Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 1, 2017

The Garden, The Authority and You (Us.)

the garden

Wow did I wake up with a major light bulb moment this morning!!  It is so big I cannot believe I haven’t even seen this understanding, this full on realization, until now.

I read you from your soul light, from your soul desires and ambitions down to the ground of the human that is on the phone or skype.  There is not a soul walking around this earth that does not want more, much more from their human, for as long as the human is willing to push themselves.  Which is why I can read for you every 2-3 week and you are given new home work, new aspirations, new places to bring yourself towards.  Every new application changes your field of life expression.

That said, I know your soul.  I know what you are capable of and knowing what you are capable of, allows all of us to know what we are capable and how to fine tune our human selves to achieve any and all of that.

I can only factor in your human part to the degree we talk about thru our sessions.  I do not know your life or full scope of personality, your inner drive when not bouncing off the high-octane energies of your soul expression thru a reading.  It is at this place, it all changes.

The soul mind and the ego mind are often the driving wedge between all you are capable of being and what you become at the end of any given day.  If the ego never shifts out of survivor mode, all you are capable of becoming in human form remains a potential.

Until this week, I would have, and have said, that your soul knows you have an endless supply of reincarnations to get the merger (soul mind and ego mind) completed so it is patient when you do not get around to doing the homework that almost always comes thru each reading.

  Earth had its own destiny, unlike you or me, it’s choices were completely contingent on human free will.  It was either going to have cataclysms that removed life from her back so she could rest and recover from human ignorance, or we are going to get our shit together and allow the full ascension to progress.  Thank god for all involved, it is the latter that has taken place.

If we look at our own personal spiritual journeys to this very moment, the more we applied spiritually, the more accelerated our lives became in moving forward.  Not that we always looked at that moving forward as positive (as I think about my stint in the homeless shelter, that crazy ass community I lived in and such) but we have rapidly been changing our lives to get to this point and now the changes are almost daily instead of done over years.  THAT is ascension.  THAT is the quickening.  THIS is why we are Here!!

Just as we are being demanded to “take no prisoners,” the earth is also on that very same course.  People choosing to lug around their density are going to be put in places or situations where they either have to shit or get off the pot.  This lifetime is the last time on earth where duality and the unloving side of duality will be at its most extreme.  Other planets are now ready to host the denser incarnations for those human souls to continue their evolution at a much slower pace.  The earth has ascended and the shake up is already underway… tho barely, it will intensify over the next decade.

With that said, you/we will either be placed in the center of the game or completely or pulled out to the sidelines to experience one last chaotic node for personal choice and acceleration or deceleration.

Which really gives me a broader understanding of one of my readings yesterday.  Again, hatchetthese new visuals and intensity just blows my mind.  My lady’s field opened up with this old hatchet being pummeled down her center path from back to front.  Fortunately her body was nowhere to be seen, and the visual repeated and repeated.  This hatchet making about a 10 foot trek, handle over head ripping something open each time the blade was downwards.

These black bubble like energies would release out of the tears and then spread outwards on the sidelines of her field of life.  What the freakin hell is that??????

Every soul on this planet has come here with many incarnations under their belt.  Whether it was from imprinting (experiencing a particular life or lives from spirit as if you lived them yourself) or actually lived them in a body, the energy and carry over is no different.  We had to experience extreme chaos and outstanding accomplishments before entry in this plane, so we could handle the diversity that is here.  What was happening with my lady yesterday, is all that energy from every overlaid lifetime (and that is how I seen it, a film over a film over a film) was being opened and released, not for her to get caught up in and try to do something about it, but for the acknowledgement that she no longer carries that energy in her field.  To give thanx and move on.

At the same time tho, all I could feel was the chaos on the sidelines.  Crazy events that I could not see in any detail, but were happening and building with each slice of the hatchet, was a real happening on earth.

Now imagine how many of us are experiencing something like that, a massive release of all that we have carried to here, that we mastered our soul/human connection thru and now it is being opened, intensely, for others to…. ummm… shit or get off the pot with.

Even more surprising was her team saying it is not her job (our jobs) to get caught up in any chaos.  We have done our part.  Others will be taking up their mantle of assistance to accelerate their own growth.

