Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 22, 2017

The Solstice Begins The Era of Fiery Passion

What an amazing entrance into the solstice yesterday was for me!!  Starting with the first reading all the way thru the information and understandings thru the last reading, then the energy of the gathering yesterday afternoon.  Might as well include the float down the San Marcos River, and the massive trees that grow at its banks, the roots half exposed and emitting an amazing energy.  I truly have an energy hangover this morning and my brain is a bit sluggish at starting and pray I can get everything out coherently!!

My first reading of the day, a beautiful man who’s form really shocked me as his field opened up to show him where his power lays.  I was looking at a massive image of what we know as the devil, horns and all.  What the hell is that??  WHY is that??  Ohhh the schooling I got right out of the gate.  This is indeed the form we know as the devil.  A plane of existence far from our solar system that has come here to earth a long time ago, like many of our friends from the stars, to assist our evolution.  The power and the Presence in this Being, truly a force to be reckoned with.  Even the emission of Love was powerful, fierce even.

This Being, my man, drew energy from the magma at the core of the energy.  Pulling it up into his feet and thru into his belly.  Then I could see three suns in the sky above him, the suns from his realm.  His body was huge and i mean, HUGE and his almost hardened skin was a fiery orange and red.  He had long thick horns that spiraled into themselves.

The first thing he did, was explained that this body was crucial for survival in his realm.  A realm of heat and fire like energies.  I now understand how hell had become synonymous with fire.  And how easy it was for humanity to create fearful stories around this one alien life form of fear and manipulation and even, damnation into the lake of fire.

Like most of our old stories, they took what could empower a species and made sure it was completely disempowering and fearful and hellish!

I do not know much more, as my man connects with this living aspect of his soul energy from another realm, more will be revealed and understood.

That said, it is only this morning I feel a correlation with one of the other readings yesterday.  A beautiful lady I have been given the privilege of connecting to for years, of witnessing her ongoing evolution of herSelf within herself, showed up as pure fire.  She was engulfed in it from beneath her feet to way over her head.  I could barely make out her form in the center of the fire.  My first thought was purification and instantly her team said there is nothing to purify.  We are now in a realm of creation on earth so new, so pristine that there is nothing to purify.  Harvesting the passion… the fires of passion and Being that… yes!!

I also want to tie in something else that took me quite by surprise yesterday.  It came thru a lady asking about her husband.  I could see him several levels below this plane that you show up on, which spirit has said many times now, is the highest vibrational field available to earth (at this moment.)  So her husband was, like I said, several levels below the earth and he was hanging onto a root system of a massive tree that was dead.  There was no life flowing thru this tree.  What I did not fully understand yesterday, but do this morning, that is the old tree of life that once supported all the various thought forms, to include the fear thoughts, that once supported this amazing place called earth.  That tree is dead!!

It was also explained to her, for him, and of course us, that we all need the vital life force energy from the living tree of life.  Earth has completely changed direction, the deep dense dualistic nature that has been a part of this realm of experience started the death process in 2012.  For as long as we hold onto any part of the old world system, we too, start the death process simply due to the lack of life force energy running thru the system.

If we really take a deeper, longer look at what is happening thru the earth, we can see many systems, many people who cleave to those dying systems, in the death throes.  The worst of it must crumble before the best of it can come up in solid life force.

On my drive back from Arkansas, spirit had said something about this next decade, we will see a full-out change in the energy force on earth.  The systems that support and nourish life will be flourishing as the old separation of all for me and the hell with you, become a memory of what once was.

There is so much more to share, but while my brain was lolly gagging getting started, the clock was ticking away and I have to call my webmaster before my day of readings start.

Enjoy this “take no shit” era of life that is Now!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with gratitude and excitement to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥


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  3. Awesome confirmation! Going through shadow work we are sometimes pulled into exhaustion being cut off from our life force.
    It really is a rise to survive;)
    Love u we are in the the wild wild west now serving 💜🙏💜


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