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The Collapsing of the 4th dimension of time-space!! And AA Michael’s Sword!


Before I start this sharing that I was chomping at the bit to write ever since the last reading yesterday, let me warn you that you may see above average typos in today’s sharing.  My computer has viruses and is at the Dr’s and I am using my daughters laptop and the keys stick like crazy.  I won’t have mine back til Monday.

First I want to share a surprising tidbit about this 8/8 wringer washer lionsgate energy that surprised me.  Not everything is going to make it thru the wringer.  This was made crystal clear the last two days of readings as some people hung onto old energies, be it relationships, thoughts, even, places as well.  Anything solid in the density of separation and hate, will be left behind on this side of the 8/8.  Which I guess makes sense as i remember the grape juice lady squirting her juices to those on this side of the lionsgate and just her skin went thru the wringer.  Hold onto nothing!!!

Due to my constant backspacing today, I am going to focus on the last two readings of yesterday.  Their information stayed with me thru this moment!!

I reconnected with a man I had not read for for a few years as his life took him in out of life for a few years.  He went to prison for teaching people how to break out of the matrix, more or less.  Thru his reading, his team said it did not matter what he did or did not do, his path was always leading to that place anywayz, partly to burn off karma from a lifetime long ago and especially to meet this one man there that was in that karmic exchange too.

Like my daughter, he used this time for the greatest clearing and exchange of wisdom.

castle wallsHis reading opened up with what looked like a castle wall around him.  This wall had the cut outs at the top like the photo on the left and was completely circular as he stood in the middle.  It connected his reading to a lifetime that he lived in 1252.  He was being taught something by the king in that timeline, who was also the man he had to meet in prison in this timeline.

We do not see a lot of karmic exchange in readings these days, so I was very curious to see what and why now??

The entire life hologram showed up on the left side of the castle wall.  My man and this other man looked like they were in a sword fight, but there was only one sword.  That sword drew me in like a magnet.

The sword was silver and beveled down its length, the one thing I was sure of that metal did not come from this earth.  It looked silver but felt nothing like silver or any metal, there was an energy to it, an amazing, powerful energy.  The handle had this large (golf ball sized) blue sapphire multifaceted stone just above the blade.  It looked like sapphire, but was not that at all.  It was explained that the metal of the sword and this crystal were from another realm, not of this earth.  It was from Arcturus.  I could not remember that name to save my life yesterday in his reading, it was weird like I had a block around it, even tho his team kept trying to push it in me to tell him.  This morning… wham, there it is!

This was no usual sword and was not used for cutting people open.  Ohhhh no-sir-reee.  This was what we know as archangel Michael’s sword.  The king was teaching my man how to use this sword and I watched and felt the heart energy infuse itself into and thru the handle, into the beveled blade and release in a blast out the tip of the sword.  It was amazing to experience.  I have long known that that which we (created) know as AA Michael was originally an ET that we have digitized long ago, as we did with anything that came from the skies, but never knew his planet of origin until yesterday!!  He was (and his soul energy still is) a defender of truth.  Not conceptual truth, divine truth.  Power filled truth!!!

My man inadvertently killed the king with the sword and this lifetime reunited them again, to perfect what they started in that lifetime.  It was also stated that this sword, which was a real thing back in that lifetime, has long since been removed from this planet.  This gave me amazing clarity as to why Michael is always depicted with a sword and shield.  The shield prevented any blow-back from affecting him upon the heart charged release of the cutting edge of truth.

The last part of my mans reading was after what my team consistently calls “the shit storm.”  I could see ashes or piles of dust everywhere.  This shit-storm is not a one day event, but increases over time… a year… two… more??  But from the rubble, I seen my man take that sword of truth stab it straight into the ground and from that energy release arose “the rainbow coalition.”  A genuine rebuilding from the heart of God/spirit/soul.  The dark ages of mans ego is turning to dust.

Without my computer to do work on, I came across a video on facebook that just tripped my trigger.  Something put out by the dude known as The Leo King.  I actually listened to several of his current astrology videos and became even more excited as I heard him explain the energies of the planes coming into alignment thru this coming lunar eclipse on August 7th turning thru the solar eclipse of August 21st.   Here is one where he said heads will be severed (remember our teams are referring to the 8/21 eclipse as a guillotine!!

My last lady… OMG!!  I am grateful she was my last reading of the day cuz we went close to an hour over her reading time.  First it took me a while to understand what the hell we were seeing with her, then it was so amazing and it just kept coming.  I sure as hell ain’t quitting!!

This was also the first time in my history of reading I see a reading pick up where it left off weeks prior, save the movement of the sun around the earth (what we know as time gone by.)  I wrote about this lady July 14th as her team called her a time keeper here on earth.  If you click the link, she is towards the bottom of the sharing.

Her readings were supposed to be ET connections, so that is where I started once again, yesterday.  Attempting to connect to her ET’s.  The opening visual I recieved was weird and not fully understood thru her whole reading.  But that changed while listening to an audio-book yesterday.

