Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 2, 2017

Lady Liberty and the Rock We Stand Upon!

lady liberty

The one thing we can all be sure of this month, predictability has left the building!!  Life never runs out of creative ways to express itself and hope we get the message thru its expression.

The first two readings went off without a hitch.  They even ran into overtime so we could understand every morsel.  Then my third one showed up, the first client since seeing the choppy waters at the ground level, who does not live in the USA, I believe she lives in great Britain (or somewhere over that way.)  She was also the only skype reading in those days as well.

I thought she was either running a bath or doing dishes or something, the sound of running water was distracting me.  I am easily distracted when it comes to staying focused in readings.  She insisted she was nowhere near a water element and nothing was running or replicating the sound of water around her.  Plus, she did not hear it.

I was not able to see a thing for her, but every time I tried, the sound of water was loud and clear.  When I gave up and just started talking to her, the sound stopped.  We talked for a few moments, then I came over to my computer to reschedule her, the very moment she mentioned my Scotland trip coming up, the water sound came back, louder and clearer than before.  I could hear it run as it was filling a basin or bathtub or something.  Then stopped as soon as our conversation about my trip was done.

Freakin strange!!!  Since I had seen to clearly and easily for my first two ladies, I was sure it had everything to do with her being across the sea from me.  What else could it be??  lol  That is, until my last two readings of the day were complete blanks.  Nothing at all.

Now, let me share the first two readings and pray I do not forget to come back and tie this understanding in.

rock seaUnlike July 31st, where all 5 readings were standing, dressed in protection, in the choppy waters of the earth energies, August 1st had my two ladies standing on a rock.  A small rock as the waters splashed around them.  It was explained that the rock represents the solid foundation in which they stand and live their lives upon, ready to assist those in need.  What I found interesting, especially with my first lady, the rock was very similar to the one in the picture.  Not flat, not smooth, jagged and porous.  Yet, safe and supporting for her.

She became like a snake charmer.  As a wave would smash against the rock, she took control of it with her right hand.  She simply put her right hand out and before the wave could crash into the rock, it became almost frozen in place.  It moved away from her as she directed the current with her right hand.

While still suspending that one wave outwards from her, another one tried to crash against her and she put out her left hand.  Unlike the energy of her right to move it away, her right hand had this wave curling in on itself, like a watery spiral folding back inwards.  Sending the energy back to the source it came from, but doing so in a geometric pattern.

So with her right hand, she directly the flow of energy, with her left hand, changes it into a higher version of itself as it goes back inwards to the source.

It was also told to her, that she will be using many geometric patterns, some never seen before, some that we have, all having brand new meaning and energy.  Do not reap from the past any understanding.  It does not serve the new fields like it did what we have now left behind.  This is a note to everyone!!

My second lady was supposed to be an ET connection.  I had no idea what to expect since we have not been able to have a fluid ET connection since I think June, when these energies started to rise in vibration.  But I am always up to see what we can get!!!

For a moment I thought I was confused.  The field built itself up instantly, very much like the time keeper lady I wrote about a few weeks ago, who was also supposed to be an ET connection.

The thick, opaque gel like substance suddenly light the right side and back side of the yard, the silver time piece was swinging back and forth in the back corner of the yard, but now, not even 2 feet above the ground instead of midway down from the treetops as it was with my first lady.  Something bizarre was added too… a black helicopter moving inwards from what we will just call the future and flew behind the fence line into the deep darkness.  I could not longer see this helicopter once it went behind the fence line.  What the hell???  Instantly I heard two things, separately and at the same time… “black hawk” and “black hawk down.”

I was so confused, sure I was somehow reinventing my previous ladies field instead of the one I was reading for, save that time piece, that was oddly close to the ground.  I changed the connection to a reading instead of an ET set up.

There she was, in front of my porch in the choppy waters on a circular rock just large enough for her and the surprising statue of liberty she was standing in front of.  Going to scale of my vision, there was an area about 5 feet all around her that was this odd, still, black water.  The white waters of the crystalline/diamond energy was chopping away on the outer edge of this oil slick-looking water, but not interfering with the still black waters.

I could see people near the edge of the rock she and the statue of liberty stood on, raising a hand up for help, covered in this black thick oil substance.  It was not oil, but as close a description as I can get.

The first question I had to ask, are you in NYC??  Nope, Kansas.  OK then, lets move into the symbology of it.  I suddenly thought of the inscription on this tall, sturdy lady of Liberty:

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

It was stated that she is the action of that towering lady of liberty.  The statue stands still and my lady is her helper.  Strong, determined, liberating and then her team slipped the oddest thing I had ever heard… 3 separate times.  Helping them out of their “absurd stillness.”  Granted, this oil slick thing, was unusually still, given the choppy waters surround it.  It didn’t move.  It was thick and heavy and held people down in its, goo. E-goo.  I had to look up the word absurd, a word I never really use in a sentence, so I wanted to be clear on its implication.

