Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 1, 2017

We ARE The May Flowers, The Flowers of Shambhala!!

flowers of shambhala

I decided to forgo putting out a blog yesterday for some of my own personal news, AKA a meditation before anyone woke up in the house.  I have decided, not only was I handed the queen of all bathtubs, it takes me to a plane that is much higher vibrationally than I am accustomed to climbing all at once.  I continue to be challenged at holding my focus in meditation longer than a few minutes and god forbid I actually understanding what I am seeing while seeing it.  I do have to admit, at first I thought I was just out of practice with meditation, it had been close to a year since I went swimming in the deep end of my pool, but the two make up readings I had scheduled yesterday, amplified my second thought quite clearly.

Since I couldn’t seem to anchor into any sort of meditation, I decided to look at myself in the field.  Where am I, what am I needing to understand?  That connection was instant.  I plug inwas in the far back yard, my triangle of fire now a goldish-bronzish dome all around me with 12 distinct sections.  I could see my back with these twelve wiggling plug like connectors all coming out of the back side of my heart center.  They didn’t plug into anything yet, they were just wiggling.  I tried to get more understanding about it and the next thing I know I was sweating bullets.  As I was trying to find my orientation to what I was experiencing, I knew I was in the middle of this dome, but had no idea what to do, so as I asked the question, the voice coming back to me was God/Source/Creator in the same space I was in.  Hey!!  What you doing on top of me???  Or maybe, what am I doing on top of you??  The only semblance of a reply I got before tapping out was something about understanding what I am seeing with clarity and zero bias from past input.

I could not stand the rise in heat I was experiencing in my bathtub.  I was literally pouring sweat and became so distracted and unable to go any further in my meditation so I just got out.  I could not even stand putting my clothes on (sweat pants and a sweat shirt since it was only 42 degrees outside) so I simply went outside with my towel on to try to cool off.  I should have been freezing instantly, nope.  I stayed in the sweat body for a good half hour before cooling down.  Weird!!!  I should have been frozen instantly like I was prior to taking a bath.  Nope.  Not until I went out to do my readings, then my body realized just how cold it was!

My first lady showed up in the same place.  Of course, this is the same part of the far back yard everything has been showing up in since I started reading here.  She was sitting cross-legged on the ground with this intense circular white light shining on her (left) cheek.  I could see her rubbing her cheek as if to rub the energy in.  The light was about the size of a tennis ball and stayed consistent thru her whole reading.  We both did all we knew how in trying to understand what it represented and what she needed to do with it and her team just kept repeating a phrase that became quite pesky “it’s all-encompassing.”  The light itself could not be discerned in words, there was no language to explain it, it had to be absorbed and then expressed outwards (lived) in an “all encompassing way.”

What I found really interesting was as we kept trying to understand this light on her face melting into her cheek/mouth area, her body kept sliding over deeper into the right field until she was so far over to the fence line of my neighbor’s yard.  She never got up, I never seen her move, she was just being pulled, almost like a magnetic sheet was under her, going deeper and deeper into her emotional spiritual side.

I started to realized and it was really affirmed with my next/last reading of the day that we are trying to understand the higher energies from our usual vantage point, it’s time to go further and higher than we ever allowed ourselves to go.

If we can now look at ourselves as space aliens that have no access to any of our past and are here to help our future, then the only thing we need to feel into is the present and movement forward without anything of the past coming in.  Not as easy as it sounds when our minds are so anchored in our past stories (hell even in readings, I pull from yesterdays interpretations, which is not working so well any longer.)

My next lady was just bizarre looking.  She was standing in the middle of her field and she had 9 arms all around her body.  These arms with hands were individually reaching up over her head, then came back down and bent at the elbow for a moment, before reaching back upwards.  I could not see what she was reaching for or even if she had anything in any hand as it came back down towards her head.  What I do find interesting, the color of her arms was about the same color as my dome thingie in my personal meditation, a goldish-bronzish color.

This is where it became apparent that what we are reaching for, we are receiving, but the understanding, the knowing cannot be seen with our old eyes, within our old history even last year, or last month.  Which is making my job super challenging let me tell you!  I don’t know what I don’t know and yet, I need to know it to help you understand it in the readings.  Geez!!!  Who signed this bumbling human up for that!!??  Hell, at this point, I can barely talk and keep my teeth in my mouth (seriously) which is causing me a a major distraction, now I have to hold onto my teeth and climb into information packages I never understood before, all at the same time??

My lady with the 9 arms was told, that all that she has been reaching for, is indeed already in her hands, she just has not realized what she brings back in understanding.  Once she does, the 9 of completion will instantly happen and her life, catapulted into a higher “actioned” field of life.  Her team used the past tense of the word action when talking about her higher field of life (which I could see vibrationally about 5 feet above the ground we are on now.)  So I had to ask, how can we be using a past tense word when we are being instructed on a new, higher, never experienced in this realm focus?

The reply only comes to me this morning.  Every one of us on this leading edge of planetary light are from other worlds of mastery and evolution, what some even call, highly evolved societies.  We have indeed, done this before, just not here on earth.  This is the plane of existence we need to pull from, to live “all-encompassing” from.

Let’s be clear on this point.  The moment we start looking at what is falling apart out in the world, we pull ourselves out of this higher evolutionary state of our Being.  Or even, looking at conflict in our personal worlds.  Change, long lasting, complete change tends to look like things are falling apart, becoming worse than it ever was.  Just look at a building being demolished, that looks tragic, destructive even.  And yet, something amazing will be built in its place.  This same thing is happening to our families, our neighborhoods, our cities and countries.  Focus only on the blessing.  If you cannot see the blessing, don’t pay attention there because the only thing you do is pull yourself out of the bounty that is happening and we can easily look track, loose focus of the wonder underway as we assimilate to this new way of Being.  That said, if you can see the blessing, it is also your responsibility to state that out loud.

The focus of the whole will never change with the silence of the few who understand.

On that note, I am getting out my ladder before readings start, so I can find the place we need to understand from, from here on out!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of May Flowers, which is also Shambhala energies, to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




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    Re-Blogged on SilverAngelsWings. Dear Readers, her is more insights from Lisa Gawlas, I don’t know how I know, but it all sorta makes sense to me, thanks to Lisa’s amazing explanations. when I am reading , I feel different, as if I am there, things are amazing, but it all seems so natural, & doesn’t shock me at all….I sure hope I make it to the Emerald City!. Much Love & Blessings to you all, I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do…. Thank You Lisa (((HUGZ)))….


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