Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 12, 2017

The Full Moon, The Energy and the Solstice!!

June is unfolding in ways I never seen coming.  Starting with this body and the odd (but very much appreciated) degradation then restoration of various body parts, one section at a time.  The upper lungs area is lasting the longest, today will be the third day for the asthma like symptoms and yesterday the bowels turned to soup.  I am hoping, that should signal the end of this odd ride in my body.  But again, I must say I am grateful is all happened in sections (one part at a time) instead of all at the same time.

Yesterday morning I was sitting here on the porch wondering in my head, to spirit of course, how I did not see the intensity of this full moon coming.  After we went thru the eye of the needle with the new moon in May, the energy focus was on the solstice energy, a several week event and one that is spreading out the seeds and seedlings you (we) have planted in the emotional field.  So I sat here, puffing on my inhaler, wondering…

Out of the clear blue, without even the slightest set up I hear, directly in front of my face, I mean, as if an energy was 3 inches from my face: “Someone on the national stage of life is going to be suddenly making an exit out of life, which is already causing many light fields to rearrange and change plans.”  


Hold that thought a minute, I will get back to it.

The day before (Saturday) the gentleman who is living in the house we just rented for the Center called me to let me know he had a few things he wanted to sell and to come see if I was interested (I asked him if he would do that.)  But of course.  I took two hits off my inhaler (my lungs have been touchy the last two days) and off I went.  I was more excited to reexamine this house, now less stuffed with furniture and boxes and gives me a better idea of size.  And to take pictures of the back yard!!

That back yard!!  There are so many trees which creates shade everywhere.  It is in complete contrast to my own back yard, which is lined with trees but the yard itself wide open and gets soaked with sunshine everywhere.  Here, let me tantalize your heartbuds:





The last two pictures show the extended yards to the yards.  The space between the fence and the barn, ours.  The arrows I placed in the bottom picture shows the space between two fences that is also ours.  So we have a large front yard, a back yard which is U-shaped around the house, a far back yard and a far left yard!  The adjoining field is my landlords and he has cattle and horses that retired to this world of ours and that is their barn.

As the day fell into night on Saturday, my daughter and I started talking about the solstice get together we were having and neither one of us was feeling it.  Of course, we put it together before the new house was a thought and before going to Arkansas for crystals was on the to-do list for the new house and especially before the new website launch was delayed again.  There is way too much dust still up in the air and my focus is on this new house and website launch.  We went to sleep leaning towards postponing the gathering.  Once I woke up yesterday, I was sure we had to cancel it.  I suddenly felt the urge to go to Arkansas a week early to harvest a trunk full of crystals.  Not all pretty points, but the raw, broken, still in stone ones too.

I could hear the landscape of the Center giving details of what it needs, how it needs the crystals laid out and what energy should be charged in it.  It also must have a water element running near the tree and fire pit.  I started looking for solar-powered fountains.

I started to realize this land, the communication and desires is just like the land I stayed on in Vermont, what I lovingly refer to as the mountainside cocoon a lot of my earth skills were unpacked and fine tuned upon.  The earth, the trees, the grass the flowers, all alive and have desires of their own.

My personal back yard is akin to new mexico, spirit alive and playful around every corner.  This was evident thru the full moon.  I had this urge to go out in the yard and take some videos and see if I could capture orbs under the predawn light of the full moon.  Holy heavens did I!!! They even came thru in still shots:




So what I consider my own personal, spiritual bookends, Vermont and New Mexico are both here in Fentress, Texas.

So as I am changing all my plans for the month of June and contemplating this full moon energy havoc that is still playing out in my body, spirit gets up in my face with a perfectly clear and concise message.  But not just for my ears, they wanted me to share that message.

I have been listening and talking with spirit a good 17 years now, almost never do they look at the world stage in their communication.  And surely, not like this and never in my face.  Spirit glides into my ears, into my field of inner hearing or speaks thru my crown, but never in my face.

I was shocked by the message and the placement of it.  Besides yelling out WHAT???  I did my best to ignore it.  I got up and went and did the dishes.  Spirit followed me, repeating the phrase over and over.  I went into the bathroom to potty and stuff, I was officially being stalked.  My job was to put it on facebook, part so I did not forget it word for word and part so others knew too.

I did try to get more information, like who.  Who would be so vital to the national stage it would create chaos if they suddenly died?  And what did you mean by sudden???  Assassination??  Heart attack???  The only two people I could think of was Trump, but with him I can see more celebration than chaos or the Dalai Lama.  The only reason I thought of him was because he is a light worker and one that presents on the national stage of life.

