Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 3, 2017

May and the Power of Change!!!


I find it kind of amazing how incredibly unique, how perfectly designed for each person, the energy packages are coming in.  No two readings have come close to being the same, save the fact that everyone is now showing up on grass for their field of life platform.  It was only for the first day or two the grass was enhanced in color (emerald-green, instead of back yard green lol) it is not that way now.  Perhaps because I know it is reflecting the emerald city of each person’s heart.  Within each city, a whole new energy system is coming in and being absorbed into the person.  Our jobs, for now, is to allow and simply be conscious that new energy is coming in and expanding each of ourselves, changing us, allowing more of ourselves to be revved up and let loose in life.

The one thing I can never know, is how it will all affect you, what you will choose or not choose to do with it.  Not even spirit knows that.  However, there is a long game in play.  This is not one time deal, but an ongoing life changer, if we allow.

I cannot help but think of my own path (since it is in my face this morning lol) over the last year.  It is almost a year ago, May 7th, I received a phone call from my son, that at first scared me when he asked me to sit down to receive the news he was about to tell me.  I never heard his voice like that, but obviously, he was ok.  I about shit when he said he got a call from my 4 year estranged daughter Michelle (AKA Katt) and she was in Arizona on a road trip and she wanted to introduce my 4 month old grandson to me, would I be open to it!!  The next day was mother’s day and that is when she wanted to visit me.  Holy freakin shit… YES!!!

That very moment changed my future history in ways, even if I had seen it in meditation, I surely would not believe its possibility.  Too many players (my daughter and my mother) that hated me.  And yet, the return was an unfathomable (from my then current perspective) of love, of reunited heart energy.

Every step of the way this past year, YOU were there, supporting me, making sure I made it to and thru my next entrance point and out of it as well.  Changes, big ass life changing, changes are much easier to move thru when you have a cheer leading section, a support section.  Kind of like running the biggest marathon of your life and you have so many supporters offering you water and sweat towels along the way.  We need each other to assure we make it to each finish line.  Especially when there are sudden detours in our road.

I want to be there like that, for you too.  Especially after one of the readings yesterday.  There she was in her field and all these apples (wisdom, fruits of her collective life’s labors) raining down all around her, bopping her in the head over and over, on her shoulders, over and over and yet, she could feel the bops, but did not reach out for a single apple.  Of course, it is easy for me, sitting in the distance of your field, saying why don’t you just reach out for those apple energy bombs coming in, when you may not even realize what the hell is happening.  Her life is changing, has been changing and amping up the energy of change and yet, she hesitates.  Simply because we all need a cheerleading section when our familiars in our life think we jumped off the deep end of sanity.

WE, as a collective force of each other’s life, help each other to own our place of power, our inner knowing that even if the world thinks I am crazy for what I do, it is the most empowering thing for me and those around me.

Until yesterday, I could not understand how I can be there for everyone when they need it the most, until my amazing web designer showed me the beginning of my new website.  Even tho it is just the “rough first draft” my team must have been having long talks with me as I fell asleep so early (before 8pm) and woke up so late (after 5:30am) and I got up inspired (hence what I am sharing now lol.)

I woke up knowing that we will bring back the membership based “Soul Gym.”  Integration of these energies is only the first part, we have to know what to do with them too and how to strengthen them individually and collectively.

In recent months, so many people have told me they heard me on my youtube channel.  I do not have a youtube channel, well, my personal one that I upload my grandchildren playing, but not an actual one for sharing spiritual insights.  I do want to thank whomever is creating one for me, it is very much appreciated.  However, the nation of lights will be hosting its own (eventually.)

There is even a place for those just finding their wings and those who are polishing them, to get you out into the spotlight as well.  The nation is of Lights, plural, not just one crazy girl (smile.)

In my internet life, there is a lot of movement, a lot of change underway.  Once the new site is launched (we are looking at a target date of the beginning of next month) my old sight which I have had since 2003 will close down.  Even my blog sharings will move over to the new website, with the same ability to subscribe as wordpress offers now.  Of course, there will be an integration period for it all.  But I am excited!!

I think if I can dub May’s energy into a single word it would be CHANGE!!  Of course, May is a 5 month and this year a 10 year, change and new beginnings, together, they are a 6, soul partnership!!

What an odd song to suddenly have playing in my head…. but hey…. Marvin Gaye sings it like no other…. “Let’s Get It On!!!!!”

I love you All Soul much!!  Big big ((((HUGZ))) as we get it on!!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter/bookreading.html





  1. I participate in a way that doesn’t activate my fight/flight nervous system flare. I pray for strength and that under pressure my body will not let me down so I can open myself to this new community.

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  2. Wow, good luck with the new website! Mercury goes direct this afternoon EST. That should help abit. Lol.😁 Yes, this new energy gives new meaning to go with the flow. Ha. Internally as well as externally. Game is on. Fasten your seatbelts. Xoxo 💖 Blessings from KY.

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  3. Let’s get it on an on and on, how exciting!

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