Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 30, 2017

The Bounty of Choices, of Changes, of New Beginnings!! Or Not!


I was only supposed to have a very simple, very enjoyable weekend baby sitting my precious grandson while his mom worked at the campground this past memorial day weekend.  I decided to take Rune to the park at the campground on Friday, some fun with GiGi and as I was walking into the entrance of the campground, the house on the corner lot, that I knew was for rent by my landlord, started talking to me, hell drawing me into its energy.  How the hell do you ignore a couple of acres of land saying… hey, we have an idea.  A big idea!!

I knew this place was for rent a couple of weeks ago, it sure didn’t concern me.  So imagine my surprise when the whole land just started filling my head with ideas as I pushed the stroller down the long driveway into the campground (it sits directly across from the campground.)  I could see us gathering in groups, learning how to work individually and together in so many ways.  The rent on this place was $2200 a month.  All I kept saying back, is… what… are you crazy!! Coming into the campground and leavening it was as if there was a suction field placed on my whole awareness, drawing my focus to it.  I picked up my pace and walked faster home.  What the hell is my team trying to do.

When I awoke on Saturday morning I decided to take a bath meditation.  I got the strangest visual I did not fully understand.  As I entered I could feel the winds of change, but instead of coming from the air, suddenly this huge blower fan was in front of my face.  What the hell is that??  What does that even mean??  Silence!!!

The rest of that friday and into Saturday, I was now being haunted.  I could not get the idea out of my mind.  I know this next phase is all about learning to work together, at the ground level, but freakin hell!!  $2200 a month!!  The idea would not leave my crazy head, not even the baby was a big enough distraction to silence the potential stammering about in my head.  I gave in, texted my landlord about the house.  He replied instantly, that house was already rented, but he has one that is coming available July 1st at 57 S. Main.  Where the hell is 57 S. Main??  I live at 357.  Two houses and one field (his field) over, a white house with a green metal roof.  It’s only a two bedroom, one bath, but it has internet included in the rent of $1295.  He had an internet tower built for the campground and that house is in direct line of the tower, so it gets internet.  I made arrangements to see it that afternoon, doing all I can to talk myself out of it.  2 bedrooms and one bath is not what I was looking for.  Hell, I am not looking for anything really, but my freakin, pesky ass team, they are on a hunt!!

Being able to hear spirit, is not always a great thing.  Every objection I had (which was a lot) they overcame.  Dammit.  If they weren’t enough, this precious soul I call my landlord, did me in.  I knew he showed it to someone the day before and while I was looking at it (while the tenant is still living there) another family just showed up at the door to look at it too.  My landlord told me, he is going to give me first option.  He will not commit to anyone until I decide if I want it or not.  That alone blew my mind.  I already pay him $1195 a month for the place I live in, and he has enough faith in what I do, to let me double up!!  I feel a divine conspiracy underway.  I asked him if I could sleep on it.  I trust my judgement best first thing in the morning.  Of course, I didn’t tell him I was going to be demanding validation from my team, cuz this is not a thing I thought of prior to friday.

I started going over pro’s and con’s in my head all night long.  I came up with a long list of pro’s and one constant con.  It will raise my overhead by at least $1500 a month (factoring in electric and water.)  Not to mention, I have to furnish the damn thing!!  This is going to pretty much bottom out what I have in savings.

I wish I could say I woke up with a clear head, not even close.  I woke up with diarrhea and my stomach in knots!!   I knew I was pulling on all the past failures, the things that just did not work out.  I was knee-deep in the void, the constant chatter I had been hearing for 3 days, quite as a church mouse now.  No big signs saying… do this thing, except my inner knowing of how this crazy life works.  Our teams will bring us to the edge and leave us there dangling by our toes.  It must be our choice to leap or turn and walk away.

I leaned into the pro’s list again.  I leaned into the faith my landlord has in me.  I leaned into my webmasters excitement of the new website.  I cleared the past, toilet run by toilet run.  I found my stillness.  I breathed in, texted my landlord and said… I’m in.  I will take it.

Instantly I was back online and hearing my team again.  Thank god too, I had a full day of readings and I need to tap into the field more than ever now.

I fully anticipated a complete shift in the field after the full and new moon landscapes of May, but man oh man, I was not banking on the huge up shift in frequency.  Not to mention new visuals I have never seen (or interpreted) before.  I thank god that we are back down at the ground level of reading (instead of being in the full moon up in the sky.)  Everyone is now showing up directly in the center of the back yard.  This is a movement from the far back to center.  The understanding with the shift in placement is that we are no longer being fueled up, we are now live and at ongoing choice points of what we will do with the fuel in our tanks.

Every reading I did, helped to untie the knot that was lingering in my gut, but one in particular really helped me more than anything.  I pray, it helps you as well.

