Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 25, 2017

A dimensional Shift, The New Moon and Our Orientation thru OurSelf’s.

the shift

I have been so excited, so chomping at the bit to see what the hell these plug-ins coming out of our core energy are going to do and of course, I have not been able to see since we got that teaser.  I had three appointments on Sunday and was thrilled when I got to see my first lady, not realizing she would be the last one I seen during this phase as well.

When my lady showed up there was something odd happening with her energies, like all this sparking white energy coming out of her core.  I realized what we were seeing was kind of like a short in the electrical system that needed addressing.

What really surprised me was the sudden presence of her ET.  A couple of years ago she signed up to be connected to her ET and altho she has attempted connection with him, the full on connection/communication from her side had not been established yet and he was here to say, NOW it’s almost mandatory for her to find a way to connect with him.  They have work to do together in this next phase of our amazing life.

Thru her reading and especially afterwards as the information was still coming in, many have been reunited with their ET family and friends for a reason and we are now fully in the energy system of that reason.  Most has years to prepare their inner skills and communication systems so that this phase could happen fluidly.

It was also explained to my lady, thru her ET that it is time for her to move as well.  Which really surprised me, she was a friend and neighbor while I was in the Jemez and hearing that the energy’s moved startled me, but also, helped me understand why every time I tried to look at moving back to New Mexico, there was no energy there.

What was explained to her that the energy packets beneath the earth moved to untapped areas on earth.  Fresh area’s, hidden from most of humanity’s view so nothing is interfered with.  Those that need to use those energies (as opposed to thinking they need to fix them) will be relocated.  The energy fields that have been sustaining the shift up to this point will be turned down and some, shut off.  This is something that happens at the beginning of every new cycle.  Very much like giving areas a long rest period as other areas come out of a rest period and get ready to rock.

Her particular ET and his crew have been helping earth with the (ongoing) ignition of these systems.  Over the course of these next three years, the earth’s batteries will be in vastly different areas than they are now.  This too, is part of earth’s natural changes.

What I equally find interesting with this beautiful lady, she was the only one I couldn’t see for days earlier.  I had 6 people on my dance card, she was number 5 and I was able to read for the 4 before her and the one after her, but spirit was hell-bent on me not even trying, right down to being stung by a bee during our call.  Of course, on the day I couldn’t see her, we were still seeing the wall of light and for her to get the information she needed, it had to be in this energy vortex/change landscape.

I had every intention of writing about at least this when I awoke yesterday, until I came to my computer.  I felt like someone poured molasses on my brains and I could not fire synapses connections to save my life.  After staring uneventfully for an hour at my computer screen, I decided to take a bath to see if I could pick up any more information about what was happening on the field, especially as it relates to me.

The evening we seen the new golden vortex like energy in the ground and as our light bodies, I did get a quick glimpse of my own alignment ment with it (cuz I do wanna know.)  I was really looking for those plug things and instead I could feel my spinning light body suddenly connected (like a snap on toy) to the circulating energy field at the ground, but that is all I got and left me no clearer than the moment prior.

So when I climbed into my badass bathtub (god I so love that freakin tub lol) yesterday morning, I asked for help with understanding the field cuz I already felt like seeing was going to be an elusive thing again.

Now I have to back up to the very first day I took a bath.  It was my first morning in this new place and I was only able to hold my connection for a few moments.  What I had seen kind of reminded me of a new plant made of fire.


My energy looked a lot like this, only the stem and leaves were made of fire, I was not in the earth but suspended about 6 feet above it.  And there was something unrecognizable (to me) in the middle like the water droplet in this picture.  It was the only thing not made of fire.  It left my field of vision as quickly as it was presented.

So yesterday, once again I was having trouble holding my connection for long periods of time, but each time I reconnected what I seen was the same.  This large triangle made of fire over the now fat golden vortex like energy field of both the earth and myself.  It was so fat that it was almost indiscernible which was which. I feel that for all of us, our energies are growing and merging with… well, whatever the ground truly represents.

Of course, I had to ask about that fire triangle thing, remembering my little fire seedling thing a week prior.  Pesky spirit, instead of giving me understanding, played a song clip, over and over and over again.  It was a song from The Who (I will leave the song at the end of this sharing) that I recognized immediately.  The repetitive lyric was “Who are you, who who, who who.  I really wanna know.”   Hey!!  That’s my question, who Am I next??  What is needed of me, what more should I be doing or looking at and stuff.  You can’t answer a question with the same question back at me!!  Dammit!!

Of course they can!!

Just as I was feeling, there was no seeing the field yesterday, at all.  Not even a little hint of what may be happening.  The only thing I could feel between rescheduling was that pesky song lyric, with a memory, a constant inspiration from wayyy back in the beginning of my crazy adventure I call my awakening.  As I understood why meditation was so important (to me) and how much it was clearing up in my body and mind I really really really wanted to tell every person I ever came across about this amazing inner world of love and non judgement.  A few years later, I began my 15 year journey of teaching it and many other things that comes of it.

Back then, no one had to ask me who I was, where my focus was at, I knew,  Kind of crazy that 17 years in now, and I am freakin clueless!!  I suppose tho, now it is a matter of getting excited, centered, focused on what we know is possible but have not yet experienced as of yet.  To plug into the unknowable.  which seems kind of counterintuitive really.

Another thing I am (kinda almost) sure about, this energy field is all building into the massive crescendo of the new moon tomorrow (the 26th.)

