Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 11, 2017

the moons energies

What a beautiful, powerful, illuminating full moon we have had (and continue to be in) yesterday!!  I traded a blog in for my own meditation time, sometimes, ya do have to be a little Self serving 😉  Ha!!  I have to giggle as I suddenly looked up from my keyboard out into the yard (I sooo love having my office on the screened in back porch!) and this is what I seen accompanied by the time on my phone of 5:55am:

moon full

full moon

Tuesday’s day of readings turned into a day of reschedules, which given the information revealed the day prior, I was not 100% surprised, but the human in me was, as always, disappointed.  However, we were given the slightest of nuggets just before my last reschedule of the day…

The image reminded me of a marshmallow being squished at the center and cooked from the inside outwards.  I think my disappointment was still interfering my mind that I never really thought of it as the moon engulfing us, individually, into its center at our center.  However, I did realize this is why no one or anything is viewable, we are in direct alignment with the full light energy of the moon, melding together all that brought us to this moment.  But given that spirit has been consistently saying that this black hole of May does not finish until we enter the new moon on the 25th, that didn’t make much sense.  But spirit does not pride itself on being sensible in our presentations!!

So into the deep end of the tub I went.  Once again, I had a hard time maintaining my connection and again, I started sweating to death.  This sweating is just getting annoying, I have never had such trouble like this before.  At least I was able to get a little something something before I decided to get out and cool down for a while before reentering.

There I was, sandwiched inside the center of the full moon.  It’s shine, illuminating, me, I looked like blackened human.  I could feel all that energy move into the center of my Being and so I had to ask, what do you need of me next?  The reply caught me truly by surprise.  I have opened every door of opportunity presented to me these last few months and now all that energy is coming together.  My major choices are done, upon the release of the full moon energy, it will be choices that season the outcome.

I had to get out of meditation, I was starting to pour sweat from every pore on my body and I was not about to put my lasik space goggles on to protect my eye and distract my connection.  So I left my water in my tub to cool and came outside wrapped in a towel to process.  While I was cooling down, I took a little journey to to see what the sun was doing and I had to smile:

SOLAR FIRESTORM: Yesterday, an enormous filament of magnetism rose above the sun’s eastern limb. Glowing with the light of hot plasma trapped inside, the filament attracted the attention of amateur astronomers around the world.

“At first the structure looked stable and quiet. After a few hours of imaging, I had a radically different feeling about it. It was a solar firestorm!”

Twisted magnetic fields inside the filament were filled with so much tension, they violently un-twisted. Fragments of the whirlwind blew away in the solar wind, leaving the eastern edge of the sun relatively smooth and quiet. The storm is over.

A ‘STEALTH CME’ APPROACHES: When the sun blasts a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space, the event is usually announced by the bright flash of a solar flare or the collapse of a towering magnetic filament. But not always. Sometimes CMEs slowly materialize on their own without an instigating explosion. These are called “stealth CMEs,” and one of them is heading for Earth now. A relatively gentle blow from the slow-moving storm cloud could unsettle Earth’s polar magnetic field on May 10th. 

(Taken from spaceweather this morning:)  STEALTH CME IMPACT: A slow-moving “stealth CME” swept past Earth on May 10th. The impact was so gentle, it was almost unnoticed. However, there was a periodic disturbance in the solar wind near Earth–waves of south-pointing magnetism that slightly disturbed the geomagnetic field.)

(For the second day in a row,) THE SUN IS BLANK: Today the sun is blank–no sunspots. The disk of our star is completely featureless.

We can even look at that “featureless” emotional field we call the moon, as our new pure white canvas in which to paint, to start again, more seasoned, more wise than ever before.

The energy from that Stealth CME, is what we will use to pepper our inner gumbo!! lol The choices after the choices.  Or the spice after all the main ingredients went into the pot and started to boil.

When I awoke yesterday, before deciding anything, I received an email filled with the most exciting, gorgeous images of my new enhanced logo for the (soon to be released) new website.  I will share two of them:

black logo.png

explained logo.jpg

Hell, I LOVED the first one my webMaster sent, I was shocked to see how much more illuminating this improved version was.  Right down to the way he enhanced Nation Of, with silver, the earth plane.  We Are the Nation here on earth.  The Lights in gold, in my readings represent the highest vibration of spirit I see, which represent our souls within the Nation.  So this was on my mind when I entered my meditations.  Not the logo so much as our ongoing conversations about the “soul gym” aspect of the site.

While I in-between meditations, I received an email from a gentleman whose body has been pinging in allergy like symptoms for a long while and all the metaphysical healers and sessions he has gone to to relieve the symptoms has not yet worked.  He wrote me a detailed letter about what he has been going thru and instantly I knew is body is desperately trying to communicate with him and instead of anyone really listening, they are trying to quite it down.  So it speaks louder!!

Thru his email, I remembered so many of the things I have done and was intimately taught by my team way back when, that I just do not use any longer.  My image of myself was like holding out both my arms, filled with logs/tools that are sitting on a shelf, unused.  Focusing on well-being (aka as personal healing) has long ago taken a back seat to understanding our ongoing evolutionary shift.

So I pranced myself right back into my now cooled down bathtub and went for another deep swim.  Instantly I heard my team say, these are the opportunities we will (all) receive to pepper the gumbo of our new lives.  Much to my freakin surprise, the energy in my meditation shifted, radically.

An old friend arrived, the soul body of Jesus, Sananda, only this time, probably for the first time in my 17 year ongoing connection with him, was clothed as the physical body of Jesus.  Around him, stood his 12 friends, energetically.  Hold this thought for a moment.

