Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 4, 2017

We Are NOW Moving into Living Our Purpose!!!!

choices of purpose

June is surely starting off with a bang, a big bang in the field.  We are finally growing, seeing the potential fruits of our lifetime labors.  To the degree, our teams are using a word they have purposely and carefully, never used before.  Our purpose here on earth, now, in these times.

For the last 5 years, before we went into the shifts of all shifts in May (2017) anytime anyone asked what their purpose was, the reply was always similar and constant, something in the order of… to Be here Now.  What you chose really doesn’t matter, for as long as you are continuing to be and refine who and what you are in this constant changing game called life.  And the how has been the constant focus in the majority of readings.

In of the readings in particular yesterday, a young lady (20 something) I have been reading for a couple of years, whose focus has been on strengthening and fine tuning her elemental (think fairy kingdom) skills and awareness, suddenly was presented with this old old (well-worn) work or army boots that looked about 10 sizes too big for her.  Her team said, it is time to get her boots on the ground.  She has perfected within her as much as is needed, the rest will only come from boots on the ground.  She will only grow into them by walking in them.

She currently works with autistic children.  Thru her reading, I was shocked to see something out in the future.  A center that she will open one day specifically geared towards children who have emotional needs.  Society labels these children with emotional disabilities, but nothing could be further from the truth, actually quite the opposite.  They are highly (spiritually) functioning Beings of Light trying to figure out how to work such a dense body.  Even tho our bodies are changing and these children are coming into very different DNA than even a decade ago, they need highly developed adults to help them learn to be in these bodies and work them to their greatest advantage.

Another lady was given a past life connection to this very moment.  She had lived and worked at the Vatican as a nun (if there is a high nun, she would be considered a high nun.)  She was there from the late 1600’s until the early 1700’s when she passed.  She had much wisdom and ideas she presented to the powers that be (pope and the like) and it all fell on deaf ears and went nowhere.  It was all put away thru her proceeding lifetimes, waiting for this very timeline to arrive.  What I didn’t realize yesterday in her reading, but surely do this morning, the current pope is the same pope from that timeline.  Much had to be learned between the two energy systems and integrated thru lifetimes, pre prepping for this very timeline.  The seeds of light she presented to him back then, have grown.

Think about that for a long moment.  Especially if you are someone who insists that someone else may not listen to what you are sharing with them.  It may not take root in this lifetime, or the next… but the seed has been planted and nothing more can be asked of any gardener.  But not planting any seeds in fields that need growth, well, you reap what you sow lifetime after lifetime.

However, the seeds you plant along the way (timelines of incarnations) cannot help but nourish you and your life in some ongoing way.  Even, like my present lady, if you are not intimately connected to the original source that you planted thru, his light spring is also hers.  (I hope you understand what I am trying to say.)

Many are still undergoing massive choice points.  These choices will finish up by the solstice.  You are either leaping and reaping or redoing things you missed along the way.

But don’t look or even expect anything to unfold in a normal linear way.  At ALL!!  I think of my own current, crazy ass journey.  In Florida I had a fully furnished 2 bedroom house.  Spirit did not (on purpose) give me the slightest inkling I would be setting up a new home so quickly.  I surely would have shipped everything to Texas and put it in storage.  Instead, nope a good chunk of the money from the sale of the home went to replacing all the things I already had and left in Florida.  That’s one way to dump all the energy of the past!!  Sneak attack lol.

But what gets me more than even that, why not put the business house at the top of my gotta get done list (when money had more digits before the decimal point) instead of the end of it.  My safety net is disappearing fast!!  But that too, is trust.  Bitching and trusting.

Let’s talk about our crazy changing bodies too.  I mentioned before that my hands and wrists hurt like freakin crazy the last couple months I was in florida.  To the point i needed two hands to pick up a pot of coffee.  Since arriving here in Fentress, the pain is now completely gone, but the strength I once had, gone.   So I do what I do, ask my body and my team… what the hell am I doing wrong that i need to reverse so I can have some strength back.  The reply surprised me, hell, still surprises me.

