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The Passion of the Christ Is Being Squeezed Out of All of Us!!

queezed grapes

Two days in a row now, the field is closed up tight as a barrel.  At least for external viewing/readings, inside tho and even thru just conversations, the insights and inspirations are intense.  It is funny, at least to me, when we are in these downloads, when the details are so clear, so filled with inspiration and potential, and the outcomes details, I swear our capes are flapping in the wind and our knowing that this can be done, impenetrable.  And then you get released from the energies for  a while and the worry of how the hell are we going to pull all this off, returns!!

I have mentioned once about these encompassing energies that came thru the reading of my New Zealand man the other day.  I have had one more experience like that in the field with a precious lady as well.

It is like this double U-shaped, interlocking shower head that stretches from the left side of the field all the way over into my neighbor’s yard where the 8/8 gateway is, releases this energy, this massive infusion of energy from about 20 feet above the ground into the readied person.  With my lady, these energies were very different in texture and visual than my man’s.  Her was very liquid like, unlike the gaseous/cloud like energies that were released and engulfing my New Zealand man.  For her there were multiple streams of intense shooting liquid violet of many many different shades.  They were shooting to her center at about a 45 degree angle and then all of a sudden these 2 inch energy birds started to fill the striations of energies too.  They were not physical birds, nothing to recognize in our bird world, but tiny birds nonetheless.

As I looked at her, she was in the same energetic outline as the birds, and being infused from the top downward and inward with every variation of violet.  It was explained that these variations took in all the mastery the earth has ever accomplished, past, present, future, and is being infused into her.

My lady is a true earth worker, someone deeply connected and in harmony with Gaia.  The birds are her allies to make sure she not only works from the ground level, but knows when to take flight and move/spread her energies higher and elsewhere.  Even the phrase “birds of a feather” was presented.  We need our human allies at the ground level too.  They will do their part to bring her human allies to her life and her to theirs.

Much more than that, I either do not remember (this was several days ago now) or that’s all that came thru, I cannot recall.

I know I have been getting drenched these last few days as well.  I think I am equally understanding this bizarre process more clearly as well.  At least as we go thru the 8/8 lion’s gate.  I am going to back up and share my personal experiences and (hindsight) understandings of what we are in the thick of right now, at least heading into the LionsGate wringer washer (analogy) energies.

About a week ago, I took a bath so I could see where the hell I am at in this fire process.  The moment I slipped into the water and closed my eyes, I could see this flame coming out of my high heart area.  The passion center area.  My immediate reaction was, is this a good thing or a not so good thing (do I need to do more clearing work here) and with that inquiry, suddenly I seen so many people standing around in a circle, they are full on flame energies, while my little flame was steadfast in the center.  More and more came into to enlarge the circle and set themselves up in the area of vibration that matched their flame.

Passion!! Passion alive and embodied thru so many individuals together as one.  Let’s talk about passion, I think that word can be confusing.  I know for myself, when I think of passion, I think of the phrase “in the heat of passion” and my mind goes to the holy gutter and sex!!!  That is not what true passion is at all.  It would be great if it was.

True passion comes from the soul alive in body.  Again, using my true example of a life, I know my soul is impassioned about the Nation of Lights, build it, tweaking it, working with it.  The Lisa that co-exists within that energy, chokes, a lot.  Given my own druthers, the very base Lisa, I would gladly hand this project off to someone else and just participate.  I would be great with that!!

Same with this Into the Void workshop, hell that passion supersedes my own soul and moves in straight from Source/God/Creator and when I am in downloads, I want to drop to my knees in reverence and knowing.  When I am not in the full on connection, I would gladly hand this mantle off to someone else and run like freakin hell the other way.

So passion itself, is not always an excited, OMG I cannot believe I am doing this, I love it so much, energy, but a directive, a constant, a push forward and then forward again into the depths of the unknown aspect of oneself.  Wanting to do something and then doing it anwayz, no matter how much the human does not want to do that… is really the life force of passion running thru you, pushing you into your next grand version of yourSelf, from soul agenda, not the minds.

