Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 25, 2017

YOU, From Throat to Head ARE the Eye of the Needle!! The 3rd and Final Phase, Begins!!

you are the eye of the needle

I woke up at 2am this morning feeling like I was going to vomit.  My stomach was doing backflips while my bottom bowels were doing front flips.  Instead of the gas bubbles making their way out, as gas usually does, it felt like they were releasing upwards to my stomach.  The moment I opened my eyes and wondered… what the hell?  I instantly heard, this is the eye of the needle.  What??  Why did I think it was an outside event, not an inside out event.  (I am so human!! lol)

I spent the next three hours in and out of sleep and dare I even say, having inside out dreams.  I would have these visions and understandings when I opened my eyes in awakeness.  I am going to share the experience as if it was one ongoing moment instead of a series of disrupted sleep patterns.  The last thing I heard at 5am is to get up and share this.  Okie, dokie, pokie, here I am!! 😀

My vision was shifted to the inner core of my body at the stomach/souler plexus area 😉 and the softest white sheathing was flapping in and out, very much like a jelly fish.  The next thing I know. this sheathing produces a tentacle, very much like the long flowing tentacles of a jelly fish, and it came out of my mouth.  Instantly I heard, “this is what going thru the eye of the needle is.”  My mouth is the needle??  What??  I think when I fell asleep each time, I woke up with full understandings of what I was experiencing and seeing.  I will put this all into a larger perspective when I finish with my exhausting attempt at sleep last night.

One of the times I woke up, I seen one of these tentacles come out of my mouth extend about a foot outwards and made like an upside down U shape and touched a quadrant of my external energy field and instantly I knew, this happened while I was in childhood too.  Whatever this is, this is not the first time.  I became crystal clear about being back on a ship, an Extraterrestrial ship and I was not alone.  Many of YOU were there, in my childhood rememberings.

Now that I am awake and not drifting in and out of sleep…

From our throat to our crown, that IS the eye of the needle.  All the energy coming thru it is coming from deep in your core, hidden quadrants opening up and finding new ground in your life, in our life, to grow.

The most mesmerizing thing was being in childhood, I don’t know, 6–7 years old, and what looked like hundreds of other children all sitting around in a room, in a series of circles (chairs behind chairs.)  I could not see anyone, except bodies thru a thick fog (placed over my mind’s eye) and every one of us were being prepared and have been being prepared thru our entire lives… for this very moment, together.  We have been finding each other in the physical, thru the internet and other groups we may have attended.

How many of us, once we find each other, feel like we have known each other all our lives.  We instantly assume it is because we are part of the same soul group in spirit, which is not wholly true, it is because we have been together thru this whole lifetime, we purposely forgot.  If we weren’t made to forget, we would have known too much about our future, a very intimidating thing for children, even young adults.

 Let’s put all this on hold a moment while I connect my happenings yesterday to my inside out dream state last night.  I had my first dentist appointment to get my new teeth relined, a date I was sooo looking forward too.  Hours later, my daughter had her follow up visit at the Lasik institute in the opposite direction.  We made a day of it, going for lunch in between.  Somewhere between sitting in my dentist’s chair getting my teeth refitted in New Braunfels to driving to austin I realized I had two major lumps on my left side under my arm that started to itch.  What the hell?  When did I get bit, how did I get bit there, not once, but twice.  I had a t-shirt and a sweat shirt on and I was driving, so my arms were not in a position to just let a hungry bug have dinner on my body, not in that place anywayz.  By the time we got to the lasik institute, I developed another bump, just like the first two, only under my right arm instead of my left.  Now I know this is not bug bites, but what the hell is it.  My first thought (which is usually the correct thought) was of an ET something.  But that would be impossible since this happened between appointments.

We decided to rent Dr Strange from redbox while we were out.  We both had wanted to see that movie, so we did.  I fell in and out of sleep thru it.  All I kept thinking is they are depicting it so inaccurately… the time loops.  As if I had any idea!!!  lol  Until this morning and all this nighttime oddness comes together.

We may never fully realize how many times we are in a moment of bent time, here and not here at the same time.  Being altered and altering our playing field.  Truly, we a fully conscious participants in what we are doing, it’s the physical mind that gets the dose of forgetfulness, on purpose, to keep us on track.

I was watching an episode of ancient aliens several days ago, the first time in forever.  My daughter had it on when I went into the living room.  This episode was showing all the pyramids around the world and the grid they are on and how they were all built in a similar way.  I cannot even tell you if I knew, or did the show say, that they were all powered by each other.  A very particular energy system, interconnected around the world.  That was phase one.  When that phase was complete, the energy that sourced all the pyramids was turned off (more or less) so that humanity could evolve to the next phase, which included circles.  Crop circles.  What I am hearing right now about these crop circles is they act like centrifuges in the quantum fields of life.

And now, the third and final phase begins.  There are many players to this phase, not yet interconnected, but time will bring it all together.  Each tribe perfecting their part, together as a wholly working body of Light in consciousness.

I go back to us being children on this ship, the instructors what we would call ET’s, our magnetic fields of attraction amped up as we crossed into 2012 and lives changed, and changed again, and yet…. again.

More changes are coming, that are going to blow our ever-loving minds!!!  (Hell, my mind is already blown!! lol)

I was also shown, this is a blackout day on the field.  Every person on this planet is opening up like a seedling, germinating and sprouting.

This is a time like no other!!  My daughter just woke up and she too, had a series of dreams she called nightmares all night long, I call massive revelations of her growth!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of excitement and wide eyed wonder to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. OH MY GOSH I am lighting up so fiercely reading this. So much validation thank you soooo much. Sometime last summer (July maybe?) I began having intensified pain working its way through each body part independently. I distinctly remember being told that when it reaches the crown you will know you have reached the end. Last night for hours I had the most out of this world “headache” (skull ache? lol) all over. I thought my skull was going to literally crack open haha. And then around nine I completely passed out until the morning and woke up feeling fine.

    And as far as feeling like family and knowing you my whole life, it’s so weird yet so true. Sometimes people come at you in the comment section and I can feel this protective energy rising in me like “Leave Lisa alone! You don’t even know her!” And then I have to laugh at myself because technically I don’t either by usual standards hahaha ❤️❤️ Love ya!

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    • Get with the program, Zoe — we are all ONE.


      • You perceive separatism in the words because separatism lives within you


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  3. Hi Lisa, I, too was awake on & off till 5AM. Normally New Moons effect me that way? I realized my thoughts were focusing on silly external events in my life and I had to bring them back with mantras and intent.
    I also, rented Dr. Strange about 2 months ago. I love the actor who played him. He also plays Holmes on a local TV channel. I also, had a nightmare of being trapped in a cell that was psychic. It was one of those dreams that isn’t a dream. The movie used alot of magic & spells . I felt it put out some negative psychic energy to the unsuspecting general public. I had to use my awareness of meditation, mantra, & positive thought (oversimplified explanation here) to break the bars of the cell. It ws scarey . It is not a movie I would recommend to anyone who is sensitive to the energetic field. Beware & forewarned.
    Xo much love from KY.


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  6. Hi,Lisa how are you doing, I’m Terry i was on here searching for a military post when i saw your write up and post i was very interested in them so i decided to send you my email address please contact me so we can know more about each other


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