Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 15, 2017

The Fires, The Clarity and the Action Required!!!

fire of God

We have come to this experience of our life here, Now, with buckets full of wisdom, knowledge, understandings and yet, we have not harvested all we could, all we should have perhaps, from those experiences.  My last two readings, and my own epiphanies yesterday amplified that very fact.

Much to my surprise, if not slight disappointment to, everyone on the field was once again in full relationship to the fires again.  However, it did give a clearer understanding of what I misunderstood the day prior.  Because I had seen all 5 readings the day prior in relationship to what they were building, becoming and the fires getting closer to the ground, I assumed (one day, maybe, I will stop assuming anything lol) that was the way of it for all of us, the fires closer to the ground and the ground closer to the fires.  Nope.  Not even close.

My first lady opened up sitting inside the first fire, which was now back up at the treetop area.  Her placement is really important for all of us to understand and really take a look around our field to be clear of where we may be at.  Same thing with my third reading as well, but I’ll get to that as we go.

I could see my lady shivering, freezing as she sat in the center of the fire.  How the hell can anyone freeze while inside a fire??  This really blew my mind to see.  She even had her hands across her chest, as one would if they were cold and trying to warm themselves up.  Which also blocks the intake valve of the heart.

fish tankDirectly in front of her, between her body and the inner rim of the fires, were these bubbles that reminded me of a fish tank.  Only they were larger, about the size of marbles and golf balls.  But as plenty as the image I used and in constant motion from her sacral chakra to her nose area.

Pure oxygen, higher, clearer/purer oxygen bubbles.  She was either oblivious to them or just frozen in this experience that she was unaware.  The only thing I was sure of, is that she was in the first fire and simply sitting there, freezing.  Not experiencing the fire, not working with its energies at all.  But I had no idea, the whats and the whys.

She explained to me that back in April, her beloved baby brother was in a severe auto accident that left him on life support for 9 days.  She had power of attorney and was the only one able to decide to continue life support or let him Home.  She choose to set him free, which is exactly what he wanted and needed.  On his deathbed, a lady showed up.  A lady who she thought was his ex-wife, only to find out, they never divorced so she is still his wife, separated by I think she said 9 years.  Now this non ex wife wants the brothers estate, which belongs to my lady.

There are events that are brought to us, that can freeze our whole lives over, if we allow them.  We stop moving.  The fires burn of passion and we freeze.  Unless we breath in the oxygen that is directly in front of us.  Enhanced energy, fortifying what we should do next.  But if we do not drink of our own life Source, we become immobile in many ways.

And then the choice point appears.  When we got to this explanation in what she should do next to stand up for herSelf (not the small s there) I was stunned yet, it all made perfect sense.

Reaction vs action.  We action is just like a ricochet of what we have done in the past, that more often, simply recreated another like event to choose more wisely again.  This would be making choices directly from the ego, without the refreshment of the soul mind being taken into the choice.

Of course she must hire a lawyer and fight this good fight.

Her homework was to drink in the bubbles via meditation.  Which will give her much more clarity and strength as to why she is in this place again (relinquishing her desires, her power to others again.  She had already fought, and won, a long battle with cancer.)

These bubbles increase the magnetic field of hmmmm… attracting the perfect attorney to help her seal up her boundaries and keep her brothers estate, as he desires for her.  Or, she will just react, having been told throughout her reading, you must do something.  Sitting there freezing is not an option.  But if all she did was get up and call an attorney without these enhanced bubbles, she will get an attorney who will do the will of the non ex-wife.  This is the final hurrah for her to fully own her power and do what is needed for herSelf (capital S there, no more starving because of the small s.)

My third lady really surprised me, hell every reading now just surprises me.  I am learning so much of what not to do and how to do what is needed faster and more clear than ever!!  So thank you all for that!!  This little life of my appreciates that!!

My lady was standing upright straddle the first and second fire.  There is about 6 feet of space between each fire.  She had her left foot in the first fire and her right foot in the second fire but her whole body was in the void between the two.  Not really dealing with either.  Yes she had truly gone thru the release of many things in her world recently, including a 7 year relationship, and seemed pretty ok with it.  But, not seeing the gifts, the things that need to be burned and never returned as she goes forward.

