Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 20, 2017

Ripping Thru the Illusions, of Even Oneself!


Before I start sharing, I want to make a major correction from my last blog, after having to write it on the blackboard 100 times (smile, wink) my incredible man I referred to is not from Australia, he is from and lives in New Zealand!!  😀

Yesterday it became incredibly obvious the field itself, is truly a mixed bag of tricks.  People still dealing with and moving thru the first 5 fires, some at the 4 fire area (the bend in the U shape) and others harvesting from the crystalline fires.  It would only make sense with how diverse we are, so would our position on any given day within the field.  For me, it is one thing to assume it that way, it is another thing to see it that way and know for sure.

I do want to highlight today, my lady I talked about last week who was stubbornly standing between the first and second fire, resisting my energy trying to pull her into the first fire and then calling on AA Michael and Kali Maa to help, and even they were challenged.  So she got meditation homework and I rescheduled her to yesterday, 3-4 days later.

I was so surprised when her meditation homework came thru that I (well my soul) was one of the three Beings assigned to her meditation circle to assist her.  Her meditation abilities are extraordinary, her ability to see, hear and experience, superb.  All of that with meditation is wonderful, but if you do not fully understand what you are experiencing in meditation and why, it is like going to a movie that is in a foreign language, we can assume what is being shared, but KNOWING is where the power is, the understanding that creates change.

I have added meditation focus classes in the Nation, we will address this language of light that is unique to each person, heavily!!  This “language” is also the basis of being telepathically fluent!  (OK, off my soapbox (smile.)

What I found amazing, exciting and I feel, very illuminating to all of us is that thru her meditation homework, she was able to reach into my heart, pull out a ball of pain from my past, sit with it, hold it and cried for 20 minutes while doing so.  What she had assumed (and truly, many would assume this as well) that I was still holding that pain in me.  Thru her reading yesterday, it was fully realized what she did was access what I had worked thru in this lifetime in my own personal pain body, and simply by holding it and feeling it, it accessed the very things she held in her body in likeness and released it thru her 20 minutes of tears.

What took me 8 years to accomplish in myself, she achieved in 20 minutes!!!  But it was also stated in her reading, this is what she is going to be doing, in a large way, to assist others.  To reach into their pain body and transmute the energies from what was held as pain to radiance… she is truly in the remembering stages now.  And instead of being in the first or second fires, she was already leaping into the third, with joy and excitement instead of that stubborn resistance.

Just understanding all that, puts a huge shift in the way we are able to work energies now.  Most “healers” out there are still working thru their own pain bodies, so the people who show up are reflections of their own issues.  This was the way of it for me for the first three years of assisting others thru their emotional shit, and quickened my healing within, because I am always taking notes and applying, to this very day.

(I actually wrote all this yesterday morning, then fell into the deep end of the processing pool for hours.)

A catalyst for the falling was all Paula’s fault!!  She said she was coming to the Into the Void Workshop.  Her announcement on my facebook could not have been more timely placed, given what I had written above and the influx of understanding that came thru for many hours after that.

I want to talk about a word I purposely used, because saying something is someone’s “fault” is not necessarily what you may think (which also came thru my intense processing yesterday.  Let’s lean into earths use of the word (taken from this website)

What’s at fault?
From an earthquake’s point of view, there’s more than one way to devastate a city. Most earthquakes occur along cracks in the planet’s surface called faults. These cracks may be small and localized or can stretch thousands of miles where tectonic plates meet. Usually, the rocks on either side of the fracture are moving past each other too slowly for us to notice, but sometimes stress (pressure) builds up and they’ll suddenly slip, making a big move all at once. The effect of that sudden shift depends on the type of fault the movement occurs in.

My underlining.  I do have built up stress around that workshop, it is nothing I have ever done before.  It really does scare the shit out of me.  The unknown, ya know!!

Until someone pushes against the energy of coming, it was not delved into more than I expressed on the workshop page.  Well, my lady pushed yesterday and I could feel something inside me slip.  And the downloads and clarity started to pour in!!  For which, I am eternally grateful and extremely humbled and eventually falling into awe.

