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Father Earth and the Sirian/Pleiadian Energy Fields.

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Well I guess I am starting to get my new field legs and mind cuz I was able to do all 5 readings before energetically collapsing and even some really meaty information came thru as well!!

I cannot wait to share my very first one, the only man I have read for since opening to this new field.  We the Wall of Source (Light) is very much in play (for everyone.)   With my beautiful man, there was this gray silver V that was embedded into the wall of light, about a 10 foot span at the top of the V and the bottom connected directly to the top of earth.  Once I see the setup, I go looking for you and your relationship to it.  Well surprise me when my man was buried under the earth, the top of his head just inches under ground and he was standing upright.

His physical body was becoming only barely recognizable as he started to look like this odd connection of roots.  The roots were so thick that they kind of resembled a tree trunk at the core, but they were not tree trunks (I asked.)  Then I about shit when I heard the speaker of the house (god???) say… he is part of the group soul that is father earth.  Father earth???  Sure enough what was shared was something like:

Humanity has long forgotten about father earth, he became buried with the deep past.  There is no mother without the father and earth has a masculine energy to its Self as much as it has the feminine that we call Gaia or mother earth.  It is time to remember and recognize this potent energy.  For bring back into our consciousness father earth, will empower mother earth and release her full on abilities thru each of us.

What surprised me even more, he was told (yes TOLD) that he will write a blog and share all the information that he is going to remember thru his meditation connections with the father of earth.  The more he shares, the more he will understand about himself and the more he releases back into the collective consciousness for empowerment and enhancement to all.

As he shares, his buried body will start to rise up out of the ground, that gray silver V will be absorbed into him Beingness thru the crown as he rises up and he will then morph into the next version of himSelf on earth.

It was also shared thru his reading that many of the elements, the metals in earth are a part of father earth (hence the gray silverness to the V.)  When that was shared with him, something inside of me said… but of course (not that I had ever thought about that at all.)

One of my other readings,  my lady was on this swing above the wall of light, swinging back and forth.  Her butt sort of lit up every time she swung over the area of truth, or on the other side of that wall.  The souls of her shoes sort of glowed as they swung out over the landscape of love.  As she was going back and forth, it was revealed that the landscape I am now calling the land of truth, is directly aligned with the star system Sirius and that the landscape we call Love is aligned with the star system we know as the Pleiades.  I was really shocked to understand this.  Of course, the information coming thru the more shocked I get!! lol

She too was told (not asked) to open a blog and start writing, blending the information coming thru her Self and her blog.  Combining the wisdom of Sirius and the Pleiades as one, as a new energy of wisdom here on earth.

I was so excited when shortly after her reading, without my input at all on facebook, an incredible soul created this post by one of my favorite authors in the world, Ken Carey:

Love and Truth! Your post reminded me of something I recently read in Ken Carey’s ‘The Third Millennium, Living in the Posthistoric World’:

“The Constellation of Love is the home of qualities associated with energy expression, and the Constellation of Truth is the home of qualities associated with form and structure. These two polarities overlap and interplay; neither is devoid of qualities originating in the other. The radiations of each quality permeate the entirety of both constellations, but the source from which each quality radiates is located in one constellation or the other. Within this interplay between a constellation of qualities rooted in truth and a constellation of qualities rooted in love, individual spirit beings come into existence.”

Even with what Ken wrote, we can look at the landscape of truth as the masculine, the land of form and structure.  When holding back your own truth, you are also holding back the creation energy within your own personal world.  Love would then be the feminine, the fertilizer that is needed to spring truth into form, energy desires into creation.  One without the other is simply potential waiting for your spark of life to connect it all.

One other reading I do want to share today (simply because I am running out of sharing time this morning) is someone I have been reading for a while, years even.  So, I really do know her inner most desires so when her reading opened up with her sitting in a rocking chair, this side of the wall of light, in the field of love, rocking her soon to be one year old baby daughter… and nothing else happening, I was surprised.  Really surprised.  I kept asking the field… ok and what else.  Same image, her lovingly holding and rocking her daughter.

