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The Full Moon Melding 3 into 1.

full moon changes

I do believe we have all be placed in the oven for baking!!  Or at least that’s my take on seeing everyone via the field yesterday.  It also gives weight to the lethargy and exhaustion so many of us are feeling these days.  I have woken up exhausted physically and mentally the last several days.  I couldn’t even get a flow going to write a blog and indulged in something I never do, taking naps.

Since it was the weekend and I had no readings thru it, I wondered if I would actually be able to see given my mental and physical lack of energy.  I suppose spirit hear my thought and replied, only I didn’t fully realize it was a reply.  I got a sudden flash of a hypnosis session to do as a group that included the three sections of readings since we arrived in this new landscape.  The wall of light, the golden energy of the ground and the light body as well as the green grass of the emerald city.  I think I could have easily taken the energy transmission of that script instantly, but I do not want to do anything extra until my new website is launched.

My first lady, and let me say, I am so glad she was my first lady yesterday, not sure I would have as clearly understood what was really happening if she wasn’t first.  Divine timing and alignment is always at play.  But anyway… my first lady was standing in a patch of grass so tall it was over her head.  The patch of grass was no more than about 6 inches encircling her body, but wide enough to obstruct most, but not all, of the view of her body.  What I could see of her body, it was the intense white like that wall of light was when we first started reading.

It took me a while to even understand what I was seeing and why her grass was so damn tall!!  My lady kept feeling it was saying she was in over her head, which may be true, but a really good thing.  There was nothing about the visual that was saying…. ya need a lawn mower!!  Quite the opposite really.  The miracle grow of love!!

This grass also served to protect and enhance the changes that I could barely see and understand thru the blades (heart energy) of grass.  When I tried to focus on the bits and parts of her body that I could see thru the grass, I got an instant correlation of the hypnosis event (we will eventually do) and the wall of light, of Source/Creator/God energy from the beginning phase of this landscape.  An absorption of more source energy happening within her whole body construct.

I cannot even remember what triggered the next visual of understanding, but I am pretty sure we were still figuring out that tall, sturdy grass all around her and her heart energy, since the only thing I was sure of, the grass represented the emerald city and the emerald city is her heart scape.  Suddenly, in her far left field, these golden strands of energy that started to look a lot like an ECG readout started to present itself, crossing over her head and to the right side accompanied by the understanding of change.  Her golden ECG was intense, sort of like this:


Each pokey thing (smile) was igniting an element of change in her field.  Whatever is being ignited (and we got no information on what) is up to her to absorb and use or integrate into her changing life field.

I tried to get some heads up on the what, but as spirit says so often, not even they know what anyone will do.  We are not robots preprogrammed, but Beings of free will, free choice.  That said, no matter the choices, they are all good and will produce something, which will be much more visible as we cross thru the new moon on the 25th.

What we are in now is the energy of the full moon, enhancing and amplifying all these energies.  Primarily as inner feelings, inner inspirations and even, inner disconnects, releasing old blueprint nodes as the new ones settle in and expand.

So truly what is taking place is the full merger of the three elements we have seen individually getting to this point.  The wall of Light/Source Light, with truth in the back yard and unified love in the front yard and our ongoing choice of Living all of it and not just a part of it, or living part of it, which of course, changes the patterns of the ECG thingie.  My lady was full on!!

Of course, let’s take into consideration the many posts I have been seeing about Gaia’s intensely increased heartbeat, having risen from 7.5 HZ to insane 110 HZ… change from the heartfield.


When mama’s heart rate races, everyone experiences it, whether they realize it or not and our heart rhythms do all they can to keep pace.

Which oddly reminds me of my own mother, her heart was a steady 140-150 beats per minute 6 weeks prior to her death (change.)  The day she died, her heart rate was at a constant 220-250 all morning and afternoon, until…. she transformed.

So with that understanding under my belt (well, as much as I was able to understand) my second lady was so incredibly different in presentation, yet, all the elements meant the same thing, rapid change underway.  I really had to struggle to keep bias out, I was looking for the tall grass, and even was creating it out of expectation.  I have not done that in a very very long time, over a decade at least, yet yesterday, I had to clear my memory field to see what was truly in her field.

Her field was focused at the ground level from beneath her feet backwards.  There was a path of what I can only call bubbling golden lava like energy merging into this old-looking golden triangle that was beneath her feet and apexed about 6 inches above her head.  These lava like bubbles burst and went into the ground level of this triangle and then up and thru it, releasing out into her body system, energy strands.  Even tho this lady’s field was visually different, the energies were representing the same thing.