In my massage world, from the shoulders to the fingertips is all about our reach for life.  The wrists are all about flexibility in what we are reaching for and drawing back to us.  The fingers allow us to grasp it (whatever it is) and the thumb locks it in place to pull towards you.  Getting to this moment in my time, it took a lot of strength, tremendous flexibility in not only my life path, but my ongoing changing/expanding understandings.  Understandings are worthless unless you live them and even that takes strength.  You have to open your hands, release what you strived so hard to get, and then reach again into new containers of seed energy.

So when my body and my team said, nothing is wrong at all.  Instead, my body is showing me that I no longer need the strength I once did to manifest.  And in this version of my new life, I will not be doing anything by myself, as this past year has intimately shown me thru you.  When we come together as a whole (in body and in life) the strength is in the wholeness not the individual.  My body has always been a vessel to understand the changes we are changing into.  Not sure I am thrilled with that commitment, but bob and weave with it lol.

All that said, we are looking at a launch date for The Nation of Lights website this Friday, the 9th.  Now that we have a physical place that will be an integral part of the website, I am going to add the line (because I keep hearing it over and over with the name) The Center (think… the core of your body, as opposed to a place) for Spiritual (see spirit you’ll, cuz I do) Expansion.  Let me tell ya, the closer we get the more about it is expanding in my crazy head.

When I was living in my mothers community of Stonehenge, all I kept thinking to myself was it would be great as these people die, if we moved in, one by one and we would have a living community of Light.  A bit grandiose lol, but the seed was firmly planted in me.  Well, in its own way, The Nation of Lights is doing just that.  At the etheric/internet level first and foremost.  I had already lived in a community back in 2004-2005 and have no desire to enter anything like that again.  My desire, that stems from everything I seen possible thru you and my own experiences… I was the ascended masters community.  A place where we learn to partner with each other in communication and skills.  Not one person above or below another.  Do not take that to mean everyone must be at the same level of understanding and application, not even a little bit.  We would all miss so much growth opportunity if it was that way.

That said, everyone will be required to pay a monthly maintenance fee (just like the community in Florida.)  We are looking at $48 a month (which is a 12 vibration) for full access and participation to and within everything online.  And trust me, there is going to be a lot offered.  What I didn’t see coming until 2 days ago (I have been waking up with more and more and more clarity of what we are doing and how it is going to be done, from spirit’s desires) is the only ones participating at the physical center will be members.  A marriage like no other.  Heaven and earth, etheric and physicality.  We will be doing a lot individually and as a group online and in person.

We are all Blooming cuz baby, this is OUR Season!!!

On that note, I am out of coffee (how the hell did that happen!!??) and have to do a store run before my daughter wakes up cuz I didn’t leave her any lol.

I am so excited for all of us, for Life itself.  Things are a changing… rapidly!!

(((HUGZ)))) of wonder and movement thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. As long as I keep my receipt and do my homework – it can be a tax deduction through my sole proprietor setup.


    • As Lisa always says, THINK about this for a long moment.

      Do you even realize, what you are doing, in perpetuating this???
      Step back, and take a long, good look at it, through someone else’s eyes:


      • Actually Kiera, yes. I am willing to play. I’m not watching your link.


      • Which means, 1abserenity, that you have just chosen NOT to learn, to grow, and to expand your Conscious Awareness.

        And what THAT means, is that you are not helping to Ascend our planet GAIA and Humanity.
        In fact, you are doing the opposite, by pulling the Human Collective in the *opposite* direction, and maintaining/supporting the old 3D Earth Matrix…..that which we Lightworkers have worked so hard, and suffered so much, to dis-assemble.

        Unbelievably enough, you are working against, not only the majority of High Frequency Lightworkers, but Jesus/Yeshua himself.

        Jesus, in the video you refuse to watch, (as would a stubborn child) — was the first one to come here to this upside-down, backwards planet and deliberately inject CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS Ascension Energies into its energy matrix.

