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The Magnetic Fields of the Mind, Heart and the Earths Oceans.


Have I told you lately just how much I love you and appreciate you and the knowledge of light and daily news you bring from the heavens downwards everyday!!??  What I am going to share today I had every intention of putting into a video yesterday, until my feet realized the yard has become overrun with fire ants.  OUCHIES!!  I have been trying on my own to remove their growing colonies from the yard (my personal backyard) but their will to live where they are not welcome, is stronger than my will to remove them.  I hired a pest company to come in and help us!!!  They arrive Thursday!!

Speaking of pests, my virus devastated computer should be finished and come back home today.  I appreciate the use of my daughters computer in its absence, but these sticky keys create more work and time spent than I have to give.

I know exactly where the viruses came from too.  We were adding a facebook extension to google chrome that would allow one click in inviting all my facebook contacts to like the Nations page.  I inadvertently clicked on and downloaded something that was not that and my computer went downhill from that moment forward.  Just trying to my make life easier and more efficient ended up costing me much more in time and money.  Lesson learned!!!

If I step back for a moment and just look at the swelling energies I am dealing with that bloomed thru July… the fire ant invasion, the virus downloads, not to mention the complete collapse of the energy bridge that was formed between my house and the Nations retreat center, gives us all a bird’s eye view of spirits adamance thru June of “take no prisoners.”  We have one week left before the wringers of the 8/8 solidify us into our new expanded life fields, clear all invasive energies from your personal fields!!!

Speaking of going thru the wringers lol, my antennas have been in the shop on Friday and then again, yesterday.  I know it is due to the overlapping, intensifying energies of August mixing, clearing and enhancing the July’s departing energies.  Saturday tho, was filled with amazing clear views.

One reading on Saturday, rescheduled from Friday, is with a lady who is going to be at the Into the Void workshop and even in my inability to connect with her Friday, I did keep getting a message that she is gatekeeper before our phone call.

I knew that part of the downtime for my antennas was enhancing my ability to feel, see an understand the higher fields we moved into.  Sure enough, Saturday was like hitting a new mountain peak.

Because my typing is spent backspacing more than flowing with the energies, I am going to save the build up and go straight to the outcome of her reading and what we need to understand thru it.

She was working with all the oceans/seas on earth, raising the vibrations of the waters from bottom of the oceans.  Infusing all the waters with a hybrid energy that is a cross between crystalline and diamond energies.

In the work she is doing, she is releasing the toxicity of negative emotions, negative energies that have invaded our waters and hold the dense fields of the 4th dimension together.  This is allowing for the evaporation then release via rain, of the new hybrid energies to come back down to earth and spread across the lands and into the lesser waterways of earth.

When I tried to access what she was a gatekeeper of…. her team simply said it is enough to know she is right now and the understand will come with time.  The energy patterns of the entire planet are changing rapidly now that even the various gatekeepers of the past are becoming unemployed as that much-needed system collapses and gives birth to the new.  The only true way to understand the job at hand is to work with it at inception.  Which is what she is doing.

With this understanding I get an analogy of the first weeks or even months of pregnancy.  Yes, we know a child is within, but have no idea of the facial features, nervous system attributes, what he or she will be like after birth, we just know a baby is forming.  Same here for all of us.  If we think we know something, it is simply remnants of the past that must be released.  That child grew into old age and has passed on.

Speaking of thinking I know something!! lol I knew creating the Nation’s classes would teach me new things I had not understood before.  Truly, I anticipated this expanded education to come down the road, in the topics less familiar to what I have taught over the last 15 years.  Nope!!  Day 1, class 1… freakin meditation class and especially the Well Being class.  These two topics (along with Kundalini power) are so intimately woven together that they really become inseparable in their totality.  Yes, we can go thru life without one or the other, just like we can go thru life with only one leg instead of two and depend on outside constructs (crutches or prosthetic) to keep us moving thru life.  Unlike leg loss, which is usually a life saving choice, to un-thread or keep this triad separate, is not wise.

This Saturday in teaching (learning) from the Well Being class just set me a reeling in holy freakin shit land!  The subject we moved into was the magnetic fields of the mind and heart.

glitterAs I was explaining first about the magnetic field of the mind, for the first time ever (and I have taught this subject a lot over the decades) I could see, originating from our pineal gland at the base of our brain, what I can only refer to as a glitter field and spreading outwards in a 360 degree circumference. These tiny specs of energy, of magnetic energy moving outwards into the field of matter, searching for a like energy for whatever is going on in your mind that has an emotional charge connected to it.

silk thread backgroundThe magnetic field of the heart however, was like the most beautiful and sturdy silk strings, when in harmony with the outgoing messages/thoughts of the mental plane.  The colors of the silk were intermingled with each other.  This was the only photo I could find of silk threads straight out.

When we are in stress, or judgement, or condemnation of ourselves or others, then the mental magnetic field interplays with the heart string magnetics and we end up with something that looks like this:


Now here is where everything became so surprising to me.  Because I guess I have always thought of the field of life bringing to us, our created reality every day.  Not even close.  We can look at the field of life, all of it, as a super store.  It is just there!!!