Spirit said at this moment, the who is not going to be revealed and it is not the who that matters but the knowing intense preparations are already underway.  A lot is changing faster than originally planned.  Our job is to simply be prepared.

I had one reading scheduled for yesterday.  I was so grateful for that appointment.  I get different information thru you, maybe I can leach my lady’s field to understand more.  Especially since we were supposed to meet the day prior but she never woke up for it and her phone was on mute.  If there is a delay in a scheduled reading, I promise you, spirit always has a good reason.

Her reading opened up with what looked like a small (maybe basketball sized) opening in a thick layer of energy about 15 feet above the ground.  There was lightning strikes coming out of it connecting to a ground that was not visible to my eyes.  Intense energy coming in.  It felt like this was a sudden back up plan, more than just the full moon energy and the extra electrical currents coming thru were essential.  The imagery did not feel personal to her, but what is happening at this moment on earth.  So I had her ask a question, lets see if spirit will address her questions.  Holy shit!!!  Again, not what I am accustomed to.

I cannot remember the order of her questions, but the details that were given to her, I will share in a minute.  Its how her team expressed their words.  Usually, wait, almost always when spirit talks their words and energies glide from the field into my field of hearing, kinda like a song I hear all at once.  Yesterday, they were inside my head like full occupancy in there.  Maybe what a full body channel must feel like, only this was full head since my body is still undergoing energy shifts.  Their energies were now mine and they were so a matter of fact in their expressions.

They explained to her how energy changes affect her field, her relationships and who shows up where and when.  This so applies to all of us that I want to be as clear in the details as I am capable.

I could see her life platform hovering above the landscape that was no longer visible to me, in her right field (emotional spiritual side) and they gave the example of one shift changing the platform to move in a slight clockwise motion.  It released itself from one cog of her life and moved three cogs up and locked in there.  Changing the energy vibration of her entire field, which changes relationships, desires, motivations and such.  This happens every time we go thru what I will just call a spiritual growth spurt and has been happening in earnest since 2012.  Truly, over many lifetimes… but since 2012 there is a greater alignment happening with people’s personal platforms and cogs.  What we cannot see is when we shift even one iota (since the end of 2012) we are actually aligning to the greater soul groups on earth that reside in our frequency.  We release what no longer serves us and allow room for new interactions, if we allow.  We always have free will to not allow.

If we could actually see how this all looked from spirit’s eyes, we all started out in a field that kind of looked like this:


All different thoughts and ideas on top of each other.  Leaching one belief system for another.  Dimensional fields interloping with each other.  Our job has always been, to become clear.  To remove what no longer serves us ad become centered, to become The Center.  Unite (not follow like sheep) as a unified whole at the Center of your (our) creation.

For 5 years every puzzle piece was aligning magnetically to the divine (god) cog in the Center.  So we can be the center of creation expressed as one, in Body.

the center

The heart of God/Source/Creator living as One expression thru many.  The magnetic field intensifies and pulls others in (hence the surrounding puzzle pieces.)

This solstice energy is all about that.  When puzzle pieces interlock, there is a force field that interlocks as well.  The power… mighty!!

This solstice energy is bringing together many unseen events on the earth horizon.  What can even be called a singular point of duality (the best and the worse at once.)  Of course, to spirit there is no “worst” just catalysts for more best outcomes.

I have this feeling, whatever yesterdays message was that was in my face, was not scheduled until after this equinox in September.  But free will and egos still run rampant and can speed things up as they desire.

After my lady’s (non) reading (I rescheduled her since I was leaching her information for us and spirit had already told her the remaining questions she had, with details, will not be known until after this solstice, too much is changing in a hurry.

But anyway, after her reading I thought about what I had experienced in Florida at Marco Island and the fact that I now live just outside of San Marcos at the San Marcos River.  What the hell is up with Marco?????  I took to google to see what the words meant.  In italian Marco refers to Mars, the god of war.  However, in greek Marco means Guardian!  OMG the Guardians of Shambhala!!!!!!  San in spanish means holy or saint.  The holy Guardians.  OMG!!!  I get this.

When we first met the Guardians of Shambhala on the mesa in the Jemez, they clearly stated that they each had a human incarnate in this time.  This time was about conscious and full invitation/integration of the energies who have stood guard within this realm since long before Lemuria, to assure one day, the earth shall return to the heaven on earth, Shambhala State of Being.

We Are the Guardians of Shambhala.  Our time is at hand and much will be asked of us, without notice and in joy!!

