Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 29, 2017

Abundant VS Non Abundant is All-Ways Your Creation!


Yesterday did not unfold like I had scheduled it to unfold!!  I had readings to do and instead, from the moment I published yesterdays blogs, major downloads started coming in to the point of almost being immobile from the energies.  As I attempted to do my first reading, even as the phone was ringing, I got a visual of a large, thick gauze over my forehead, my 3rd energy was covered from reading the field.  I can honestly say, I have never been so deeply triggered as I was yesterday writing the last bit in my blog about the workshop in September and everything else I wrote about yesterday.  Some parts I fully understood, most was pure energy without conscious awareness of what coming in.

These downloads lasted until the sun went down.  But I also noticed something important for all of us to understand.  I pretty much live on my back porch.  It’s where my office is, where I do the readings and anything computer related.  I am almost always by myself, it’s too damn hot for any sane person to sit out here longer than a moment.   But I do.  Truly, because i smoke out here.

Anytime I walked in the house, the downloads stopped, I come back outside, they are in full swing again.  I already knew the energy inside the house was not conducive to the energies I must reach and maintain in order to do what I do, I did not realize this applies to the particular download streams too.  It now makes so much sense as to why when I attempt a bath meditation, I can get an opening visual, but then it collapses and I cannot get back there.  I have used up my personal frequency and then it is subject to the frequency of the house/environment.

I say all that to help us all become aware, if you are struggling with connection, with working your energies the way you know you can, but can’t.  It may not be you but the environment in which you are attempting to do so.  The same thing is happening at the Retreat center, the energy that was there, gone, completely gone.  So I remain on the back porch for now.  That collapse is completely on me.  I went against my teams guidance just to keep harmony in the outside world called my life.  I think we can all sell off a piece of our soul to try and keep everyone happy and then wonder why things have gotten so difficult.

In these energies, as we have been saying for months, there is no mercy, no forgiveness in going against your own guidance system.  Let’s take that one step further, as I hear it now, there is also no mercy for not being fully engaged with your inner guidance system.

The way we see, experience and talk about our life, creates a lot.  I was reading a gofundme article about a 4 year old who got mauled by a neighbors dog, and I opened up the go fund me app and had this instant thought “I don’t have much but I will give you something.”  Instantly, I was remanded with new words, coupled with new true energy to cover that negligent thought up, “I have so much and I will share some of that with you.”

 We tend to gauge our whole life according to what we have in the bank.  Our bank account is simply a constantly moving reflection of our whole life.  When our cash flow is not reflecting our abundantly created life, then we need to look to where we have stagnated our own energy, our own movement and change it.

On the opposite spectrum, some people have plenty of money coming in but not a whole lot of internal joy and connection.  Nothing is ever a one way street.

Spirit will do all it can to push us out of our comfort zones, our stagnation areas.  It is our jobs to move with the pushing.  To want out of stagnation more than we are willing to stay in that place.

All of this came thru the massive processing I was in yesterday as I am hearing and seeing the special gifts that are coming in to the members of the Nation of Lights.  To those members who are willing to put a brick in the emerging wall month after month.  To steady its birth, sturdy the life coming thru it.  To enlarge the territory of Life in Life, consciously.

I can argue quite well with my team, hell, with God himself (I am not a passive player even in incoming guidance!! lol)  As these downloads started in visuals, and I could see spirit running very particular spiritual gifts thru our meetings every week, I instantly thought about the many emails I have received since the Nation’s launched.. the emails saying I want to join but have no money and trust me, I have to sit on my hands not to just give people free access.  As my team consistently reminds me, go ahead try building a house and not pay any of the contractors, the house collapses before it ever sees reality.  We all live in an amazingly abundant world, except those who cannot see it.  Who has resigned to the stagnation of un-abundancey.  A personal choice that is completely allowed and at this changing energy time on earth, will not be interfered with, except y you and your personal actions to change it all.

We have little to no conscious memories of what it took to build maintain what we know as the Essene community.  Not only to build it as a physical construct, but to maintain the purest of energies within it.  They kicked more people out than they ever let in.  But history does not look to that.  For the most part, history see’s nothing but the guy we know as Jesus.  Much more came out of that community than just the likes of Jesus.  Much, much more.

In the downloads yesterday, coupled with the Into the Void workshop and the sword I talked about in yesterday’s blog.  I posted some details on the Nation’s facebook page so I would not forget the exact details.  I am grateful I did that, I know my over crowded memory.  So let me share that then extract from it:

We will be instructed by the Extraterrestrial Counsel of Ascending Light thru the entire event. Acturians, Pleiadians, Sirians and others. Each in physical attendance will be fashioned with their own unique Sword of energy (encoded in a crystal each participant will receive at arrival.) The engraving will take place during the void and the release of  it’s energy thru the reaping of energy thru the eclipse onward.  This crystal will remain your lifetime partner and will go thru constant upgrades as the energies shift.

Just for the record, they not ever refer to themselves as extraterrestrial, but added that word for our understanding.  I was instability reminded of the hypnosis with the guardians, session three “Welcome Home” session (all of which is available to paid members under the meditation part of the carousel.)  The end of that session is around a pyramid with each persons ET connection behind them.

In talking (since i could not read) with one of the lady’s that will be at the Void workshop, I could see her crystal already being infused.  Her team called her a “gate keeper” but not any like we are familiar with to date.  The energy’s of the past are releasing themselves, so the gateways that once needed guard, dissolving as new ones opened up in the higher frequencies.  It was explained to her, that she will be given much deeper instruction at the event, since not one of us can conceive right now. the energetic landscape that is currently building.

It was also explained that “boots on the ground” is where the truest spiritual power lays.  Altho the internet has been a huge catalyst to bring us together consciously, it is also allowing for distance to remain.  I was shown a visual of a light bulb burning in Australia and one burning here in the USA, from above the earths plane, yes you can see the energy stream of light flowing out and connecting, but more like a night-light.  When those same lights are standing on the ground, side by side, it becomes like a halogen flood light. The earth, the humans and spirit/god are Present as One.  And where the true rebuilding must be done from.

Of course, spirit has been saying for the last two years, it is time to come together at the ground level of creation to create.  They were not joking!! lol

Back to my conversation and these crystals.  There will be 12 fully infused crystals as move into the void.  One will house the gatekeeper energy, one the energy from Michael’s sword, and then 10 other frequencies too.  I received no clarity on what those other qualities will be, and this morning I hear that I will not know until I meet (in person) the person who activates what is (going to be or will be) stored.  I was also told, this could take years.  It doesn’t have to, but can.

The 12 tribes and the musical frequencies within each tribe.  The hunt is on!! lol (That is a quote.)

There is so much more, but… this sitting on my hands is becoming oddly common place.  “We share what needs to be shared to motivate the All, and save the fine wines for the class events.  Put your cup out, it will be filled.”

 Before I end this, I am declaring my commitment out loud here to do my first full Nation of Lights Energy Recap on Sunday.  This will be a weekly event published on the Nations youtube channel.  This is wayyyyy out of my comfort zone and have been resisting it for weeks now.  It is actually watching The Leo King and his Pleiadian Summer message that got me off my resistance track and really seeing the value thru him, in physical expression (and not just the typed out words.)  You will keep getting both.  This will be in addition to my blog and both with ALL-WAYS remain my give back to the ALL (hear that as, free lol.)

Lisa Galwas

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