Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 21, 2017

Up Rising of Light

It feels like forever since my nighttime and daytime cooperated enough for me to sit down and information dump!  But I am going to release in as much order as I can, starting back last week with the last few readings before I left for Arkansas.

One morning last week, about 30 minutes before the readings started, I heard spirit say so crisp and clear “There is an Up Rising of the Light.”  Emphasis on Up Rising.  I didn’t understand it and considering the last message they gave about someone being taken out of life, I sat on my fingers until I understood it.  The first two readings revealed exactly what they meant.  There is equally a sub-theme beneath the up rising message that continued thru the readings yesterday too.

The first two imageries came up out of the ground to form themselves.  I think it would be easier to explain what I mean by this with the second reading that was presented.  Her form was that of an old tree that has been on this earth a long while, hidden deep inside the earth and came up thru the dirt to reveal its tree top the branches and leaves as the large, round trunk slowly came topside too.

I fully realized what spirit meant, there is a rising up from deep within the earth, the power of Light that has been hidden and/or held back until this time on earth.  A total rebirth of ourselves, of the light upon the earth.  A new garden has come alive and it is us!!

Let’s be clear too, on what we mean by “until this time.”  It has nothing to do with the calendar or a clock, but with enough souls living their truth in full expression of itself, it has allowed the deep storage of light, purposely put away deep in the earth, to rise up and find expression in a way that has not happened before, not in any era gone by.

Of course, our focus, or at least my focus, is on the human race, but as I sit here and write, I realize, there is a stronger, more precise light coming thru the trees, the plants, the air, the sky.  The Up Rising of Light is all-inclusive.  So the way we connect and use the elements of earth must change to meet the new.  I get an analogy of laundry detergent.  We used to need a cup of detergent to get our clothes clean, until they learned how to concentrate it and now, we only need a quarter cup to do the same job.  We need to recalibrate what we do and how.

But first we need to fully tune in and calibrate ourselves.  Two things are being revealed, some are coming up in complete wholeness, where their spiritual life and their physical life is unified and working harmoniously together at the same time.  Many others are sort of split in two, like a V, connected at the base of wholeness, but their spiritual workings are done separately from their day-to-day life expression of themselves.  This not only weakens what one is capable of, but does not allow for full expression and understanding for others to learn from, not by words being spoken, but a life being lived.

This is another thing that creates what I see as the split, some people can talk a good game, but do not live what they speak   That energy is very distinct and recognizable, at least to me especially over this last week.  The clarity of truth is crazy really, unlike ever before.  There is a beauty in this too, because, as I have realized intimately these last couple day, even in the sharing of, what to me, are inaccuracies of information, a greater truth is being revealed, if you focus in just the right way.  Reminds me very much of my crystal dig this past weekend.  There are all kinds of crystals hidden under the dirt, in the mud, so clouded by the debris it is easy to miss, until you put some extra muscle into scraping the caked on mud away.

Take nothing at face value, go deeper to fully connect with your own truth, your own knowing and allow that to change over time.  Again, using my crystal dig analogy, some particles come up that is only a tiny piece of the whole, the rest was broken off and left in the earth by clumsy miners (yup, that was me!! lol)   Nothing is ever what it seems, in part or in what we may perceive as whole.  Let’s never stop digging together!!

Speaking of digging, my crystal dig was exhausting and exhilarating and incredibly abundant.  If you have ever spent 8 solid hours in a mine breaking up earth, you know it takes a toll on the physical body.  When I got out of the mines the first day, I went back to my hotel room, and realized I left every particle of energy that made me up, in the mines.  I was asleep by 5pm and awoke at 7am (save a few potty trips thru the night.) 13 hours of sleep!!  I woke up more groggy than ever.  My brain felt like taffy, my hands, knees and back hurt so much I could barely move.  But I had one more day to dig and I was not letting a squeaky body keep me from the mines.  I considered going to the store and getting some ibuprofen to help me thru the day, but my body said, no we don’t that today.  OK.  I figured I may end up over doing it and hurting myself more than helping.  Not totally accurate.  It was amazing the resurgence of energy that ran thru me as I entered the mine.  My body didn’t hurt at all and I was more flexible than I was the day prior.  I had taken several breaks the day prior, Sunday, I dug straight thru the 8 hours, save a lightning storm that disrupted us for about 45 minutes.  Which reminds me…

The first day I woke up in Mount Ida, Arkansas, I was going to write a blog from the day priors readings and the whole up rising thing, but when I went to use my laptop, it insisted there was no battery installed.  Weird, I released the battery, put it back in several times.  Rebooted the computer several times.  The battery was brand new and functioning well the week prior.  How freakin odd.  I gave up trying to fire up my laptop for writing and just waited for the time to go to the mines.  When I got back from the dig, my laptop no longer displayed a missing battery, at all.  I didn’t even touch it, just looked at it.  I felt relief… and then my own human battery was unplugged.

