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The Choice Point of Entering the No-Time Gateway of the 8/8 Concludes with July.


no time

I must say, yesterday was the best news day in the field, in a long long time.  At least, for me.  Unless spirit tells us otherwise, either thru the readings or thru my ponderings, I assume (silly me) what we see and understand for at least the month, is the way of it.  And spirit is really good at allowing us our assumptions!!  Pesky spirit!!  Or maybe, it really is, pesky human!!

Either way tho, I really thought we all had to go thru the entire month with these 9 fires of purification burning before we can start drawing, or moving into, the crystalline fires.  The way the field was consistently set up, seemed to be the way of it.  There is something that is stated all the time and will continue to be true in this realm, until the end of time: “Nothing is ever as it appears to be.”  Not even you, nor I, are!!

These fires are not so much set up in time, altho, at the same time, they are.  We have thru the entirety of July to complete the 9 fires of purification, but we can move thru them faster, depending on our individual processing/application skills.

As I mentioned in previous sharings, I could feel the energetic difference between the first 5 fires and the 4 preceding fires that make up the bend in the U formation, but had no idea why they were different, not for the lack of asking.

The first 5 fires demands change, a purging/purification of the inner and outer planes of our personal lives, with application, not just understanding.

Four, in my simple numerology interpretation means a cycle of completion within the earth plane plain.  There is never a completion without a new beginning, the two coincide together at the same time (endings and beginnings) if we allow.

However, at this stage of the game, any new beginnings MUST be purified of any and all previous… everything’s.

Let’s be even more clear here (cuz this is coming in so strong for me to bypass it.)  The fires of purifications are coming in from the soul level down into the human construct.  This is why we are seeing the fires above the treetops.  This is the time go within, deep within, to fully understand your own personal purification energies, the hows and whys of it all.  This is the ONLY way to ever truly Know Thyself.  When you come across a challenge, and take it to the streets (other people) what is really happening is you are looking for those that align to what you need to be true for you and stop there.  And the soul… waits.  For the soul incarnations now, the waiting ends with this month.

The earth as well, has made a declaration of choice.  She enters retirement With August, her glory years, the golden age, the garden of eden 2.0 (pick an analogy.)  Hosting, for all future incarnations, those who have evolved enough to play, build and create from the Soul level of incarnation.  Other realms are now hosting the denser lessons of evolution.

Imagine my surprise and pure deLight when my first (and all 5) readings were not focused on the purification aspects of the fires, but instead, I could see their new form, and even that, is a temporary new form as we pass the 8/8 gateway.

What I now understand is these amazing people are in the bend of the fires. the final 4 energies of the flames.  Creation of our New Self, still purifying and expanding and bringing in passion, even while we still finding orientation into our Self.

My first lady really gave us an amazing view of understanding.  Of course, they all did, but I am going to draw primarily from my first one, because it really helps all of us, I feel.

shambhala flowerI have created the most humble, and I do mean humble in relationship to the beauty and energy coming off my lady’s image, her flower of massive size.

Her entire flower-ness was an easy 10 feet tall.  It was only thru other readings that I realized her size was in relationship to the ground and the mid section under the fires.  The flower head itself, amazing.  The center area, where just about all flowers hold their pollen, was so large, an easy 4 feet in diameter, and much much larger in relationship to the daisy like petals around the center.

My view was amazing too, I was looking at her straight on, profile view and from the top down as well.  Nice to know this shift came with a built-in split screen effect for me, it does create a more encompassing view and understanding without having to toggle back and forth.

mattressIf I had the ability to make those silvery wiggly lines on the flower head dashes instead of lines, I would have.  That part of her flower head reminded me of a mattress lol. At least the stitching in a mattress, except without form or patterns that were distinct like the image to the left. Her team explained these stitchings are her new soul blueprints.  Her job (as it is for all of us) is to create from them, that is the only time they start to take form.  Doing what we would consider the unknowable.  Stretching yourself into such foreign territory that it almost seems impossible to do.  THAT is growth, soul growth!!!

There were hints of pastel (new energy) colors of blues, pinks and violets tinted thru her flower head, primarily hugging the new seams/stitchings.

When her team showed me the contrast of what I had just written hours before… about the trampoline, it became so much clearer what we are expected to do.  Well, base level understanding anywayz.  Her center, the core energy that is now her soul embodied, fully partnered with the human, is so soft and cushiony.  Her energy just draws you in as if you just came from a hard days work.  Instantly I seen what I feel was a stranger to her, come and lay down on her center, curl up and what I could only perceive as, take a nap.  I could see her energies release from the flower head and absorb into the person resting.  As soon as the person took in as much energies as she could handle, she got up and left.

If this is the only place we ever take yourself to, that is more than enough.  To stand in your power, in your glory and release the soul energy from your Being, from your Presence.  However, that is simply the beginning and she was told, as she understands the new imprints (the stitching) and starts to use the energy’s in her life.  She will build a therapy center to assist others just coming into these purifying energy’s to live in the new garden of eden, if they choose.

Consciousness allows personal expansion and assistance to the All in our personal, mundane lives.