Her team even said within the next couple of weeks (which fits right in with that power node timeline on the 23rd) she is going to be at a major crossroads, and I could see her path go behind me, where I sit and raised up about 15 feet from the ground level we are at now.  Which means, these energies coming thru now are elevating/accelerating our life, our consciousness, into new heights of living.  She was on this massive cliff and she will be at a moment where she either jumps or gets pushed off.  I tried to see what the bottom contained, it was so far down it was unviewable.  She was told, if she jumps into the unknown with all her heart and trust, she will find the wings to fly with and never have to touch the ground, that is not her journey.  Unless she has to be pushed.  Imagine you are standing at a cliff and someone suddenly and surprisingly pushes you off, you go tumbling head over feet and have to react on the fly or go splat into god knows what at the ground level.

Now that said and this is important to really understand for those of us that may end up getting into an extreme situation of potential soul growth and human harmony inside.  When the visuals changed to the cliff behind me, this massive energy ran into my solar plexus rushed up to my eyeballs and I was about to cry, I could feel the tears pushing at my eyeballs.  Not those joyful tears, but the ones that are filled with overwhelming energies that can feel like sadness because you realize, nothing can ever be the same again.

Extreme events give us humans incarnate that push to connect fully without soul, or grow more separate from it.  The choice is always ours… dammit!!

One of my readings yesterday, OMG I just wanted to repeat a phrase that was said to her over and over again.  It was not the words, but the freakin energy… heaven billowing thru the words describing this elevated field we are moving thru “The Garden.”

The image that opened her reading was of a single bright yellow flower growing just to the right of her foot.  The brightest yellow tulip I ever seen.  And then it suddenly drooped over as if it hadn’t had a drink in while.  She noticed it, stooped over to look at it and then stood back up.  So it repeated itself.

This message grows deeper each time I look at it, cuz let me tell you, some days lately, I feel like that freakin tulip.

Her purpose right now, as we open up and settle into “The Garden” is she is the tender of the garden.  This garden could very well be called Shambhala, the garden of eden 2.0, heaven on earth, pick a title but man feel the god energy thru it, in it.

We must nourish and nurture each other.  What we are going to call the ascended Being’s in body doing our part.  If we keep doing it alone, the flower that is us, will die.  A garden is never left of its own accord or you have a garden of weeds that become barren earth.

It is one thing to sit in your (separate from the boots on the ground) and send energy to ones in need, it is a whole other thing to roll up your sleeves and weed, and water, and fertilize.

One more huge tell came out of one of the readings yesterday too.  But I am going to back this up several years ago, thru the readings (you really keep my ass squared away like no one else on this planet can, not even my spirit team can, you are each incredibly bad ass on this earth, thank you very much) the first thing presented that we are now the guides helping others on the earth.  Our job was to move, eventually, into asking for assistance in our lives to Being the assistance others needed in their lives.  That is, shine your light our loud and proud!!

Thru this phase, we straddled being the guides in human form and still getting guidance from our teams externally.  By externally we mean making choices only after our spirit guides gave you/us heaps of externally validating experiences, before we choose.

Then, about 2 years ago, even that changed, as evolution in spirit happens too.  Many thru the readings that held the mantle of being Guides to others on earth, were now given the mantle of Being God incarnate.  Of Being the Living Masters in body.  Where ones energy was so clear and so pure and in alignment with the All (on earth) that movement happened thru inspiration, instantly.  Where your/our creator energies were as potent in the Sahara desert as it would be in the arctic ice fields or a flourishing city.  In-Powered and not outward dependant.

We have had two years and we only got to here… this Garden, BECAUSE enough human souls live In-Powered, God(dess) loving lives, in their own lives.  Thank you, each and every one of you, who have allowed yourself to be so freakin amazing!!  AND YOU ARE freakin amazing!!!

How do you know where you are??  When you stop looking at the outside world as your gauge of where you are.  When you see a need you can help with, you are johnny on the stop, not wanting a favor in return, but doing because you can.  YOU are the miracles others have prayed for.  THAT is god(dess) in body, in life, on earth.  That is how I got thru this last year, thru your love and support and nourishment, body and soul and I freakin love you soooooooo much!!!!  Thank you!!!

Now, back to yesterday’s reading and her profound question.  I am not remembering any of it word for word, but I know the reply.  It energized me in a whole new way and amazingly produced results before my day ended.

She asked something like… asking for help from our guides, our spiritual team and she mentioned that it feels like that changed, like that is not what we are supposed do any longer.

