Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 26, 2017

After the “Shit Storm” Ends, A Rainbow Coalition Arises!!

rainbow coelition

I think I am going to call the first week in August (since that is what we are seeing already in the field) the great extraction!  Extracting higher thoughts, higher energies within the love frequency, and truly higher frequencied spiritual skills.  All this while still clearing the remnants of the old debris field within us.

My first lady’s field presented what looked like a windshield to a car, not the car itself, just the windshield way up in the air, an easy 10 feet above the ground, but hovering right in front of me in her field.  This windshield was laden with soap, just like the soap you get sprayed with at the car wash.  Of course, it all came equipped with a windshield wiper, which steadily moved back and forth thru her entire reading.

Because of its location up in the air, I knew it had to do with her soul mind, clearing the way she understood herself/Self together as one.  Because she was a massive mirror back to myself, I really understood what was being shown to her, clearly.

We truly underestimate our own power and the thoughts that have emotional charge to them.  If we see ourselves as limited, we give power to that and that must be the experience of our creation.  If we see ourselves as stuck in a situation, and it is affecting us emotionally, guess what… the field of creation has zero bias.  No good, no bad.  Just pure creation based on the emotional thought feelings we are experiencing longer than a minute, alright, maybe 10 minutes.  We can look at that 10 minute window as the steam hole, letting steam escape.  After 10 minutes, whatever we may be feeling grows legs and becomes our created platform of life.  Until we change it.

Because we are in a field of matter, our ego minds have first say about anything.  If its perception of its partner, the soul mind, gets clouded, well, that is our lesson, our job to clear up.  To free once and for all the limiting thoughts of our self, of creation and of opportunity!  What is today does not have to be tomorrow, unless we worry it into ongoing creation!

Of course, with this I am talking on an individuated, personal level of creation.  As per a few of the readings yesterday, there are events that will take place at the collective levels of life.  These we have no control over, save our view and ability to see beyond what is happening.

With that, I am going to jump to my last reading of the day.  My beautiful lady lives in California and she showed up dressed sort of like a clown walking on stilts.  Her dress was very particular, red, white and blue depicting independence day here in the USA, not the dateline, but the energy of freedom.  She had on the most beautiful blue tuxedo with tails, purposely representing the creator energy she is.  We tend to separate ourselves into divine feminine or divine masculine depending on what is between our legs, we are both, all-ways.  There is a time to use the emotional output of the feminine and there is also a time to use the solidifying energies of creation.

As we dove into understanding about why she is on stilts, she already has the ability to see above the incoming storm…. and with that came a visual of a rising wave from deep in the backyard over the fence line that makes up the field I read from.  This wave was the most beautiful, deepest blue I had ever seen and it is building into a tsunami wave.  Then the information came out that it will hit the USA hard.  And as I went to say the words wave of water, my team turned the sentence into a wave of shit!!  A shit storm is about to happen in the USA… after the solar eclipse.  When exactly, was not stated, god forbid we should get too much information about that!! lol  I could not even see for sure is this an actual tsunami wave, or simply a wave of energy designed to release the shit so many people hide under.  I have no idea about that.  But I do know, many of us are preparing ourselves to be the assistants to help others onto the safe shores of understanding, if they allow.

This morning I awoke remembering some of the work we were doing in the nighttime.  This is a true first for me.  Not a dream, but the work we do when our bodies are in sleep mode.

I was with the Into the Void participants, and we were already working on clearing up the deeper, denser collectives on this planet.  We were bursting denser thought bubbles rising up out of people’s energy fields.

What I find amazing about this experience, is the fact that as of today, one person is fully committed to the event.  Read that to say, one person has paid, I know another is going to since she already booked her flight.  And yet, the dining area at the retreat center was filled, each chair has a person I cannot see, except in lighted, silhouette form, is sitting in a chair.  There are 8 chairs at the dining room table.  I was not sitting at the table, but viewing it from above the room.  8 Master’s (9 if you include me) working together, stripping down the energy fields of density with purpose and combine effect.

But it is only July and I do not have that many even considering participating (this is my thoughts upon waking this morning.)  Here is a quote that we can all understand in anything we feel pushed to do, but tend to hesitate and discount along the way.  What I heard was “we can lean heavily on a person’s field of desire and intention, but we cannot push anyone, we cannot lead them to do what they can do, that must come from their own free will.”

In spirit, there is no such thing as time.  It all happening now.  You and I think we are waiting for Sept for this workshop, when it is already underway.  Our Presence together will allow the fullness of our power to surface to the consciousness area of our life, for ongoing use and development.  We gather already at the round tables of spirit, working, clearing the debris field that will flood this precious country in a shit storm / tsunami wave.

