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THE AWAKENING SOLAR INTELLIGENCE by Ken Carey (And a little input from me too.)

Solar energy

I was emailed an amazing sharing that was put out by our beloved Ken Carey [author of The Starseed Transmissions, Return of the Bird Tribes and more,] yesterday.  It really breaks my heart that he is no longer on this planet with us.  He went back Home in January this year and is no doubt, much more hands on in this transition than ever before.  But, for a man I only knew thru his writings, I do miss his physical presence here on earth.  I am truly grateful for the article that was shared by a wonderful soul, thru email.  Altho I LOVE the entire article, his (Ken’s) experiences that he shares, it is the conclusion of the article I want to highlight before sharing the whole thing with everyone.  What I share from this amazing output of light and wisdom from Ken, I will place in italics.  Tho, I am sure it will be obvious what he wrote compared to what I share! lol

And distraction is what it’s all about, you know—the worrisome scenarios of the “Doomsday Preppers,” fears of a global financial collapse, periods of time without mass communication, inoperable military satellites that will (along with the absence of field communication) bring wars to a standstill. Not all of these things will occur of course, but those that do will do so merely to distract people while God’s real work is taking place. For God to restore the Sacred Reality, simple fairness needs to rule resource distribution among humans, and the other species who along with us inhabit this world. Those among the super rich who are standing in the way will be stripped of all earthly influence.

Distraction!!  Why does my mind instantly go to Trump.  I cannot even bring myself to pay attention to what he is doing and the world (powers that be) reactions to this man boy.  He is truly irrelevant to me, to us.  “…will do so merely to distract people while God’s real work is taking place.”

The time we are living in now is all about the how. But let’s not jump the gun. Soon, with God looking through our eyes, it will all become obvious. Even now, the Great Being Behind all Being is actively seeking our advice on many of the transition’s details. As cells in the awakening body of God, we have a responsibility here as well.

Keeping in mind, he published this article Sept 29th, 2012.  I remember the readings vividly as we crossed major timelines/choice points as we left 2012 behind and embarked on 2013.  Not everyone jumped with us.  Which can be very confusing for the mind, since it appears all the players came with us.  


Parallel earths, just by the name makes us think of separate realities somewhere other than here.  Lets look at the soap-bubble cluster and rethink parallel realities.  There are all here, co-mingling together.  We can, at will and desire, enter and exis

We can, at will, desire and focus (intentional or unintentional) enter and exit these parallel realities at any time.  If you remember my time line shifting experience from June of last year, when I was seeking a reality where my mother loved me and welcomed me back into her world, we simply moved from one soap bubble reality into another.  With it, changed the entire course of my life.  Jumping realities is like that!! 

I think too (Something i never really thought about until now) we have seen way to many movies with special effects in them.  So maybe we think, ok I will go thru a tunnel, lights all around and slide out of the tunnel landing on my ass in another reality.  It was nothing like that at all.  Only what I will call a wiggle in the energy field.  And if I wasn’t in a state of keen awareness using my higher vision, I would never have noticed a thing.

I say all that to come back to… some are being distracted, choosing alternate reality bubbles.  Then there is us, who for the last 3 years were prepped inside and out to fully host in complete partnership, the Creator!  And then there is this crazy year.  One of the most shocking years of readings ever.  Especially when God shows up ejaculating all over the folks in readings.  Here is the blog that recounts that information and understanding.  

As cells in the awakening body of God, we have a responsibility here as well. God has invited our suggestions on how the Incarnation can occur with a minimum of disruption. As God’s cells we have a more comprehensive knowledge of our immediate environs than does the Spirit responsible for the coordination of the Whole Body.

Can you imagine God seeking OUR suggestions???  We are so programmed to seek Him out and yet, that which we seek, seeks us!  This is our game, true partnerships share the load, share the experience, not one telling the other what to do or worse, always doing it for the other.  

We ARE Partners,  All Is One.  Individuated only by personal experience and emotions.

Well, on that note, I have an early (7am) reading scheduled and I hear the bathtub calling me before the day starts.  

I love you all so freaking much.  Thank  you for Being and Being SOOOOOO Beauty-FULL!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss!!

