Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 31, 2017

The Bounty of Life Is Thru You!

life energy

The creative use of visuals by spirit sometimes makes me laugh so much I get tripped up in what they are even trying to say.  My first lady yesterday just had me in stitches.  There she was in her center and directly in front of her the largest stalk of broccoli I had ever seen.  This stalk was an easy 6 foot tall, and 8 feet wide.  That is one hellofa stalk of broccoli.  Freakin broccoli???  I have never had to interpret broccoli in a reading before and why the hell use a vegetable???

I no sooner got over my giggles with the big ass broccoli in front of my beautiful lady, then it split itself down the middle and opened up to form a V thru its center, but never coming apart at the ground level.  WTH?????

From my lady’s center was a glowing amber-gold light, illuminating from the ground upwards around her.  Thru the V split in the broccoli, this intense illuminating white light.  Then I seen what her team wanted, step into the center of the broccoli.  What the hell does that even mean?  Become broccoli??  Jezuz!!  We won’t even talk about my slow processing, tired mind.


First, it represents the group soul energy of her spirit.  Each broccoli head is all connected and sharing with the stock itself, her physical incarnation.  Although each head is individuated, they gather as a whole, sharing together as one thru the lady on the field.

Second, broccoli is a highly nutritious vegetable and she is being asked to step into the opening, the Light of her Soul and be the soul food for others to become nourished with as she has nourished herself.

Last but far from least, they purposely used broccoli for its green color, bringing in the energy of the emerald city, her heart, fully ripe and ready to purposely feed others on a larger scale.

By the end of the reading I could see her putting her feet into the center of the broccoli, much to my surprise, the broccoli came back together, sealed her up in the stalk and got this crazy relationship of Clark Kent stepping into a phone booth and coming out as Superman (woman in this case lol, or would that be broccoli woman?? lol.)

My second lady had these large double terminated diamonds raining down all around her.  Everything must be supersized these days!!  These diamonds had to be at least 6 inches from top to bottom and an easy 3 inches in circumference at the center.  They were all perfectly identical, clear and faceted.  I realized I missed something yesterday, but I am seeing it this morning.  When she first showed up on the field, those diamonds were in a state of chaos, no patterns at all, just raining down everywhere.  The moment I honed in on some, they organized and created a circle pattern around her (about 8 feet in diameter around her.)  Of course, I was not thinking physics with my tired mind yesterday, I was much more concerned with understanding what was being shown properly for her use.

Let’s take this moment and really understand what I missed.  Our personal energy fields are always in a state of chaos, of flux, until we look at it, observe it, interact with it.  It will create patterns of itself with the observation.

Now this missed information is interesting and perfect for the rest of her reading.  When I focused on her physical body (after I understood the outer circle) there were diamonds coming in thru her crown, but at a much slower pace than the ones encircling her.  The consciousness of the diamonds entering her crown, allowed for full passing of one before the next entered.  I watched a diamond go down thru her core energy as if it was going thru a rubber tube, interacting with the energy of the circle of diamonds and when it all hit the proper frequency, the one going thru her exploded into multicolored light which was received by receptors in various parts of her body.  Due to reading time constraints and her need to do the homework, the first part of the explosion focused on her “supersonic” eyes.  I was kind of taken aback by that phrase since supersonic is sound not visuals.  Her team explained that she is awakening within herself the ability to see the sound waves, allow them to form patterns and move into the understanding of those patterns.   She is to start with nature, the rustle of leaves on a tree, the sound of wind, the grass flowing, streams running.  New patterns are emerging, holding brand new information to be utilized and shared!!

We are all being asked to step into new patterns of our life.  To step out into the field of life and shine and play and reach deeper than you ever have before.

And I wander back to my own crazy, fast expanding life field.  For at the very least, the last three years, my whole heart has been wanting to play on the ground level, with others.  Every reading depicting your changes, your movement made my own desire grow stronger, focused without details.  If we can leave the details to our soul and keep our emotions centered on desire, the outcomes become mind blowing, heart expanding and even more than that.

All the while I was writing my blog yesterday all I could think of was my dear beautiful friend in Oregon.  She is a bookkeeper by profession, I really really need a bookkeeper.  She is also deeply on her spiritual path, spent time with me in new mexico and I just love her.  The moment I finished my blog I sent her an email, offering her a place to live (the new center) if she could do my books.  Eventually it will turn into a paid position, but not yet.  I was not 100% sure how things were going for her in Origin and was thrilled to have her reply with an OMG yes!!  Don’t ya know that it was the very last day of her job yesterday.  She even created the divine space of living (renting) month to month so she could shift anytime the opportunity provided.  She will be here in 2 weeks!!!  I am beyond excited about this.  Beyond grateful.  Obviously so is my team, because for the second day in a row, I was wide awake at 2am, the potentials expanding even more.  Help in getting it all set up and organized is now on the way.

My landlord came by yesterday with the new lease to sign and god, I am just so freakin blessed with the people who are surrounding me, helping me, encouraging me.  When I decided to bite the bullet do this thing, I sent him a text message that said: “Thank you for pushing me over the edge with your trust in me.”  His reply sits with me and it is what I wish for everyone to find themselves surround with:  “We all need people who believe and trust in us.  I’ve been blessed and am surrounded by them.”

I step back and look at this man, his amazing energy and how it works for him.  Since I moved here in April, he had three houses for rent (to include this one I am now in) and the very moment he puts it out there that they are for rent, he instantly has a slew of people wanting in.  How I got so blessed to have two out of three of these houses….!!??  So I told him when he came over, that I would not do this risk if it was anyone other than him.  But I am also planning on leaning into his energy field and using the wonders of his magnetic attraction.  He gave me full permission to do just that!!  Not to mention the freedom to do what needs to be done to be successful.

There is much more I wanted to share, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  We are heading to Austin in an hour and I must de-stink this body.  Michelle’s eyes are healing rapidly and wonderfully, today is just a recheck to confirm that!!!!  It’s funny, the optometrist said to her last week when she went for her first check up, that she must have wolverine’s healing powers.  I giggled and said yeah, she has all you sending energy!!  What you do, matters and has tremendous, powerful effect!!  Thank you!!!

I love and appreciate each and every one of you, so freakin much!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of bountiful energy fields to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





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  2. I was just given this cool visual, going back to the wheel with the 12 sections. I could see each of us as the spokes on the outer edge of the wheel, but now slowly turning, us moving along the outer edge. each section that you move into would be like learning a new foundational element. So essentially the essence of what we are all learning is the same, but we are all learning it in a different sequence, at different times so to speak. But because we are all tuned in to the new earth we connect telepathically, mostly unconscious right now, but this exponentially increases the speed of the our spin. so each time we move to a new section, the lessons there are learned by those beings faster and faster because someone in the new earth has already worked on it.

    Of course this visual expands and could also be applied to dimensional levels perhaps, and astrology too, but it’s all the same on the personal level. Living the Ascension in real time each moment. The divine spiral 🌀🌀 the Golden rule lol

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  3. So I suppose you could say that each time we return to a specific section we master each skill a little more, a little deeper in understanding and expression and eventually we spiral down to zero point, christ consciousness. A new group consciousness formed outside of the “old”collective consciousness

    Of course we all know this in theory, but to experience it consciously in real time WOW

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