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Employing Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth.

sword of truth

Not surprising at all, there is yet another major shift in the field, and of course, within us post new moon energies.  All 5 readings showed up yesterday in the energy fields of August!!  I think if I can pull a single theme from it all, it would be to be more consciously aware of your self, the thoughts, the emotionally infused memories we have from the past, and the environment that surrounds us.  We are so accustomed to feeling the way we feel, whether someone is triggering us and our reactions are as they always have been, discount how we feel by blame, or just feeling bad about ourselves because of it.  Or someone could be going thru or just coming out of an experience that resembles one we may have experienced along the way, and our own unresolved feelings come up and become the conversation.

In between the readings, I had the beloved AA Michael standing with me (ok, I was sitting, he was standing lol,)  consistently reminding me of his presence and expression the day before in the energy work meeting.  Truth is a funny word, which is AA Michael’s core energy as he works with any of us.

Truth is a funny thing really, rarely is truth a true truth, but something we latch onto to believe is true.  All we have to do is take a look around the fields of life, we can see so many groups professing one thing, and to that group, they believe it with all their hearts.  I can take the many beliefs in Catholicism for example.  They are taught to fear god, fear the devil, in hell, in punishment and so on.  I spent 8 years picking the catholic out of my energy field and when some of the beliefs I did strongly feel to be true was shattered, my teams consistently reminded me that some things are true whether we believed them or not.  I could not fathom a god without punishment.  My life seemed to be an ongoing series of punishments.  When my team pulled the curtain open wider and explained that I created what I perceived as punishment based on inaccurate belief systems, that sent me into a tailspin, one I wanted desperately to fall into denial about.  Which they (my team) allowed, until the next revelation of my own bullshit was revealed and eventually, when we have so many curtains pulled open, we start to not only see a greater truth but start to recreate our lives from that new truth and it changes the field of our personal life, eventually, for the better.  I say eventually because first, the house of cards must fall, which could equally feel like a punishment!!  (I say all that from the way I felt in my early years on this crazy ass path of change.)

My first lady on the field yesterday, crawling on her hands and knees, looking grown up but dressed as a baby, reborn into the high frequency energy fields of August.  She was using every ounce of energy she had in her field to crawl forward, I could feel the strain in her field as she put a hand and knee forward.  There was a reverence surrounding her, the field of spirit, bent at their knees in awe of her determination.  Pure and perfect in their eyes.

And yet, because she has hip pain, someone told her her kundalini was blocked.  No it isn’t!!  To be in this placement of the field of life, you cannot be harboring blocks.  That is not to say the energies are so intense it is creating discomfort in particular areas of one’s body.  Let’s take the hips for example.  When our path of life is changing radically, an energy system infiltrates the core within our bodies, changing DNA, speeding up the molecules of our biology to match the frequency we are going into.  Often times, this creates discomfort, sometimes even, dislocation of bones or muscles.

This is a time we are in a major choice point with our own truth.  Is this pain because of the intense changes in energy or because of something unresolved within.  They do feel exactly the same, pain wise anywayz!!

Now let’s bring out a double-edged sword (thanx Mikey!! lol)  If someone is telling you you have a block but truly, you do not, you can create a block by believing it.  On the other hand, if you have a block and have convinced yourself (from the mind) that it is ascension symptoms, you may do more harm than good to that area.  Always ask your own body, it will find a way to reveal the truth back to you.  Then own it!!  Or even call on Archangel Michael to assist in knowing what is true for you, then own it!!

The more we are in full alignment of our own truth, inside and out, the more truth that will be revealed to us.  The true magic of the field of life we are now stepping into!!

pinwheelMy second lady was an odd bird!!  She was set up on this pin wheel looking thing in the right side of the field.  I did my humble best to recreate the image, very humble best lol. There were 9 of these pinwheel thingies that her body was draped on that were parallel to the ground.

I realized her body position, looking dead really, was to show she has completely surrendered her ego will to the divine will.  This pin wheel thingie was enhancing the energy fields flowing out of her topside (she was face up on this thing) and the earth and the magic of this pinwheel drawing out any impurities that remained.  All she had to do (and is doing) was allow.

It became really interesting as we started to dive into the understanding of what this crazy pin wheel thing was.  It was made of a material completely unfamiliar to me.  It was explained that it is a material that will soon be discovered in the earth.  Science will think they missed it, but it is new.  It could only be here in these particular energy frequencies.  She will be one of many who have the opportunity to discover this substance and as her team stated, it will be revealed in obvious places (she doesn’t have to go hunting in far off lands for it.)

Then we seen it in its raw state, it was a much lighter green than the forest green of her pin wheel.  It was goupy too.  It reminded me of the texture of a bowl of oatmeal.  Goupy!!  A little thicker than slime.

It was explained that this substance that will be discovered either by the end of this year or sometime during next year, has a consciousness creation ability to it.  If the correct person works with it, and they want this substance to be a tent for a weekend of camping (let’s say) then it will become a tent, a close to indestructible tent at that.  When the camping is done, the person who created it to be a tent, releases it back to its original form and it becomes goup again.

Here in lays yet again, personal truth.  If we are open to see higher realms of truth and work with it, we will be discovering so much as we move forward.  Creating the new from actual substances that are so ready to partner with the human soul.  Give your power, your truth to someone else’s concept of it… well, we miss a lot then.

After our reading she went to look up the information she was remembering thru the reading, written by our beloved Ken Carey in his last book The Third Millennium.  She took a picture of the page and emailed it to me.  Let me share, because so much more was revealed thru this single page of text… something I was not prepared to feel in its entirety!!

ken carey.jpg

Of course, the text was meant to show the biological cooperation that was seen by Ken in the 80’s when we wrote this book.  My extreme excitement, if not complete awe was located towards the end of the page.  To be exact:  “the great floating cities of light will be constructed thru the cooperation of the nations of the world.”

I cannot recall now if it was her or someone else’s reading that evoked the visual of two very separate worlds living one on top of the other.  Those still dealing with their inner issues will be as if they are elsewhere, close to invisible to those whose energy fields have risen above the chaos to build, create heaven on earth.  Two bubbles were shown, the density below and the light creators above.  The floating cities Ken referenced.  OMG, we can even take her pin wheel image to represent the 12 tribes living throughout the world, representing the cities of light thru the Nation of the Godhead.

I swear when I read that, Archangel Michael stabbed me in the back with his sword to recognize what I had just read.  The Nation’s floating cities of light.  I know for me personally, I have learned so much in the tiny three days of classes we have held together thru the Nation, that I never knew or at least, recognized in fullness before.  That is only because of the people who gather in the Nation.  Not necessarily only the ones who show up for class, but the moment you bring yourself in as a full participant, we are all able to leach your soul field of information for laying our foundation down.  It was already explained, but not even to the depths I understand it this morning, that if you cannot attend a class, your soul does anyway and all that is provided in energies automatically flows to you and this is how we can glean the soul energy of your Presence, which I had no idea about.  Like I said, I have learned so much in teaching three days of classes than I could learn in a year of meditation.  YOU are that potent and wise!!

Well there is a ton more to share, but my reading day starts early today.

I love you all so dammmm much!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of truth and wonder to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas              My new link to book readings is now here:

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    A few of the concerns I have are that you are using it to some kind of soul readings or something that the Ascended Masters have actually said no students should be doing. Secondarily to this, it means you are using my artwork to generate money for yourself (assuming your readings are not done for free).

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