Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 27, 2017

The Elements of Life and A Broader Understanding of “Counterparts.”

life changing

Over the last several months, I have had news articles shared on my facebook wall where science has discovered new functions of the lungs as well as a new area or organ within the digestive system.  Of course science thinks they missed these new things, even with all the research they have done, instead of realizing we are changing right before their eyes.  Now they are going to eventually scratch their heads as they realize that the elements are changing too, and wonder how they missed whatever they discover.

There is soooo much amazing information that came thru each reading yesterday, harnessed mostly by the questions each person asked.  We can really unlock the mysteries of the universes just by asking questions!!  I find it interesting that spirit will show you what you need to know in this moment and not much more (voluntarily from their side) until you start asking questions.  Even what we think of as mundane questions have amazing replies!!  Now I just hope I remember every amazing thing that came thru yesterday!!

I will save my first reading for last and jump to my second lady.  Her entire field and light body was on fire!!  The whole thing, fire!!  The fire was so thick and beautiful I could not even see thru it to the golden energy that I know is still there.  Her team specifically stated, several times as I was wondering what is happening within these flames that these flames are currently being used for transformation, “complete transformation.”  They did explain that even the ground she dwells upon is in this transformation fire as is her whole body, right down to the molecular level.  They even went a step further (bout damn time lol) and showed us a little diagram of a new molecule structure off to the right side of her field.


Most of the structure was not visible to my eyes, I kinda knew what they were trying to show.  A new molecule structure is taking place within her body and landscape.  But also, within the fire itself.  So the element of fire is changing… as are just about all the elements.  Come to think of it, my last lady of the day had oxygen as her ally and it was changing too.  Since oxygen feeds fire, it kinda makes sense really, I guess.

It was also explained that the elements that are changing are partnering with humans that are going thru the most rapid change themselves right now, so there is a cohesiveness to the changes.  I think the best way that I understood it, as the molecular structure of the human warps and changes, certain elements change to meet the new template of the human, so they are always complementary to each other.  It really was explained deeper than that, but this poor brain is challenged at remembering the exact details.

With my last lady, oxygen lady, she reminded me of being in a fish aquarium with bubbles pouring out of her belly, from her pelvis up to just under her waist.

air bubbles

At first I was just confused looking at her.  Then suddenly I realized the massive amount of bubbles pouring out of her were oxygen bubbles and this was her ally.

I found it was a lot easier for me to understand the energy of oxygen with her than understanding the fire.  Maybe because I was so intimately interested in the fire since I have it in my field.  I still feel like a stranger to fire and having the hardest time fully understanding my triangle of fire.  But it too was explained that the fire energy is a longer process of change, and until it starts to complete itself, it is not understandable.  Thru my beautiful, patient lady, it was explained about another week or two for the transformation to have understandable qualities to work with.

Coming back to the oxygen changes or enhancements, however that works out… Is becoming purer (for lack of a better way to explain it.)  She was shown a little alchemy lab about 15 feet above the ground, for her to start practicing working with this changing element.  Three things were shown, a thought bubble, a lab beaker and a (light) golden spiral.

First was her thought or desire that was in the bubble and she purposely squeezed this thought bubble into the beaker.  I am going to show an image of the beaker I seen, just incase it is important, I have no idea if the shape and size of it matters, but spirit tends to be literal when showing something and I placed yellow arrows above the beaker I had seen:


And then the golden slinky looking thing was just below this beaker.  Spirit kept calling it a golden spiral, but what I had seen looked like the silver image, but the same frequency of gold as I am including:

gold spiral


Even the arrow that is with the stretched out slinky is correct as far as the insertion of the beaker goes.  However, in her experimentation, drops of this new oxygen must be added to the thought within the beaker.  Trial and error is what will prevail in her knowing what quantity to add of what.  Then the beaker inserted into the golden spiral and that’s it.

Thought is the seed of all life that we experience, oxygen the germinator or maybe, the yeast (letting rise into life) and the golden spiral would I guess be like the oven.  This new oxygen molecule is enhanced with something like miracle grow I suppose.

I want to get to my first lady before I run out of time this morning.  She was so unlike anyone else I had seen in this elemental phase we are being shown.  She had rockets coming out of her belly area and exploding like fireworks in the air.  Creating a new grid of life for her.  Interesting, I just realized these rockets spread out (again, like roman candle fireworks) about 15 feet above the ground.

Thru her reading, yet another person will be relocating.  Fortunately this was not a surprise to her, she is already shifting from rhode island to washington state in the coming months.  The important thing that came thru her reading that I do want to share today is about counterparts.  The only thing my team ever labeled/talked about were divine counterparts, the in love relationship type.  In her reading, in my neighbor’s yard (representing washington state) were these things that looked like large coffee mugs laying on their side.

large mug

I could see her already flowing energy into them from the present moment.  As I tried to understand what the hell they were, it was explained she was already fueling her connections to the “counterparts” she needs in her next phase of life.  It was further explained that what spirit is calling counterparts (I was deeply confused for a minute) are close interconnected relationships that are instant and life enhancing.  We were given the example of my landlord TJ, we are counterparts to each other in this phase.  Ha!!  No wonder I love him so much and dare I say, instantly.  That would be the same for my web creator too, and Julie.  Massive players in our life field that is serving to change our personal life fields (and as always, us, theirs as well.)