Lisa Gawlas

~Ken Carey [author of The Starseed Transmissions]   29 September 2012 – 8:11pm |

A life-changing experience began for me on the evening of January 21 and lasted until the evening of January 22. It was so far beyond anything I had ever before imagined possible, so far beyond the ability of words to convey, it will never all be shared in print—though memories of forgotten moments will probably trickle in over the years. If they arrive while I still have the gift of tongues, count on me to tell the tale.

I might as well begin with the context. I sat down here at the computer as I usually do most afternoons and began replying to your comments. Something brought to mind the subject of solar flares, and I became fascinated by a sense of their terrible beauty. Suddenly I was inspired. It was time to do a blog post on the subject, long in the back of my mind, and get some feedback from readers on how they would rate the probability that the Sun might play a role in the terrestrial distractions that will accompany the Creator’s awakening in our Human Family. As my fingers began flying across the keyboard, I had the feeling that I was being slowly immersed in some unfathomable new power. As I continued to type, I was taken up in Spirit and lifted to a high place where I could see both the Earth and the Sun. My vantage point made an equilateral triangle with the Earth and Sun. I was made to know that the visible absence of Mercury and Venus, and the disproportionate (shorter) distance between earth and sun was arranged in this way to better illustrate what I was about to be shown.

The first thing I noticed was that the sun appeared to slosh around slightly, giving the appearance of a heavenly body that was more liquid than the solid outline of relatively stable gasses I had first thought the sun to be. It was clear that our solar star was alive and moving with passion. I felt intelligent intention at work as the side facing the earth seemed under unusual pressure, bulging toward our world, but also restraining the bulge, as if something were trying to escape while solar intelligence was struggling to keep it under control. I then saw a sight that I will take to the grave.

Without warning the bulge lost roughly half of its mass as a huge tongue of solar fire licked hungrily toward the Earth’s Southern Pole. It was obviously a tongue of the purest Love, and I was reminded of two lovers reuniting and what their tongues would do when they met. But they didn’t quite meet. Like a whip being recalled at the last second, the flame receded back into its fiery home even as I saw the once white polar cap explode slightly outward in a great splash of mingled white and the most beautiful ocean blue. The Vision’s beauty was, however, tempered by the knowledge that soon every coastline on the planet would be attacked by tsunamis propelled by waves of 200 or more feet. My apprehension was soon proven accurate as the great islands and continents of the world, from Antarctica northward, were each outlined by a slowly thickening brown line as the enormous waves swept debris inland.

There is great difficulty in explaining how I perceived all this from my vantage point so far away in space, for it was not through the five senses alone. I felt as if the entirety of my being were immersed in an ocean of knowledge whose pressure was so great it saturated me through every pore.

During this vision I understood what I was seeing, for it was being explained (or remembered) wordlessly from the depth of my own soul—a soul that loved that distant blue/white world more than anything except its Creator, the Star Maker, who was now, I knew, incarnate in the sun, making one of those unscheduled visitations I had always suspected must periodically occur. There were also times when the space around me felt clear as a mountain’s still air, and I was left alone just to watch and think my own thoughts. My thoughts? They emanated from no man, though there was something quintessentially human mixed in with their impressions. I knew myself only as a point of observation, a camera lens that from time to time was allowed to think for itself. And thinking, I felt observed—as if two Great Scientists were gauging my reactions.

Watching it still unfold, I remember wondering why the event I was witnessing did not cause a geographic pole reversal, instantaneously burning off surface humans, and much else, but maybe leaving something, a seed perhaps, a starseed maybe. Why this geographic reversal had not occurred I did not know, but the outlines of the continents assured me it had not. I do know the earth felt immensely satisfied because her Antarctic Ice Cap had protected her most precious valuables. Even as she began to sink into that deep satisfaction that follows the most exalted of sexual climaxes… the skyscape abruptly switched. As if a scene had been rewound, the three of us were again back at the beginning: my observation post, the Earth, and the Sun. All as we were before.

