquered Babylonia, Chaldea, Elam, Media, Persia, Urartu (Armenia), Phoenicia, Aramea/Syria, Phrygia, the Neo-Hittite States, the Hurrian lands, Arabia, Gutium, Israel, Judah, Samarra, Moab, Edom, Corduene, Cilicia, Mannea, and Cyprus, and defeated and/or exacted tribute from Scythia, Cimmeria, Lydia, Nubia, Ethiopia and others. At its height, the Empire encompassed the whole of the modern nations of Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Palestine and Cyprus, together with large swathes of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sudan, Libya, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.


    • *meant to say reading! I would love to do a reading with you someday!



    This was published today. Hehehe! A French article shows trump and Kim as “one”. Kind of a funny and true picture.


  3. I have been getting up at 2 am as well….taking a nap after work, I am a gardener….thanks for all your input and sharing. Peace, Monica aka lvarrow

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  4. Yes We Can Change It!

    Earth Healing in the Unity of Oneness With All That Is: I intend the highest of beneficence in all that I receive and transmit for myself and all, on all levels aspects and dimensions, in energy, light and essence, directly and indirectly. I ask of the assistance of the Highest and those who are positive and beneficial to fuel this message to keep it energized and activated, that it may continue to grow and radiate for all to share and all to benefit in wondrous ways that good may prevail and the unity of oneness with all that is becomes the dominant state for all who wish it, therefore catalyzing life enhancing changes for all life within and without Earth. This is my will. so let it be done.

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