I am also hearing in this moment, we are going to start to fully understand as well as become clear on what the 12 tribes are as we get familiar with our new intense inter relationships.  Obviously spirit has not let go of the 12 tribes, what we are doing now tho, is starting from scratch in rebuilding our orientation to Life so that the playing field is clear and untainted by (old) bias.

Before I close, I want to come back to my lady’s rockets.  I just understood something (as I ask why she had rockets instead of a single element,) the closer we come (allow) ourselves to change, it creates a combustible energy in our field, releasing the old energies and inviting the new (the grid forming above her) and gets everything set up for ease of transition.

If I can add a word of caution, from my own crazy experiences, do not say you will never do something or go somewhere.  I think about Texas.  My daughter had asked me many times to move here over the last few months, my reply was constant… NEVER!!  My ride from baton rouge to here had me rethinking of the why.  Why am I so adamant about not living in Texas other than its massive republican population (smile.)  It came down to past scaring, not from the state itself, but her father who lived here and who has long ago passed away.  I still didn’t fully realize my team was setting me up for a long stay here, but I was no longer kicking and screaming as I realized my resistance.

The past is irrelevant.  Gone.  Allow for All that is presented and In-Joy!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) new elements enhancing our field of life as we enhance theirs too!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Yesterday I was having one-sided conversations within my mind about our upcoming reading and all of the questions I would like to ask and you just answered most of them, AND sparked revelation on the others. Wow. Thank you so much Lisa!!❤️❤️❤️ Love it and you! 😊 Overflowing with gratitude! Thank you thank you thank youuuu!!

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  3. “. . . . as the molecular structure of the human warps and changes, certain elements change to meet the new template of the human, so they are always complementary to each other.”

    Scientists have conducted an experiment where the single electron of the Hydrogen atom (the simplest element found in nature) was energized sufficiently to cause it to ‘jump’ from its usual orbital shell closest to the nucleus of the atom to now occupy the next further-out orbital shell. Only two electrons are able to ‘fit’ into the orbital shell closest to the nucleus of any atom. Hydrogen has one proton and one neutron in the ‘heavy’ center of the atom called the nucleus. When the one Hydrogen electron jumps to the next shell, it is orbiting in a higher-energy state. The potential of the higher-energy shell exists like a blueprint in readiness, even though not usually occupied by Hydrogen’s electron.

    The integration of [deevine lite 1] in the body has changed and [eevolved 2] a core body system in a similar way. The circulation of [cereebrospinal 3] fluid (brain fluid) in the spine and skull has jumped/expanded into higher levels of its multi-dimensional frequency range, manifesting as an observable and specific set of inner-directed motion patterns at the physical level. This is how the [Kranio sakral rithum 4] has evolved as the multidimensional [Dolfin Rithum 5]; a bit like upgrading from a bicycle without gears to one with seven gears!

    Note: Words in brackets [ ] have been changed to a phonetic spelling to avoid meta-tag filter.
    For correct spelling:
    Word [1] change [ee] to [i]
    Word [2] change [ee] to [e]
    Word [3] change [ee] to [e]
    Word [4] change [k] to [c], change [i] to [hy], change [u] by removing it
    Word [5] change [f] to [ph], change [i] to [hy], change [u] by removing it

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  4. Meta-Tag Filter Notes To Post Above:

    My post above is a second attempt and only successful with the phonetic spelling. Nothing else has been changed!

    First attempt with correct spelling would not post.

    Meta-tag filters are on ‘unacceptable’ key words and phrases that explain [deevine] evolution techniques of . . . (better use phonetic here again . . .) [selesteeal transformashone]
    (replace first [s] with [C], replace [ee] with [i], replace [sh] with [ti], remove last [e]

    and anything to do with [Dolfin Rithum] which explains a physical [eevolution] process!

    These journal not only my spiritual grow, but of significant others as well.

    Evidence and examples from these bodies of work are contrary to views at times presented in this public blog as ‘truth for all’.

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    “The atomic element of hydrogen, in its physical manifestation is now in a completely ascended form. Every single and individual hydrogen atom in the universe now vibrates as an ascended element! The winter solstice of this year, December 21, 2016, marks the completion and sealing of this activity as well as the transference of the ascension energy to the next energy, that of helium.”

    excerpts from a blog by ‘anarchistbanjosworld’ December 3, 2016 called ‘Sliding Home to Christmas’

    . . . those who wish to read it all, you have the reference required to find the above blog.

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