As I watched the peaceful scene before me I knew that what I had just seen was a worst-case scenario. If the human experiment were to fail (and apparently the issue has not yet been settled) then, all must be scrubbed, washed and rinsed thoroughly before another attempt could be initiated on a clean and pristine planet—Where I’m putting in for a tour of duty as a duck, I thought, forget these human things. The fact that such a characteristically personal thought could intrude at a time like this signaled that my body needed some attention. Sure enough, as I came back into awareness of my biological housing, the very existence of which I had forgotten, I noticed I was squirming around on my chair. Right, I thought, nature calls. Yet even as urgently as I needed to heed that call, I paused long enough to type:

“The vision I just saw would be, from the Creator’s view, one of the easier ways to start anew, but would it necessarily be the only way?”

I had long ago stopped typing without even finishing the first page, but I took the time to jot down this notation because I knew my mind had a propensity for wandering and when I returned I wanted to resume where I had left off. With nature satisfied, I walked back toward my computer post, noticing every aspect of my environment, with heightened consciousness still thankfully intact.

To understand what happened next, you need to know the general layout of my chaotic twenty-four by twenty-foot bedroom/office. The eastern two-thirds of the room is divided into two cubicles.

My computer post is set up in the southern cubicle, and in my earlier haste through the northern one, I had not bothered to glance at the small television set resting on a shelf at its edge. When I work at night, I often leave the TV picture on CNN with the volume turned off. While I slowly made my way back toward my computer, my gaze dropped down to the television whose screen was filled with a dramatic picture of the flaming sun ejecting a gigantic solar flare. The text running quickly across the bottom of the screen said a major solar flare was to hit in the next few hours, and we should not be surprised at disruptions in cell phones, iPads, laptops, local radio stations, hand-held gaming devices, wireless computer communications…

It is here that worlds collide. Here that realities clash. And it was here that it was proven to me that something more than my imagination had been at work. I knew, of course, that I was not imagining all that I had seen between my occasional bursts of typing, but proof like this I had only been given on the most momentous of occasions. These had been so numerous during our community’s work to save the forest, after a while, we would just exchange knowing glances, and continue in our work. Many such worldly confirmations had also occurred when I first met my wife, and while I was writing my Starseed books, but this was my first such external confirmation in over 20 years. A shiver ran up my spine as I did a quick recap.

I had just been typing up a potential new blog post on solar flares. My vision of it had been among the strongest and most vivid I had ever known. When I left my computer only to see a solar flare filling my television screen, I knew that something truly unusual was taking place.

I sat down and stared, not bothering to turn up the volume. I didn’t need to get this information through CNN. On this story I had the inside scoop. After a few minutes, I rewound to the beginning of the report, hit the “record” button, and let CNN go on, while I soberly walked back to my computer, hoping to reenter the Vision—and leave a few more memory-triggering notes on screen in order to later write up a more comprehensive account of this astounding experience. Fortunately, that brief note I had written earlier was sufficient to help me resume where I had left off. The television had indicated that we had a few hours yet before the flare hit, so without hurry, I let my narrator resume.
This time I was only able to type a few lines before the Vision again sped up to such intensity, there was no way my fingers could keep up. I was taken right back up there again. The equilateral triangle made by my observation post, the Earth, and the Sun again filled my vision.

Feeling as if I had just been born anew, my mind empty of everything, my attention fully in the present, I watched wordlessly as my guiding Spirit went on to show me several other scenarios of solar flares flickering toward the earth. I could tell that the Solar Spirit—for I had now recognized it as such—was also learning. So this show was not merely for my benefit. This time I actually heard my guide in silent, telepathic words, “That last one was far to close,” it said, “we want a flare just strong enough to trigger the planet’s dormant cleansing mechanisms thereby enabling me to leap over to my new temporal home.” It was also explained to me then that what I was seeing was the full electromagnetic spectrum of each flare, whereas my typical human eyesight would have seen only a much smaller portion of it. “Oh,” I replied, cringing at my understatement even as the inadequate word dropped with the thud of a bad joke. There was no response, but again I had the strong feeling of being observed, as if I were part of an experiment in a lab half the size of a solar system. At times my reactions were the reactions of the earth’s human population, and at other times, the reactions of a human individual. The Sun could usually comprehend the Earth’s meanings when she communicated, but I had to occasionally explain the reasoning behind some of her requests.