I was reminded of an experience I had 17 years ago, in my early stages of meditation and healing deep within.  I am snagging it from my (old website) just to save retyping, but I realized this is the core energy, shifting we are going to do thru the first few days of the workshop:

As I started to get deep into meditation and healing and confronting various aspects of me, I became even more of a mess.  Everything was bubbling to the surface and affecting me.  I prayed… no I demanded help from the universe.  Begging, pleading, and threatening to quit if someone didn’t help me (smile).  It was in these moments of deep stress, high confusion, and feeling more lost than found did the Blessed Mother come to me.  Since the details of this exchange are elsewhere on this site and in my book, I will simply touch on the importance of what she asked me to do, “lay down ALL your beliefs so you can be filled with the truth of spirit”.  To imagine the enormity of this request, take a moment, think about everything you believe… everything you believe about yourself, life, religion, god, your family, your work, every aspect of who you are and what you perceive to be the truth, and try to forget it all. Not only forget it all, but wipe it completely out of your mind as if it was never there to begin with.
I wanted so much to please her… this huge icon that was here in my meditation helping me…. me, little ole dysfunctional Lisa.  For 3 days straight, every moment of each of those days I tried to figure out how to get rid of all my beliefs.  I did, however, realize how much was actually “beliefs” as opposed to truths (very very different in vibration).  I couldn’t do it, I was clueless how.  These beliefs were so deeply engrained in me… made up the very skin that covered me, how do you just let all that go?
Feeling like a failure, I called on her thru meditation on the 3rd day, and simply told her I don’t know how to lay down all my beliefs and begged her to help me.  I will never know what she did or how, I really don’t care to know either, but she did something.  In the moment I begged her to help me… I felt it.  It felt like someone took a gutting knife, inserted it into my guts and pulled everything out of me.  EVERYTHING!  It was not painful, but it was the strangest feeling I had ever experienced.  I have no words in my vocabulary to even start to describe what happened or the feelings of it.  When I got out of meditation I feel so empty.  Like there was nothing inside of me.  I was just a hollow shell of a woman, with nothing there.  No emotion, no feelings, no connections to the memories that were within me.  What is really strange as I look back, even the teachings of my church… were gone.  The crippling teachings of my Catholicism that kept me in a place of dysfunction and dependence and fear… gone, all gone.  Everything I thought was me, was now gone.
Of course this created a whole new set of questions on my part (smile).  Who am I?  I really no longer knew.  I started to demand (which was my nature back then, and to a degree, still is today) to know who I am and why is the universe helping me like this.  I would get so upset that I no longer knew who I was, I would sit in meditation and just cry asking for them to please tell me who I am.  I really didn’t know anymore.  They always came back with the same loving, assuring voice… you will know one day.  Well that didn’t help me in that moment!!  I really could be my own worst enemy.  Several years and thousands of hours of meditation later… I started to understand who I Am.  Funny, now that doesn’t even matter anymore.  What matters is what I can do to help others in their time of need.

Of course, I was a royal mess, vibrationally, emotionally and physically when I started this path.  We have all done a lot of clearing and this workshop is not going to be dealing so much with the pain body, but the deception of our own understandings of self with Self and our (limited) perceptions of how we work as a human soul.

We use labels as if they mean something.  They only do to the ego.  The moment one declares, let’s say “I am a reiki master,”  one also declares I am complete in that area, because they have a piece of paper that declares that to be so!!  We actually limit ourselves by declarations.  Or, perhaps even, most especially, the programmed thoughts that are out there that people own as their personal truth.  Chemtrails are bad, GMO’s are bad, this is not good, this is better… all of it, limiting the very essence of who and what you Are.  What the world is and thru good intentions, solidify negative thought forms thru the universe.  What if they no longer existed in you.  Imagine the room to be filled with the truth of spirit there would be.

Getting ourselves into the void, that place of nothingness, no titles, no self identities, no nothing, not as easy as just saying words of declaration.  It is truly a vibration in the field. We can bullshit ourselves (and we often do) but we cannot bullshit the field, it only knows/reacts/becomes, true energy.