While sitting in my car on Sunday as the thunder and lightning made mud of the mines, I had my car running and midway thru this storm, my car blinked three times and died.  The battery was completely dead.  Not a light, not a rev, not a flicker of life.  Well just shit!  Thank god I recently bought jumper cables, so if I needed to be jumped….  I will deal with that at the end of the day, not thru the down pour.

I could see the value of the rain, man it popped all kinds of crystals to the topside of the earth.  It also allowed the earth to soften so I could break thru and find 2 connected veins of crystals, holy abundance batman!!!  Hours later, as I headed to my car to see if I would need a jump, it started right up.  How freakin weird.

Three reboots and one lightning storm.  Old energy out, new energy in!!  I slept a good 10 hours that night and amazingly woke up less squeaky than the day prior.  Which was a good thing since I had an 8 hour drive home to do.

I had spent my drive to and from Arkansas listening to the audiobooks of Dolores Cannon.  Somewhere in the midst of listening and driving home a revelation was provided to me, for me.

In the past weeks, for those who have done enough inner and outer work within their self and lives, life purposes are being revealed.  Not to everyone, however, that said, homework is being provided to polish the diamond for revelation.  Of course, the human in me wants to know what my purpose is, my new expanded purpose.  My team has been as quite as a church mouse…. until my drive home.

When I was in my Life Between Life experience in 2001, I got the smallest of glimpses of what I do when I am not incarnated.  The only thing I could see and understand was working directly with earth and its energies.  What exactly I was doing, I had no idea.  Then again, I was barely a year into this path, my consciousness still closed to most of what is real and what is not.  So I only got enough of a glimpse to (barely) understand and keep moving forward.

My drive home, showed me the rest of the story.  From the other side (spirits side) of the veil, I find those on earth who are in a Light enough state to start harvesting their spiritual abilities thru the consciousness for application in their lives.  Not only did that blow my mind, but my (souls) incarnation on the Pleiades, Ahaunorah is a biochemical engineer that would (and continues to) assist those humans on earth that allowed their vibration to raise high enough to be opened to the new chemical mixtures within the body that allowed for a higher light frequency of use thru the earth realm and their works.  (I really got a bird’s eye view and fuller understanding of all this thru my massage years.)

All of it preparing me, this crazy ass human, for the next phase we have been talking about for years.  Harvesting the still dormant abilities within us, ready to use and expand now.  This is why the Nation of Lights had to be born now.  It is time for the Nation that is us, to come together and work and play and expand in ways that are going to boggle our minds, in a god way of course!!

Getting all this information and understanding made me a little less intimidated on what spirit desires the Nation to be and how.

My arrival back home was a little bumpy to say the least.  So much so, I could not fall asleep at all.  I went from an overload of shut-eye to where the hell is the sandman, he must have stayed in Arkansas.  It was after 3am the last time I looked at the clock and 6am when I woke up.   I was energetically exhausted and had a full day of readings on my agenda.  Holy shit, how am I going to do this!!  I could not even must the first word of a blog, my brain was too sleep deprived.  So I decided to see if the hundreds of crystals now basking on the table in the yard, can replenish my energy like they did when I was in the mine.  I started cleaning the ones still soaking in the pool,  Sure enough, by the time the first (thru the last) reading rolled around, my energy was high, the ability to understand (which takes more energy than seeing) was equal to the sight energy.  YAY!!

What you, what we are turning into is breath-taking in its enormity.  Enhanced and solidified thru this magnetic field called the solstice!!  There is one reading in particular I want to talk about before I end this sharing for the day.

Her visual was that of a vine, kinda like a jack and the beanstalk vine, learning to the right kinda like this /.  I could see the tendrils all coiled up in various places of her vineness.  Then her team asked a question, the energy boomed inside of me as I spoke it out my mouth “Where is your support system?”  This was her team asking the questions instead of the other way around, we were both taken aback a bit by this.  The visual was made clearer in what they were asking,

These tendrils grow around fences for support and strength, in this case, it was other people, on the ground level of her life, where was her support system her tendrils could interlock with??  At this moment, she had none.  They said it is time to go get them!!  Yeah, that’s easy enough right?? lol (said completely facetiously)

They then fast forwarded her potential, and the support system in place (looking like a trellis to me) and her tendrils interlocking thru the trellis (other people) and suddenly these beautiful and dare I say, bountiful white flowers just appeared and opened up thru her entire vine.

I had to ask her where she lived (cuz I forget more than I will ever remember lol) and there she is, right down the road from me in San Antonio!!  Well holy batwoman, we are having a little impromptu get together tomorrow (which is now today lol, the solstice) get your ass up here and let the support system unfold!  She will be here!!

I may not fully understand what The Nation of Lights will become or how, but I sure as hell feel the importance of what is being birthed.

Enjoy the Up Rising of Light that is YOU today especially, the longest day of LIGHT of the year.  Play out loud, in joy, in power, in wholeness in ALL you do!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of abundance light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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