        For all of us to use. As mature Beings of Light.

        But what YOU have just decided to do, at this point, is work in total opposition to the Christ Consciousness energies.

        Which is incredibly *ironic*, due to the fact that Lisa is so utterly obsessed with Jesus/Yeshua.

        Have fun “playing” AND “paying” in your sandbox.

        If you weren’t affecting so many others with your Low Frequency decision, I would not have bothered responding to you and simply left you alone to learn your lessons without my input.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Actually, let’s be clear here, my obsession, if you need to call it that, would be with Sananda, the soul of that which we know as Jesus. And hell, if your gonna have an obsession… just as you are so obsessed with calling people names, devaluing any decision that conflicts with your own.

        I so want to just reach out and hug you, the bully of the playground. And you are a bully. You do not share in a way that allows for conversation or debate. Which is fine…. but, I will remind you once again and for the last time. NO NAME CALLING!!

        Thank you.


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  3. “When I was living in my mothers community of Stonehenge, all I kept thinking to myself was it would be great as these people die, if we moved in, one by one and we would have a living community of Light.”

    THAT, is the way I have always felt, about this ENTIRE PLANET.
    Never mind just one community…

    And that is precisely why we learn to use Timelines, in order to shift ourselves to higher frequency parallel Earth’s — in which all of these low frequency people are already dead and gone.


  4. “That said, everyone will be required to pay a monthly maintenance fee (just like the community in Florida.) We are looking at $48 a month (which is a 12 vibration) for full access and participation to and within everything online. And trust me, there is going to be a lot offered.

    …the only ones participating at the physical center will be members.”

    *All* of my teachings/rememberings always have been and always will be FREE.

    Free for ALL.
    For All are ONE.

    Jesus on the concept of “members”:

    “You think [Source] belongs only to you???
    It doesn’t!!!

    [Source] is an immortal spirit, that belongs to EVERYBODY!!!!”


    Definition of “Perpetuate”:

    make (something, typically an undesirable situation or an unfounded belief) continue indefinitely.

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  5. A pure, 12 vibration:

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  6. The Rainbow Coloured Essence (Light) of Beloved exists inside the core of EVERY human on this planet. A rainbow coloured dove is a symbol to attune with and expand it from the subatomic level of the divine core light within.

    ‘Beloved’ is the being that has evolved beyond that which is known as ‘Jesus’ and has made it known that this is the Resonance, the Sacred Name by which he has chosed to be known ~ via 1995 transmission method (not channelled method).

    When the name ‘Beloved’ is resonated with the human voice, it is actually a Word of Power, a Selestial Resonance that taps into frequencies divine and higher level. It is a blessed tool thus for healing, either for the Self or other. it is a gift.

    Beloved’s PURPOSE is to assist all life within and without the Divine Being Earth Mother (of which Gaia is a soul aspect – not the other way around) ~ assist with LOVE ~ UNCONDITIONAL, and emotions.

    Likewise Sananda, Krishna and the White Goddess are soul aspects of ‘Jesus’ – not the other way around, and Beloved is the oversoul.

    This is the Hghest Truth level of information on this.

    Everyone has unlimited access to The Highest, via the portal of the divine core light in the heart area and can choose to access for themselves or seek guidance on tools and techniques to do so, whether they pay a teacher to assist, or do it free for themselves. it is all valid.

    I wish you all the very best in fulfilling your purpose of living a life of highest joy ~

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  7. BTW: spell ‘Selestial Resonance’ in with ‘C’ not ’S’


  8. Hey guys! Just wanted to say that everything is LIT right now, seriously 😊😊😊 not that you didn’t already know 😉 Found three members of my tribe online over the weekend. Telepathy and synchronization of consciousness being proven constantly between us in real time. Coming online in full force as one! Those of presence are unifying in one mind AWARENESS Now. It’s all becoming conscious, yessss!! Blessings to you all, thank you thank you thank you and happy dancing ❤️❤️❤️


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