Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 15, 2017

The Field, The Veil, The Guardians and Us.

I find it interesting that for the second month in a row, spirit is using the breath of the yard to denote time.  Not in a way I am familiar with however!  It seems in front of my porch lays whatever event is coming up, last month it was the new moon/eye of the needle, this month it is solstice.  Both months the readings started out further out in the back part of the yard and each day the imagery gets closer and closer to the porch.

Equally, for the second month in a row, once we hit the full moon, the readings are back up in the air (as opposed to on the ground level where I like there lol.)  I realized, thru yesterday’s readings, that this energy thing that continues to be consistent since Sunday, that is about 15 feet above the ground, everyone has this basketball sized opening in the energy layer, directly over their core energy, is what we refer to as “the veil.”  The veil that separates spirit/heaven and earth.  Or maybe more clearly understood, that which has kept us from our full power, which first and foremost is knowledge turned into wisdom.  Which is all about application.  Full alignment with the energy that is YOU, that is US and not only using it in its fullness, but understanding what “it” is.  Complete conscious awareness… alignment.  This is so much more than just being able to do something, what I lovingly refer to as our super powers, that is what makes you unique.  But here are many attributes that make us the same too.  Birthed from the same cloth.  Our intuition, our ability to see thru the bullshit, our ability to know something is coming around our corner (even if we do not know what that is, we feel the preparation for its arrival inside ourselves.)  And most importantly, our ability to see a diamond in the rough and want to work with it/him/her!

Not all diamonds turn into gemstones.  Knowing when to walk away is as key as knowing when to assist.

Something else that is odd has been happening this last week.  It first started with a beautiful man I am in homework sessions with, assisting him in meditation.  As we got together I could see this gold pocket watch swinging to and fro above my computer screen.  It took me a bit to understand it is a hypnosis technique (not one I have ever used) and that I was being asked to have him do the hypnosis with the guardians series.

A few days later, my last reading of the day started and ended (there was nothing in between) with this pocket watch thing and her team telling her she needs to do at least the first hypnosis event, “The Planting” with the guardians.  I sent her the file and rescheduled her reading.

Much to my surprise, it happened again, a two beautiful divine counterpart women I have been reading for, for a while, who actually bought “The Kitchen Sink” special, but did not do the hypnosis with the guardians that is included with it, same thing, no reading, just this very particular homework.

For those not familiar with “The Guardians,” I met them in the summer of 2011, before I moved to the Jemez in New Mexico, while i was at my son’s house in Virginia.  I was in the bathtub and I watched as one came out of the shower head.  There was no water running, just an energy pouring thru and sitting in the bathtub with me.  It was an unfamiliar energy so I asked who it/they were.  The reply was “The Keepers of Shambhala.”  I truly disliked the word keeper and told them if they wanted to talk with me, they needed to change the word keeper, I didn’t like it (I can be so bossy lol.)  They did.  They changed the word keeper to Guardian and that sat well within me.

I arrived in my new home in the Jemez January 2012, my memory and experience with the guardian of shambhala now a faint memory, until I took the first picture of the mesa in the back yard.  The guardians showed me the energy of Shambhala thru their eyes.  It was like a fire or the sun coming out of the ground!!  Imagine my surprise when one of the first pictures I took of the 1100 foot mesa looked like this:

shambhala mesa

At the foot of the mesa was the Jemez River, a place I would sit and commune with the Guardians, who took up residence on the Mesa top.

Their energy has been here since the inception of earth, holding the energy of Shambhala or heaven on earth, sacred and untainted thru the many shifts consciousness has gone thru thru the various era’s on earth.

As time and understanding went on, I realized that the souls that I see on top of the mesa are us.  A part of our soul energy that has been on this earth since their was an earth.  And now was the time to reintegrate that energy back into the readied humans.  I wrote a blog (well many) about the Guardians and us back in 2012 entitled We Are The Guardians (in training) of Shambhala.