The field

Once again, excuse my humble art, but I wanted to give everyone a visual to keep pace with.  So in my last reading with her, she ((her body in the connection) was way in the back of the field at the ET connection area.  Yesterday, after I gave up trying to figure out the energy shown in the above art as the star and partial oval, I found her in the opposite corner of the yard standing in earths shadows under the lunar eclipse area (it took me a long while to understand all that, and her reminding me of her last reading… the dominoes started falling!!)

So many eyes are on the solar eclipse of August that we do not fully honor this partial eclipse on the 7th.  Her team gave me the most unpleasant visual and analogy.  Most people are looking at this upcoming partial lunar eclipse more like a fart, when it’s really a wet fart…the shit starts releasing thru it.  And yes, I seen ass and wet lumpy yuckiness coming out in place of a gas release!!  Ohhhh the things I would rather hear than see! lol

Now let me back up to the confusing start of her reading.  The first thing I seen was this half oval thingie just below the treetops of the back yard, half on the back end the fence, half over her field.  Then, this 5 pointed, brilliant yellow star was placed within the oval on the other side of the fence, hanging in place by a silver or white string.  This was supposed to be her ET connection, and yet,  understood nothing.  Not a word or feeling was released in understanding.  I got so frustrated I decided to change the focus of our connection to a field reading instead of ET.

There she was, wayyyyy in the far right, front corner of the field.  The field itself was brilliant light and yet, she was in shadow as she stood in the corner.  What the hell????

She started to explain she was the corner last time I seen her.  No you weren’t!!  I never seen this before.  Then she explained her last reading and the keeper of time and the understanding was like an avalanche because it literally picked up from her last reading, save the change of calendar energy placement in August energies.  She even reminded me of the energy of time, the 4th dimension collapsing from the last reading.  To me it looked like a wall of water releasing itself.  It was even stated that the waters in this release, went back into the 3 D ground, connecting to the tsunami shit storm energy from a few readings ago.

Then I remembered the portal from deep space that released and held in our creation the 4th dimensional time-space energies.  I once again seen that portal, but now, I also seen it connected into the core of the earth, her deep center.  I then seen the portal closing with this lunar eclipse as well as the connective point in the core of the earth.

I realized that time-space closes first at the core of the earth and rises upwards in collapse.  Shifting the earth in many ways…. storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and such.  Not all at once, over what we call time…. but a closer body of time than we are accustomed to.

I remembered some of the videos I watched thru the Leo King earlier.  That star…. I wonder if it is Mars or Uranus???  There is an alignment starting on the 7th.

Until I was in my car and decided to put Dolores Cannons “Keepers of the garden” on.  This book was published in  1993.  It just happened to start at a place… chapter 16, 5 minutes into the chapter and her regressed man speaking of the earth tilting on her access and the sudden extinction of dinosaurs…:

“A natural phenomenon which is occurring again at this present time.  There are many natural physical changes that are now occurring which shall occur for the next 18 chronological years…  this is a slow gradual process (for times sake, I have to skip thru)… Until the time of shift, at which point, it is very rapid and could also be said to be instantaneous.  The actual adjustment could actually be accomplished within minutes. …a natural evolutionary process in which the earths magnetic poles align themselves to different star points in the heavens (at this point, I about shit a brick.)  These points move in their prescribed manner much like the constellations move around your planet.  However, they are not so much influencing your planet… the far off stars are more powerful (a surprise question by Dolores back to her hypnotized subject.)  Yes!  All far off stars are more powerful.  The point at which your planet is aligning is spaced similar to your constellations, spaced similar.  They move thru a prescribed path.  ….the earth is preparing herself to align with another point of origin, that is what is causing the awakening of such things as the ring of fire and volcanoes in other parts of the earth also.  This is also causing the weather disturbances.  It will start as gradual, but the gravitational forces that are coming into play now will also cause the tilt to be faster.”

Hearing this, I instantly thought of my lady’s 5 pointed star, nothing I could feel in connection to, and did a lot of assuming (based on the explanation of the Leo King) and now, I knew!!  The energy that ran thru my body in that moment of listening… unmistakable!!

It was also explained thru my lady’s reading that all this negativity, separation, hate, is only held here in this realm by the fabric of the 4th dimensional time-space.  Without that glue like substance, all that could remain afterwards, is the light of love.

This is why no one still dealing with ego separation can come back to earth, it won’t house the lessons needed.

Ohhhhhh my dear good god!!  I just realized the flash I received about the people who are gathered here in good ole Fentress Texas for the Into The Void workshop in September… the visual of removing the debris field of separation from the core of the earth… is like the midwifes assisting the baby out of the birth canal, faster more precise than if left alone.

I am going to close on that note and process in the deep end of my pool before my readings start.

Buckle up my beautiful Masters of Light and Matter, it’s about to get Real!! (Gulp)

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with readiness to Serve thru the All!

Lisa Galwas

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