Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 18, 2017

Our Changing Body and Massive Refinement Choices thru the equinox.

energy choices

The moment I sat at the computer yesterday, ready to share, I heard my team say, no, not today.  I could be a little persistent and was going to anywayz, there is too much I have not said yet that I feel is so important.  I got scrambled brains in my persistence.  I couldn’t even think forget write!  I thought about a meditation, nope not even that was initiated.  wierd.  As I got deeper into my coffee and being awake (smile) all I could feel is this… energy, i use the word ominous, but without the negative connotation to it.  I could feel it but in no way understand it.  When I looked to see when the new moon was, something hit me when I found this:  The new moon on Sunday July 23, 2017 is at 0 ° Leo.  The 0 degrees, zero, pregnant and empty at the same time.  I knew, whatever I was feeling, it was coming in from the new moon… that zero degrees of Leo.

I had hoped my readings would give me the clarity I was seeking.  It did, but not until my third reading.  My first two, here in the USA, were strange.  The still was palpable, the intense silence of the field, audible.  In all my years of reading, I never experienced this to this degree and not in this way.  Somethings, are just beyond words to describe in detail.

It was not like I was down or even the field was down.  I just had the most amazing conversation with my lady, Julie, that I am going to be traipsing around Scotland with and so much was learned with bouncing with her.  I will share as much as I can remember.

We were talking about the energies of the moment and we started opening into the many different systems coming up starting with this full moon on Sunday, spirits focus kept jumping to the total solar eclipse on August 22nd.  Of course, she and I will be together then, on the Isle of Iona in Scotland.  Spirit kept referring to this eclipse as a guillotine, the first three times I heard them say guillotine in relationship to the eclipse, I didn’t get the fullness of what they were saying, until they said it the fourth time and it was like my whole consciousness was pulled to the very specific word they were using “guillotine.”  That sounds incredibly barbaric coming from spirit actually.  A complete severing of the energies system as the moon hides the sun (emotions removes the light.)  Those who continue to live their life by the dense ego, goes one way into experience, those who live their life by the christed heart within themselves (not the stuff they know outside of themselves) goes another way.  I can almost liken it to the entry of hell or heaven on earth.  Of course, hell is always self (ego) created, so it is not like spirit is punishing anyone in any way, ever.  But the challenges will be long-lasting as part of the massive earth purification.

There were so many epiphanies, understandings coming thru our conversation.  We both bounce so incredible together and can keep up with each other as we bounce, which could really be understood as skipping all over in our conversations, removing linearity to a large degree.  I even had to stop to acknowledge the wonder of how she and I work together, my knees got week just knowing we will spend 2 weeks in each others presence, bouncing!!!  And then it hit me like a flood… OMG, I just wrote about the difference of this earth being a rock (3rd rock from the sun) and turning into a trampoline.  Hey, just because I write something, doesn’t mean I always understand the fullness of what slips out my fingertips!!

The ego, in its undisciplined ways, is rock solid in its perception of itself, of the world around it and its survival triggers.  As we add inner light to ourselves, hunks of rock start to fall away, we open up to new concepts, new relationships that expand even those new concepts… until we no longer have the solidity of rock ego in play at all.

That is where true, and I mean true, not occasionally, but 24/7 synergy comes into play.


A state in which two or more things work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. Expressed also as “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Read more:

This is where the trampoline fabric comes from.  So information, knowledge, experience, and wisdom can bounce around this amazing planet instead of hit large rock walls.  OMG, I now understand something that came thru the only reading I was able to do yesterday.  My beloved man in Australia, he showed up at midnight in his world, just as one day was turning into the next.  I will detail his reading later in this sharing, but I want to tie what I just said about synergy and rock walls together thru what I seen thru him.

lions gateHe was standing on the massively thick rock door that shuts on the equinox (sept. 22.) but his team showed the image I used to the left.  The lionsgate that exists in southern Greece.  Only with the equinox, there is a 4 foot (to my vision) thick rock door that closes forever at the entrance way, my man was standing on top of this formation, directly above the center of the door platform thingie.  I did everything I knew how to see thru his eyes, to see what was on the other side of the door after it closes.  All I got was a thin super black energy system.  I know now what it is, not how it works, not how we are going to accomplish this in what appears to be a very short period of time, but it is the trampoline every.  The synergy systems of wholeness.

