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The New Moon Release… Holy Heavens!!!

beyond 5th dimension

What an amazing new moon energy presentation yesterday was in my world.  The first thing I received was something that rarely happens, a dream experience!!  And a potent one at that!! The setting itself reminded me a bit of The Game of Thrones, dark, low light settings.  There were all these people dressed in a very odd way, I am not even sure how to describe their dress, maybe like in thick layers of rags.  I guess it really doesn’t matter since I did not receive understanding where I was or why.  But these people start to build something that reminded me of a really large plant terrarium made out of old wood painted green.  I did not participate in the building of this plant thing, instead I watched (I guess I am even lazy in my dreams lol.)  There was a huge jubilation when this plant thing was finished and I suddenly realized I had a glass of what I at first thought was water in my hand so I decided to water the plant thingie with my drink.

The closer I got to the plant thingie, it started shrinking, or contracting to a size that would easily fit on any windowsill.  The moment I was next to this now much smaller thing, I either was told or realized, what was in the glass was aquamarine.  Liquid aquamarine and as I poured it all out into the container of this thing, the look on everyone’s faces astonished me.  I knew from there look what I did in pouring the contents of my glass fully activated the contents of that box and the look on the people’s faces… they could not believe I knew to do that.  As the glass was now empty I walked straight a head and literally walked into a awake state in my bed.  I was kind of bummed because I wanted to turn around and see what was growing in that box, but there I was, in my bed now wide awake.  Dammit.

It is not until this morning that I looked up some of the qualities of aquamarine, but I did find a wonderful website to help with that:

Aquamarine evokes the purity of crystalline waters, and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. It is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go. In ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids, and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection. It was also considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness.  Today it protects all who travel by, over, or near water, and opens the channels of clear and heartfelt communication.

Aquamarine embodies all things connected to the sea, as well as those things relating to Heaven reflected on the surface of the water. It becomes a mirror, reflecting itself indefinitely, making it possible to discover hidden meanings of reality. As a stone of symmetries, it is conducive for meditation and revelation, a stone of prophets, shamans, healers, and mystics. It also allows us to explore the darkest depths of our souls, face to face with ourselves, and with others.

There is no doubt, it was the catalyst to the unexpected, humbling surprise gathering of ascended masters and Pleiadians in the energy work event we had hours later thru the Nation events.

However, before I get to that amazing, and let me tell you, even this morning, I am still in awe of who showed up and what they assisted us in knowing.

I do, however, want to touch on some things that we went over in the Nation’s class of meditation the day prior.  I fully realize that over the last 17 years, I have had so many experiences in meditations, so many things I never thought to question especially in my early years, that I had long forgotten even happened.  Equally tho, I have taken in so much mind altering information that I completely forget about sometimes even an hour later.  Couple this with the sheer amount of readings I have done over the decades… I have forgotten more than I will ever remember.

Until that very moment in time, when spirit wants you to not only remember something, but understand it too.  Like in meditation class on Saturday, (which I am so so sorry, never got recorded) and we were talking about how meditation, when done in fullness, allows you to leave the earth dimension and travel elsewhere for your needed experiences.  Somehow this conversation led to a memory I have not only long forgotten about, never understood either.

In my first year of meditation, there had been 2 or 3 times where the meditation itself, what I was seeing, opened up in front of my in a circle no larger than a tennis ball.  I could see every bit of activity thru this circle, but unlike all my other meditations where the viewing screen took up my full vision and I was a participant and not just a viewer, I was a viewer in these few experiences.  I never gave it a second thought ever again… until Saturday.  The information came to me that when we meditate actually as a full on participant (instead of getting still and waiting) we enter portals of information and experience.  At times, we get stuck (for lack of a better word) outside of the portal, and simply witness what is happening instead of participate.  In this case, it would be very much like viewing a movie that has little effect on us.

Something else that came thru the meditation class I want to share with everyone.  I am going to use the wonderful expression of one of the Nation’s members as she described what it meant to her.  She posted it on the Nation’s facebook page, so I am using the copy and paste magic (smile.)