Because she purposely was working from her deep unconscious with this visual, she wanted into the fires since that is the very reason she wanted a reading, but yet, held herself outside and between the two, I could not see what was happening in either fire and the white area is simply void, a resting place if you will.  So I attempted to do what I do when anyone shows up for a reading resisting what needs to get done, I did all I knew how to grab her body and place it in the first fire.  Not happening, she resisted with a strength, a deep unconscious tenacity I rarely see, fighting against what needs to be done.  I called for help from her team.

Instantly the energy form of AA Michael showed up on her right side, the power of protection in the truth of what Is.  Next to him and aligning with her core, was a Being I was very unfamiliar with.  Keeping in mind, they both showed up as an energy signature not embodied as a visual, but in their true spirit form.  This female helped me understand she is similar to what christians think of as the blessed mother, only she is not that, but from the hindu understanding.  My lady knew instantly who I was talking about Kali Maa.  I never heard of her, so did a quick google to see her attributes and knew she was correct (from the affirmation of the lady in her field as well as what i seen instantly:

Kali is the Hindu goddess (or Devi)

of death, time, and doomsday and is often associated with sexuality and violence but is also considered a strong mother-figure and symbolic of motherly-love. Kali also embodies shakti – feminine energy, creativity and fertility – and is an incarnation of Parvati, wife of the great Hindu god Shiva

We cannot enter a new life while holding on, blindly and dare I say, stubbornly, to the old.

There was someone to her left shoulder than I could not feel into.  These two mighty beings could not get her into the fire either.  Man oh man, when she learns how to use this strength, she is going to be unstoppable in all she will do.  All she came here to do!!

She received a homework assignment.  She truly had no idea why she was resisting so strongly, so this meditation was there to help her.  I about shit a brick when the third person in her field was me.  I was a part of her meditation with these two powerhouses.  It would make sense that I would take the left shoulder position, I see her life and energies combined.  Kali is aligned with her core and Mikey baby, her soul.  We rescheduled to Tuesday to do the second half of her reading.

My second lady of the day, she was swinging like Tarzan’s jane from fire to fire, just heading into the fourth fire.  My eyes were blind to anything within it, on purpose.  Because she is doing everything that is needed to do and any added information would be a detriment in her pursuit of inner and outer purifications!!

Even my last lady of the day, she was sitting on the outer edge of the 5th fire, having gone thru them all and just sort of contemplating the 4 fires in front of her.  There was no movement from her at all.  Until she makes a choice, gets up and creates action, not even her team knows what to help her with.  Save a few questions that remained unclear from our last reading.  But for all of us, we are the deciders, uninfluenced by our teams, but assisted by them once we decide are we hitting the repeat button or finished button.  Our creation is up to us, personal and final.

What I realized thru the day, the relationship of the fires and the ground depended on where one was at within the fires.  Higher from or closer to the ground itself.  I was not expecting that at all, which of course, it why it had to show up.

What it means to outcome by the end of July, I have no idea and personally, I do not want to find out.  I want to be at the ground level experiencing new life, dammit!!

I do think, however, thru my own events of the day, the 4th and 5th fires are amazing with its presentation of clarity, if we are constantly on the lookout for what we do no know thru ever moment of every day.

My first holy shit moment came when I was reading for stubborn lady, who is an amazing meditator.  Her vision and hearing fully loaded.  She had asked a question that made me crap my own pants with understanding.

Forgive me if I am getting the details of how this happened wrong, but the meaning, I know is absolutely correct.  In one of her meditations, one of her guides grabbed her and started shaking her saying you are RaShaw (spelled my way lol) over and over again.  There was an experience of light stretching out and coming in.  Instantly I knew what was happening.  This is her soul name.  Ra being the god of sun, she purposely took on that name in spirit for this very incarnation.  Because her soul name reflects what she came here to do in this lifetime.  Pull in the sun energy (pure spirit energy) contract it and release it to those who need it (and much more than that, but hey, that will be released after she realizes what she is resisting.)

As I was explaining to her about soul names and their meanings, of course I used my own personal experience, cuz that’s how I roll!! lol  My soul name came thru a meditation garden at the Edgar Cayce ARE center in VA Beach in 2001.  They had this water fall area that I would sit at several times a week to meditate.  One day, as I was in meditation suddenly as I was breathing in the waterfall, tons of these tiny light Beings/Elementals started pouring and flying out of the waters chanting: Sha wah nah, over and over and over again.  It was a chant that just opened my heart with goosebumps and excitement.  When they finally finished their crescendo of Sha wah nah, I asked… what is that.  They explained it was my soul name.  I had wanted to know that for so long, I could not believe I was getting it.  How wonderful!!  I cried all the way home, tears of joy and awe of course.

