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Having a Child-Like Heart and Your Personal Emerald City!

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Finally!!  After months, heck I think this whole year so far, of not hearing a peep about the Emerald City after it was such a focal point in closing out last year’s readings, it’s great to have it back and much more clearly understood and displayed.

Everyone showed up in the far back yard, in the same area the wall of light was, where the golden spinning striations of light was and now, grass!!  Extra green, deep emerald-green, grass.  The ground beneath each person’s feet was a reflection of each person’s heart.  I knew this last year as the emerald city became such a major focal point in the readings, but it was really amplified thru each reading yesterday that the “emerald city” is within your own personal heart field.  It is not a place outside yourself, but your personal heart world that you created around yourself that expands or contracts depending on how your feeling.

I have watched our energy fields change radically over the 15 years I have been doing readings, but this really is the biggest change I have seen so far.  Let me recap what I had witnessed thru you over the decades:

First we had individual chakras, back when I first started reading in 2003, the focus was on clearing them up.  Of course, that was MY focus point in my path so those that reflected that back to me, were always on my dance card.  Together, we got a lot of work, a lot of clearing, done.  As the years past, I watched the emergence of new energy centers, as well as the relevance of ones that had always been there, just no one I knew of (take that to mean, information I was reading) was speaking of them, like the tiny chakra coming out of each pore in the skin.

As we started to utilize more and more of our energy systems as a whole, instead of individually, the chakras themselves started to blend into each other, creating what I seen and called our core energy.  Yes, we always had a core energy but it helped to nourish and engage the chakras individually, then became one large energy system and I no longer seen the individual chakras at all.  Eventually that massive core energy running from crown to root morphed into a torus then a double torus, expanding and radiating the energy system we use beyond our body, amplified by the heart center.

Now, our energy fields are represented by the very grass beneath our feet.  By our connection and relationship to Life itself, not just our self.  This is huge really!!  And truly, I only understand the depths of what was revealed thru everyone yesterday, this morning.

We really have shifted into a nation of light.  Open, free, sharing and exchanging in full relationship with the earth and air.  No borders or boundaries like we have always had (in one way or another.)  Even the double torus, as powerful as it is/was, had a boundary to it, and edge if you will.  Altho, one could argue that the patch of grass I seen beneath each persons feet was of various shapes and sizes, it created a border, not really.  Around the physical body was nothing but open space, free reign of all there is.

To give an example of what I am trying to explain, one of my beautiful ladies showed up, I think she was the third lady on the field yesterday, and she was shoving white picket fence parts around her field.  My own energy was shocked to see that.  She started out about 10 feet out from her own body, shoving a wooden picket in her field, then another, then decided that is too far out, picked up the pickets she put in and shoved them 8 feet out, then 5 feet out from her body all the while, her energy field was contracting, holding itself back.  Any potential that could have shown up there, was no longer visible to my eyes.  She started this work on her left side, physical life side, because of an action that someone else was doing, that was near and dear to her heart and yet, had nothing to do with her personally.

It was explained that the time for borders, for walls, fences or anything designed to keep you/us separate from any aspect of life, is over.  It holds no place in this environment any longer.  Fortunately, she had not started building on her right side yet and we could see the energy already there, for her to enjoy, play with, expand and get excited with and when she focuses there, she will no longer feel the need to build even a white picket fence anywhere.

It is not only ourselves trying to build protection around our field that is no longer needed, but the energies we brought forward from our past.   One of my ladies, I think the one right after her, the fourth reading, was sitting on the ground, her fists balled up and her arms crossed over her chest, her face scrunched up in anger or frustration and the emerald-green grass was no more than 6 inches beneath her.  As we started to look to see why she was in such a state and her field seriously contracted beneath her, suddenly this filing drawer showed up just behind her on her right side (emotional/spiritual side.)  In the drawer were 9 files all colored black (energies, exchanges and emotions that she is not seeing in the true light of day, that is affecting her present moment) that she had to lighten up and release (her homework.)

Now here is something to think about and realize, without the borders we have been so familiar with and dare I say, even felt protected by, other people’s energies and/or actions may have a bigger effect on you than ever before.  This too, is part of our evolution.  To fully be in life, in the chaos and wonder of life and not lose our center, our expansion and to really take nothing personally.