Even this morning I can see so many people stuck on the back side of the door, using their ego will, together, trying to push thru that door.  Ain’t happening.  For as destructive as the ego alone can be, it can never penetrate the force field of spirit.  Ever.

Now I gotta add in a conversation I had with my friend here later yesterday afternoon.  We were talking about the Nation of Lights and the events held in person, at the Retreat Center and how they will work.  I can honestly say, I have no idea.  But then again, looking back over my personal past, I started every new thing I am able to do, having no idea how to do it when the time came.  Experiencing something in a meditative state is extremely different from being in person, doing that (whatever that is.)  However, as we were talking about the how we are going to start training together an amazing bit of information came thru.

If we looked at each other as musical scales, ohhh or instruments.  Yes, let’s use musical instruments also in this analogy.  My job at this emerging point, is to recognize all the energy fields that holds and plays the F note, and what instrument they are playing (what spiritual skill they have perfected or are working on perfecting) and group them together (we call this, creating the clans.)  These precious Beings must learn how to work and amplify together before they can add their F notes to the G notes and create harmony.  Maybe we can look at it as band practice, ongoing.

This band can only come to life thru synergy.  A self identity-less Synergy.  That is why the Into the Void Workshop is so important to spirit.  There is something releasing as that equinox door closes and dammit, we are going to fully use it, whatever it is!! lol

So coming back to yesterdays energies and my amazing man a tick into the next day, gave us soooo much understanding of this intense time we are in.  After I rescheduled both my ladies, his energy system started presenting to me.  I was shocked because I could not see, use my vision, for my ladies at all.  Yet, as I went into the house to do the dishes, there was my amazing man, unfolding directly in front of me.

I know we get hung up on the energy of Now, of timelessness and stuff, but there is a true rhythm to this earth plane, a movement of release that can be closely associated with our perception of time.  Time is simply based on the movement, the constant movement of earth and the galaxy and all life.  So with Australia being way head of my time zone, they will have first fruits and I get to glean those fruits for early consumption!! lol  By the way, this very specific understanding did come thru his reading yesterday.  But I have also witnessed its truth many times over the years thru readings as well.  I cannot see for anyone in the day I am located in, yet let australia or new zealand show up and the details are full!!

When I finally connected to my man in the field, I was so excited to see him IN the field!!  I wasn’t sure if I was just getting a preview or will be have full participation.  Thank god it was the later and holy freakin shit batman… what a wonder!!!!

FIrst and foremost, there were NO FIRES in his reading at all.  None, zero, zip!!  That got me freakin excited!!  That said, there was still the energy of the U shape energy system up above, but now it was a double U interlocking itself, kinda reminded me of a massive shower rod that enclosed itself.  This system was still as large as the open U of the fires, extending to the far left of the field and into my neighbor’s yard where the 8/8 gateway remains.

The energy system I had been seeing wrapping around him, thru him before our connection started to release from the interconnected U-shaped system above.  It reminded me of cloud energy filled with gold and a large array of colors.  It was so beautiful to see and feel.  As it released from this bar like system (think shower bar) and started to flow downwards to his Being standing directly center of it at the ground, it all moved from wide to gathering together to form about a 3 feet system around him.  No other space was affected, just, his.