After this storm, a rainbow coalition will arise.

The visual I just received sort of reminds me of the phoenix, ashes scattered about the USA and those that did not drown or crumble, rise up in many colors (skin colors) and unite in a way that will take our breath away in hope, in knowing, “the best just began.”

We are all being called to the carpet, to clear our Knowing of ourselves, of each other and be ready to assist at the ground level, when the time comes.

I am doing everything I know how to see anything, something, on the other side of the 8/8 Lionsgate now that we are standing in the first week of August energies.  Nuttin.  The other side of that event is more shut down to my snooping eyes than ever before.  I do understand that we are in a massive collective choice point of inner and outer readiness thru the lunar eclipse on August 7th.  As we go thru the wringer of the 8/8, it will be refinements of the choices we made.  Whether our choice was to be an active participant in the shitstorm ahead (at this point, I have no clue how it will affect other lands outside of the USA) or to be at the helm of the new creation as it arises.

I guess this is a good time to remind everyone that I will be in Scotland during the second half of August.  I fly out on my 55th birthday, August 15th and return August 30th.  I will be on the Isle of Iona for the solar eclipse, working with the water energies to replenish what this eclipse tears open… from the christ side of the field!!

With that said, I did not realize that my reading calendar was completely booked until September.  So this morning I opened wednesday august 2nd and wednesday august 9th (my scheduled days off) to book readings before I leave.  I have closed the 8/8 for readings because I KNOW we will not see anything that day as we all go thru the wringer, solidifying our choices into new form.

I love you all so damn much!!  Thank you for showing up day after day so we can all make sure we are above the storms coming and not in them!!!

Big big big ((((((HUGZ))))))) of clearing and unlimited potential thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas              My new link to book readings is now here:

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  1. Hi Lisa, the s–t strom is a wave of energy in August. I know you watch Steve Rother videos and he speaks of this in his August Predictions if you want to check it out. Hope all is well. Roy


    • I have not listened to steve rother since “the group” broke up. Do you mind sharing what you heard or remember. I would love to know!! Thanx Roy!!


      • All I can remember is that this wave will hit on July 28 and will last until August 28. The energies will be scattered and will be experienced in many ways. It will definitely bring about many changes in people’s lives. Some will feel it right away, some won’t feel it until way after it has passed. I’m sorry but that’s all I can remember. Steve has posted the video on YouTube if you want to share it on your blog. Many hugs, Roy


  2. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Nice, great sharing. The storm, event as One who serves in the ancient awakenings shares. People who have not been working on their ascension will have a hard time with the increased vibration/energys. We will help them. See the july 24th call at this link, We are all being prepared, those that are listening now. I think this is what Steve is sharing also.

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  3. Meta-Tag Filter Decoding To Quotes

    [URTH] = change [U] to [EA]
    [HEEELING] = change [EEE] to [EA]

    [DEEEVINE] = change [EEE] to [i]
    [YAAY] = change [AAY] to [E]
    [SCELESTIAL] = delete [S]

    ~ New name, same game ~
    Sound familiar re ‘The Nation of Lights’?

    TRANSMISSION 23 March 1994

    “The healing is complete for this day and it shall continue. Let it be known that all here have activated their Golden Essence and have become one with the symbol of the fountain which represents eternity; healing for eternity. This means that your own resonance has been harmonized with the resonances of many beings, including many that you would classify as [DEEVINE].This means your joint Essence, Light, Energy, fountains and springs from your being with the intent to create a healing upon the planet; healing within each and every one of you; and a healing indirectly which reverberates within the frequencies of every living organism upon the planet, which in turn reverberates into the whole of the Solar System.

    For those in the group that are not here in the physical, there will be a slight delay in this process. This delay is only of a two hour period in your time-span viewpoint.

    All others who do not come in a physical way to this place shall also be accepting the fountain within their own being.

    And so your Essence has been activated. You are healers in every sense of the word. Be it known should you wish at any time to not be a healer anymore, you must let it be known and this fountain will be deactivated within your being. This is a responsibility that all have agreed to, whether you are aware of it or not. Be aware that this is a wondrous gift that you have within you that you can share with humankind at this time and all life upon the planet.”

    1995 EHG TRANSMISISON (paraphrase)

    There were some 8 thousand Earth Healers worldwide. By 1998 that number had grown to approximately 5 million. Of this number, 1.3 million were resident in Australia and nearly a million of those were located in the Adelaide area; the highest concentration in any one location. Some of these people have awareness of their purpose as [ERTH HEELERS] at their spiritual level, while most participate only at the higher level of their [DEEVINITY]. The EHG Network is a vast, ever-expanding, multidimensional collective of human and non-human, physical and non-physical entities that participate regularly beyond any physical meetings. Though there have been no physical gatherings of this group since 2000, its purpose continues still.

