Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 19, 2017

Marrying Love and Truth As One!

heaven on earth

One of the important pieces of information that came thru my solo reading (so far) was about everyone’s emotional field. The emotional field is recalibrating itself.  So we are experiencing new intense highs as well as new intense lows and sometimes swing from one to another in seconds without any real reason for it.  This too is a process and not a single day event, so it is ongoing, for now.  So if you find yourself wallowing in sorrow or sadness for a day, or a week and cannot seem to pull yourself up and out, or fully understand why, it’s not you its the recalibration.  It’s kinda funny really, we may get intensely happy or euphoric for no real reason at all and don’t question it, we get hit with a sudden and strange sadness, we think we broke ourselves somewhere.  Or the feeling of anxiety and everything in between.  So if you are trying to release something in the usual way you released it before and it doesn’t work, then rest assured, it’s not you personally it is the recalibration that is happening and just wait it out.  If you think of it this way, you cannot get dry while standing in a rainstorm, same thing here.  And this phrase is more true now than ever… this too shall pass!! 😉

Same is true with our body aches and pains.  We are building a whole new body and energy system as we sleep and breathe, of course we are going to experience growing pains and at times, those pains may last weeks or a month or two or three.  With this in mind, we may also see a major spike in what we think of as disease.  Those who have not cleared their energy systems and hold blocks of hate or judgement or anything that is separate from love will find illness sudden and rapid.  This is in no way a punishment and never will be.  There are still many people on earth where the weeds have taken over their inner garden and this intense light coming in, amplifies the weeds growth as well.  (No offense to weeds in this analogy.)  Many are choosing to leave this planet during this intense time.  Scenarios will be created as catalyst for the leaving.  Hold no judgement nor fear.  Stay focused in your heart and the excitement of what is taking place, not the old that is leaving for new grounds to continue to play and grow within.  Unless there is something you can do to assist or change things.  Otherwise you are simply involving yourself in someone else’s field of experience.

Another thing that came thru that power packed, solo reading was AA Michael’s purposeful avoidance in using any old word analogies.   We do not let go of our concepts or ideas very well and spirit does not want to add to our confusion.  What we knew about our old working system (and the systems many of the up and coming still use) is akin to kindergarten building blocks.  There were all so important in laying the groundwork of understanding, but how many of us carried our blocks from kindergarten into middle school?  Instead, we were handed calculators and computers to use, allowing ourselves more complex understandings.

With that said, please understand that what we are bringing thru in readings and in writings is the new emerging body of Life.  There will be no affiliations with the past, except maybe to use an analogy for understanding.  Others may still be experiencing their bodies in familiar ways and that is perfect for them and those still letting go of old concepts and tools.  A tricycle, bicycle and motorcycle are all similar but very different in use and abilities.  So too, are we!!  If you have never seen a motorcycle before, do not assume it works the same way as the bicycle, you will forever be looking for pedals that do not exist any longer.

Now, all that said, I want to ponder more about that wall of Light and the two masters that showed up on either side of it.  The Master of Truth on the back side, the Master of Love on the front side.  My two amazing ladies set up a field of understanding for all of us, each in their own way.  Of course it has taken me two days to fully understand why one was so silent and the other, non stop communication.  With this understanding that I have now, it is not a reflection of either lady personally, but their gift of understanding collectively.

Love.  How often do we sit quietly in our seats, just Being the awesome Loving Being we are.  Rarely stoking the fires with the truths we have come to know as our own, not wanting to cause friction in any one else’s field.

Then there is the field of Truth.  Of conversation.  Of opening minds that were once closed.  Truth is not silent, it is consistently expressive.  Truth is not just a bunch of words, but a full expression of one’s own life.  When we are living our truth, we have all the protection we will ever need (hence AA Michael’s shield.)  WE ARE the protectors, the protected and the protecting.

Life cannot ever move forward without the ongoing, changing levels of truth being said and lived out loud.  This would come into the arena of authentic.  But to fully be authentic you must marry both fields, love and truth together as one energy.

Hence the wall of Light.  Who would ever think there could be a big, fat wall in the field of Light itself, but there is.