In creating the 12 sections of the soul gym, my webmaster asked me if there was going to be 12 or 13 (keeping in the 12 tribe energy, with the one that holds the energy, which would really make it 13) and gave me a few ideas of what the 13th could be, including “the void.”  So the workshop that was presented when we were at Marco Island, called “Into the Void,” has been on my heart lately, without much more energy coming thru, until yesterday.

My friend, Sananda and god were explaining that for Jesus to do what he did while in body, he had to enter the void to perform what we call miracles.  His team of 12 were crucial to what we could do, for they held the energies open for him to fully enter and change the outcome within the void, instantly.

We have taken one of his (and truly, the entire Essene community’s) teaching and shortened it into one, single, confusing sentence (without the full body of what was being said, expressed)  and reinterpret it within our personal understanding:  “I of mine own self, can do nothing.”  I have heard this within myself for the last decade an a half, each time I heard it, it built itself into something new, more expanded, and now… this.

The closest visual I can produce today is of a pea pod and peas:

pea pod

Jesus was the pod, what history has called his disciples are the peas.  Take away the pod, the peas scatter, take away the peas, the pod is empty.  Take away even one pea there is a disconnect in the field holding it all together.

I have said this many times over the years, spirit will give us each a sparkle of a greater truth, to ingest and become.  As we start to embody the life of that truth, more is added, it becomes wider, fuller and many times, different from its original presentation to our limited consciousness.  There will never be an absolute truth, just an ever evolving one.  All-ways allow.

Within that meditation and with this beautiful, timely man emailing me, I made a choice to add another live ongoing series/event to the soul gym right there in meditation and my team smiled and said… The salt and pepper are now added!!  That’s gotta be something, two seasonings from one choice!! lol  Takes a little of the work out going forward, I hope!!

I have a feeling too, it preseeded understanding for what we will see this side of the full moon as we now head towards the eye of the needle… the new moon.  Of course, we no sooner come thru the new moon on the 25th and the energy of the June solstice is already pulling the energy itself… somewhere.  I cannot see where, just the pull of the energy.  I suppose, that’s what we are deciding right now!!

And on that note, a new day in the field is close at hand.  You are all such an amazing, invaluable illumination upon my soul field and I can never, ever thank you enough for Being Here, with me, Now!!  I Love YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with pepper for your personal gumbo!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. Thank-you Lisa for sharing! Yesterday on the Taurus/ Wesak full moon, I felt all my stored up memory of all the years (since1972) of metaphysical studies & meditations were wiped out. Gone. Blank. Today trickles of threads are left. The threads have water droplets balanced on them. Don’t know if it’s because I just turned 69 and my memory has decided it was time to start over or if my visits to the Void are becoming more prominent? Either. way, I am glad I have not gone to a regular Dr. Who would probably diagnose something more problematic. Lol.😁 xoxo
    Blessings from KY.


  3. Gatherings Within The Void

    “You have all gathered here as it has been ordained that you shall gather here. For you have gathered before many centuries ago. And you did upon that day make oath to be here now. Even so as I am speaking with your illusion of time, it is suffice to assist your understanding. So one could say that it has been a manipulation. It has all been ordained that you shall enter into this place called Adelaide, and you would meet with me here in order that we can fulfill the purpose [Earth Heeling 1] for which we have come. United as one whole within the network. Others gather here also outside your visual perception.”

    “There have been meetings over several lifetimes whereby those who have entered into the void; that is the most appropriate way to put it; collecting together that which is information, knowledge; And restrengthening the network, for the network had existed before. It is going to be difficult to explain it with your comprehension ability. For instance, you may be aware that while in the time of the Jesus being, the Christed being, that each and everyone here has had a role to play in the existence of the Jesus being. There is information that has not yet come to light yet.[ie that Jesus was not crucified and live a long and happy lifetime] Therefore you gathered at that time, after your Earthly existence within that lifetime. In the void did you come and did you gather; and did all gather again to discuss the probabilities, and to claim your purposes.”

    “Before that particular time, 52,000 BC there was a gathering also within the
    void in a most different way, that I cannot, I’m afraid, use words to describe within your language .It can be said it is I who is the instigator of this particular change It is I who have motivated each and every one of you to be a part of this network. Once motivated, you have made the choices within your own will, and have created that which is your own purpose to work with. Each and every time that the meetings, the networks, the gatherings have come together, the purposes have been rewritten to encompass your new learnings within your own evolution; to re-balance the purposes within each and every other member of the network so there is always harmony. To perhaps delineate in a number, a numerical, perhaps the best way to describe it, is again to use the 9. Except it is 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 into infinity. I am speaking from realms which are beyond your comprehension ability, and I make no apology for that. For me to give you a number would not be appropriate. For all is one, and one is all, when one goes to the very core of the issue.”

    ~ Transmission 1995, Adelaide, South Australia, by [YAY 2], Golden Essence Beyond [Deevine 3] Guide of [Earth Heeling 1] Network, aka The [Hyest 4] of All That Is ~

    Phonetic Notes:

    [word 1] change [Hee] to Hea
    [word 2] change [AY] to E
    [word 3] change [ee] to i
    [word 4] change [y] to igh

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    • I was intrigued by this, Judith, seems you have been on this journey some 10 years longer than me! That is the perceived awareness journey! When I became aware I was even on a journey! I am in Sydney, moved here from London in 1968 with my then new husband (since transitioned). If it is ok I would like to follow this up with you. Much Love & Blessings xx Sylvia Liney AKA Sylvia Melaynia


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