It is OUR MINDS and only our minds, that go out into the super store of life, latch into whatever vibration we are sending out, matches up the frequency and events, and pulls those items from the shelf of life back as our ongoing experience.

If that was not enough to blow my well conceived mind, this next tidbit left me in preconceived smithereens.

The mind itself, is incapable of emotion.  I suppose, I really did known this (as I am being reminded right now lol) but not like this.  In teaching meditation and the validation process that can be instant in meditation comes from the feeling centers.  The mind/ego is incapable of replicating emotion, positive emotion.  What I assumed, but is not true at all, is it is only capable of the negative emotions.  It’s not capable of any emotion at all.

So when I (and many others) say the field of life has no bias, well that is true to the degree that the items on any store shelf has no cares at all about who it goes home with.  The mind, the ego itself, equally has no bias.  It takes every cue of its creation, of its magnetic field, from the emotions of the heart.

gEdispAve68EnergyTotalFB_P7vP8Let’s take a place i had been intimate with for 30 years of my life, depression.  Now lets use this artwork that I am inserting here to be those silk threads of magnetic frequency.

Let’s say, in your mind’s eye you are having an internal argument.  Doesn’t matter with what or who, just that it is happening up in your mental construct and the heart energy is anger, bitter, whatever.  The way I had seen it, those flecks of glitter now become waterlogged, soggy, heavy and bellows own onto the heart field, creating a depression in the heart field.  Grabbing at the lower density life shelf for your creation purposes.  The ego mind does not care.  It was not designed to care.

The very moment (ok, there is a 10 minute lag now, as oppose to lifetimes just a few decades ago) you change your emotional interaction with whatever is happening in your mind, you change the magnetic pull back into your life.  Example, lets say you suddenly realize the toxic emotion you are engaging with and decide to find a resolution in your heart.  And now you hug that situation, honor it for what it is teaching you and then send it on its way, never to return in the same way again.  The heavy, emotionally waterlogged glitter is restored back to health and new shelf pickings.

This is how the body breaks down too.  My weight of depression went all the way down into my solar plexus, creating gallbladder disease and when that was removed, ulcers and G.E.R.D.  Six months after entering the deep end of my bathtub, my solar plexus issues released themselves without a trace… 16 years and counting.

Actually, I do believe I can tie this in with my gatekeeper lady, because I suddenly see it!!  There are magnetic pathways in our oceans that are changing, especially in he places where lets say the pacific merges with the Atlantic.  The merger points.  This must equally affect our fields of magnetic flow, everyone’s on earth, not just those who are conscious of their own magnetic’s.  This is going to reduce the 10 minute window down to 9, then 8, then 7… and so on as we cruise to the Sept equinox.

At this moment, there is a lot of warfare (literally) being housed beneath our earth’s waters, toxic spills, toxic energy…. all allowed until this point.

Thru one of the readings on Saturday, I could see this highfalutin crystal/diamond energy increase, taking the whole vibration of light on earth even higher than I originally seen thru the 8/8.  It continues to move higher thru August 15th, then starts condensing itself. Super concentrating itself.  What happens there, I have no idea yet!!  But I do find it interesting that I will board a plane that morning and remain in the skies until the 16th (save a small layover in Chicago) as I head to Scotland.

Before I close and on a completely separate note… sort of.  Since I didn’t write a blog yesterday and do as little as possible on this computer, I took to youtube and found a recording put out by Barbara Marciniak as she channeled the Pleiadians.  It’s the title that caught my attention:  Barbara Marciniak 2017 – YOU MUST BE CAREFUL THIS AUGUST!!!

Since the recording is an hour and a half long, I skimmed thru it (too long for my attention span lol.)  Somewhere towards the end, the Pleiadians were saying what I had just said in my last blog, only they went much deeper.  The internet and all these social media things, took us away from in person interaction and have created a deeper separation than ever before.  We are being asked to reunite once again, at the ground level of Life.  For me to hear that yesterday, was essential really.  I have been toying with closing the retreat at the end of Sept.  I have lost the entire month of July in bringing in any additional revenues and now will lose a part of August as well… not to mention my 2 week adventure in Scotland on top of it all.  From today’s vantage point of my mind, I will have given all I had to give to the Retreat Center and I personally will be in a very unpleasant void with holding it together.  That said, hearing those words thru that channeling… and already knowing how vital it is for us to be in the same space together… I sure as hell do not know how I will hold it all together, but my commitment is stronger now than ever before!!  Thanx Barb!! 😉

Enjoy this very last day of July.  Do whatever it takes to make sure your silk threads of the heart are straight and clear!!!

BTW, the guy I wrote about the other day, that was with the King and AA Michaels sword sent me this video with this note…. freakin awesome Sir James!! “This is a video that I created based on my interpretation of your blogs and our reading. I hope you enjoy it.”



Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and even… intense excitement thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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