Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 31, 2017

The End Meets the Beginning, Inside and Out!!

new life

It feels so good to wake up and be able to bear the light from the computer screen once again!!  I should have taken my contact out of my eye since the sun was spewing energy every which way for right close to a week.  But no, I swear I rather get hit in the pain sensors than wear glasses, at least on an unconscious level.  And get hit I did.  The leaking, the burning, the intense light sensitivity hung out with me for two days.  Yesterday, all that intense energy decided to drop down into my neck, shoulders, forearms, arm sockets and upper back and spine.

I had already seen what was happening with my eye 2 days ago.  The visual was intense.  I could see my eye torn open and this massive thick white energy coming out of it.  I understood it was my overall vision increasing its frequency, preparing to see into the higher fields of life that we are in the midst of laying down.  With its irritation came perfect vision, so for a day and a half, without a contact in my eye, I didn’t need glasses to see.  I begged my body to please, stay like that.  Lets not go back to blurry vision.  But nope, as the day ended yesterday, so did the freedom from glasses.  Dammit!!

As I sat on my couch at 5am instead of at the computer yesterday morning, feeling like my bones are going to explode, I shifted my vision into my bones to try to understand why I hurt so damn much.  I could see ever cell of my bone structure vibrating at intense speeds, expanding and distributing new energy, new information, and god only knows what else.  Thru it all, my solar plexus would spin so fast waves of nausea flew through.  The incoming sun energy was coming in thru the solar plexus and working its way to the areas that are expanding the most.

Of course, if it’s happening to me, its happening to you too!  We are changing.  Our bodies are intensifying to keep up with the changes.  As everyone well knows, my whole life is once again in a state of massive change.

So let’s break down why these particular areas hurt like hell for me (so you can understand your target zones better.)

Well, eye is a no brainer.  My ability to see is crucial to everything I have done, do and will ever do.  It was shown to me yesterday that I see at the leading edge of creation, light rays that are just coming into the planet, into you.  Spirit showed me yesterday the analogy of the ocean breaking on the sand, just a thin layer of water over the sand, in a constant state of unfolding, never the same twice, but constant over eternity.

Since my trip to Marco Island, everything about my future, changed once again.  A new union was formed with the beautiful host of our adventures, Julie.  Inspiration after inspiration just unleashed itself thru the whole 3 days and every day afterwards too.

So it is understandable that my neck, my souls expression, is expanding.  My arms and shoulders, my reach for life and the strength that is needed to pull whats appearing in front of our eyes (third eyes) into creation.  The heart, lungs and spine spewing these energy cells.

On March 27th, Julie and I decided to consecrate our new union (smile.)  We need to find a webmaster to bring what spirit is flooding thru us, to life.  I sure as hell don’t want to do any more website, I already have a beast that I cannot tend to.  She has no desire to build a website, so we needed to find that perfect synergy.  I do what I do best, threw it out on facebook.  Holy heavens there are a ton of talented web designers out there!!  How the hell am I going to make a decision.  I sure didn’t want to have to talk to every single one.  So I kept every website up on my screen, looking and looking again.  Some didn’t trip my trigger and I closed them down immediately.  I went looking with my own website in mind.  There are so many parts and sections to my site that it looks like a clusterfuck, but it’s as good as I can get it given the limitations Homestead (my web builder engine and host) provides.

A friend gave a shout out to someone who was building her new website, a link: and my heart kept coming back to his “service” page.  Sections of energy.  Yes!!!  That’s what we will need!!  I emailed him, he wrote back instantly, we talked on the phone and another love affair has begun.  He is the most perfect synergy and talent for what is growing thru us.

What I was not thinking about in my search, was gender, at all.  I was looking for a website to reflect our (eventual) needs.  Once we contracted him, so much more spilled out.  The divine masculine, the creator god, holding all our dreams and desires together in creation.  Even his name has meaning for me, more today than the last two days (since I was focused on my pain than much else lol.)  Howard Nicholas.  This morning I looked up the meaning of howard: The name Howard is a Scandinavian baby name. In Scandinavian the meaning of the name Howard is: Noble watchman.

Indeed, he will be watching over this entire creation in its entirety.  But his last name, that really trips my trigger.

The day I was leaving for Massachusetts to spend Christmas with my son and grandson, I took a picture with my house sitter and in the background these two amazing images appeared in the picture:

santa angel

close up

There is nothing on that wall, nothing on the end table that could have even come close to being reflecting by a flash.  Santa Clause and an angel!!  Jolly ol Saint Nicholas!!  The one who has a workshop bearing gifts for the boys and girls of earth!!  We just hired him!!!

And the angel, going back to my mothers pendulum session: “the queen of the earth restored.”  No that is not me nor Julie (which happens to be my mother’s name too) but what will come thru this portal of Light thru all of us.  Not any one of us, but ALL of us.  So the name of the new site happens to be:

THE NATION OF LIGHTS!!  (We do own the url One nation with many Lights contributing to itself.  We are still in the gestation phase of this project.  With the major focus being on our first in person workshop around the fall equinox.

