Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 23, 2017

Enlarging Your Territory of Light and Life!

expanding energy

We are finally closing the gap between the full moon and the new moon.  All that lunar brilliance is pouring into the field of Life, already going thru the eye of the needle and being set up by the solstice energy.  I think I can safely call this new moon on the 25th the great transformer, changing the emotional field into the created field of life.

I think it was on Friday when I attempted to do the readings, the field was in a massive white out.  I could not look at it straight on, but when I was parallel to my deck, I could see the brilliance of the white light flowing into my reading area from each person.  But no two fields were the same.  One was pure, steady white light, another a pulsing white light (akin to the pulsing light of a computer screen) and yet another had these gold dots of energy scattered about the light.  I had no real idea why and what that meant.  Spirit does not always reply when we ask… what the hell is that!!

Yesterday, I think we got a glimpse of understanding.  My first lady showed up, the moon now prit near over the center of the yard (instead of behind the back yard) and she (everyone) was working on the outside of the moon pulling the energy into their field for their emerging desires.  She had this golden castles just started to push itself up from the ground.  Kinda like this, only forming a circle, not straight across:

castle top

Not near as much detail either, but very much the varied tops like this.  It was explained that these emerging parts of her core energy… CORE ENERGY???  What??  This circle was about 6-10 feet in circumference, no one’s core energy is that large!!  Or at least, has never been.  The core energy flows in thru the body.  Not no mo’!!  Talk about enlarging our territory!!

If that expanded area of core energy wasn’t enough to blow my mind, those things that make up the castle tops served (at least) two purposes.  One being like antennas that hone in the needed information and connections thru the multiverse and also as storage area’s of energy.  Then of course, we have to look at the pure spiritual power of the gold.  Wowsers!!  I cannot wait to see it and understand it when it’s completely up and out into creation!!

Another one, so incredibly opposite.  She had this formation of rain, the clearest, blue-tinted rain i had ever seen, forming a pitched roof as it came out of the moon and spread out over her center field.  It was explained that this is going to be a highly emotional time for her, stretching thru the september equinox.  That alone could sound a bit intimidating, but spirit assured her there are some intense highs that she will experience.  Then she was given an example of my most recent ride down the white river rapids from new mexico to here in texas.  A ride I would do again in a minute!!

One of my readings yesterday was an ET connection.  I had just been missing the ET connections and wondering how they will unfold in this new location, so a shot of excitement ran thru me when I seen this virgin man on my schedule and it was for an ET session.  Then I panicked for a minute too.  Shit, we have this high velocity, intensely volatile energy bouncing thru these moon phases, most times, ET’s cannot or will not arrive until it settles.

I didn’t even have to worry if they were going to show up, they were rather mouthy (in a loving way of course) as I was explaining to this beautiful man how I work a reading.  I have said these words to every new person god, for a decade at least, never once did spirit or an ET interupt me to correct what I was saying… until yesterday.

When I said: “The way I see is in a story made of light,” I was quickly corrected, adimentaly.  “This is not a story, this is happening.  We are simply projecting from another realm to yours, but it is not a story!!”  Well damn!!  I was kind of excited with that interruption.  At least we know they are here and listening!!! lol

Their presence was wayyyy over in the far back right side of the sky in what at first felt like an energy bubble.  I could feel 5 distinct personalities within this energy bubble (that was actually a cloaked ship.  They explained that because of the highly delicate energies setting up on my man’s field, they could not, would not interfere with that layout, hence their distance and cloaking.  Yet, it was important for the connection to happen now.

He had two Pleiadians, a male and female who explained to him that they have been with him all his life.  They have been in and out of his physically created world many times over the decades, starting when he was a baby, maybe 3-6 months old.  He arrived in body with a very high light field and they have been adjusting him as he grew, so his DNA could handle the light spectrum running thru him.  Often times, taking him back to the ship for adjustments.  They also said he could call them Leaf and Flower.  Not that that is their name, but a revelation about what he came here to do with the plant kingdom.

Another one was Sirian, who called himself Samsonite, like the luggage!  Tough, sturdy and filled with treasures.  His last two, once again I am so challenged at this planetary name, at remembering it.  Armadia or something like that, the A is correct lol.  They presented as a fork and knife, kinda crazy, but with purpose.  The one who looked like and said he could call him fork, did so to show him how to roll up energy strands (and I kept getting the visual of spaghetti being twirled around a fork.)  The other, who looked like a butter knife and said to call him knife, was going to show him how to purposely cut the energy he twirled up and where to place it his field of life as well as the greater fields of life.  What an amazing Motley Crew they are!!  I cannot wait to see them all again in a couple of weeks, we just might have some universal dinner ready to eat lol.

I do want to touch on an email I received, with a link to a video channeling that was put out saying that earth is going to die in 50 years.  Granted, I do not receive every ounce of information there is to glean thru the readings, but the one thing I am pretty damn sure of, if we were entering our extinction in 50 years, that would be coming thru strong, since we all have children or grandchildren who would be affected by this.  Yet, thru the souls of YOU, not word of preparation has been mentioned.  Simply because, it is not true.  Yes, we are going thru intense change, just like a woman does when giving birth. Water flows, blood flows, things tear, and the heave ho of the stomach walls would make any earthquake blush in comparison.  But she is bringing forth life, not death. Altho, the death of the old way of living is happening.  She will now be responsible, as we are, for the life coming thru.  WE ARE the golden age, the golden Ones of Gaia, the living 13th strand of golden DNA, here for the long haul, not the short-term.

On that note, I need a shower!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of illuminated power and intense joy thru and to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. What was the menstruation energy over the weekend? Lots of women sync their cycle this last weekend. Interesting outside camping energy with ‘blood’ sacrifice…..


    • No. Sorry. Not happening.

      That is only “true”, for your reality.
      The universe is simply doing its job and is giving you confirmation of what you have already chosen to believe is true.


  2. “Simply because, it is not true.”


    EVERY possible Earth scenario is TRUE. They all exist, and they all play out, on billions of other possible Timelines.

    They are all playing out right Now. Both the creation AND destruction of parallel Earths.
    Earth is either dying, or being destroyed a multiplicity of different ways (or as Sue Lie loves to say, “a myriad” of different ways), depending upon which Timeline Frequency you have chosen to match yourself to, and experience.

    Some of these “dying” parallel Earths will experience gradual/slow deaths….and the others will experience very rapid catastrophes, nuclear war, etc…

    You must expand your knowledge of how our Universe actually works, before you continue to make flat (ignorant) statements….which of course all your followers will accept as (your) TRUTH.

    They will adopt all of your truths, as *their* truths — which slows down planetary Ascension because this has the effect of causing their own brains/awareness to stagnate.


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