Now, trying into my lady who did her meditation with me, AA Michael and Kali (which for me, in my personal experience 17 years prior, was the blessed mother,) she reached into her pain body, reflected as mine, and pulled out the dysfunction and it was healed/released/transmuted for her, because I had already done the work.  The blessed mother, in her knife gutting experience, did exactly the same thing.  Within me was pain she endured, falsehoods she had to release, and released me from the brunt of my own chaos.  I would be lying if I said that was the end of it, I was new and unaware and it truly took me the next 3 years of adjusting to not allowing any of it to creep back in and become what it was.  Consciousness, self-awareness and full on personal responsibility is humongous!!

So thru these downloads yesterday, I could clearly see me reaching into every persons energy field, one at a time, pulling out a ball of… stuff that needs to go, I would call it, self identifying bullshit, and handed it to them.  This begins the first three days.

The void itself, has confused me, because I could not imagine what we would do for those three days.  Thru the downloads yesterday, I could see us, pulling that energy we are now in, the true fullness and emptiness of the void, wayyyyy down into the core of the earth.  Voiding out the history that keeps dysfunction and separation operating topside.

At this point, we will be working as a group soul, incarnate, which is more powerful than any group soul discarnate or individually.)

Now imagine what happens when we, as a group soul, start to fill with the truth of spirit, not only for ourselves, but the whole of the earth too.

I do want to mention here as well, my intention is to record the majority of the workshop and upload parts of it for the all full members to utilize in their own way throughout the event.

Let’s tie all this into what is currently underway on earth.  The fires of purification, the 5 fires of crystalline energy, the seeds of the new energies of the empowered glory years of earth coming thru that interlinked U-shaped shower system I am now seeing with a few people.

Someone asked a great question yesterday.  She mentioned that her and a friend were talking about all the hoopla around the energies of the solar eclipse on August 22nd and if they will actually see a difference in anything on earth.  The replies were something that we all need to understand, so there is no energies of disappointment or lingering doubt that something has indeed transpired that will affect the rest of earths life.

ant colonyImagine life itself is nothing more than a giant ant colony.  7.5 billion ants in the whole population.  Unlike the ant colony, that always works for the greater good of the colony, the human colony, for the most part, works for its own self-interest (in and out of the field of light.)

You and I have no real idea where anyone is, in their energy system in relationship to the influx of incoming energies.  Try and pick out one ant in this picture and decide where it’s at in the energy matrix, we cannot.  That is not our role or purpose.  These energies will hit everyone where they are at, constructively in their personal field.  It is not our place to know how these energies will affect them, unless they seek us out.  It is for us to understand how the energies are affecting us, individually.  And even that, often times is only down the road apiece.  Do not look to the day after and say, well nothing happened.  A ton is happening, and changing.  Even in the realm of spirit, hindsight is 20/20.  Just look at the event I mentioned here, with the blessed mother 17 years ago.  I know only understand the depths of why it happened in that way and what I am going to do with its power for change, now.

I am going to close here for today.  I am still in the midst of major processes.  We have updated the Into the Void workshop page to include pictures the retreat center (keep in mind, I am still furnishing it, it will not be as bare as it is today by Sept,)  As people book their flights and we have an idea of what time people are arriving at the airport, I am going to do what I can to have a ride available (my daughter) to bring you to Fentress.  We will work out those details as we get closer.

Something HUGE is happening on earth right Now and WE ARE IT!!!!

(((HUGZ)))) of fault lines moving in and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

My new link to book readings is now here:

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July Special:  All Reading purchased thru today and the rest of July includes One Month Paid Membership in the Nation!! (The email confirmation was supposed to provide a link to the reschedule zone, which it is not.  Please book your free 15 minute reading after joining the full membership of the Nation thru the reschedule zone.  Thank you.)

Also, Any paid membership in the Nation receives one free 15 minute reading!!!  Hopefully the link to schedule the free reading is in the Nation’s confirmation email, if not, just hit up the reschedule zone please and let us know.  We are tweaking as fast as we can!!  Just click here:

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