I had to ask my team if this was correct and of course it was.  So now, what does it mean.  What is the meaning of Shawahnah??  The City of God.   Ohhhhh I like that.  Who wouldn’t??  lol  I never gave it much more thought until yesterday as I was explaining my soul name to my beautiful stubborn lady, I shit a brick when I felt and I mean I FELT the relationship to The City of God and the Nation of Lights.  Same.  As above, so below.  Holy shit, now I am just intimidated (in a good way.)

In Between my readings, I seen a post on my facebook wall from an amazing soul who shared so much love and more light than I realized in her expression (light being knowledge, pure knowledge that can become wisdom.)  I will quote her whole sharing here, because it really is the whole thing that made me realize something profound:

 “August is “roaring” to go!.
I so enjoy considering the imagery Spirit presents you with and your ability to hone in on its meaning, context and evolution. It’s such a fun, yet challenging, way to communicate, but ultimately one that offers practice for all of us in understanding words do not do justice to the imagination of Spirit.
Thank you for such hard work, much less the effort it takes to record, illustrate and share it.
There are all kinds of translators out there, but only one Lisa Gawlas, Spirit Translation Service. LOL 🙂 ❤ “

What she shared, beyond the love and appreciation she has for me and what I do, didn’t sink in right away.  It came in waves as others replied and unfolded in-depth the rest of the day.

The universal language of spirit is metaphors and symbolisms.  Understanding that language is key to all of us.  Not just so we can understand our dreams or meditations or hell, even our life events more fully (we may think our life is literal, it is not, not really) but to one day fully possess and use our telepathic abilities.

Telepathy is not a verbal thing.  Actually it is completely void of words.  Words are misconstrued more than they are understood.  But the energy filled visuals, clear as a bell, once you know the language.

Because of what I do and how long I have been doing it, as well as shifting my own self thru each shift (only because You keep showing up for readings!!  Thank you for that!!) my telepathic abilities, beyond the human realm is clear.  Very clear.  But on the earth’s surface, not so much.

Our ET’s communicate at this level to all of us. But we too, each one of us, must be in a vibrational state of equal frequency to clearly hear and understand them.  They too, use symbolisms and rarely words, in their communication.

Our planet right now, have so many levels of consciousness, from the depths of deep unconsciousness (fast asleep to the Real) to the wide awake and every level in between.  It’s the wide awake ones that will use readily and steadily the natural telepathic abilities we have within us.  There will come a time on earth, it will be the only true way of communication.  All the others still have static in their fields, save moments of experience.

One of the visuals I got as I was grocery shopping yesterday was a common theme between me and my oldest two children right now.  I will be thinking of them and forming a question to ask them, the next thing I know they either call or text me within minutes with the same question or even, the answer.

I realized it is energy waves being sent out and received, not words at all, even if I was thinking in words, but the emotion embedded in the words.  They received the energy as if it was their own thought and replied to me.  And often times, vise versa.

No doubt, we all have had experiences like that.  It is our true, natural way of communicating.  The only thing required is a moment of clear energy to be felt, received and replied to.  Now imagine we start practicing day and night on this ability.  It cannot be with just anyone otherwise, it will get old and boring and stopped eventually because of the lack of validation happening.

I also know now, this whole telepathy gig will become a major focus in the Nation, later, as we build a solid foundation of understanding of Life.  True Life on the earth plane.  I have to giggle as I hear “just because we know something doesn’t mean we are ready to do that thing.”  Tell me about it!! lol

On that note, I am going to close for today.  I feel like I am putting out novella’s these days!!  There is so much understanding coming in, I cannot help it!!

BTW, Today is our very first get together via webex thru the Nation.  I will be sure to keep everything announced our facebook page located at:

Speaking of facebook (smile) a wonderful soul posted an amazing video on my facebook yesterday that truly looks like the fires above the treetops, but not a fire that is burning in destruction.  I cannot seem to embed the video so i will post the link to it:

Until tomorrow, know with your whole being how love and cherished You are.  I love you beyond measure as does the whole universe!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ)))) of Life Becoming…. Real, to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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