Let’s really take a long look at the energy of Love.  Love from the Master’s point of view, not the humans.  Unconditional, expecting, unwavering.  To know someone’s ulterior motives and love them anwayz, aid them in any way we can, that is beneficial to the greater field of Life without taking anything personally.  To do this efficiently, one also must be living and expressing their own truth as they know it.  Because redirecting is as important as assisting.  Often times, it is ourselves we need to redirect energetically.  We purposely place ourselves in what we may call adverse situations to learn to marry these two crucial masteries together as one energy field.

I can use my own self and most recent experience as a prime example, the time with my mother.  When I first decided to move from New Mexico to Florida to assist my mother in whatever way I could, I received a lot of slack from people.  It was expressed that my mother did nothing for me thru my life, why would I give up my personal heaven to help her.  Because I freakin love her!!  Period.  In those moments, there was no past in my heart, there was only my mother in dire need and I knew I could help in some way.

Once I got there, I was reminded vividly of her narcissistic/borderline personality disorder.  If for a second I took anything she choose to remember or forget personally, well let’s just say I would have ended up in another classroom type setting to get me beyond that.  Instead tho, I understood her even better than my many swims in the deep end of my tub surrounding her and her (lack of) relationship with me.  The emotional and mental injuries she sustained thru her own life, especially thru childhood were deep and unyielding.  I loved her more than I ever have before those interconnected moments as her life was concluding.  The truth that was shared with her was that she was amazing and so loved and will be so incredibly celebrated as she went back Home.  It gave her comfort and the freedom to let go and move on and that is truly what I was doing in her world as she lovingly seeded my next great adventure with her departure.

We really have no clue what is around the corners of life, as spirit so often says… purposely so.  I never seen all that is here now in my life coming.  Never.  Even the position and wonder I am in Now, was never a forethought.  However, the moment it became visible in my field of understanding, I embraced it.  To embrace it I had to let go of my preconceived feelings of Texas.  On my drive from Baton Rouge to Texas spirit kept telling me that Texas is going to move from a Red state to a Blue state (less political parties and more, interconnected with each other in life support.)  Of course, I had to ask, over and over again… HOW and when???  The sound of silence still lingers around all that!! lol

I am in hopes I have digested all the energy from that one reading, processed enough information to be let loose on the field of readings once again today.  But first, I am taking a deep dive in my badass bathtub!!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of blending Truth and Love to and thru ALL we do and say!!

Lisa Gawlas








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  3. Wow Lisa! Spot on. Lol.😁 Growth in leaps and bounds. Knows no limits. ! Fearless movement forward. You are an example of going with the flow and following your heart. <3. Thank you for Being & sharing ! Xoxo 💖

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    • 5 YEARS, of agonizing, ceaseless pain.


  4. Yes!! I’ve been experiencing a sort of emotional upheaval for quite sometime now. I’ve been calling it purging. Feels completely out of my hands and gross honestly lol but simultaneously divinely guided ❤️❤️ Since the equinox it feels as though the smoke has been clearing slowly but surely for me. Thanks lisa 😊

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    • Woo hoo.


  5. Lisa claims: “Same is true with our body aches and pains. We are building a whole new body and energy system as we sleep and breathe, of course we are going to experience growing pains and at times, those pains may last weeks or a month or two or three.”

    “weeks or a month or two or three”???

    Try 5 *years*, nonstop. Yes, YEARS.

    NON….STOP. Not even for a few hours.

    Then see how well you function, in this reality.


  6. The Shift from Carbon Base to Crystalline Silicon Structure Bodies, unfortunately has been going on for a horrible, HELLish, 5-6 years now, for those of us of the *constantly Crystallizing* FIRST WAVE (the ascension Forerunners)….comments from some of them on YouTube:


    Mike Cross 1 week ago:
    “Last 5 yrs have been all of those symptoms mentioned and much more.”

    Me Ha 6 days ago:
    “I’ve been having a lot of these feeling for about 5 to 6 years now. always soo tired. there is some days i could sleep all day and night. as well as the awakening at night”

    Brain Devloper Dimensional 6 days ago:
    “this is so true. but I resist by using chakra meditation. because the pain is too much high and unbearable. doctors couldn’t understand what happened to me”


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