Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 28, 2017

The New Earth and the New Human Soul, Together!!

New Earth - Birth

Of course the field became unviewable once again yesterday.  At least tho, we got a reason why, it is in change, again.  Given the nature of the field this last week, golden spinning striations of energy that came up from the ground, that equally created a golden spin on our light bodies, it was a matter of time before it changed again.  I am praying it was a 24 hour thing that started after my last reading the day prior (smile.)

That said, I was given a little, or is that an expanded, review of these last couple of weeks within the field.  We first opened to this wall of light which we eventually found out was Source/Creator/God.  Pure, thick light and yet, something that appeared to separate love from truth.  Of course, our goal was always to be in the wall of light, to be the wall of light, shining and nurturing and drawing from, both side of the coin.

We all have seen where some can be speaking their own truths and present it without much love (that pure, unconditional love that say, it does not matter if you believe me, this is what is true for me.)  There are so many levels of truth, like the largest, thickest book we have ever seen, each page containing an element of truth, we only get the next page when we fully absorb and live the page we are on.  Often times, a level of truth comes thru distorted so it does not completely fracture the psyche on its way in, so, often times even what we come to know, changes into the fuller version of itself.  This is where the unconditional love part is so crucial, unto ourselves first and then outwards.  The need to be right is an untamed ego thing.  The need to pound fists or call names to other because they disagree, is equally an unintegrated ego thing.

My webmaster sent me a series of questions when I first hired him, so he could understand us and the desire for the website deeper.  One of the questions really had me think… “who is your target audience when writing.”  (Maybe not an exact quote, but close enough.)  I really had to feel into that answer and I kept coming back to the only one that serves my highest needs, mySelf.  My website helps me process the ongoing incoming information that seemed to settle itself into clarity.  My blogs, same thing, I process the massive information coming thru you every day we do readings together.  If I tried to target a specific group, the information would be confusing and the core, get lost.

Then, we have to fully realize too, that not all information coming out is for everyone.  There is a massive, important influx of information coming in at the present.  There are many different players that are a part of this massive shift.  Not everything is for everyone, at least at this initial stage of change.  We are all learning to harness our skills and place in this landscape.  Example, the information a physician needs is not the same information the song writer needs, which is not the same information the car mechanic needs.  Each one must absorb what is theirs in this moment.  As we continue to grow and formulate our expanded self in this expanded landscape of matter, the larger truths that others are living, will naturally become a part of our own.  If we could all realize, we are still in the setup stage, we haven’t even gone live yet… so patience is required within our own excitement!!

That all said, there are somethings we must all, at least realize.  The elements are changing.  Taking just one example from this week’s readings, if the element of oxygen is changing (and it is) and we all have a love affair/life affair with oxygen, (we all do) then we do need to understand how its newness affects who we are and what we do.

There is a lot of rearranging under the earth happening, energy moving, things a bubbling, and it is also requiring our movement and dare I say, bubbling up and over with all that is coming in.

Someone asked on my facebook wall about this being the “new earth.”  I got a bit puzzled, because thru the readings a few years ago, spirit declared we were now on the new earth then.  And yet, 2016 and 17 has brought in new elements of change that really made me go down deep last evening to fully understand what confused me about his question.  I think I got it, at least for now.

The earth had to be ready for this moment.  Like laying the greatest foundation for the new house of life to be erected upon.  Each day, week, month thru this last year and a half, we have become intimately familiar with the new energies of ourselves and life, all the while witnessing change take place out in the deeper landscapes.

We are a new spiritual being now inhabiting the new earth.  A full completion of the evolution process for those not standing on one side of the wall (of light) or another.  We must decide where we will harness our focus, on building for everyone to inhabit, or cleaning up what is already falling a part.  But, let me give you a question to ask yourself.  If you have invested so much time and effort in understanding your new, beautiful Self, why not focus there.  Build the new.  Allow others that are still realizing themselves to be the clean up crew for what is falling apart.

On that note, my day is about to begin and I am counting on “seeing” this next phase and set up within it today, dammit!!

I love you and am so grateful for your patience and understanding on the days the field is like invisible ink in my mind’s eye!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of enriched flavors and joyful songs as we All move forward!!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Wow Lisa. Seriously, so beautiful. Felt that deep within my heart. I feel I am watching your expression shift into alignment with your new (ancient lol? 😊) perceptions and it is the most beautiful thing to witness ❤️❤️ Thank you so much

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