Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 14, 2017

Our New Day, New Life, Begins!!

new day

Hi Honeys, I’m back!!!! What an absolute whirlwind April has been for me.  Two weeks in, I am finally starting to get my bearings on all the life changing, life enhancing events that took place since the closing of my mother’s home.  For those not on my facebook, I am now living in Texas with my daughter and grandson.  But I am way ahead of the story.  Let me back up!!

The day of the closing, April 3rd, the lady took a copy of my New Mexico driver’s license and as she handed it back to me, told me that my license expires soon.  What?  I should have years left on it, sure enough, September my license expires.  I put it in the back of my mind until I hit the road the next morning.  I still had tons of car loading to do and let me tell you, every nook and cranny was filled by the time I left out.

Sitting in the carport at 7:30am on April 4th, I literally could feel the walls of time collapse in on themselves.  I could see what looked like long watery, energy-ee, tube stretched out lengthwise and the both end coiled into the middle, collapsed with a bang and disappeared.  I cried my freakin eyes out.  Of course, my whole heart had been leaking while packing up and saying goodbye to my mother for the third and final time since her death (the 2nd time was the yard sale.)  But what I was feeling, seeing, experiencing was bigger than that.  It was as if I was saying goodbye to the life I had lived to that moment.  I was pinned in the driveway as I sobbed like a baby.  Sad for the quickness of time spent with my mother, so insanely grateful for the way it all ended.  But I got my bearings, dried my eyes so I could see where I was going.  Those 5 minutes made a world of difference in the way I would understand the sunrise I was driving into:



I was driving into the new day of my life.  A life yet undiscovered.  I drove thru until I hit Baton Rouge LA and spent the night at a Holiday Inn until the morning.  I could not take the picture in my rear view mirror, but that morning, the sun was behind instead of in front of me.  I knew I now entered the gateway of my new life.

Of course, all the way thru my 17 hour drive, I was working out ways to renew my tags (expire in July) and my license.  Every scenario had my team telling me “it’s time to let New Mexico go.” NOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I don’t wanna.  And where the hell am I going to anchor into??  Do not even tell me Texas!!!

There were so many insights gathered on that drive, do you think I can remember even one of them this morning??  Hell no!!  The one thing I was sure of tho, my entire life just entered the void.

Arriving at the San Marcos property I rented for three months was beautiful.  A true country setting and a beautifully simple house.  Two rooms, one bedroom and a bath took up the entire upstairs and a combo kitchen/living area took up the entire bottom floor.  Once Michelle and Rune moved in with all their stuff, I realized, this place is wayyyy too small for the three of us.  And if this place was too small, her RV has got to be equivalent to living in a shoe box.  The next day, when I went to her RV, shoes have more space in their boxes.  There is no way my grandson will grow up with less than 5 feet of play/living area.  I talked to Michelle about getting a house together.  She has a decent job with the Texas school system which will be even better as Rune gets into school, they will have the same days off together.  So having her traipse around mexico kept feeling less and less good.  So of course, still resisting anchoring in texas for myself, I thought, OK I can get her moved into a home and pay the expenses of moving.  That was until I started looking.  OMG it is super expensive living here in Texas.  I knew. I freakin KNEW, I needed to stay too.  Dammit!!  So I was on the hunt for a 3 bedroom, but now, I had demands.  It had to have a fenced in backyard for my grandson and their dog and be under $1200 a month.  Most houses were $1500 or better (emphasis on the or better part.)  Funny, I never even once thought about the bathroom.  I was looking at affordability over anything.

Then we hit a snag, no realtors would talk to us because of Michelle’s credit score and my income alone would not qualify us to live anywhere.  Instantly my mind went to my find on craigslist when I was looking to move out into my own home.  I have to find someone who is renting on their own and can feel my energy and not our credit scores.  The very next morning when i checked craigslist, there was a brand new listing posted.  A 3 bedroom on a fenced in 3/4 of an acre lot with a jacuzzi bathtub for $1195.  The yard itself it was pulled me.  Altho the picture I am going to share is not the one that was on craigslist.  It did not show the massive, wonderful, expanding deck that is apart of the backyard:

deck and yard

I was so taken with the back yard I didn’t even realize the amazing welcome sign that was a part of the front of the house:


Red roses!!!!  Roses are the highest sign of pure love in my readings, red is that deep in the heart love.  We have red rose bushes!!!

I was the first one to come look at the house and I super fell in love with the bathtub, OMG it is heaven sent:


The photo does not do it justice!!  It is like 3 feet deep with arm rests and lumbar support and head and neck support (I took a bath the very first morning here.)

My (eventual) new landlord told me he had someone coming to look at the place at noon (it was 10am.)  I said ohhh no… lets get this done.  I had committed to rent the san marcos house thru June, the wonderful lady already said she understood my sudden life change of plans and I assured her we would at least be there for the month I paid for… until the TJ (the owner of this amazing house) said he didn’t want this place to sit for weeks waiting for me.  OK, I’ll rent it starting right now.  He pulled my credit report, understood that I was self-employed and my “monthly” income varied, but overall I could afford this with my daughter’s income.  He didn’t need her credit report or anything.  He came back with a lease and wham… we have a new heaven to move into immediately!!

But even more than all that, our landlord is also on his spiritual path as well.  We talked in-depth about it all, about my workshops that I will eventually be adding to the things I do.  His family also owns a campground a half mile down the road and renting this place comes with full and free privileges of the campground.  To include chilling at or on the San Marcos River, using their playground, swimming pools and attending all their activities and events.  There are cabins there!!  It is a super clean, well-kept, family oriented campground named The Leisure Resort!!