“In our 1st mediation class, Lisa shared insights about meditation that were very helpful to me.

I had always approached meditation as a passive exercise where you surrender to Spirit who knows exactly what you need and how to help you open up and release limiting beliefs.

Not so. What Spirit sees is your light-body, and since your physical experiences result from the choices you make, Spirit is fine with all of that, even though you may feel stuck and miserable. You must actively participate in mediation, using your creative imagination and will to communicate with Spirit. You need to ask questions, and be open to guidance in whatever way it comes to you.”

You and I have these amazing things called brains that take all the frozen light and changes it all into physical substance that we can see, feel, taste and use.  Our spiritual teams see’s us as we really are, light bodies, everything on the earth, is a light field unique to itself expression. They all, are guides, not doers, not interferers.  They wait until we seek their particular assistance and they assist… if you just wait, they too, sit next to you and wait!

Now, lets toggle back to yesterday.  In the Nation, we are learning how to enter and remain in a state of Well Being.  In class itself, we are learning how our physical body works and where any and all dysfunction starts, which would be the mental matter.  On Sundays, we are doing live healing/energy work events to display how it all works.  I have never ever done my energy work in a group setting on the internet.  Not ever and I will say, I was nervous.  Not so much about doing the energy work, that is as second nature to me as breathing, it is making it understandable since I pretty. for now, will be the only one able to see what is taking place at the energy level of the volunteers.

As we began, I got the shock of my life.  Standing behind me, to my right side, was Archangel Michael, that amazing dude holding truth and protection in the field of life.  Then directly behind me, Sananda, the Master of Love, to my left side was now a combination of the Blessed Mother and Kali Maa as one Being.  None was in physical form, I do not need that familiar to know their energy signatures and communication ways.  I have not worked in a live, group setting with these amazing teachers of mine since… shit, I think 2004.

I no sooner acknowledge them to the class and the volunteer receiving this energy, suddenly across from me at the far edge of the porch, my Pleiadian team of Franklyn, Ahnourah and Alfronzu.  I had worked intimately with this team for the first three years of my journey.  Learning, understanding and changing.  Franklyn is my Pleiadian father, he and Sananda spent three years in the deep end of my bathtub showing me, cell by cell how the energy body, physicality and healing works together.

Ahnourah is an incarnation on the Pleiades from my soul (she is not me, but a separate incarnation that lives and loves on the Pleiades.  She is a biochemical engineer primarily in the human (earth) sector.)  Her and her team assist the human race to develop and release the correct combination of chemicals thru the endocrine system to not only assist in restoration of what we call illness, but to equally facility higher frequency thresholds in the body for our ongoing ascension.  Altho I must say I never once, to this day, understood the chemical combination that happens during energy sessions, I do know intimately, thru 17 years of constant use, what energies go where and how to affect the outcome desired.

These two did not completely surprise me as much as Alfronzu did.  He is a commedeer (captain, also spelled phonetically) of a beamship.  He explained that if we can all look at our physical bodies as our personal ship, we should be as intimately familiar with our ship as any captain operating a ship.

By the end of this session, we realized that the ascended masters behind me and the Plieadians in front of me, work in the same/similar energy relationship.  Archangel Michael and Alfronzu are tied together in energetics.  If you do not know how to stand in your own truth, you will never understand your own personal ship either.  Sananda and Anourah were tied in together, the energy (or dysfunction) of love regulates the body’s endocrine system.  We are either releasing highly potent chemicals to assist our bodies, or muddied ones that break down the body.

Then we have the blessed mother (divine feminine, the emotional field of each of us) and the divine masculine of Franklyn, the creator of outcomes in our personal life field, and of others.  If we come back to the energy and wisdom of Alfronzu, our personal ships are always affecting others, for better or worse.  Knowing its/your full on energy construct, what is good for you, what needs to be removed, key to all Well Being.