On that note, I have a day of readings I need to prepare for.  Thank you for Being you and shining your Light for all of us to see and understand thru.  God, I love you all so freakin much!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of electrical fields of full moon illumination and the final weeding of the garden!!! 😉

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Full Moon Special thru midnight the 15th.  33% off all single readings or ET connections.  Because, Christ, what a time we are in!! 😀 😉 ❤

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  1. You’re doing so great 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ It gets better.


  2. Had a strange thought when I was thinking about Trump “leaving”. Don’t you think that would let him off too easily? Do you think if he left anytime from now until October that he has learned anything? I still think there is a lot of lessons he needs to realize.

    Want to know what I think would be great? If it was Putin that was the one that died. Then have Russia feel it was trump and the pressure of all of this…so what does the Russian government do? They expose trump and all of their ‘secret’ meetings.

    D.C. And the state of Maryland are both suing trump because of his use of foreign money and his conflict of interest with his businesses while being president. Foreign diplomats are staying at his new hotel he built in D.C. While running. He is monopolizing his businesses and taking away revenue of city centers etc. also his son has just talked about building all new hotels in the red states that elected him.

    Everything he does is geared towards more profit, so I think it would be great if he were around to see all of that be taken away from him. If his world is ruled by money and power, then I think we need to take away his money and power in order for him to learn and feel something that others have experienced.

    I would be sad if Trimp died! But not because he was gone. Because he would miss the opportunity of truly understanding humanity and just how far out of reach he was with the American people and the world.


    • Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahaha!! 😝


    • Liked by 1 person

  3. Ps- I know you said national stage, but our national stage is already in a state of chaos! The reason I said Putin is because it could just be an international person that allows the chaos of our national stage to finally change.

    I look at it as a tide. The tide (energy) was previously going out into the ocean. That energy was working for trump. With this event happening that you are referring to, maybe the tide will change (come in) and everything that was in trumps favor will now be the opposite and working against him. ???

    Just thoughts and hopes!! 🙂


    • Liked by 2 people

      • Oh my …. Now that is the creepiest photo I’ve ever seen of her!! 😣

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  4. Wonderful thanx for sharing now I’ve read it.. <3<3<3


  5. Have you heard of the ‘Voice of God Technology’? I suggest researching it. This and another post I read of yours are perfect examples of its use.


    • Do you have a source you can recommend? The things I’ve been pulling up have more of a negative connotation to it. Maybe even fear induced saying it’s used for mind control and cabal etc. is this how you are referring to it? Also is it comparable to the “god particle”?



      • The actual “God Particle” ( . ) :


        The Prime Radiant

        Imagine a particle. A hypothetical particle. An elemental particle. A theoretical particle. An infinitesimal particle that is indivisible into any smaller parts.

        Now finally, imagine that this particle is conscious of itself. This particle now represents the smallest most basic thing that makes up all matter in our Universe.

        *There is only this one particle, out of which everything is made.*

        It is not that there is only one KIND of particle, but that there is LITERALLY ONLY one particle out of which everything is made.

        This particle has no mass. It moves at infinite speed. There is nothing that can impede it or effect it. There is nothing else in existence BUT this particle. Since there is nothing else in existence but this one particle, when it moves it moves at infinite speeds. Infinite velocity.

        It can move so fast that it can literally appear to be next to itself. It can be everywhere and anywhere at any given time. It can appear next to itself over and over again appearing as many different particles.

        If you realize that there is only one particle and it is the same as every other particle, you can see that all the atoms that make up our cells and our body, the stars and planet, are all made from the same particle and are therefore connected.

        We are all made of the same thing. This is how everything in creation is connected.

        We are literally all one. We ARE the stars, we ARE everyone else. Not just energetically, not just theoretically, but physiologically and literally.

        This one particle is moving at infinitesimal speeds to make up all the atoms, all the cells of all matter and all life in the Universe at all times. It does this by moving at infinite speed and in various geometrical patterns.


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  6. “Because it’s the sound of built in echolocation.”

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  7. Thank you dear Lisa, lots to think about. I commiserate with your going thru’ the body changes, me & you both!! One more Clinic visit (on the 19th June) before I have my cataract removed, not sure, but might have to have general anaesthetic, as I cannot lie on my back for more than about 10 mins before agony sets in….(I need to be able to make it for about 30 – 40 mins)… a Gynae visit in August for my other re-curring infection problem (years in the making!) I am thinking of you all in similar situations! Sending much Love & Blessings to you all, Love Love your backyard, Lisa….kisses & hugs to all xoxoxo


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