Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 26, 2017

The Elements Are Assisting Us Thru this Massive Expansion!!


Happy New Moon to everyone.  New moon, new energy, new choices, new opportunities with a bit of the old mixed in.  Old desires rising up to the top for fulfillment.  Old opportunities rounding another corner to choose once again, but in new ways.  Even if that new way is to just say no thank you this time around.

Yesterday’s readings really rallied around choices, choice points and incoming choices yet to present themselves. However, everyone seemed to have some added help, an added element to assist them in whatever they were doing or going thru.  That said, everyone was still this bulging striation of golden spinning energy as was the field.

My first lady had the most beautiful blue/clear wall of water pouring down over her.  This water was in a freeze frame picture, as her team said, so I could see and understand what was being revealed to her.  If I had seen it as it was, pouring down over and the ground, the energy would be too intense and confusing for me to read.  Nice to see spirit is finally seeing my limitations lol.

Water is a natural amplifier of energy, creating new choices in one’s life creates a new energy field.  What I could not figure out was what choices she was in the process of making, but her team said, it was major in her life story.  So imagine my surprise when the first thing she said was she was deciding about getting back into an old love relationship and instantly I hear her team say, no, that choice is irrelevant.  What???  How can any choice be irrelevant??  Instead of her asking the questions, it was her team full of questions for her around this very thing she was debating on within herself.  Something we all could learn from as old things may become presented again.

The only time we need to revisit something we have already done or been thru is if we did not learn all we needed to learn from that situation or relationship.  In this case, her team already said as they asked her… Do you feel there is something you missed learning about yourself thru that relationship… No!!  So then why revisit it??  Because when we redo something that is already over and should stay over, then ending that comes around this time I much more intense than the first time.

With free will being abundantly and forever available, spirit will never stop of from something that is not needed in our life.  Trust me, I have learned this more times than I care to remember, and have the scars to prove it!! However, those scars keep me from ever doing that again!!

After she mentioned her desire for a relationship, she mentioned her desire and putting into motion, having a baby via a sperm donor.  My whole body got so excited with this choice.  Ya swear it was happening to me!!  Great choice, but with a word of caution from her team.  In choices this big and this life changing, it is better to focus on the single choice and allow whatever changes that it will provide to come flowing in afterwards.  They even gave her an example of seeking to become pregnant and straddling a new relationship and the confusing vibe she would be sending out to her new prospective partner.  I want a baby but not with you.

The moral of the story here, we may have several desires rising up thru us at this time, focus on the strongest ones that would not conflict with each other and allow the changes to present themselves along the way.  Once again, my own recent story was presented as an example.  All I wanted were implanted teeth, something that seemed financially impossible and yet, changed my entire life (as well as my daughter and grandsons lives too) by keeping that desire alive.

So, understanding the emotional flow moving thru her, I could see why water would be her ally in this moment.

Imagine my surprise when my second reading, a precious man in Ireland had the winds of change blowing all around him, starting at his left side (physical life side) and whipping around and around, with a squeezing in at his waist, then releasing the squeeze, a pause point, then started whipping around again.  He too, was still this striation of golden energy spinning, but when the wind squeezed his midsection, it created what looked and felt like a new antenna at the top of his head, or at least, where his head would be if he wasn’t golden light striations.

I had read for him before I left florida and he was given very specific homework about doing something with an energy field near him.  If I am remembering correctly (information gets all mushed up in my head) he was to open an energy vortex and really start to feel his connection/interaction with it all.  He had been diligently doing that thru yesterday.  The winds of change said he did exactly what was needed, this energy vortex was awakened and uprooted and is now moving to another landscape on earth to move into.  There will be a time he will follow to that place as well.

For now tho, he is to work in his garden, using this energy (it may have moved elsewhere, but is always connected to him and vise versa) thru the planting of the seeds and increasing/speeding up the life cycle of his garden.  It was explained that with this energy he has the ability to hurry the reaping of his planting.  Example, if something took 10 weeks to go from planted to ready to harvest, he can now use this energy and have it done in 5 weeks.  I can see how the wind itself can assist in what he is doing.

My fourth lady looked like she was having a party in her field.  Again, she too was still golden striations of spinning energy but with balloons rising up from her left and right sides.  I instantly got it (imagine that!!) Helium is her ally!!!  As we talked and understood more, I seen a few of the balloons tether into the vortex energy that is the ground she lives on and was ever so slowly, rising it up.  She will be moving (literally) and its all being set up now.  It is no where she expects to move to, but her job is to trust and go there anywayz.  She will be feeling the “where” about the end of may going into june.