His energy, he brought his girlfriend/wife with him when he brought me the lease to sign, the place, the campground… all swimming in such DeLightFull energies.  There was not a bad vibe to pick up (and trust me, I was looking for it.)

I cannot even explain how my heart field feels just driving here.  We have made many many trips back and forth setting up our new home and I swear my heart field expands more and more and more.

The one thing I did do, the very evening after signing the lease, was headed to the best buy website and looked for an affordable 70 inch TV.  This has been on my dream sheet for years, I just could not justify the expense… until now.  If I am parking my ass in Texas, it will be with a 70″ TV dammit!!  The Geek squad is coming today to hook the TV up on the wall!!

This morning, as I was contemplating the enormity of my life changes and my new TV that will soon be here, spirit reminded me of the significance of my TV’s.  Before moving to the Jemez, I had a small TV that was included in the rooms I rented.  My reading field, then limited to massage readings, encompassed only the body and energy field.  When I moved into the Jemez, I got me a 60 inch TV and the viewing field thru readings was greatly expanded.  So expanded that all the readings unfolded outside in the back yard.

When I got to my mothers, there was so much she and the house needed, I could not justify even the cost of a 60 inch TV, so I bought a 55 inch for the same price I sold my 60 inch for when leaving NM.  My “office” is now on the back porch and the enormous back yard will be the reading field and I have a deep feeling (since spirit is making this point this morning) that the readings are going to expand in ways I cannot even fathom today.  I get back to readings Monday morning.

After my bad ass TV is installed today, I head to the dentist to get my teeth pulled and implants implanted.  Now that, has me nervous since they do not do IV sedation.  Instead he prescribed two heavy duty sleeping pills for me.  Yikes!!

Ohhh and my hummers!!  With this big ass back porch I went and got 5 hummer feeders.  I barely put up the first two feeders and sure enough, a hummer found the free buffet.  Today there are about 5-6 fighting for dominance over the feeders.  And we get to experience them right on the deck, which the baby loves!!

Several people asked me to teach a course in manifesting.  I have been doing that for over a decade.  I do not do rituals, or prayers of rituals.  I live my life the way my energy flows without exception and even, without expectation.  My desires may not always be met in the moment I want something, instead, they are saved up for greater moments we could not foresee!!

Here’s to brand new, expanded beginnings for all of us!!  I have cleaning to do, so until next time… I LOVE YOU so much and miss you like crazy!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of life expanding dreams made manifest to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Good for you Lisa. You all deserve it so much!! You are so worthy!

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  2. You go girl!! oh, wait, you did LOL
    Congratulations! ❤
    There is a place
    where freedom dwells

    We hold our past
    until we swell.

    We must let go
    and trust the Now,

    Connect with Source
    and remember our Vow.

    Blessings to you sweet Lisa!!

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  3. […] Source: Our New Day, New Life, Begins!! […]


  4. Reblogged this on SilverAngelsWings and commented:
    Greetings dear Readers, I am re-blogging this from Lisa Gawlas, so you can keep up with the latest step in her ever expanding Life Path. I am still feeling a little strange after my (mild) stroke, back in Jan….not yet wholly Loving my self fully, but am getting there. I was very lucky, there were no clots nor bleeds showing in the various scans, I just have a small problem in that the tips of the fingers on my left hand are tingling, like the nerve endings are not working properly. I realised that I would no longer be able to do the fine craft work I as doing, so gave all my craft supplies to my wonderful hairdresser, who has looked after both of us for years, at budget rates, coming to the house, for our convenience. Since the stroke affected my left eye a little, & my right eye has a cataract, I can no longer see well enough to read, let alone do fine jewellery work. Plus I was having problems creating outlets for my work, anyway. so I am relieved, the pressure has lifted, & I can enjoy my retirement & just work towards resting up & learning to Love myself all over again. My full gratitude goes to my partner, who stepped up & now pretty much does all the housework/cooking/laundry, as well as co-ordinating all my Doctor appointments, & my medications, it was found that I had also developed an irregular heartbeat as well. So, more medications. I lost weight whilst in hosp….Yay!, keeping it off is proving difficult as my bad back prevents me getting any regular exercise. Thanks for all your good wishes & Love, it is much appreciated. And I return it fully, too….I Love you all…thanks so much for your support…xxx & (((Hugz))) Sylvia Melaynia Much Love & Blessings to you all……xx


  5. Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings 15/4/2017 Sydney time……Much Love to you all, & especially Motherly hugs for you sweet Lisa…..You did it!! xxx


  6. You know, I just learned something….I had not seen Wizard of Oz for many years, & did not really ‘get’ the reference to The Emerald City, until 2 days go….!!!! How synchronistic of Spirit!! (((Hugz))), xxx Enjoy your beautiful new home….xxx

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  7. Sweet. May everyday be joyful. Hugs.


  8. It’s beautiful Lisa! I’m happy for you and I’m glad your grandson has his grandma! That is a very special connection.

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  9. Congrats 🎉 !
    I can see people coming to the nearby camp cabins….for more specialized readings with you. I see how we are all being placed nicely into our local, supportive communities. 💜✨


  10. Congratulations! The place looks awesome. I’m so very glad that you found a perfect bath for relaxation n meditation. Your dream list is being manifested iteitem by item in total synchronicity.
    From the fire Phoenix in PA


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