Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 24, 2017

From Full Moon to New Moon, A New Field of Life is Seeded!!

moon seeds

I am so amazed that we are swimming in the energy of the new moon already and that full moon is still present in every reading.  It must have been overly pregnant to still be releasing energies thru this moment.  Or maybe, better stated, so important it is staying til the last moment, seeding, illuminating our way forward from here.

Thru every (attempt) at reading yesterday, the light of the full moon was pouring downwards towards earth.  Instead of being way up in the sky, at the back side of the back yard, it started out about 20 feet above the earth and directly over the center of the back yard, what we call your center field of life.  I started to realize, as the day passed and each new person showed up, the full moon was moving closer to the front of the yard.  By my last reading, it was a foot away from the eye of the needle that has been consistently just in front of my porch, representing the new moon energy.

Each stream of light had a different image/energy within it.  All of that, I could see vividly, the understanding tho, it must have been in a ballpark I could not get to, at least the “what this means to you personally” ballpark.  Not a spirit would help us understand, so I choose to reschedule everyone yesterday, but also made sure everyone received what I could see.  I know there are times spirit shows us things that is not for the mental understanding, but it always has purpose.  I am realizing, it stays away from our mental planes, on purpose.

Of course, I am going to pull from my own ongoing experience.  The two times I went into meditation to look at my position on the field, the first time it was a large triangle on fire.  Did my pesky team explain to me what that meant, hell freakin NO!!!  But it was burned in my mind’s eye none the less (pun very much intended.)  Weeks later, when I looked again, that triangle morphed into a translucent gold, globe like thing with 12 distinct (but not separate) sections.  Again, I was left in the silence of the visual.

It really isn’t until right now, as I am searching around for examples to use for spirits reasons for giving a visual with no audible content of understanding, do I more completely understand what I had seen for myself, which is, all-ways, for us!!

The triangle set up on the ground point upwards, three unified sections connected together to amplify all the energies within it and radiating out from it.  The mental plane, the spiritual plane and the physical plane (aka mind, body, soul.)  Fire purifies.  Releases all the old that is not longer needed, while at the same time, sends its flames of passion, of illumination into the new, the yet unexperienced.

Of course, I wasn’t looking at my pesky webmaster, pushing me into places that I have long resisted going into, via the new website.  His vision, hell, his faith in me far exceeds my own!!  He has taken my simple desire and is creating an elaborate labyrinth of potential for all of us.  It is no longer being set up like a gym, but more like the N of L IST (Nation of Lights Institute of Spiritual Technology.)  The dome with its non separate sections!!  I may be the one presenting 17 years of accumulated knowledge and insight, but I will be every bit a student along the way too.  Starting from the ground up, as a unified group presence here on earth.  Kinda freakin exciting!!

The one thing he shows me without any shadows of doubt, we all need a catalyst to push us further than we ever let ourselves go.  Someone or ones that can see beyond the human facade into the spiritual treasure chest and knows how to bring it out for the greater benefit of the person and the landscape we live within (the earth.)

We are One and We are unstoppable!!

Before I close, I would like to ask a favor.  I asked on facebook yesterday and am doubling up here.  My amazing webmaster, Howard, would like client feedback for the emerging new site.  If you can send me some feedback, whether it was for a reading or readings you have had, a workshop you attended, audio’s you may have downloaded and utilized, we both would very much appreciate it.  My email address is  

On that note, spend today feeling all the dreams you couldn’t even fathom dreaming, already being realized!!

I love you all soul very very very much.  Thank you for being the Lights of my Life, you change me, for the better, each and ever day!!  Thank you!!!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with magic and power to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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