The sun is surely doing its part for energy enhancements (from spaceweather today:)

EXPLOSION ON THE SUN: On April 23rd, a dark filament of magnetism on the sun exploded. ….

SOLAR WIND STORM SPARKS AURORAS: Earth is inside a stream of solar wind spewing from a large hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Fitfully blowing faster than 600 km/s, the wind’s gusty pressure on Earth’s magnetic field is sparking auroras around the poles. …

These polar lights will probably dance for at least one more night as Earth continues its passage through the solar wind stream. Gaseous material in this stream is threaded with “negative polarity” magnetic fields. Such fields do a good job connecting to Earth’s magnetosphere and energizing geomagnetic storms.

They also do a good job energizing us!!  And obviously, something even more than that.

When I woke up this morning, somewhere near 5am, I was disoriented.  I felt like I awoke somewhere else, in another dimension than the one I went to sleep in.  I should have known something odd was happening last night, as Michelle and the baby went to sleep at 7pm, neither able to stay awake.  I thought I could, until I passed out on the couch shortly after they went to bed.  We all slept thru til after 5am this morning.

I no longer feel the dimensional oddness like I did when I first opened my eyes, but I know it happened.  What happened is going to be exciting to see and understand and I pray, we get a little understanding thru todays readings!!

So let me share the song with everyone, maybe if we start choosing from the unconscious level of the soul, a little something something will be reflected on the field.  Hey, I need you to understand myself, thank you very much!! lol

I love you all soul much!!  Something BIG has arrived and I do believe, it is US!!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of song, dance and the question… whoooooo are you???

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    This is the thought that came to me as I read this. Who am I, who are we, look with in, and also create who you are, who you want to be. So no more someone telling us who we are, what to do, we are gods and goddesses, and we are to create that. So be who you are, who you want to be….


  2. “Who are you?”

    That’s easy!


    I have discovered that attuning fully with my physical, totally fully present in the here and now – my cells, my molecules, my systems, every space and particle within this physical body while being here in this Earth incarnation is what brings in the knowing, feeling, expansive experience of “I AM THE LIGHT!”

    It is attuning with LIFE, LIVING! DOING WHAT BRINGS ME JOY! For me, much of that is the mastery of many forms of Human Movement, but not restricted to this either!

    This resonates with how Sport Psychologists teach Elite Athletes to BE IN THE FLOW AND PERFORM AT PEAK. They call it ‘Centering’; using breathing technique and focusing on a specific part IN THE BODY.

    The Light has always ANIMATED AS LIFE EXPRESSION! And now that my expression is AT ONE with this PHYSICAL ME, there is NO TRYING TO FIND IT – THAT PROCESS has felt an empty dead-end for me for a long while now.

    “The energy fields that have been sustaining the shift up to this point will be turned down and some, shut off”?

    Does not matter! One just needs to DISCOVER and REMEMBER “I AM THE LIGHT”!

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  3. Yep!

    Happens again! META-TAG FILTERING PREVENTS a reply posting on this site.

    Sooooo . . . .removed the ‘target words’ that are ‘unacceptable’ and retain the key message and ‘Hey Presto!’ Message accepted!

    Noticed this first some months ago . . . even though I have only raised this in a reply to the previous post.

    BTW same worded posts are no problem being accepted on other blog sites, so am curious about why this is occurring?


    • Well at least Lisa didn’t cock-BLOCK you from posting to her FACEBOOK page (see my comment below about *that*)….which is when I sent her the “Whoooo are you” cute little owl message a few days ago….

      Hmmm….wonder if “cock-block” will be targeted as UNACCEPTABLE, too…..ain’t it sad, though, to be considered so *unacceptable*……
      (sob) (boo who whoooooooooooooo)

      Unconditional Love is fully accepting of EVERYTHING. Of All-That-Is.

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      • Did you forget to mention that the video you put on my facebook wall was of a gun being pointed directly at me, at us!! And I would never use the word cock block, what i said was I would block the fuck out of you!! But you choose to leave before hand so thank you for that kindness. I do not tolerate guns in my world, especially when they are pointed at me. Flipping the bird is ok… but guns not acceptable!


      • ACtually keira, I fully dissagree with you on the unconditional love part. Since the unconditional love must ALL-WAYS be applied first and foremost to the Self and keeping the incarnate energy field of such safe and free from harm/hate is essential. The most unconditionally loving thing we can all do for ourselves is remove what does not serve us and/or the higher good from our field. Just to be clear here. I can love you and how you choose to be from afar!! ❤


  4. Oh, you mean THIS very message/image that I posted to your FACEBOOK page, 3 or 4 days ago….right exactly when you deleted all my postings to the people on your page, and permanently BLOCKED me from your FACEBOOK page?
    I’ll bet you deleted this cute little owl, too…

    And FYI, I am the BEE that “stung” you.

    I’ve stung you in the dream state, and continued to sting you in the physical. You have been “stung” for damn good reasons.
    Because you needed it, to wake up. Because you have chosen to be so obstinate, about “waking up”.

    It amazes me, how you are able to ignore all of this….all of these messages that you get directly from me (then through the new Crystalline Earth Grid)….as I never stopped “stinging” your stubborn buttock with Higher Dimensional messages, all this time, now.

    Indeed, it still amazes me, how humans can “blind” themselves, so effectively… what’s right in front of them.




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  6. ‘welcome the contrast’ (Abraham Hicks)


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