Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 26, 2017

Delving Deeper into Understanding Synergy. What it is and how it works.

I had no intention of writing a blog this morning, I have spent the last two days couch surfing in silence… voiceless.  I have this weird upper respiratory thing going on.  It is so far up it doesn’t feel connected to my lungs at all, but at the bottom of my throat, yet it triggers asthma like attacks that albuterol instantly releases me from.  None of it bothers me, until it does.  That may sound like a strange statement, but its true.  Like I said, this whole thing is weird, meaning I am experiencing it in a way I never have before.

As I sit here (for the last hour plus) staring at my computer wondering where to start my day, mostly in the to-do list with getting the Nation of Lights launched finally (it is coming along amazingly) I find myself missing Howard (my first webmaster.)  Not his skills, but his enthusiasm.  His excitement and long view of what we can do and how we can get there as a Nation (of Lights, starting with my Light.)  With his enthusiasm, I never once (ok maybe for 5 seconds on occasion) worried about the extra bills I am acquiring, because spirit piggy backed on his enthusiasm in the expanded vision.

Truly tho, I can backstroke all this to the experience and interactions with Julie at Marco Island Florida back in March.

This morning I am fully understanding the deeper meaning, the fuller experience of the word SYNERGY!!


  1. the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

I fully realize this morning, as my growing debt and things left to purchase for the Center become bigger in my mind’s eye and my money decreases to… well, close to invisible… that synergy that I rode to this moment, now leaves me with the feeling of having bit off way more than I can chew or swallow at one time.  Dare I say, even a little panicky.

Synergy is without a shadow of doubt, an energy system.  It has nothing to do with people knowing how to do stuff or being in the same space or even mind-set together.  I have a wonderful webmaster, who is doing more in 2 weeks than Howard did in 3 months and we are closer to launch than ever before!!

(Just as I wrote the above, my daughter came to talk to me… which really amplifies what I am feeling.  I will get to all that in a moment.)

Let me tell ya what I loved about Howard, it was as if he stepped directly into my energy stream and could see thru bigger eyes than I could see thru myself.  The vision and what felt like constant expansion of where we were going and how we could get there, intoxicating on a daily basis.  That is… until he moved out of my stream and started funneling other people’s stream for me to dress up as.  We obviously fell apart and quickly.

Working intimately (emphasis on intimate) together is not as easy as it sounds.  To truly harness our power individually and collectively there has to be a unified energy together.  I mean, unified on every level of Being.  Co-operating.  Co-mingling.  Co-creating.  Once again, let’s take to google:


  1. 1.
    (forming nouns) joint; mutual; common.
  2. 2.
    (forming adjectives) jointly; mutually.

If we break this down into body parts, the hand is as excited and helpful to the whole as the foot is.  It is not seeing itself as better or less than, stronger or weaker, but in relationship with a greater plan.  Fully.

Let the hand break or the foot break, the whole body is out of alignment and weaker than it was before.

The hand has to always know where the foot is going and the foot needs to always know what the hand is reaching for… not by an onslaught of questions at every turn, but by being fully Present in the Presence of the Whole (body and mind in this analogy.)

The whole body experience is a synergistic one.  But what of the soul??  The body operates on a denser plane than that of the soul and yet, when married together synergistically, a power of unfathomable measure!!

Just because a person knows they have a soul or even has an occasional relationship with the soul, it is very different from being in full partnership 24/7 without having to ask questions (i.e. am I going here, there, what should we be doing now… and so on.)  This is one reason, if not the main reason I have been and continue to be a massive propagator of meditation.  It is the best place for that (eventual) 24/7 connection of body and soul mind, together as one whole, synergetic unit.  It is the only place to fully understand and use the control panel of the hybrid rocket ship called You.

But, after 15 years of teaching meditation to anyone who was willing to learn, I also realize that most people are way to distracted by day-to-day life to allow and participate in the full synergistic merger they are capable of.  But then again, that is the obstacle we place ourselves within with the incarnation into this realm.

Learning to come together as a community is much more challenging than coming together within oneSelf.  It takes the dissolution of the “I,” of the ego self surviving needs and widens the breathe into the collective unfolding.

It really does take work to become synergistic with others.  Just as it takes work to be synergistic with the soul.  Bending like trees in the wind and not breaking, key!!  Especially when the winds of change blow like a hurricane!!