A series of experiments then began by first reducing the range of the solar flares to about one-third of the power of that first one. Gradually, in a sequence of trials, each flare became longer until they now extended somewhere near to the half-way point between Earth and Sun, where many tedious adjustments were made with every new flare—though they all looked the same to me. Though thoroughly immersed in the Vision, I was now more aware of my biological form and the typewriter on which I occasionally typed the random notes that would hopefully remind me at some future time of the events surrounding them. In a sudden change like a breath of warm air bringing just a hint of rain, I felt the student/teacher relationship relax into a warmth of friendship from the Sun. The Great Spirit turned toward me and breathed a long wordless sigh of satisfaction that I was made to know, if translated into language, would mean something like—
“OK, I think I’ve got it now.”

Following this was a telepathic transfer of instructions, which meant, “We’ll have to split up for this next part of the experiment. I’ll get back with you as soon as the Earth and I have tabulated and compared results. Meanwhile, I want you back at your computer typing anything and everything that comes to mind. We won’t have to read it, but your notations in tangible form will convey their essence to us, and you will have an outline of these events from which one day you may draw a more comprehensive account that will be helpful to the humans who will provide one-third of the input we will use in our future deliberations. At the moment, you are not the only person working with us, but for the simple approximation we currently need, input from the others will be channeled through you, though I doubt you’ll notice.”

Instantly the scene changed, the simulated skyscape was gone, and it was just me, a low light, and my computer screen. An effortless stream of consciousness flowed into my keyboard for a few minutes when suddenly my computer’s wireless connection shut off.
I found myself staring at a sky-blue computer desktop with a few scattered icons looking as solitary as myself. I picked up my wireless phone. It was as silent as a north country night when every sound is absorbed by a deep blanket of snow.

Although I had known my wireless connection might go out at some point, a shiver swept over me nonetheless. I had not expected it so soon. Or at such a dramatic moment. Suddenly cold, I reached for a nearby hooded sweatshirt, rose from my computer station, and began to walk around the only open area of the room. I needed a change of scenery to think clearly, yet after relying so long on my advisor, it took some reorientation to begin thinking again on my own. The timing of that wireless outage was deliberate, I thought, carefully considering what had happened through a variety of perspectives, but not one changed the fact. My wireless service was gone, no two ways about it. Although my trust in God was as strong as ever, that momentary shiver had brought an ever-so-slight wavering around the distant edges. It passed with the shiver, but it had been years since such a wavering had occurred at all. I felt a bit like the soldier, untested in battle, not knowing how he will behave until he finds himself thrust into the midst of combat.

Throughout my pacing about, I had assumed the television signal had also flickered off, but as I made my way over to the other side of the room, I was surprised to see the TV running as usual. This puzzled me longer than it should have, but I finally realized that the television line came in on cable and was therefore unaffected. If ever a man needed a distraction…

I plopped down in front of the television just in time to see a map of the continental United States, every region of which was experiencing horrendous weather: massive flooding in the South, blinding blizzards to the north, a major storm blanketing the Pacific Northwest, extremely high winds in southern California… After the meteorologist had spent an inordinate length of time on the climactic irregularities of our lower forty-eight states, he somewhat sheepishly turned the programming back to the news desk where the third string late night announcer tried to renew interest in the oft-repeated monotony of the last Republican debate. You could almost hear the television audience clamoring for more details on the weather. So she soon gave it up and returned coverage back to the weather department where there was no mention of solar activity. Admittedly confused, wondering if the Mayan prophecies were coming true before my eyes, I turned off the TV and did what I should have done in the first place—stretched out on my bed, lay comfortably on my back and began my stress-dissolving relaxation technique. It worked like a charm, but would it lead to peaceful meditation?