What took place thru this event, blows my ever-loving mind.  I am being asked to give the concept and not the detail in today’s sharing.  Boy oh boy, that’s not easy for me!! lol

In full relationship of my beautiful volunteer, it was shown how her heartbeat was connected to the mechanics of time.  This is what allows us all to age, to break down from the mechanical process of aging.

Equally, these mechanics become distorted in our bodies by the breakdown of our personal truth, or what we would call, life experiences.  From utero thru death.

Truth is not just saying what one feels is true for them in any moment.  It is looking at the entire construct of incarnation experience and understanding, owning and even, changing all experiences based on the truth of the experience, not on the dysfunction any experience caused us.

I truly became a witness and spokesperson for the energy work unfolding.  I of myself, did nothing but try to keep pace and understanding ongoing.  AA Michael acted first.  Cutting open a series of timelines where my lady did not see the truth of a situation starting at age 7.  After he was done, Ahnourah placed what looked like a small, closed pocket watch in her heart area and filled with a thick, yellowish fluid that she stated was the combination of all 7 (major) glands in the endocrine system.  As she works thru these series of events in her timeline, which we would normally consider the past, but it all still affects her as if it is all still happening now, these new chemicals will go into her body to restore her to Well Being.

Much to my surprise and deLight, all participants were gifted a chemical filled pocket watch thingie to work with as well.

We all were also informed about our constant misuse, misunderstanding which is equally an untended non truth about not only them, but our dimensional fields.  Again, if the only true way we will achieve full on ascension, living heaven on earth, is by knowing the truth deep inside, regardless of anyone else’s idea of it is, we best own what is ours to own.

Alfonzu explained this is detail.  We refer to the 5th dimension so inaccurately that it is a distorted thing in our world.  Even referring to the Pleiades as 5th dimensional Beings is inaccurate.  Altho they understand what we are trying to say and what we mean by our (inaccurate) concepts, most of humanity does not and creates conflict in the field.  He explained that as we use the phrase 5th dimension, that is equal to what we also call the christ consciousness, a level of frequency where one understands they are so much more than a body on earth.  They are spirit, capable of so much more than ever realized.

This place is equal to arriving at the greatest arcade arena ever developed and within the 5th dimension as we keep explaining it… we stand at the doorway, but not inside the building itself.

To fully enter and go beyond that, one must reflect fully and completely the energy we call The Emerald City.  A frequency of love untainted by perceived limitations and a desire to assist in ways that will challenge one’s very incarnation.  In this view, we can look at it as finally moving inside this arcade place and looking, touching, feeling all the amazing games you can play.  Some of the games may even instantly start the moment you touch them… others await your next frequency.

The next full expression of frequency would be what I call Shambhala.  Living as a human soul on an earth that is equally a soul energy.  But even this, is a learning expansion stage.  If we were to keep using the attributes called the 5th dimension, this would be equal to the 7th.  In my conception, I really thought this was the stage of completion… ohhhh hell no.  Our pleiadians reside and live, two full frequencies above that into what we would relate to the 9th… but again, in no way the way we perceive these frequencies.  But for language expression I am going to just say what Alfonzu stated yesterday, all inhabitants within the Pleiades are between the 7th and 9th frequency platform.  All that showed up yesterday and have been working with me for 17 years, are full-scale 9th frequency.  Which is how they could show up on my porch to assist us.

We are also working towards getting our individual and collective selves there too!!

Let me tell you, this completely unexpected day yesterday, this class event, filled me with excitement and allowed me to release a lot of the fears/concerns I had with myself and the Into the Void workshop.  If this happens just from an energy work class, I cannot even fathom who all will be showing up and teaching us thru our on the ground connections with each other!!



But first I must make a detour to Scotland!! lol

Well my day is about to begin.  I love you all and thank you in ways, I am sure I have not thanked you before.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of timeless love and accelerated frequencies to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas              My new link to book readings is now here:

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    • Amen!! And holy shit, yes you did, which I, of course, brought with me. Thank you!!!!! (((((HUGZ)))))


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