The reply coming back to her, shit, to me too, was in the order of… You are God(dess) and in that position you are divine authority in creation.  So if you are asking for help… lets pick something ordinary, money.  God knows, many people (currently, myself included until yesterday) ask for more money to get them thru a day, a week, a month.  Not out of greed but for survival.  What you are doing in your God(dess) energy is declaring to the creation field you have no money and are keeping it that way.

God(dess) is action.  Life energies are never sitting around hoping what they need shows up, instead, it is actively pulling towards them all they need, and more.

I hope I am being clear in the enormity of what I am trying to say.  I think we can use two sentences to give it a fully understanding (since I am hearing it and really used it yesterday.)

Ohhhh let’s factor in the emotion you are embedding in the sentence too, that is crucial.  Frustration (my formerly current energy these last few weeks) is powerful and will create more frustration.  So when we ask for something, feeling like do not have that, guess what…

Sentence one… I need help!!  Doesn’t that seem so innocent a few words???

Now change it around, a voice of authority instead of pleading.

I AM….. HELP!!!!!!!!!

It may seem so trivial in our cluttered world of what to do and how to do it, but freakin A, it is life changing.  I still asked for help, but not out of the lack I had been feeling, but in the energy my living life puts out.  So with sentence two, I call to me that which I put out in assistance.

Just for the record, what I was needing had nothing to do with money, just my to-do list for the new site and flow of the house that is the Center, which becomes official (but not move-in-able) today.

Now, I have got to give you an amazing, living, instant example of what I just said about the power of our output, then I gotta go as my day begins.

My 17 month old grandson came out on the porch just as I finished writing the sentence above.  His mom had to go potty, so he and I were playing out here on the porch.  Since he came out I have been asking him for a hug with his interest on his toys or going out into the yard, not in hugging at all.  Then he lost his balance and fell on his well padded butt, we giggled and he just laid there looking at me.  I said to him, get up and hug me, I need a hug.  He laughed at me and the moment I heard myself say I need a hug I instantly was reminded of what I just wrote.  He didn’t move at all, just laughed at me.  So I decided, let me try what I just wrote about…  I stated with my own authority…. I AM (took a breath in) and said A hug from Rune.  Without a moment’s hesitation he got on his feet and gave me the biggest hug I think he ever gave me.  I about shit.  And dammit if I wasn’t the only one out here to witness this.

So I told his mama about what I just wrote and what just happened, and getting a hug on demand from Rune is not an easy task.  So she tried it herself, using the same words and I wish I would have taken a picture of his confused face.  It became snarled in confusion.  I knew instantly what just happened… she said the same words, but with the voice of needing a hug and it confused the child.  We both fully understood why.  She is still waiting for that hug!! lol  But man oh man, what a powerful lesson from the child!!

On that note… have the most kick ass fireworks of weekend.  Declare your independence from all levels of Life except your own, divine Life!!!  I freakin love you each soooooo much!!  Thank you for Being Here, Being you and keeping us all moving forward!!!

((((HUGZ))))) of boundless returns on your authority!!!  “Tend to the Garden and the Garden will all-ways tend to you!!”  (A quote from my lady’s reading yesterday!!)

Lisa Gawlas






  1. Keep up the good work.. my eyes got watery when reading… I AM HUGS..

    In Full Joy Ollie

    Liked by 1 person

    • ❤ ❤ ❤ (((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))) ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Thanks for the tip and great story, I’m going to try that!

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  3. “or we are going to get our shit together and allow the full ascension to progress.

    Thank god for all involved, it is the latter that has taken place.”


    You’re WELCOME.

    (And here’s even more assistance from the “bad ass” Lightworkers:)

    Don’t forget (or try to remember), that we are creating and jumping to different EARTH TIMELINES constantly.
    It’s not just the “latter” that has taken place — EVERYTHING has taken place, because ALL versions of the Earth realities already exist. Both bad Earths and good Earths are all around us.
    The only reason you are “on” this particular Earth right now, is because your frequency matches it.


    What you probably don’t know, is that the *Highest Frequency* of us Lightworkers, are the ones actually *CREATING* all the new higher frequency Earth Timelines. For you to choose from. For you to shift to, whenever your frequency rises.

    How do you think these parallel Timelines are generated in the first place? They come from US.



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  4. Like

  5. “The Garden, the Authority and You (Us)”……


    YOU, *are* the “Authority”!!!

    Respect my “authoritah”!


    South Park – Respect My Authoritah (CARTMAN – BANE STYLE)



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