During the next three hours before the wireless came back on my body tossed and turned in a cold sweat during which my temperature rose and fell enough to leave me soaking wet. Finding me in bed instead of in front of the computer screen, my spirit guide seemed puzzled as it began to resume communications. Until then I had not realized the shielding my computer had provided merely by diverting a portion of my mind to something besides the Solar Spirit’s presence. Now, with no intermediary, the Solar Spirit apparently decided to just bring it all in. The massive amounts of information pouring into my mind, body, and every other part of my anatomy was infinitely beyond my comfort zone and absolutely impossible to comprehend. Yet this was the real heart of my Vision. I felt afterward as if more data had been transferred to me during those three hours than I had received in the entire lifetime I had lived up until those moments. Every now and again I did catch passages of meaning, intriguing, and seemingly of great importance. But I had no way to record them as each one passed, leaving not a trace of its memory. Even now, little memory of those three hours has returned. I knew that if I could just focus my mind long enough on something besides my overwhelming physical and spiritual anguish of the moment, I would have some slight chance of lifting myself above this seemingly endless stage of experience. But it was as if the Sun itself had entered my body and was endlessly radiating outward through every pore. I remembered a scene from an old movie in which the drummer raised his drum sticks above his head and, begging for an end to the session, shouted out with passion, “I got blisters on my fingers!” At that moment I felt like shouting, “I got sunburn on my insides! The inside of my eyelids are blistering!” That flashback to simpler times was helpful, for it set my mind off, hot on the trail of implications.

Solar flares were followed, I knew, by “proton rains” rains that often lasted for days. Since sixth grade when I had read a book called, “Relativity For The Layman,” I had known that free protons, unassociated with an atom, would instantaneously negate any free electrons they encountered. One of the many ways of eliminating schools, my young mind calculated, would be for the earth to drift into what I then thought of as “a proton cloud.” Enough protons would even negate the free electrons coursing through the power lines. Without electricity, there would be no school, the rooms would be too dark to read; new schools taking advantage of natural light would have to be built. All this would take years, years during which I would have the freedoms of a summer vacation. Of the many ways I studied that would close schools, a proton cloud emerged as the most effective, but the least likely.

This is why, my ten-year-old self thought, wireless transmissions like radio and television broadcasts would be the first to go. But maybe, if the proton cloud were dense enough, it could even snatch electrons out of the power cables themselves. The world would electronically find itself back in the 19th century where I could make my way to the Mississippi River and hang out with Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, and Jim.

Back in the present year of 2012, I realized that if disruption by solar flare were to be the mechanism by which the general populace was distracted (while the few families controlling 95% of the world’s wealth were to be quietly removed) this method would leave us without wireless transmissions. As hooked on technology as most of the world has now become, there would be a mad scramble to lay down new cable and strengthen the alternatives as rapidly as possible. Every one with a satellite dish would clamor for a cable hookup and in schools and offices if any peace were to reign, periodic phone jacks would have to be installed along the inside and outside walls so that cellular devices, though no longer capable of broadcast activity, would nonetheless have a way to plug in frequently to monitor their messages, and carry out their other iPad functions almost as easily as before. The main ingredient needed to install these internet portals in every school, office building, factory, home and hospital would be copper. The price of copper would soar—permanently if the situation became the new norm, and temporarily if the proton rains slowly subsided. If the excess of protons in our atmosphere did diminish over time, the effort would not have been a waste; for the new electronic infrastructure would be in place, ready for the next one.

What a distraction!

And distraction is what it’s all about, you know—the worrisome scenarios of the “Doomsday Preppers,” fears of a global financial collapse, periods of time without mass communication, inoperable military satellites that will (along with the absence of field communication) bring wars to a standstill. Not all of these things will occur of course, but those that do will do so merely to distract people while God’s real work is taking place. For God to restore the Sacred Reality, simple fairness needs to rule resource distribution among humans, and the other species who along with us inhabit this world. Those among the super rich who are standing in the way will be stripped of all earthly influence.

This will not be accomplished through any kind of Marxist, Capitalist, or Socialist imposition, but to each according to his or her talents, while those members of our society unable to care for themselves, will be given a basic guarantee that life’s necessities will always be provided for them. If you work harder than the rest, or are exceptionally talented or inventive, you have more resources at your command, not unlimited resources, but more resources. This is for the good of everyone. And best of all, in the conscious Presence of God there will be no need for government to hash out the details. It will not be up to us to determine the ideal human resource distribution any more than it is up to the corn to determine its amount of rainfall.