She was sitting in a rocking chair, with knitting needles in her hand, facing the back of the yard (facing away from me.)  The knitting needle in her left hand was silver, the one in her right had a beautiful steel-blue.  The silver attracting the energy of her (outcomes) of physical life and the steel-blue, harnessing the spiritual energy to make it happen.) Patterns and threads.

I became aware of all these energetic lines that were sprawled out like an unorganized spider’s web and she was pulling various strings to her needles, knitting something together.  Her team explained that she is looking over the vastness of her past (this life and others) and pulling the strings from there to create with.  She never once turned to face me or her present to future energy fields, just the past (and keeping in mind the past goes from a minute ago to forever ago.)

This, of course, is a valid choice, but not the wisest one to make.  There is unforeseen energy in her present and future that she should create with, otherwise we reinvent the past and not much more.  It took some creative footwork, but her team gave us a glimpse of the field she was not looking at, all kinds of flowers and bushes and life all around her.  Her life’s garden is rich and bountiful, but that only matters if you use it.

Her team showed us a flower, just one single flower and if she took that essence and knitted into whatever it is she is creating (which oftentimes is at our deep unconscious level) she will have so many opportunities to enliven her direction with joy and excitement.  However, like all gardens, if not tended to, the energy withers and dies (ceases to be available to use in that way.)  I started to see the flowers lose their energy, what we would call die.  Of course, this was a glimpse into her future and not the present moment.  This withering of her bounty would only cease to be if left unattended or unused.

I instantly thought about the house I am getting ready to lease.  I already heard my team say, how many opportunities do you think you will have to rent something near you that would serve your needs as well as be a gathering place to teach and work the energies together??  I personally would rather try to learn from failure than sit around regretting what I didn’t do.

What I find interesting too, about the readings yesterday, is everyone has choices that were disguised to my eyes.   We, as a human, want to know what we are getting into, before we get into it.  And thru the readings yesterday, I heard a long list of what if’s based on past experiences.  It is our choice to start with a clean slate, pull only the wisdom that benefits you to your current creations and leave fear and the what if’s alone.  And by all means, move into your uncomfortable spaces.  That is where we are going to take off from.

We are all going to be given opportunities we did not see coming, on purpose (dammit.)  We may (or may not) get a heads up that something is arriving, pay attention, move towards it, don’t analyze what you cannot understand.  This solstice energy is giving you gifts of change, of bounty, of Life.  Only you can choose to take advantage of it.

I would have much prefered to be given this extra house choice AFTER the launch of the new website, but noooooooooo.  That would have been too easy or maybe even, made it too easy to turn and walk away.  Not to mention the fact I am going to Scotland mid August.  Had I seen this coming, I would so not be going to Scotland, at all.  But what is done is done.  I have to trust my team sees so much more than I do and I just have to be ready to leap thru every hoop along the way.  I do find weird comfort in the fact this house, that will be the The Nation of Lights Center for Expansion, has a green roof, taking in the energy of the Emerald City.

Ohhh, BTW that fan from meditation.  Some changes have to come directly from you to be utilized and fullfilled.  Damn fans!!  lol

Now that I have made this commitment, my team woke me up at 2am this morning with ideas, lots of ideas on what we can do together and how.  Give me a few days to work it all out in my head and heart and I will let you know what’s coming with all that!!

Until tomorrow….

Big big big (((HUGZ))))) echoing the Nike slogan of JUST DO IT, to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

As I close I hear a song playing in my head!!





  1. AMAZING!! 🙏✨


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    I am also being asked to do something new and out of my comfort zone. And I am taking the steps to do it.

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    When one can access the highest most evolved level within one’s own being with the intent of receiving the best and most beneficial answer to any question such as “What decision ~ ~ ~ ~ ?”

    Highest Decision-Making Dominance is the level of evolution beyond the mastery of the integration of the divine level; at every level aspect and dimension.

    Highest Decision-Making Dominance is even beyond Higher than Divinity ~ ~ ~

    By Going into The Light, the Divine Core Within and expanding without limit is how one evolves this way ~ ~ ~

    This is how to defer the decision-making to the Self that is the most evolved level one can access.

    There is no confusion about the illusions of perceived ‘past/present/future’ in this state. When one is attuned to Highest Decision-Making Dominance, it is being in the infinite and eternal NOW, and that is how the decision can easily by-pass the dilemma of perception fragmented and limited by category of ‘past/present/future’.

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  5. *

    “The words have barely left his lips when there’s a flash.

    It’s so bright, that the sky lights up completely and, for that moment, night is temporarily day. There’s still no sound, which adds to the surrealism.

    He has no idea what’s just happened, but somehow he knows it’s signalled something transcendental and that whatever it is… it’s begun.”


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