I want to straddle that information with another reading in the day, actually, I am going to combine two of them (for times sake, my day is running on already.  One lady is creating a portal in the mid section of earth (between the ground and the fires) for safe passage of others.  Primarily, our ET’s, but also for those who have gone thru all the purifying fires but are lost or maybe, disoriented is a better word.  The examples we got yesterday, imagine someone who lost everything they owned in a fire.  No loss of life, but loss of all identifying materials.  Often times, their whole identity is burned away too and all they want to do, is go back to what they had, the familiar.  Not happening.  When they resign to it’s all gone, now what… they need people on their path to help them find the way… the inner way to a new improved outward world.

The way I had seen these images of new arrivals, everyone came into the emerging field of Heaven on earth purified, was thru the first fire area.  No one, no thing gets a free pass.

Ohhhhh and something I have been meaning to share for days, but spirit hijacks my focus before I have a chance to share it.

These purification fires that I see, are from the soul level down thru July.  However, it is being said many times now since Sunday, the fires of purification at the ground level hasn’t even started yet, but draws near.  One of my lady’s mentioned about moving to Asheville and instantly her team said, no, you are not to go there to live.  Parts of the south all the way thru the north are coming into massive purification challenges at the ground level and she does not need to participate there.  She is a builder.  Others, just learning their spiritual assets, will be placed in those locations to assist, to evolve themselves in that needed way.

Similar information is being released thru particular readings.  Mostly in reply to particular questions the one I am reading for asks.  Even yesterday, one of my lady’s asked about continuing her job as a teacher in high school.  She is located in NY and her team said, those teenagers are going to need her guidance, assistance more than even.  What she guides them towards, I don’t know, but her team said, is in complete contrast to what the school system allows.  She may even get fired for it, but at least she did what she was supposed to do in assisting from the higher realms.

Now back to my flower lady (smile) because I do not want to forget to add this in.  I cannot even remember what triggered this next understanding, but she was already drawing in the crystalline energies of August to assist her (I am pretty sure it was in relationship to that stitching/new soul blue print.)

Another thing I noticed thru all of the readings yesterday, the fires themselves are about 6 feet below the treetops now.  So they are coming to set on the earth.  What I did not understand yesterday (gotta love mornings and night school) is that what was actually being shown was the groundscape is getting higher.  Elevating itself into higher frequencies.  The midpoint happens at the last of July where the fires are on the ground and the ground is held in an intensely higher frequency, planetwide.

wringerWhich brings me again, to the 8/8 Lionsgate.  The form I am seeing this month, for those that have form, is temporary.  Kind of like the first fitting of new clothes.  The 8/8 now looks like an old wringer washer where the rollers squish out the wash waters.

What is interesting, and I have no idea yet why, for all but one person yesterday, those wringers are like in the image, for the one other, they are side by side, reminding me of an infinity position.

Speaking of my one lady that had the side by side wringer.  She was told she is an actual time-keeper on this planet, in body.  Again, as we look at the earth population of 7.5 billion, they used the words, one of the very few awakened at this time.  In her reading there was a wall of energy, kinda looked like water that was formed from the far back yard to the far right yard.  Up above the right corner at the tree tops level, there was an old pocket watch swinging back and forth with a very audible tick tock being emitted.  She was also the only one yesterday where I did not see the fires burning.

It took a long while to understand that what we would call the back wall was all time on earth.  Past, present and future.  It represented all lives as well.  The one on the right side was in relationship to August and the 8/8 energies.  No time, the void, zero point.

What is interesting, 9 times out of 10, every time I try to go beyond the 8/8 in a reading, it feels like a vacuum happened. Not empty, but a vacuum of nothingness.

Thru my time keepers reading, and our progressive understanding (neither of us felt very progress tho lol) as we were talking about the corner, choice point, the mundane aspect of timespace or the freedom from it, a hole way up in deep space opened up in my view, the place our 3D perception of timespace unfold from.

If you have ever done a deep meditation, you know how destroying timespace is.  You are on adventures beyond the mundane realm and what felt like 10 minutes of experience was actually 2 hours, and vise versa.  That is entering no time, the true reality of Life.  And then out we come and to the clock we engage again.

Imagine my surprise when the wall of energy that went from the backyard to the 8/8 collapsed like a water field suddenly being released.  Back into the depths of earth it goes.  What the hell??

This is our first of three choice points.  To recreate our life fields based on timelines of past, present and future.  Or truly strip down to no-thing and enter the vacuum, the void. self (small s there) awareness gone, self illusion cleared.

Or, keep being a task master of past, present and future.  This will only hold its place thru the remainder of this lifetime.  Again, other planets are now ready to host those still needed timespace for growth.

I cannot even imagine what the two are like in any way.  The only thing I know for sure (because I am hearing it clearly right now) that The Nation enters the no time, 8/8 gateway and all that cannot sustain that energy is clearing.  Even the beloved Mr. Bunny.  He was a way shower on so many levels.

On that note, my day begins.  I have this deep inner feeling, have had it for weeks as I get clearer on what The Nation will be and Become… I think in October, I will not be doing readings as we set sail in no time on earth to work together.  Of course, I could be wrong.  But today, the field beacons soon!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with zero gravity and a vacuum hose to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. YES FEEL THIS SO MUCH. Thank you thank you thank you. So much validation xoxoxox divine timing, as always

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    • Lisa you are such a blessing. Bringing me so much comfort on this strange strange journey hahahah FUCK. I mean things were always strange… but lately…. phew!! Loving every minute of it honestly. “All in all I’m loving every rise and fall”

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