The Supreme Intelligence of our Creators, Earth and Sun, will take care of it, not minute detail by minute detail, but by the very atmosphere of their conscious Presence, both within us and without—a Presence whose primary intent is the creation of a new terrestrial atmosphere designed to bring out the highest potential of all who exist within it. While The Third Millennium and the other books of the Starseed Trilogy speak extensively of what will come after God has established a full-time Presence among us, they contain little or no detail regarding how that will come about. This could not be known until the last moment. We are now in that last moment.

The time we are living in now is all about the how. But let’s not jump the gun. Soon, with God looking through our eyes, it will all become obvious. Even now, the Great Being Behind all Being is actively seeking our advice on many of the transition’s details. As cells in the awakening body of God, we have a responsibility here as well. God has invited our suggestions on how the Incarnation can occur with a minimum of disruption. As God’s cells we have a more comprehensive knowledge of our immediate environs than does the Spirit responsible for the coordination of the Whole Body. False humility as it is propagated in most churches is Pride of the worst kind. It leaves God without access to the personal portion of intelligent input that He gave each of us for this very purpose. A “sinner” is one who is now actively engaged in wrongdoing. Because God has healed through you does not make you a healer. Because you have sinned does not make you a sinner. Are you sinning at this moment? No? Then perhaps you are a saint. You will never rise to the potential God sees in you if you define yourself by your past. Be here now, in this present moment, for here you are in the Presence of God. And only here can you offer those around you what they most Need



  1. Well….THANK YOU, because now I know why I was never interested in Ken Carey, and why my Higher Self never directed me to this person in my endless quest for knowledge.

    And now I know why he took his death exit point at this time, as we have already evolved far beyond this old, damaged 3D *theological* way of perceiving reality –this deistic, religious indoctrination that just oozed from this man.

    YOU (Lisa) are the same as he was…..same religious indoctrination/programming, so of course you are making love to the very same frequency that HE clung to, as well.

    “Can you imagine God seeking OUR suggestions???”

    Now you were doing great up until you said this (pointing upwards).

    You had remembered the Parallel Realities/Timelines, that oblivious Ken Carey was NOT aware of…..the Timelines surrounding us are *INFINITE* — there are not just a few “bubbles” smashed together.

    Remember how your team showed you the Timelines as pages of a book, but infinite numbers of them are superimposed on top of each other.
    We are jumping through these Timelines CONSTANTLY, without knowing it.

    Ken Carey apparently didn’t know any of this…and if he did, then he should have made his readers aware and should have continuously reinforced it.

    What Mr. Carey *was* doing, was reinforcing our Separation from Source.
    As Abraham Hicks has so ingeniously said, don’t use “God”, because the word and the concept have been hideously hijacked.

    In order to re-unite us all as the Creator, use SOURCE. (Not “god”)

    Your statement above about “God” shows how you still perceive yourself as separate from SOURCE, that you think of yourself as somehow *less than*, Source……that you think you are not the Creator, Source itself.

    You, like Ken Carey, are (unintentionally) still preaching Separation and Dis-Empowerment.

    Because you are not only the “cell”, you are “Source” as well.
    Every single cell contains the entire universe, encoded within it.

    YOU are SOURCE. YOU are the one, creating the “suggestions”.


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    • Thank you Kiera! I am so tired of this ‘god’ stuff myself…… and my higher Self will testify to that fact. It just plain scares me how many people still buy into it. ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Here is the beautiful of Life Keira. You will never have to be alignement with me, how I see or experience the field of life. Nor even those “others” I personally relate too.

      I am not here to convince you or anyone else of anything, I simply share my experiences and understandings.

      That said, you have been following my sharings for years and participating out loud with your self righteous input/output.

      Something is feeding your soul or you would not be here as consistently as you are. 😉

      I love you Keira, just as you are ❤

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  6. I was called to pick up my copy of Vision again and really wanted to see what happened to Ken. I came upon this post.
    What a powerful message! Exactly what I needed to hear and what I have been intuiting lately.
    Thank you for sharing! I’m going to go check out your other posts now.
    Blessings to you!


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