With the energy of the new moon on the 24th the winds of change blew my voice into the netherlands.  Too much whispering creates an avalanche of coughing, which triggers an asthma like collapse in my lungs.  Yet, when I am perfectly still and silent, I feel amazing!!  This morning, I am seeing how much it is serving the greater vision that is The Nation of Lights.

The last thing I declared audibly to my daughter and Janet was the change in living situations.  I am moving into the Center and Janet into my room here.  It’s only been three days and already there is a melt down between them both.  Of course, I had no idea until this morning when my daughter talked to me just as I concluded writing the above information on synergy.

I do have to take a look at an event that took place last evening in the kitchen.  A King Snake made its way into the kitchen and was hunting a mouse (I have seen the mouse outside where my office is, a sizable mouse I might add.)  Both scurried away in different directions with the presence of the humans.  By the time I got to the kitchen all I could see was the tail of the snake slipping back under the house from under the cupboards.  I pondered the why.  Nothing happens without a larger message being spoken.

When my daughter told me this morning she refuses the new living situation and why… I realized the message from the hunter and the hunted, in the kitchen.  The food of life, dominant ego’s looking for what will make them feel fed, full and nourished.  Both coming from their unique perspective.  Both beautiful ladies are each the snake as well as the mouse.

There is a food chain from the ego’s perspective and a need to survive.  An invaluable lesson of growth opportunity.  And for me personally, a deeper understanding of how vital synergy is for the greater whole of not only The Nation of Lights, but earth herself.  Of each of our individual and collective lives.

Without the energy of Howard to motivate me forward, I suppose I am left with real life events to do so, especially at the ground level of events to hold thru the house I just rented for the Nation.  This morning I am back to the “Into The Void” workshop God presented at Marco Island.  Instead of it being 9/11 days it will be 3/5.

I would really like a think tank!! lol  A few people with the greater vision in heart to bounce off of and motive (me) towards!!  I guess since I cannot do readings today, I will take a swim in the deep end of the tub and see what shows up!!

Gotta love the energy of change, but damn, can it stop being so damn bumpy!!  lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of change and new in-spirit-ations to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. I am reading The Cosmic Serpent, by Jeremy Narby…I have never been so blown away! You might want to check it out…..Wonderful book…Snakes and Spirituality and compared to DNA..


    • I am excited to see it on Audible. Thank you, it will be what I listen to next month!! ❤


  2. “I have spent the last two days couch surfing in silence… voiceless. I have this weird upper respiratory thing going on. It is so far up it doesn’t feel connected to my lungs at all, but at the bottom of my throat, yet it triggers asthma”

    All of this is caused by blockages in your Energy Field. You know this. You’ve known this for a long time.
    And the message your Higher Self is sending you, is that:


    So now you are also not “walking”, on top of not “talking”.

    “His excitement and long view of what we can do and how we can get there as a Nation (of Lights, starting with my Light.)”

    Unfortunately, that is the very problem, right there….

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  4. Like

  5. “It really does take work to become synergistic with others.”

    Remove the word “work”, which makes you believe that it has to be “hard/difficult”.

    It doesn’t. It can be Easy/Breezy.

    What it takes to become synergistic with others, is:

    PATIENCE (patience squared)
    AN “Eye in the Sky” HIGHEST PERSPECTIVE of the Universe(s)
    Source’s SENSE OF HUMOUR (most of all)

    …And delicate SKILL, the *lightest touch* — in delivering all those at once.

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  6. “It really does take work to become synergistic with others.” I have taken note of the comment above, yes this is truth, yet your comment here, Lisa, is right on. I don’t see work as a dirty 4 letter word and this is about consciousness after all.

    I have noticed this myself. I have hoped for deep meaningful conversations with other “likeminded” people and have found a marked lack of synergy. Having done much ego work at the behest of these spiritually advanced humans, it had not occurred to me at first that it was ego I was coming up against.

    Yes, it took more work on my part to accept and not judge others for their level of growth. We grow at our our own pace. That understood, I learned to dance with resistance and how to plant seeds of consciousness. As I become more aware of subtleties I find it becomes easier to find synergy at every level. Yes, it takes work, but it is GOOD work. And it has been such a pleasure finding those that I enjoy full synergy with more often, Work brings rewards.

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