    An [URTH HEEELER] either carries the GOLDEN ESSENCE or has the ability to have it created within their system. That is what qualifies one as having the purpose of being an [URTH HEELER] with [SCELESTIAL] TRANSFORMATION.

    1994, October 19 EHG TRANSMISISON

    “The Golden Age is the dawn of my coming. The Golden Age is many things. That which has been noticed by some, is that the color present within my form, should I show it, is golden. It is the color I am using to assist the Earth as she heals. It is called the Golden Age, for it has a pleasant, poetic ring that people can understand. It is golden; golden being beautiful and abundant;an age of beauty. The Golden Age signifies the demystification of All That Is. The Golden Age heralds a time where the human and the human-plus can rapidly evolve to an extent where they no longer need, or require to manifest a physicalness. It is a time to release all illusion, all illusion of time, of space of
    matter. A time for the Earth to heal, to become whole and cleansed. For Earth Mother to shed her many skins of pain, of suffering, of abuse. To truly discover herself in all her glory. To expand and evolve that glory, that she may enter into a knowing of her own higher-than-divine state of being. As she changes, so do the Earth children change.It is a time for empowerment for each individual sense of self; and for the grouping of the nation as one whole of Earth People; of the flora and the fauna and each of their nations. It is a
    coming together of the many nations of star people, star beings, all for the one aim. To assist in the evolution of the Earth and the Earth People. So, it has been called the Golden Age. A Golden Age is a term that has been used before. People are aware of it and know its meaning, inasmuch as they know it is positive; another reason for choosing it.”

    Lisa said 25 July 2017

    “I know for me personally, I have learned so much in the tiny three days of classes we have held together thru the Nation, that I never knew or at least, recognized in fullness before. That is only because of the people who gather in the Nation. Not necessarily only the ones who show up for class, but the moment you bring yourself in as a full participant, we are all able to leach your soul field of information for laying our foundation down. It was already explained, but not even to the depths I understand it this morning, that if you cannot attend a class, your soul does anyway and all that is provided in energies automatically flows to you and this is how we can glean the soul energy of your Presence, which I had no idea about.”


    No membership fees ever required for being EHG. No website or online courses were required for either physical attending participants or non-physically attending participants.

    So those who cannot be financial members of The Nation of Lights can know that the resonances for evolving as a [DEEVINE] being are there within the very core of your being within, and ever-growing in the All That Is.


    “It is coming from you. You are radiating it. Again, let us stress the
    importance of trust; trusting the process that the universe is evolving in the
    best, most beneficial way. And you are evolving in the best, most beneficial
    way; that this is the best way.

    It is good that you are fulfilling your particular chosen responsibility in the
    pattern. In the pattern of life, you have chosen your place and you are playing
    your role. Yes. Within that role, at a later date, it may just be that you will
    choose to take the responsibility for transmitting the information in a written
    form, in a spatial form. However, I will stress, it is not important. It is not
    important for them to know. No, not important. Useful, yes, but it is not
    essential. It is not necessary.

    What is important, what is essential, is that you carry the message within your
    self. You carry it and transmit it and receive responses to that message. In
    effect, you are energy, light and essence. In your highest, you are like divine
    telephones, divine radios, divine televisions, if I must say that word. Do you
    understand? I hope that you will realize that this is so easy. It has been
    designed for it to be so easy. You do not have to throw yourselves out there
    like the Evangelists. You do not. You need only to be and do; and live you life
    in the way that you wish to live your life. Yes.

    And as you continue in your awareness, you will learn much from carrying
    this information. And you will know that it is the greatest gift, that indeed, yes,
    you have been chosen as the representatives of Earth; representatives of
    human and human-plus. And why have you been chosen? Why do you think
    you have been chosen? Because you are the best, most beneficial beings
    available who volunteered. Please give yourselves credit for that.”

    ~ THANKYOU ! ~

    ~ Many blessings for continuing evolution with the highest of [DEEVING] unconditional LOVE in creating YOUR LIFE OF JOY ~


  4. When I try to see what is hidden, I find it beneficial to change the nature of my question.
    You’re doing so great ❤
    And "soon" has become one of the most infuriating words to me. After we're through the Thing, I think I shall ban it from my vocabulary.

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    • I couldn’t agree more with the word soon… pesky!!! lol


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