Then she started telling me of something new, something brave she decided to do with herself.  She is going to Kryon’s light conference at the end of May and is traveling alone and flying there.  Something she has not been brave enough to do until now.  Even more exciting, she decided to upgrade her seating on the plane, to first class!!  I could feel spirit bursting with joy thru every cell of my body!!  She was honoring her desire to be somewhere, even if she could not find a traveling partner and gave herself the gift of comfort as she choose this amazing uncomfortable step in her life!!  In this way, she truly lifted herself up and out of her old programming and opened to the new!!  Helium is her ally and will carry her thru!!!

I could not see anything for my third lady yesterday.  I am not sure why.  It was not revealed to me, and it could very well be, she is still deciding.  My 5th lady was MIA.  So I had plenty of time to ponder my own meditation the day prior with the fire triangle over my field.  Until yesterday’s elements showing up, I didn’t go much deeper than what I seen thru meditation.  But now that the elements are a major player in people’s personal fields, I have got to take a deeper look, other than being the element of Leo.

The element of Fire is pure spirit, it is vitality and passion, energy and victory, the will and the power to act. It can mean pride and honour but also brutality and destruction. It is the gentle warmth and the soft light but also the terrible eruption of a volcano.

Of course, I have to look at the triangle too:  Where you want to generate energy, use a triangle.  It is the feng shui geometry of the fire element… (taken from a feng shui site.)  I had no idea about the triangle and fire.

I personally do not find the eruption of a volcano terrible at all, unless of course I was standing in or on it when it erupts.  That said, my entire life just melted down and reformed elsewhere.  We won’t even talk about how fast this new life is burning thru money!!  Geez Louise!!

I did act on something yesterday, still being haunted by the lyrics of the song I shared yesterday… who are you… who who, who who.  I do not like being asked that question from spirit, I am kind of intimidated by it.  Of course, it is easy for me to ask you in a reading, per spirit, but hey, lets not point the finger back at myself!!  lol

At the end of the day, at the end of this long cycle we are closing out, I do know our next agenda, not in detail, but in concept.  Together, at the ground level, doing… power work!!!  THAT’S what I am wanting to Be and Do next!!  That is why I am building (excuse me, having built) the new website The Nation of Lights.

For days now, I have been back and forth on something that rose up thru me when I was in Marco Island in Florida with the amazing Julie (smile) she mentioned she was getting ready in August to do a Scotland sacred tour.  She has been organizing and leading journeys all around the world for a long time now.  I could feel the energy rise up from my heart and I had to blurt out… I wanna go!!  But it was full.  OK it would have been nice.  Doncha know a spot just happened to open up a couple of days ago.  Yikes!!  Back in Marco Island, I wasn’t spending money like there was no tomorrow.  Now, (minus what I put in savings) I am scraping the bottom of my once full barrel.  Of course this opportunity would present itself when I am at the bottom of the barrel instead of the top.  I am still pushing thru the money beast.  I pulled up airfare to Glasgow, Scotland three days in a row, constantly falling to the side of the fence we can just call caution (or fear of spending so much lol) until yesterday.  This trip happens during my 55th birthday and the solar eclipse.  Of course I want to do it, participated, grow into whatever that adventure holds.  I took a deep breath in and purchased my round trip airfare.  I leave out of Austin on August 15th, my 55th birthday and arrive on the 16th, the trip is from the 27th thru the 29th and I return home on the 30th!!   Gulp!!

I never heard of any of the places we are going to, but am so excited to be going to then none the less.  The solar eclipse will be spent on the amazing Island of Iona (I googled it yesterday.)  I can already feel the crackling of new codes being turned on thru it all!!

In this way, I am praying that I fired my own grid of new abilities, potentials, experiences with others, at the ground level of life that will expand us all in the days, weeks and times to come.

Of course, that is a long time from now and spirit has already been showing me tents set up in the back yard as we start our first ever mini workshops of… well… I have no idea yet, but it’s already forming from spirit’s eye!!

Here is to new energy, new opportunities and new exciting life and love to and thru the All wrapped in massive ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Congrats Lisa! Your trip already sounds amazing. I never pass up an opportunity to go exploring and most of the time I let the universe guide me to new and exciting placing all by my lonesome. The one lady going by herself I bet will have the most fun just being alone and doing her own thing without having to follow someone else’s schedule.

    Also thanks for talking about letting go of guides. I never have followed angels or gurus…..I went straight to the source (God) and my own higherself. 🙂

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