The last time I talked with her (in Florida) she had so many desires within her, such as getting a better a job, or go back to school, things like that.  So when not another ounce of other energy presented itself, I was kinda stumped.  Until she left me off the hook.

She explained that since her last reading, she cut back the hours she was working so she could spend more time with her daughter and help her mother.  She was no longer actively looking for a better job or even a school.  What I was seeing was exactly what she was doing.

Spirit said that this is perfect for her, if this is truly all she desires in life.  You cannot ask for anything more wonderful than to be set up in the field of love enjoying the time with your baby.  So I had to ask her, is this really all you want in life (trying really hard not to be using my words to make her feel bad, that is never my intention, but hearing myself out loud, can kind of resemble that energy.)  So when she asked about a relationship, having one, her team’s reply made me giggle.  How can you attract a relationship from that position??

If you want anything other than what you have in your world, then you have to do something different, create the energy and action that will start opening doors to new energy offerings.

My own crazy life the last few months have been offered several times now thru the readings as an example.  We have been removed from knowing what’s next, that can be very uncomfortable for the humans who have a 5 year plan (or even a 1 month plan.)

Our job is to bring forward a desire.  For me, it was new implanted teeth.  That truly is what brought forth all the changes I had gone thru.  But not in any linear way.  First I was going to Australia, then to Thailand, then to Mexico, then hanging out in Mexico for a year.  I was getting a home equity loan then ended up selling the place when that energy was pulled out from under me.  And landed in Texas, in the most amazing place I could have never dreamed of, in a rich and loving relationship with people (my daughter and grandson) I never would have fathomed happening!!

It may seem chaotic from those looking in, even on the one in the experience (me) but I know spirits craziness well enough now to know… I just keep following the road signs, even if they appear chaotic.  Each one is releasing and building an energy field we cannot really fathom or get the privilege of seeing before hand.  There is a mystery that must play out when we are in choice points.  Pre know can and would change it all.

With the crazy twists and turns I allowed in my life, I now have all my dreams fulfilled.  I have the implants and eventual snap on dentures underway.  I get my lasik surgery done on Sunday and I LOVE my 70″ TV that I had wanted for years!!  Not to mention, something I wanted probably for over a decade, a brand new, clean website is being created!!  I woke up yesterday inspired to dust off my epublished books and start shopping them to an agent or publisher, especially my “When it All Fall Apart… Again!!” book.

Let me back my own story up a little bit too.  Spirit does not always tell us why they suggest, strongly, for us to do something, our job is to trust that they see what we cannot.  Back in december, my team said it is time to raise my prices for my readings and I did, for two months, but also took the biggest hit on my finances in doing so.  Of course, selling the house never crossed my mind back then, I just felt kind of stuck in a place that I didn’t love but wanted to be in because of my (short) relationship with my mother.  Now I see why.  Now I see how important it was (and I have returned the increased prices back to where they were this week.)  My over-head more than doubled.  All of which, I am so grateful for, but my old financial plan would not support!!

The moral of the story (smile) push open every door, every inspired thought that comes thru you.  Don’t get hung up on that one thing being the place or outcome, just keep going with your flow and you will find yourself in places you could not even dreamed of being in.  That is the beauty and magic of this ongoing moment we have created for ourselves.

Let’s keep the momentum going far and wide and really embed Heaven here on earth for all to enjoy, thru everything You do!!!

I love you all soul very much!!  You really are the most amazing, light filled creatures I have ever had the privilege of connect to and participating in life with.  Thank you for your Presence Here!!!

Ohhhhh… one more thing lol.  With my Sirian/Pleiadian energy lady.  Her team, expressly stated that the times of “channeling someone or something else, is done.”  No more giving credit to anything outside ourselves as the Source of information.  In this landscape, YOU are the only Source it’s coming thru and that is so important for others to feel and realize!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ))))) of truth and love made manifest thru the All of us!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. LOVE the last bit about channelled messages. No more…! resonates with me!
    Be the authentic version of your own higher self in every moment.

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    Wonderful sharing. Love the planet being balanced as the mother, father is balanced. Love to hear from father earth.

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