 Absurd, ridiculous, preposterous all mean inconsistent with reason or common sense. Absurd means utterly opposed to truth or reason: an absurd claim. 

So lets dig deeper into the meaning of “opposed” which is what creates this thick e-goo stuff to begin with:

  1. 1.
    eager to prevent or put an end to; disapproving of or disagreeing with.
    “opposed to the construction of nuclear power plants”
    synonyms: against, (dead) set against; More

  2. 2.
    (of two or more things) contrasting or conflicting with each other.
    “the agency is being asked to do two diametrically opposed things”

At first blush, the mind itself can immediately jump to the likes of Trump, you surely cannot tell him he is wrong or absurd.  OK you can tell him, but he would not hear you, beleive you and would talk shit about you to deflect it all.

But that would be just way to obvious in a reading, and could be presented differently.  There are many people out there professing messages from the light and they are just as absurd in their beliefs as, well, lets say Trump.  And people of like resonance gathers together and encourage the absurdities to the point, it’s just goo that keeps group stuck and immobile (frequency wise.)

Now, back to the first part of her field set up.  Her ET’s explained that that as the energies continue to rise on this planet, their ability to release the holographic communication I am accustomed to receive, remains impaired by the tension surround the airwaves.  I think it was after her reading I could see this grid of what looked like fishing line up and down, left to right, with this black goo dripping off it all around the globe.  The tensions are high and we have many a mighty human soul working to clear up the lines.  High frequency lines dripping e-goo thru out the grid.  It is the only true way to transform the lower energies into higher purer energies.  What we need to do right now is be the way showers, the truth revealers and for those too stubborn in their absurd stillness, move on to the next.  The high frequency grids, that are fully conscious and aware, will do the rest.  Our job for the most part, it not to let the energy gather in one place.

The focus should always be on love and service in that love.  No fear, but determination.  Just like there is a positive use and employment of anger, so too, there for fear.  Be determined, shine your light, your love and where it absorbed, release the rest.  We are not alone!!!

So what the hell is up with the helicopter!!!  That is her ET’s showing they are here and assisting, but they too, cannot interfere, only assist.  They, as well as we, are the elite team from the future… from the field of light moving in to assist the darkness see its own light and create the energy of the statue of liberty thru out earth once more.

The incoming crystalline/diamond liquid is pouring in faster than it could in July, raising the frequency thru out the world, within the earth and above it.  Thru us and beyond us.

There is so much more, but my day begins, so until tomorrow….

Have an amazing day my beloveds and most importantly, have fun!!!!  ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Hi Lisa,

    I have been so busy that it has taken me pretty much all day to read this, but the strangest thing just happened. As soon as I finished I hopped in the car and the radio was on CNN. They were talking about trump ‘curbing’ legal immigration and a guy was talking about the Statue of Liberty and so I had to come back and re-read your message for today!

    I guess trump wants to pass something along the lines of allowing people into the US on work visas and only those that have “skills”. The guy was saying that the Statue of Liberty represented ALL people from ALL countries and cultures and walks of life and how in essence we are all immigrants.

    Last week a friend sent me a link to Steve Roth and he was saying how those countries taking in people and opening their hearts will be the more prosperous and awakened countries in the future. I too have been picking up on that and if I look at this on a historical timeline….I think that might have been why America became so successful in her early years. We were once upon a time all ONE! But I don’t see that happening again if Trump keeps blocking everyone from entering. Maybe this is how your lady is going to be helping somehow??

    If you get what you put out and everything comes back around, then I think America is walking a very fine line and will have to decide very quickly which side of karma to be on. We know how trump will respond, but now it is up to us lightworkers/ warriors to guide America on the right path.

    Also a side note, I typed in “black hawk down” and a movie trailer came up. I haven’t seen the video, but it kind of ties in all of what I have said here to your message today.

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    • An interesting thought after I left this comment. America was founded on the land of the FREE! If America stops anyone from coming in and tries to change the basis as to which America was founded upon; I feel there will be consequences on a spiritual level. It would be like going to visit France but they were tired of being French. So one day they just decided to start living Italian. Speaking Italian, eating Italian….everything Italian! Wouldn’t that be strange? You shouldn’t change something that already has a destiny. 🙂

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  3. The ‘absurd stillness’ of those people in the black (e)goo is exactly this: Their OPPOSITION TO REASON AND TRUTH in their ‘absurd’ DENIAL of their OWN DARKNESS, leading them to believe that they need DO NOTHING (remain still, inactive, in ‘stillness’) because they refuse to accept the obvious truth (oppose it, deny its existence) and so DENY ANY NEED TO DO THE INNER WORK NECESSARY to FREE themselves from the black still suffocating egoo muck….despite the proffered help of Lady Liberty and her powerful Light Wizard lady helper (your client) 😉

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