What I could not do for either lady is understand any more so I rescheduled them both (I truly am anal about what I will justify as a reading.)

I am so sorry to now be skimming the readings, but my day is going to start soon.  I need to harness time in the morning or find a way to wake up and midnight and sustain myself thru the afternoon lol.  Anyway, my last lady had this huge purple umbrella over her head.  I could see the energies sliding off the umbrella and landing all around her in what I call her immediate external field (about 3 feet all around her.)  Instantly her team said this umbrella, tho part of her mastery (hence it being purple) needed some holes poked in it so she could absorb some of this energy into her body.  She then explained that she has MS and these energies hurt her body, intensify the nerve systems within her physical locality.  So, she was shown how to change the umbrella into what looked like a small christmas tree that had a plunger on the bottom that she could use to extend the tree branches outwards, creating a taunt energy field for smoother assimilation within her body.

We all have tools to control the intensity and distribution.  What we can do, but isn’t wise to do, is stop any part of this process.  Use the inner and outer tools for comfort and ease.  Cuz baby, we are changin’!!

So we can really look at this 5 day process of this full moon as its light melding all three aspects into one massive energy of change… now or the later now 😉

Change!!  It really boggles my mind at the 360 degree change my life is still undergoing.  right down to the littlest things.  I have had t-mobile as my cell provider for the last 17 years, during this upcoming week, i will be closing out my relationship with t-mobile and have verizon as my new provider.  Next month, I will be changing my new mexico car tags and license to texas.  Almost no part of my past will be in my field, save my kids!!  Of course, my new exciting website should be launched next month as well.

The one thing that came thru the readings yesterday too, as we slide thru the new moon in our new clothes 😉 we will then be fully affected by the pull of the solstice magnetic field of energies.  How??  I have no freakin clue, but at least it was some sort of heads up.

On that note, my day is about to begin.  I love you all soul much!!  Enjoy this moment, it is soooo powerful in its lethargy!!  We are expanding into our souls fuller potential (as opposed to purpose, every moment, we are living our purpose.  It really is our potential we keep (desiring to) expand into!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of new, enhanced life fields to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Any chance you can lead me to documentation of change in the Schumann resonance?
    Thank you for the work you do. Blessings on you and yours.


    • Right now I can only find the image that I had seen the other day. I know I went to a website but am still looking for that in between readings. Had I found it this morning I would have posted it. Finding things on facebook is like looking for a needle in a wind blown haystack lol. Well, this was my intention, I cannot figure out how to post an image in this reply… I’ll figure it out and get back here!!


    • Here’s an interesting one, after 2 seconds of “Googling”:

      Heheheeheheh……still can’t help picturing an alive and breathing Tesla, having multiple orgasms over this…



  2. “…having risen from 7.5 HZ to insane 110 HZ… change from the heartfield.”

    the heart field is what happens with cellular energy

    the earth was one of seven of thirteen of one hundred and ten however we have moved to armageddon consciousness which is three makes four makes five makes six

    i cannot wait to see what sort of mindblast happens on thursday morning

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  3. […] Source: The Full Moon Melding 3 into 1. […]


  4. As we divinely evolve, the realm of the heart transforms and ultimately activates ‘The Rhythm of the Crystalline Sacred Heart’ in resonance with ‘The Rhythm of the Earth Core Crystal’; anchoring ‘heart to heart’
    with the divinity Erte (Earth Mother)


  5. Anchoring ‘heart to heart’; ‘divinity to divinity’ with Erte, Earth Mother is the deep peace and joy of ‘being at Home’


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  8. Translating all this to the Higher Frequencies:

    Change!! In “Lightworker” terms, is….

    After 17 years I threw my cell phone away and shifted into a 5D Earth reality where ALL communicate through *Telempathy*.

    Next Now, I throw away everything associated with my toxic, planet-killing car, and shift myself to the wondrous 5D reality based on *Teleportation* and/or clean antigravity flying transportation devices.

    Next Now after that Now, I mentally toss away the totally non-exciting concept of creating/using even more irrelevant websites in order to promote myself commercially, (based on the concept of Lack)….and shift myself to the Instant Manifestation 5D paradise Earth reality that no longer requires any ancient outdated “Internet” communication to connect to others immediately, through Telempathic Thoughts and Emotion.


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    • Cheers!!! 😄💕

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