We have been 5 years in training and are in the midst of graduation.  But consciousness is still key about what we are and why and the codes, the freakin codes that come with their first hypnosis session (they transmitted every word, except the induction.)  I only took the transmission and was in la la land for 3 days after the first one!!  I couldn’t even read until my brains returned to my new normal!!  lol

I guess that’s all we are going to say about that!! lol  The energy just… moved.  But what was weird and oddly wonderful, I couldn’t remember where I was as I was typing the above.  I took a moment to go out into the yard, sit, have a smoke then come back and talk about the guardians and I got lost.  Was I still in the yard, on the porch or in new mexico, I really had to look around my space to reorient myself.  Just weird!! lol

Back to the present moment lol.  Just to let everyone know, I have two people now working on my website.  It kind of breaks my heart to know 3 months of work… waiting and $1500 bought me a shell.  A very beautiful shell, but just a shell.  There is a ton of work that now must get done before it can launch.  That said, it all pushed me into a very different, much more expanded direction as well.  So, it really was all a catalyst into this new realm we are working to create.  His vision was grander than any I would have had for myself, and for us together.  The more he got excited about it, the more I was pushed out of all my lingering comfort zones to get on board.  Which also allowed spirit to zoom in and expand even all that.  There is a lot I am not telling you about the bigger vision of The Nation of Lights, on purpose (I am still getting organized around it all.)

One of the things that we will be doing (thanx to Howard’s insistence) are youtube video’s along with facebook live events.  One of the things that started our downfall together was him asking me to do a short video on what The Nation of Lights is, does and ongoing value.  I personally do not like talking to myself in front of a camera (I like human interaction, not just me yapping to air) after many retakes, I felt I did a decent video that he hated.  He didn’t like my clothes, my (not groomed yet) fire pit and the one thing I liked, since I was sitting in the shade under a shade umbrella, shielded from the sun, was the way the light played on me thru the video.

This video portrays ME.  I do not do alters, life is my alter.  I do not do fancy, my soul is fancy enough.  And I feel blessed that the light wants to dance on me!!  So with all that said, let me introduce you to The Nation of Lights youtube channel and the first (very short) video on there.  Just consider this Me, allowing me to feel like there is progress happening!!

I love you all!!  Soul very freakin much!!!

(((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))) of dancing light and extreme joyful anticipation!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. LAST DAY for the Full Moon Special:  33% off all single readings or ET connections.  Because, Christ, what a time we are in!! 😀 😉 ❤

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  1. Making a personal video is tough. Good job.
    I’m confirming the message you received when the moon was in Capricorn. Once it moved into Aquarius – we felt the ‘leaving/ending/death’ and danced with the energy of the day.

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    • Thank you and when was the moon in capricorn?? 😉 😀 ❤


      • June 12 the moon was in Cap. That day you blogged about someone leaving. I’m watching moon south node in Aquarius/north node Leo.
        Personally I am sun Aquarius, moon Leo so I have ocd about the energy.


  2. PerfectYOU I love the video…your vibration energy shines in it…only those living limited 3D would not see this as the introduction of perfection in authenticity……………Lisa Girl You Go and We Will Be There With You

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  3. Lisa, I loved the video! So good to hear and see you and extremely happy The Nation of Lights is flying high! Love you sistah, Louise

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  4. All those who follow you love you just the way you are, no need to get fancy..and those who are to join you (newbies) will fall in love with you because you are just being you! And to be honest, in a world of fake, genuine is very refreshing. No sugar coating..just LISA!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dear Lisa, what a great Video!
    Lots of good Luck!

    This just came in to my mind:

    Words and deeds reveal
    Lifting the Veil
    Breaking The Seal

    Working in Synergy
    All our Energy
    Will lead to Infinity

    Lots of warm greetings, Lia

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

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  6. I love it!!! So excited for this yaaaay xx 💞🙏🏻

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  7. Reblogged this on unity2013.


  8. I love you and this video…. Sending this to my friends.. looking forward to connecting on your new platforms!.. (((hugs))))

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  9. OMG… Beautiful video… loved it… Im so excited for the launch of the Nation of Lights… Loved the light reflections too. You spoke directly from your heart to ours.

    Liked by 1 person

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