Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 6, 2017

YOU Are the LightField Coming thru the Black Hole of May!!


I am so glad I woke up extra early today!!  It gives me the time to sit down and share something I have been forgetting to include in the last couple sharings!!

The field of light that surrounds you in readings is more intense, more clear and bright (had to explain really) than it ever has been.  However, that said, every time we take a moment to talk about the whole month of May, thru any reading, something changes.  I literally see the letters that spell May, but all around it and thru each space of the letters, it is pure black.  Spirit said it is because it is representing coming thru a black hole.

Over the years, the energy of the black hole has been presented thru readings, us going thru one, more than once.  I suppose I never stepped back to realize that it was not always the same black hole being represented, at least, not until this week.

Thru the years, we have had many dimensional shifts into the higher realms of energy, of frequency, of ourSelf’s.  Each time we went thru a black hole, we came thru into a higher dimension of ourselves.  Keeping in mind, our souls are multidimensional and it would go to say, so are we, the human soul.

Thru the years, we have also seen various elements of earth being represented as changing, part of our ongoing expansion pack of energy.  Of course, as we became higher dimensional Beings, the very elements that surround us, that nurture had to change too.  Or better stated, are different in different dimensions, even if it is just slightly different than the previous dimension.

It is also the reason we seem to shift in our personalities as we change, as we go thru and steady ourselves into new dimensions.  More of our inner chaos sluffs off and we become more clear, more accepting of many things, more understandings of the grander realm we call Life.

What makes this month of May, 2017 different from any other time that a black hole energy showed up in readings is that we are what is coming thru the other side of the black hole.  WE are the new energy, the new life forms, the new thought forms.  WE ARE the highly evolved Beings we once sought for direction.  WE ARE what’s coming together, NOT what is falling away.

This has got to be the first time, in my 15 years of reading, where we are not being given specific homework of integration of the new energies, just being asked to allow our orientation into this new field and all that changes that WE have become.

I think the easiest way to explain this is using the visual I am seeing right now.  All the working parts of the brand new car of life is Now Here.  The engines, the tires, the fluids and rods and all the bits that make a car run.  We are here.  Thru the remainder of this particular season (thru the sept equinox) we will be given the challenge of finding all the other working parts of this car, and start to come together, link up and link in together.

There is already so much being set up thru the universal energies of Life, all conspiring for this next evolutionary stage of ourself’s, together.  I just look at my own tiny life, and truly, in the scheme of this massive stage, my part is so tiny, yet living in it, as each of us live within our own life, it is so radically huge and different.  For years I have been wishing to have some sort of help in getting all I want to do, done.  I have tried to do it all myself, I would come out of the gate running and peter out cuz there is just not enough of me to be efficient or enough desire to learn something new and spin that on my already full stick.  That is, until I got hit hard with the inner desire to hire a webmaster to build a new site.  This man is not only creating an amazing mansion to house us in, he is freakin pushing me in directions I have been resisting for years.  The greatest part of it, all I have to do is show up, he will run the efficiency from his end.  Couple all that wonderful synergy with now having my daughter in my day-to-day life, the things that needs two people to do efficiently, she is a willing player for it all.

I am no longer a unicycle, there is a motor and a steering wheel attached to my energy wheel and we are expanding our territory, together!

Now imagine what we WILL do as we all gather together, each with our own unique super powers and start mixing them together.  It feels like a real life Hogwarts academy being presented where we all are the teachers and the students at the same time.

Now getting back to the black hole of May and the emerging visible Light field (You/Us) coming thru it.  Again, thru the readings, spirit has been saying we should even out of this intensity as we move into and thru the new moon of May.  Silly me, when I looked up the dateline for that, I thought it was the 10th, I realized yesterday that the 10th is the full moon, the new moon happens on the 25th!!  Geez Louise!!!

The energy of the full moon is amplifying and illuminating a lot!  Not only in our own personal fields, but equally, all the collective fields out there/in here.  The highest highs and the lowest lows are all echoing their power display.  There is no bias in life, just our own personal ongoing choices of what direction we choose to move towards.

We have got to be extra mindful about where we place our focus, our hearts energies.  We are in the midst of a dying system.  If you ever had the privilege to watch someone come to the end of their life, it is not an over night experience, but a slow progression of a whole system shut down.  Organs start failing and eventually stop.  When we look out into the world, the same is happening there, too.  We just watched the USA’s political establishment reach into the heart field of Life and rip out the arteries that supply well being to the heart.  (AKA trumpcare, which is really void of the care part.)  It’s a dying system, allow it to die as you focus on building anew, from your/our inside out place.

Before I close and get ready for my lasik (gulp) I want to mention the energy happening in space.  I just took a peak into spaceweather:

CME IMPACT POSSIBLE ON MAY 10TH: On May the 4th, unstable magnetic fields in the sun’s atmosphere shifted and hurled a CME into space. The cloud’s velocity was relatively low; indeed, it appears that it will take 6 whole days to cross the sun-Earth divide. NOAA forecasters expect it to arrive on May 10th. Polar geomagnetic activity is therefore possible next week. Free: Aurora Alerts

“RADIO-ACTIVE” METEOR SHOWER: This weekend’s eta Aquarid meteor shower, caused by debris from Halley’s Comet, is causing strong radar echoes over Europe.

May 10th, the full moon amplifying the energies of the CME thru all of life.  Then we have the radio-active meteor shower, with that spirit is giving us a parallel analogy.  If we look at ourselves as a meteor that just came thru a black hole into a new field of life, our debris tail is what we are assimilating and adjusting to thru the 25th.  WE ARE radio active!! 😉

Have an amazing day my beautiful comets!! I love you!!!  ((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas



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  3. Yes, thank you! The wheels are turning. It’s like driving in a car. We sit still in the car yet we move forward. This week I have had some unexpected help and was so grateful!! Some veils have opened up and revealed a whole new world. Hang tight yet loosely. Lol.😁 xoxo


  4. The Black Hole is The Void in the core of each person.

    Through the clearest of colourless Light it appears black; the purest clear light of unconditional love, highest; beyond divine.

    “The Void, where there is to be perceived nothingness; darkness; and yet within the darkness there is All That Is. And it is required to enter into that space of darkness before emerging from the light as a being that is Higher Than [Deevine]”

    You are the Memory of All That Is.

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  5. Pleiadian Lineup 2017 is May 16 – 19 this year (

    Pleiadian Lineup in reference to May Full Moon and New Moon:

    Exactly Between the 10th of May Full Moon and the 25th May New Moon!

    7 days from 10th Full Moon and 16th Start of Pleiadian Lineup (7 days if the 10th and 16 th are counted inclusive as continuous flow of linking events)

    Also 7 days from the 19th May Close of Pleiadian Lineup and the 25th May New Moon (7 day flow if both 19 and 25 inclusive)

    The Pleiades, also known as The Seven Sisters ~ ~ 7 Sisters

    May 16th is exactly the Middle of May (15 days before and after the 16th for the 31 day month)


    I also have Turquiose Blue-Gold Pleiadian Essence as part of my individual Soul Essence Signature.

    Since the start of the month the energies HAVE been amazing and feel as though will continue as such.

    I am so happy this is such a EMPowerment Month for so many! ❤


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