Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 3, 2017

The Human Level vs The Soul Level.

Can ya feel the fury of July??  Granted we are just starting the 3rd day in, but damn!! I feel like my weekend, my mile high of to-do stuff that needed to get done, turned inside out and backwards, with purpose of course.  Spirits purpose, not what I was looking to get done!!  Even with that, how many of us talk about delays.  We feel the urgency inside and outside, then it seems everything is fraught with delays.  I don’t think I have ever been as clear as I this morning on why delays happen and how important the awareness is, in every single thing that is happening in any given or ongoing delay, is.

As I started out saying in my previous blog (and never did conclude my reason for it, the blessed A.D.D. mind of mine lol) my readings are all on the soul level coming down to earth.  In 2004, when I was in Idaho, I did do in person readings for a very short time (6 months, maybe) I hated it, still do but not for the same reasons.  Well, hate is a too strong a word to use present tense, but still.

Even tho I practiced an entire summer with live humans, in person, honing my skills of reading, when spirit pushed me off that proverbial cliff to actually do readings (thru ebay lol) I reduced it all down into meditation, because that was my familiar back in 2003.  It was actually so much easier than any of my practice sessions in person because of one key thing, the removal of the present and dominating ego energy.  And please, that is no offense to any ego at all.  But it is a much heavier, denser energy system that is in the foreground of people’s energies field, at least, when in person.  Having to wade thru that energy to find the pure soul light and information, freakin challenging!!  But then again, in 2004 I had no idea why it was so different, I didn’t read then, even remotely, from the plane I read from now.  I just knew it was more challenging than anything I had experienced thru that time and I wasn’t going to pursue that realm of connection.

Thru my ongoing experiences of what I am just going to label chaos and false starts, the revelations presenting are freakin invaluable.  At least, going back to my Marco Island, ocean conversation with God and the workshop he called “Into the Void.”  Nine full days (that seemed like an awful freaking lot of days!!!) together, at the ground level, stripping down to nothing.  Now I wonder, is that enough days!!

In our personality is embedded the very best and (for lack of a better word to make my point) the very worst of our collective self.  Collective because of the many lifetimes embedded in the personality construct.  The lessons we are still going thru and the facets of light we have perfected in body.

As I reflect on the gatherings and times spent together with various people since moving to the Jemez and really understanding the energies and my own body’s reaction to the energies over the years, I completely get the workshop we will do.  I already know when, as well.  September 16th thru the 24th.  Nine days.  Completion.  That IS what this equinox is about.  Done, you either travel on elsewhere or do what you came here to do and be… the embodiment of heaven on earth.  That said, the day before and day after is arrival and departure.  So technically, there is an 11 vibration in it as well, from pre to post workshop.  It will take place right here, in little ol’ Fentress, TX .  I will get the details on the website sometime this week.

The point of it is, and so needed for what God is searching for, and freakin trust me, God is indeed searching.  I cannot help but think of my time at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. center in VA Beach.  They had and probably still have this worldwide group thing called “In search for God.”  They got it completely backwards, God has been and continues to be, in search of You.  The ones that are willing to lay down all their stuff and Be God incarnate!!  The ones who are willing to really look at their persona and say, wow that’s a stinky part of me, and take that to the dump and leave it there.   Now I understand why I spent the first 8 years in the bathtub diving into the junk in my trunk, down into the sewers it went, even after re-emergence after re-emergance.  lol

I got the keys to the Center on Saturday.  When my beloved landlord handed them to me, the pig keyI had to giggle at the fact they were on this adorable piggy key chain.  He even volunteered to take it off… oh hell no.  It means something!  I finally had the breath to look up pig yesterday and god, I smile and take such comfort in it:

Pig teaches spiritual strength, protection and the mysteries of nature. Aids in getting organized and solidifying changes. Shows self-reliance, independence and fearlessness in trials and tribulations. Are you too scattered in thoughts and actions? Do you need to stand up for your beliefs and opinions? Are you using your intuition throughout the day? Pig can teach power and respect in the balance of complacency and activity. Pig is resourceful and will teach the lessons to uncover what is needed. Pig medicine can show the power of transformation and quick change of direction may be needed in different aspects of your life.  (Taken from my favorite totem website:

I didn’t even see that “mysteries of nature,” in it yesterday.  The land the Center is upon, the trees… it is all helping me so much, as to what we can and will do together.  The humans the trees are looking forward to exchanging with and the information dump that they will (eventually) release to the humans who allowed their God Presence to Be Here.

As the new website gets closer to launch (this week is our target) I created a video about the membership area, what it is and why it is.  I did it from the Center, but on the porch instead of out in the yard.  It was so freakin hot by the time I got my ass in gear to get it done, that I wanted to reduce as much sweat as I could and still bring in the energy of the landscape.  I uploaded it to the Nations youtube channel not even thinking that there are subscribers there already, my goal was to get it to my beloved webmaster.  The one comment that was made, made my whole soul soar.  The view felt the energy of the yard, the confluence and excitement of it all.  To me personally, that was priceless in knowing, because I do feel it, I feel its aliveness like no other place, not even my personal backyard.

I might as well share it here and close on that note.  I have some Center work to get done before my day of readings begin.

I love you all and am so excited to be in the massive adventure called Life Expanding with you, together, and coming together as One!!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with self (yes, small s there) awareness and the willingness to let it go for your and THE greater good…. God!!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. “I had to giggle at the fact they were on this adorable piggy key chain. He even volunteered to take it off… oh hell no. It means something!”

    It means, that you have been “Piggy”backing on the energies of other Lightworkers all this time.

    You’ve realized this yourself, many many times, and you have mentioned your constant parasitic/vampiric feeding/piggybacking on our High Frequency Source Energies, that always give you a boost, a lift……we are giving you your Frequency “Fix”, shall we say (hey, I like that — THANKYOU, higher self, for that one)

    Frequency Fix.

    So the “piggy” is a metaphor about what you are setting up here, with this new center of yours, it means that you will fill it up with in-person High Frequency pigs….err….people….for you to energetically FEED on.

    Unless you want to stop doing that, stop being an Energy Parasite on others, and start contributing your own Source Energies to our energetic mix.

    And this is also why, he “volunteered to take it off”….to take the PIG OFF.
    To stop the PIGGYBACKING.




    • Kiera dear, if energy parasites (and ignoramuses in general, from what I have seen) are being reflected back to you, what does that tell you?


    • For what it’s worth, I see your energy issues as a big knot. (NOT!)

      : )


      • (Where it comes back around and hits your out-going energy, is where you get fried.)


  2. “The point of it is, and so needed for what God is searching for, and freakin trust me, God is indeed searching.”


    You’re damn right, I AM.

    And I ain’t stoppin.

    Next exit on this magical mystery search — a *HUMAN ANGEL*.




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