If we want to live in a world without borders, in a true unity consciousness, then we must start right here, in our own personal field of life.  Living the example creates the outward spread of the energy to others.

Makes sense to me (now) why I was plucked out of my 5 year solitude and heaven to go live with my mom and then now, live with my daughter and grandson.

So let’s take a look at the three others on the field.  My first reading, a beautiful man in Germany, started this amazing view.  I was so surprised to see him standing in the far back yard, no wall of light, no golden energy, but grass.  Green green grass that blended with the actual grass of my yard, only his was deeper green, emerald-green.  That is when I heard the words, the emerald city.  Each one of us is building our own emerald city thru our personal heart fields.  In his field, from right to left, easter eggs that resembled the ones strewn about my back porch that my grandson still plays with, was raining double helixdown around him.  A few were held in place so we could dive into the deeper meaning.  First, easter eggs, gifts from the resurrected Christ within himSelf.  The one we got to open together was a purple or violet easter egg, inside was this beautiful, golden double helix that was about 2 inches long.

It was bubbly like the image I included, but ever bubble was gold and as his team explained, it’s an expansion set that he needs to purposely place into his light body and become familiar with.  There were several other easter eggs all arching over his head to his left.  One yellow, one green, one red and the final one black.  5 in call, the energy of change.  The black is the totality of the other eggs in full integration of his new, expanding emerald city field.

The children’s theme was going to be a constant thru the day.  My next lady had a very unusual field.  Where my mans grass was circular, hers was oval with these spikey things coming off them, of course her team corrected me many times as I used the word spikey to call them tendrils, 9 in all.  These are area’s where she is already using her emerald city mastery outwards in the world, sharing herself with others.  She is a young person who works with autistic children and I could see how she is already doing this, but what she needs to understand and is her homework, what she is doing that is new to both her and those around her.  Sometimes we just do things because it is a natural part of ourselves without ever really realizing what new is embedded in our presentation outwards.  Our job is to know.  The more we are aware of, the more that is added to us.

In her field, she had these plastic colored balls, once again, resembling the ones on this porch that my grandson plays with.  Her arms were outstretched from left to right and long, much longer than her whole body, like 10 feet long from hand to hand.  She was doing this shifting of these colored balls from one hand to the other, sometimes these balls I could see individually, sometimes they were shifting so fast they were like blur.  Her team explained each one contained a new mastery that for the most part, she is already using in her day-to-day life, her job now is to delve into each ball and understand them individually and all together.

bubbleMy last lady of the day, once again, brought in the childlike play toys and energy within her field.  This time, it was akin to soap bubbles.  Big ass soap bubbles!!

Only there was no soap, instead the energy came thru her hands, first the right hand, into what I seen as a soap-bubble wand and created this really long opaque (I could not see thru it) soap bubble above her head.  As she finished creating the opaque bubble with her right hand (emotional output) suddenly the wand was in her left hand (creation side) and the bubble became see thru, perfectly clear.  Within the clarity was the details of arrival of whatever was in her long bubble.  In that moment, she was at a choice point, allow its arrival or pop it and start over again.

As I started to reach around to understand what she was doing, I was using two words… “thought” or “desire,” her team explained there is no longer a difference.  Our thoughts have become so powerful, that they are the desire becoming manifest.  This made me gulp a bit, some of my thoughts need to be unthunk (smile) if that is the case.  But she was reassured that this why she has this moment of the clear soap-bubble to decide if this is what she wants to create within her world.

If we embark on this next phase of our evolution like a child would exploring his or her new world of adventure, it will assure much success and fun.  However, we do it from the seat of an adult who tends to question and dare I say, fear many things… well, we will still learn, but thru the challenges instead of the playground!!

Thru it all yesterday, it became very clear that as we move forward and expand our territory within our hearts, we will eventually merge into other landscapes, other emerald cities expanding, creating a more powerful, unified environment for the ALL of life.  EAch of us must employ courage, wisdom and love as we expand and become the very wizard of our personal and collective lives!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) wrapped in playful times and expanded territories to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas



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