Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 3, 2017

Uncle Sam, Soul Food and Safe Refuge.


We had the statue of liberty show up on Tuesday, of course good old Uncle Sam shows up yesterday in a reading!!  All I could do was crack up, especially since it was a lady I was reading for.  Well, mainly Uncle Sam’s red, white and blue top hat.  Other than seeing him on many a military recruiting poster, I really don’t know Uncle Sam’s back story, well, that is, until this morning.  I found a wonderful website here that really gives us some interesting details when we transfer it into the spiritual context:

” The name is linked to Samuel Wilson, a meat packer from Troy, New York, who supplied barrels of beef to the United States Army during the War of 1812.Wilson (1766-1854) stamped the barrels with “U.S.” for United States, but soldiers began referring to the grub as “Uncle Sam’s.”

Let’s turn the beef into the food of spirit, feeding the weary light workers and new comers to the field if Light.  Not because we are required to, but because it is the right thing to do to help the All.

UncleSam06Uncle Sam wears a tall top hat and blue jacket and is pointing straight ahead at the viewer. During World War I, this portrait of Sam with the words “I Want You For The U.S. Army” was used as a recruiting poster. The image, which became immensely popular, was first used on the cover of Leslie’s Weekly in July 1916 with the title “What Are You Doing for Preparedness?”

This is obviously not the time stamped picture of uncle sam, but other than the hat and clothes, neither was my lady and I like this one better than the original!!  lol

Like Uncle Sam’s back story, my lady was not involved in helping those out of the choppy energies, instead she was creating (by simply walking) this solid white bricks that created a staircase moving upwards into the higher elevations at the now, super high frequency of the 8/8 and beyond.

What I found interesting is that spirit referred to those solid white blocks of pure consciousness as in relationship to the true and original “masons.”  So again, heading to google this morning, I had to see what the earliest back story is of the masons:  Freemasonry began in medieval Europe as a guild for stonemasons, but lived on as a social organization. The first grand lodge was created in London in 1717. “Now there are many men in these lodges that are not associated with a trade organization; they’re ‘gentleman Masons,'”

It was explained to her, that the first and original masons understood the importance of laying down a pure and sturdy foundation in which to build ones life upon, interconnected to the other lives around them.  Who they first were and their creation, is nothing like that today.

Equally, since uncle sam is the masculine energy of freedom, she is also using her creator god to create this rising foundation, to manifest the food needed, as it is needed, where it is needed (soul food, not really beef 😉 )

And beneath this rising staircase, a void was created.  A living void.  It was as beautiful as it was powerful.  A deep blue-black in energy and allowed those looking for safety, new orientation from the choppy waters of the earth, safe refuge.  A place to sit and rest and release, until an opening of entrance happens.  What is interesting, that little tid-bit was not mentioned yesterday, but this morning.  I do not know where the entrance is, it is not at the 8/8… I suppose we will see as we go on wards.

On that note, I woke up really late today and my day is about to begin.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of filled with soul food and freedom!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Wow! My mind did a total play with words when I read this. My first thought when I saw Uncle Sam was taxes! An interesting side note about “Uncle Sam” is that in moderns times, he is used for a term to encompass ALL of government. Then in the paragraph talking about his poster it says, “what are you doing for preparedness.” Jump forward to masons and my thought was about mason jars!

    “The Mason jar was invented and patented in 1858 by tinsmith John L. Mason (hence the name Mason jars!). Raised in Philadelphia, he moved to New York and filed his jar patent at the young age of 26!”

    Still thinking about mason jars and the white pure consciousness thought… can we go about “preserving” and saving and keeping that energy? If we are actively making changes to the government like yesterday proved in the White House briefing, how will we be able to hold onto those changes and not just give them right back to the government like we have in the past? A.k.a taxes and power!

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    • Ps- love the rock picture by the way! It’s of the haystack rock on cannon beach in Oregon. It’s one of my favorite places I have visited. I’m curious as to why you picked it. When I think of entering Oregon…the beauty transports me back to Lewis and clarks expedition. A journey commissioned by Jefferson to secure the lands to the west so they wouldn’t be taken by Britain. It was also to map out new water ways for transportation of goods.

      So when I look at this picture, I think of a new journey ahead. Entering into unknown and beautiful territory that will forever change our future as we know it.

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      • I picked it because of the colors and the rock and the energy of the void that I had seen. Standing rock solid is now a theme… and it was just a beautiful, calming photo. Thank you for its back story!! And the mason jars too!! Love you Rachel!! (((HUGZ))))

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    • How do we keep our power, by not remaining silent for it is by our silence that we give our consent to be governed when it should be us governing ourselves and the government is there to protect us, not the ‘keep safe’ like nanny state but just as a whole, and the entitiled minions who just want the government to take care of them need to go to a communist country and live for a while to understand what they are really asking the government to be in our lives, in our healthcare, in our homes..most do not want this and call you uncompassionate for those less fortunate, but I say no, I am not advocating that we just let people die on the streets, and yes, everyone should be able to get help if it is an emergency and the vulnerable should be comvered, but we should not ask the government to take care of everyone, and that they can’t do that…they can’t pay for everyone’s healthcare, and the Obamacare was meant to fail, getting rid of the middle class and forcing single payer deathcare nightmare. Other countries have it and alot end up coming here to get cancer treatments because they have to wait months to see a specialist and sometimes they die waiting…this is single payer hell. Just like in the case of Charlie Gard, and the state refusing to let the parents bring him here when he stood a 50% chance to survive, they would not let him even though the parents had gotten enough money to do it without them paying for it…but the hospital refused and as soon as they got prssure from the U.S. to let him come here, the doctor said they waited too long and the parents ended up having to allow him to be unpluged. This is the nightmare they want for us, and how they erase history to the young who don’t understand how bad communism is or how our republic was even started and how Abraham Lincoln was the last true president who tried to get rid of the Bansters, and we all know how that turned out. They try to make out the founding fathers to be bad because they didn’t want to pay taxes, but the taxes were unfair, it was austerity and poverty while the monarchy are sitting on their gold chairs.
      Most of all, they want to shut down discent and ridicule of the way they are doing things, the social engineering, the dumbing down of the kids, and the poisoning of our food, air and water. One can only hope Trump would be successful in regaining our heritage and forefather’s dreams of a sovereign country with less government and getting back our infrastructure, but we see the deep state fighting this, and I think it is partly due to the uncovering of the elite pedofile rings and the black budget and technology they have and if you watch ‘Unacknowledged’ by Steven Greer, you will see how far deep the rabbit hole goes. They do not want us to have this technology because it would solve all the problems of our energy and food and air almost immediately. They are about 100 years ahead in the technology. Imagine the sort of world we could live in if they would come out with the technology that the people paid for with their taxes but we aren’t allowed to have it just like all the D.U.M.B.s they have built. That is my vision, to move up and out of the density of secrecy and control, and to not remain silent giving consent to the ones who think we are the chattel and they are to divide and conquer and rule.


  2. Entering into the Poitive Void Indigo blue black for rest and regeneration was recommended for us on one occassion in 1995 I recall during an [URTH] Healing Transmisison by [YAAY], the non-physical Higher than [DEEEVINE] Guide of the EHG.

    With similar INTENTION, one can also enter and rest in the same.

    [URTH] change [U] to [EA]
    [YAAY] change [AAY] to [E]
    [DEEEVINE] change] [EEE] to [ i ]


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