So with all that said, these energies that are filling those people up who have gone thru and purged themselves from the fires, is infusing the next great passion of the soul and from Source, now fully partnered within the soul energies.  

Feel with that for a moment. This is freakin HUGE!!  Again, for those who go thru their inner and outer fires of purification, with allowing full occupancy of the soul within the body construct, so too, is the Presence, the god spark is not longer just a spark but a full on stream of energy within and without the host incarnation vehicle (that would be me and you, just to be clear.)

It is one thing to see that beautiful picture of an eternal flame, which is what my team called that high heart flame, giving me a connection to the one that burns for JFK.  Go figure lol.  But the eternal flame of spirit, of passion at the Christ Center of creation, can be quite intimidating (from my own personal perspective.)

Our jobs are so much more than acknowledging the flame now burning, and knowing this massive energy is moving into us, we MUST use it, take action, Be and DO more than we ever allowed ourselves to before this moment.  Equally, we must at the very least, understand what we are being pushed into.  I have got to come back to the Into the Void workshop and the catalyst for understanding more.  When potential becomes real.  There is a huge responsibility that comes thru.  With just one person saying they are attending, it was as if I choked that flame back into my body, the fear (and yes, fear can be a very good thing) of not knowing what the hell I am supposed to do with this workshop unleashed itself.  I felt it down into my toes!!  That passion turned inward felt (to me) like being flung off a cliff and as I was free-falling (truly, driving my grandson to daycare lol) I kept feeling these whooshes of winds wrapping around my face, clearing the energy into understanding, which, for the most part, I detailed yesterday.  By the time I turned the corner to the street I live on, I had tears of joy, love, awe and wonder streaming down my face.

Yesterday, when I woke up I had this odd feeling in my frontal skull bones.  An incoming pressure.  It started out mild as I attempted (but blanked… thru the day) to do a 7am reading.  I could feel the energy move faster, get stronger each time I tried to connect with someone in a reading.  There was no outer connection allowed.  I could not even tell you what inner connection was happening.  Only that the pressure remained for the better part of the day, sometimes stronger than gentle, but consistent thru the day.  And then the first payment from a completely different source came thru for the Void workshop and there came that fear… that OHHH my freakin god, this is happening, returned.  I was in a state of human like shock, immobile, processing from levels I have not reached before.  The feeling of responsibility, overwhelming inside me.  It even overrode the excitement of finally meeting this precious soul, who freed me from the never-ending interest on my car payment when I was back in New Mexico.

I swear, every bone in my forehead shattered in that moment.  I now know what the wringer is with the 8/8.  These two amazing Beings are bookends to a process we all must go thru, understanding the energies infusing in us, then being crushed like grapes! Ohhhhh, which I had seen my many shades of violet lady go thru actually, in her reading lol, now I really get it.

So let’s talk about that part of her reading lol.  Because the information was amazing now that I remember it!! lol

I watched as she was going thru the double rollers of the 8/8 and she suddenly looked like a bunch of purple grapes being squeezed out.  The juices from her grapeness staying on this side of the field as the skins of her body came out the other side.  Released from all the juices (passions) that got her to Here, but yet, that juice will remain for those who need to drink of that wine.  She only takes the skin of her Being to the other side of the 8/8 as she reconstitutes herSelf, herLife with the energies I had seen.

How and when will always be up to her, up to us.  Keeping in mind, just because we have the passion of the christ of All Life infused in us, it is up to use to use that energy.  To put something in play, something we never would have thought about doing before.

I could not see anything between the 8/8 and the solar eclipse of the 8/22 except that her juices were once again, released only this time, from the neckline (think severing the head and the blood squirting out from the arteries of the neck) outwards instead of backwards.

I cannot even imagine what the field between the 8/22 thru the equinox of 9/22 holds.  But man, it is juicy!! lol

So, all this to say, just because there is a finishing point to the energies as we look at them, no one has to wait to get to the finish line to work with and experience any of it.

Party on my beautiful flames of Passion in body!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and…. well, even a little trepidation for the New that is You!!

Lisa Gawlas

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