Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 4, 2017

The Sun’s Energy Targeting the Endocrine System and the Biorhythms!


I get a little pissy when I show up for work and the field is closed to my viewing eyes, which is what happened again yesterday.  I do understand that in this hazy crazy month of August, we are going to experience extreme unpredictability, but hey…. we a have a schedule to keep, dammit!!!

curtainMy first two ladies, a complete blank, not even a nugget of understanding as to why.  The why would be quite helpful in my book.  My third lady… standing in the light of her solar new year (birthday,) had me on my knees begging for a little something, something and much to my surprise, even as I was explaining to her that the field is closed, I got an image that reminded me of a white curtain slightly pulled open to create a diamond shape and this flood of white light coming thru. Ohhh tantalize my taste-buds, we might get a little something something!!  Begging can work on occasion!!  Of course, it was less me begging and more her birthday energy releasing the central sun energies and understandings.

big_The Sun Behind The Clouds HDSo I assumed my position, bent in half with my chest resting on my legs, and I got a split screen image.  I could see my feet and deck (the tell-tale sign that my antennas are not functioning properly) but I could also see the white out of the field.  Way in the distance above the treetops on the other side of the fence line was an image of a white-hot sun.  Like this picture here, only the clouds were not dark at all, they too were a pure puffy white.

I had just been to spaceweather to see if anything was happening on the sun that might be causing this field closure… sure enough:  GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G2-CLASS): NOAA forecasters say there is an 80% (not a typo!) chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Aug. 4th when a solar wind stream is expected to envelop Earth’s magnetic field. The wind is flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in the sun’s atmosphere…

And thru our birthday girl, we even got the very rare opportunity to understand what this energy flow is targeting!!  It was clearly stated that it was targeting our biorhythms.  Of course, the only thing I could think of was our sleep patterns.  My lady had said she woke up earlier than usual and I had woken up later than usual, so there is something to this.  Like spirit would try and fake us out (somethings they do!!! lol)

I found a wonderful website that helps all to understand

The Different Biorhythms of the Human:

 Human Being Biorhythms

Biorhythms are the natural monthly fluctuations that govern:

  • Physical:

    This cycle effects the physical aspect of the body. It encompasses your energy levels, your resistance, and your overall physical strength and endurance. During the positive half of cycle is when you will feel at your best. This cycles influences physical factors such as eye-hand coordination, strength, endurance, and resistance to disease.

    • (Peak) You will feel physically fit to work on projects requiring physical strength and endurance.
    • (Low) During the down half of cycle you are likely to have less energy and less vitality. Be sure to follow this cycle if you require physical endurance for either sports or your work. 


  • Emotional

    This cycle governs the nervous system and also is referred to as the sensitivity rhythm. This cycle influences our emotional states, affecting love/hate, optimism/pessimism, passion/coldness, depression/elation.

    • (Peak) When you are feeling most creative, most loving and warm, and you are probably more open in your relationships.
    • (Low) More inclined to be withdrawn and less cooperative. You may also be very irritated and negative about those things that occur in your everyday life. 


  • Intellectual

    This cycle supposedly originates in the brain. It influences our memory, alertness, speed of learning, reasoning ability, accuracy of computation.

    • (Peak) Considered to be at your most intellectually responsive; you’re open to accepting and understanding new ideas, theories and approaches.
    • (Low) Much more likely to have difficulty in grasping new ideas and concepts. 


    • Compassion (38 days)
    • Aesthetic (43 days)
    • Self-Awareness (48 days)
    • Spiritual (53 days)


These cycles start the moment we are born.

They are at a mid-point at that time. They then go up and down at different rates over our lifetimes. When any of the cycles are at a high point, things we do that require aspects of that trait are more successful – the reverse is true during the low points of a cycle. Many people report that they can improve the quality of their lives by monitoring their biorhythms and acting accordingly.

All three cycles go through positive (ascending) and negative (descending) phases. The days on which a cycle passes from positive to negative or vice versa are known as “critical” days.

There are three critical days in each cycle, and it has been proved statistically that more accidents happen on these days than at any other point in the cycle.

(Taken completely from her site.  There is much more information on that page than I am sharing here.)

If we are first and foremost, energy systems (each living thing on earth) and then we are chemical systems, and the outcome is what we perceive as physicality, these biorhythms must originate from the endocrine system, the chemical systems of our bodies.

If our chemicals are being infused, changed, remixed (if you will) it is going to have a confusing (at times) affect on our bodies or maybe better stated, our daily “normal” functions.  Again, there is no bias to the energies.  The light is not only targeting those that have cleared their emotional and physical lives from the impurities of the past, but equally hitting those that are still harboring, and reacting to the dysfunctions of the past.  All this as we head into the emotional Lunar eclipse on the 7th for that one last big look at the suitcase of our lives.  Take what serves ya and dump the rest.  Cuz we are going thru the wringers of the 8/8… squeezed into the new form of life.  New chemicals enhanced to enlarge our territory (again, that is not only for those with a tidy house, but equally, those with a debris field too.)

If I am understanding this communication correctly, as we go a bit deeper into august, we will start to see the two, very distinct gardens of life, at least, at the individual view first. The weeds vs the flowers.  The old world expression vs the new world (Shambhala) expression.  Those that think they are in power (empowered) and find themselves incredibly dis-empowered and those who have thought they were powerless who suddenly become incredibly empowered.

Something amazing is happening on earth, and that something is YOU!!  It is US together, working and acting as One!!!

United we stand, divided we fall…

has never had more true meaning than the times we are in now!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love, gratitude and freakin wonder thru it… thru US ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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