My eyes became focused on his skin at the head level, it was changing energy form.  His skull, the very bones that make up his skull, were changing energetic form.  It entered the neurotransmitters of his brain, super charging them with energy, with KNOWING, sacred knowledge from times erased from all memory of earth, until now.  The synapses regions were changing, the very gray matter that holds it all together, changing.  It was even stated that if they did an autopsy on his brain 20 years from now, it would not longer be gray but have a blue hue to it.  With this understanding it was instantly known that this blue hue is because his Pleiadian energy is coming to the forefront of his Being.

The very bone structure itself was changing and as this energy completes itself, the humans that remain on this amazing earth, will completely biodegrade after death.    Right now, going back to the whole rock system, bones remain forever.  It wasn’t always like that and is returning to its original template.

His team explained that he is a clear, ascended master in body.  He had gone thru the flames and came out pure.  Do not think for a moment he does not still get to be human and have his moments.  But they are simply that… moments, not months or years, but fleeting moments of energy from the base.

I lit up when he pretty made this statement (as opposed to question form.)  He said, but this is happening to everyone right now, right??  Yes and absolutely no.  Yes, everyone is being fully imbued with energy, but hardly any on earth right now are ready, biologically and emotionally ready to be filled with the high potency energies directly from the ascended master frequency.  There will be many variations of this energy released, to match and assist the human embody all at the frequency levels of their being.  So no two mixtures will be the same.  And each major choice point thru the equinox, will release new energies, given the new choices and actions (or lack there of) in relationship to getting to the full spectrum energy spirit is calling from the ascended master field.

I was even able to see the crystalline/diamond hybrid energy coming out of the fissures of his skull.  Which I realized was the energies from the crystalline flames, infusing.

What I realize this morning as well, we are all in the last four fires (or completely out of them, depending on the individual in play) creating our next and what sounds odd to say, final adventures on this planet in this particular body system.  Obviously we all have refining to do, hence the next several systems in play thru the equinox in Sept.  Let’s go over them, just so we are all as clear as we can be (smile.)

New moon on the 23rd, which spirit had said last month, there is a massive power node on July 23rd that is like none ever before.  We are already drawing the energies in from it.  Then we have something associated with the Mayan calendar (this is repeated information, I am personally clueless about anything Mayan calendar related) with July 25th of no time point. It feels very much connected to the 23rd energy system and when something is huge, as the times we are in now, it is rarely a 24 hour event, but days and even, weeks.

This all pushes us into the partial lunar eclipse on the 7th of August.  One last moment of inner and outer inspection before we head into the wringer of the 8/8.  The lionsgate serves to solidify the major choices to date, as well as squeeze out any remaining debris so that those choice points/life experience can unfold in the way you have decided.  And yes, you ARE the decider, always have been.

Even coming out of the 8/8 feeling flat-out (smile) we now give breath to new life in our personal and planetary fields.  We are either reinflating using all our old models or stumbling thru the new models (since they are new, we really have very little orientation with them moment to moment.)

However we do it, takes us to the guillotine of the 8/22 solar eclipse.  The moment the moon hides the sun, it is done.  Obviously, the USA is most affected (and truly, most needed in severing the old from the wonderful new.) since this eclipse travels from one sea to the other, across this land in its energies.  I am sooooooo grateful my happy ass will be sitting in the Isle of Iona, a place many refer to where time began.  Julie and I will be working our good works there, neither of us having a clue what that even means, but we are ready!!

I cannot even imagine what the energies between the solar eclipse and the equinox will provide for us in experience.  However, given the fact that the Into the Void workshop MUST be there, I really feel it is the final stripping down of our perception of our self (small s there.)  I considered moving the workshop to a later date, since we are only looking at two – three months from now, absolutely not.  Whoever shows up, shows up, even if it is only mySelf, this will happen.  Good thing I like playing with MySelf!! lol

There is much more to share… but there is, for most of us, tomorrow!!!

I love you all so much and honor every ounce of your Beingness on this crazy plane we call earth!!

Big big ((((((HUGZ))))) of madness made wonder!!  (hmmm, ponder that a long minute lol.)

Lisa Gawlas

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