Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 13, 2017

Inside the Full Moon, The Blind Side!

the dark side of the moon

Of all the ways I imagined the readings would take place post full moon, the way they are, was not one of them!  It has taken me two days of readings to figure out what I was seeing and why.

Everyone for two full days now, is in the moon up in the sky!!  With over half the readings, I get a preview of the energy coming out of the moon before we connect, then once we are connected I get nothing.  What I didn’t realize until yesterday, was that what spirit wanted to focus on for the reading, only, indirectly.  It is not the first time I have received images out of what I call my peripheral vision (seeing before the connection) and then nothing on the field, but that is usually a heads up on why I cannot see the field for everyone.  This time around, each visual was unique to the person I was connecting to.

So lets look at each presentation, because I know they have importance for all of us in some way.  In my last blog, spirit used a phrase “peppering the gumbo,” a lot.  I have never had gumbo in my life, but that line is actually taken directly from the movie “The Blind Side” which I knew as I heard it, even that I didn’t give relationship to, until this morning.  In a way we are in our own blind side and yet, at the same time, we are being asked to use the energies we usually cannot see, to spice up our field of desires with it!!

My first man, post full moon energy, had fire lining the core of the moon, spewing out at the top like a fountain.  The fires of passion, which he possesses a tremendous amount of, especially in the free energy department.  His mind works in an amazing mathematical way, idea’s and unrealized inventions abound.  This is his fire, his passion and yet, it is spewing from the top of the moon, going into the vastness of space instead of (what I would come to realize yesterday) flowing down into the earth plane.

When it was time for my second lady, instead of fire, she was water, both effervescent and boiling at the same time.  The effervescent-ness of her image (that only was apparent before we connected, but as I brought the memory of that scene forward, it was slowed down enough for me to see exactly what was happening with the two parts) reminded me of carnation within soda water (minus the soda.)  I watched a show a few years back called “how things work” and it showed how soda was made.  Carbon and water are not meant to be together, so the carbon is forced at something like 100 pounds of pressure into the soda water then sealed up, forever trying to escape.

In a way, we can look at this as the energies that have now come down thru this full moon, energy that is not meant to simply be held in the body, but escape out into the air field of earth, for freedom of use in other ways.

When water has reached the boiling point, it is in the midst of transformation, becoming steam and even evaporating thru the steam.  Her energy was still inside the moon itself, not finding its way out… yet.  Ohhh but as she explained, she has an inner pressure that she should be doing something, but at the moment has no idea what.  It’s a coming!!!

My two ladies after that, I had no preview and was able to do a full reading for, both embedded in the moon energies.  I am not sure I am going to have time to share their understandings today, I rescheduled 3 readings for this morning and that time is nearing faster than I wish it too (due to the amount I have to share.)

Yesterday morning, my first lady, once again, was a peripheral view, liquid gold coming out of the core of the moon spilling down towards the earth plane.  As it reach a certain point, the liquid turned into gold flakes spreading outwards.  There was still a long way down to the earth or her field itself, but I realized, this is the direction all the energies contained in the moon for each person, must be directed towards.  For use and fulfillment.

There are many ways gold energy can be understood and used in a reading, and since I could not see her field, I really didn’t know, until this morning (this is a pesky way to help people lol.)  The one thing that remains, gold is the highest vibration of spirit that I see in a reading.  Thru her past events (a love relationship that ended) she became immobile in her field of life.  Not wanting to go to work (even tho she does) not wanting to hang out with people, just kind of wishing for the past to come back and be as good as it once was.  When energy from past experiences push on our field, we call that depression.  A depressed field, even in one area, can disrupt the forward motion of our life.  When several areas of our life is feeling this energy from the past (even past lives) instead of a ball we become more like a hexagon shaped field.  Our job, always, is to free up the restricted energies.

I realized this morning, that golden energy was her soul pouring out to her, for use and fulfillment in this next phase of evolution.  To welcome it in, is to make room by freeing the areas that are pressing inwards.  She received homework!!

My next guy had a crystalline core.  Even tho I pre glimpsed his field, I had communication with his field thru our connection.  That was so wonderful for me.  I am lost when I have zero audio to help the understanding!

His field or team or whoever was the speaker, made sure that he knew, that WE knew this crystalline core is not of the earth.  It is from a plane so much higher in frequency than the earth, coming thru the human(s) for expression and planetary assimilation.

From the core it was explosive outwards, shards of crystalline energies bursting outwards like the rays of a sun.  It was sooooo beautiful!!  His homework was to pluck the shards and embed them in his field.

The one thing that is for sure with every one of us, NO-THING is predetermined.  We are deciding, when, where and how, as we go!!

Well, my day of readings is rounding the corner but I want to share two things before I have to zip up this sharing.

My daughter and I are going to Houston this evening to spend mother’s day with some of her paternal family.  Since it’s a three-hour ride, I decided to check out audible for a new book to listen to.  One of the recommendations was a book by James Van Praagh called “Unfinished Business: What the Dead Can Teach Us About Life.”  In the publisher’s summary, the very first paragraph caught my attention:

Based on over 25 years of spirit communication and thousands of professional readings, world-famous medium James Van Praagh shares the personal regrets, misgivings, remorse, and, most important, the advice of the dead who have chosen him as a medium. These spirits have a great deal to say about what they have learned and discovered on the other side and how we, the living, can benefit from their experiences.

That pesky (to me) saying “everything is as it should be…” if that was true, not a single soul would ever go into their (after) life review with remorse, personal regrets and the desire to reach out and help us.  This is true no matter what vibrational field we ascend or descend towards.

So many people spend their lives looking for their purpose on earth, instead, choose to focus on our souls ever expanding potential in this amazing field, you would live the energy of Shambhala, (peace, love and harmony) every day of your life, even thru the rainy seasons.  Choice and free will is always at hand.

Last evening, I received an email that really broke my heart.  Our beloved author, Ken Carey (author of The Return of the Bird Tribes, The Third Millennium and others) had passed away in January of this year.  I was given this blog link: and after reading it, I did a google search, not a single word about his passing, not even a Wikipedia thingie memorializing who he was and his amazing contribution to life.  My mind boggles,  but I do want to take this moment to celebrate his Presence here on earth, his passionate expression of the channeled information he so dedicatedly brought to our hearts and minds for assimilation!!  Thank you Ken!!  You have touched me and changed me even now, thank you for Being Here!!

On that note… Have an amazing Mother’s day everyone.  I will be out-of-town tomorrow, so no blog.  Usually during this time of honor mothers, I only have honored our beloved Mother Earth, but this year, I want to include my own mother in the honor, who handed me the most amazing life, thru her death.  I love you mama and truly miss your physicalness in my world!!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Mother’s Day Special on all single readings or homework sessions thru midnight Monday.  Save 22% by using coupon code:  Mama


  1. I had to look up the ‘spiritual’ meaning of the moon if that’s what we are all showing up as.

    “The moon is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of Nature herself.”

    Maybe we are all dealing with our dark side? The dark aspects of our lives are coming to the surface for us to face and overcome. ??? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • The dark side is not a negative, tho we tend to use that word as a negative. Just unrealized as of yet. ❤

      Liked by 2 people

      • I agree!

        Liked by 1 person

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