However, the one thing that kept banging up against my heart and head, I have no desire to be two separate people.  I am moving the information part of my personal website into this website.  By the summer or at least the fall, the site I have built and expanded (over expanded really) for 14 years will cease to be.  My Soul Center will blend in with The Nation of Lights.

Phew!!  Not only is my physical life changing, my whole world is changing.  Every single ounce of it.

I do want to bring the wonder that is Julie to Light as well.  A true goddess of the earth.  She has been hosting sacred journeys to various power points around the world to a long while.  Her website:  She knows what is needed to hold functional and productive workshops together.  She knows the layout of the earth and its power places.  Me… not even a little bit.  If I don’t have my GPS telling me where to go and how to get there, I get lost in a 2 mile radius of home.  Now give me the multidimensional realm,!!!  Heaven and earth, above and below, two bodies, one vision.

In my couching sitting position these last two days, I have a  lot of time to ponder.  Shortly after 911 happened, in my true infancy of emergence, I started getting these massive downloads about “healing the nations.”  It was so big and so constant, a few of us got together, formed a non profit corp and launched “Healing the Nations” by years end 2001.  It fell flat on its face.

What did get birthed of that short-lived journey was this image, created from a hypnosis event I had, thru an amazing artist in Israel called The Monument of Life:

monument of life

In the hypnosis event, we were to receive a symbol that represented our work on earth.  I got the sun, the Creator, Source of All life, spiraling into the open hearts of humanity and we, flowing back into the sun for its expansion.  A never-ending ebb and flow of union.

We called the image, the energy the Monument of Life.

What I could have never understood, even if I was not an infant on this journey then, Healing the Nations was an inside event.  Most especially for myself, but thru sooo many people who trust my abilities to connect and work thru our healing within.

I bring this up because of something that flew out of my mouth when Julie and I were talking with Howard.  We were talking about the workshop “Into the Void” as well as the main points that will be on our website.  In discussing the first three days of stripping down, he said ohhh, so you are going do to healing with the shadow side.  I was so surprised with the energy that came flying off my tongue… NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  We are going to strip down the sticky parts of the ego itself.

The understanding came thru it all as we talked.  Spirit said we have all focused on healing so much and so intimately as a collective that we have accelerated everyone.  Their need to go deep diving into the spoils of their life is no longer needed like it once was, because of the collective healing that took place.  Its simply the ego, knowing nothing else, that keeps people thinking they are blocked or stuck or something negative.  Those that have true blocks in their body, will simply be leaving the planet for other realms.

I was humbled, and in awe and in a state of marvel as well.  I cannot tell you how many people book a reading because they think they are blocked, stuck and end up not even close to that!!  Instead, we are all pregnant,   Everyone of us have this amazing gift that is uniquely ours to share, should we develop it, with the All of the earth.  I see what no one else is looking at, the edge of creation becoming manifest.

Our physical and spiritual bodies are changing.  Ohhh something really interesting came thru facebook (god I so love that place… but not the PM land of that place, please, never PM me there, email me only) someone asked if this energy is kundalini that we are feeling.  My first response was no.  Thinking only of the part we are familiar with.  The coiled serpent at the base of the spine.  However, it wad of information came thru that innocent and profound question.

Kundalini, in its simplest understanding is the vital part of our soul energy (that comes with all the bells and whistles that we call spiritual abilities) that lays dormant waiting for the vibrational trigger of integration.  Once again, because so many people have accomplished the task of soul integration, it naturally happens to others without all the work.  There is a literalness to the saying “what we do for one, we do for the All.”  So truly, we have hit a collective point where the kundalini energy of most, is already integrated.  Embedded thru out the physical and energetic body.  That is why these accelerations are so potent to the majority of us.  Your soul body is becoming more and more a part of your physical body.  No longer separate, save the ego’s idea of oneself.  Because, let me tell you, the moment you “think” you a have block, you just created that until you decide to uncreate it.  You are now that intensely powerful!!  To my vision, it’s not real, it does not exist (for the majority) but your body is instructed by YOU.  Just like ongoing hardships, it does not have to be that way, unless it’s the only way you know and experience life.

None of us can build an amazing future while lugging around the past.  Those days are soon to be over, one way or another.

Keep in mind, we are building a future that has never existed before.  Ever.  Don’t lug anything from the past forward, please.  It will not take root.

ALL of humanity is on their own personal and collective event horizon.  Now on the other side of this March equinox, we ALL have entered the point of no return.  We have until the next equinox to decide (day by day) do we let go or go elsewhere.

I am going to include my beloved Kryons latest channel here.  Again, someone shared it on my facebook and it placed a symphony of validation into my core with its words and energy.  I hope it does the same for you too.

On that note, I will save the rest for tomorrow.  I am praying that the field will be visible to at least some degree tomorrow.  But who the hell knows!!  What we are experiencing is so massive, so utterly life changing, that I am just not sure, but I will be there just incase.  I do want to leave you with spaceweathers info for yet another day:

SOLAR WIND CONTINUES TO BLOW: Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are circling Earth’s poles as our planet spends its 5th day inside a fast-moving stream of solar wind.

Have an amazing day as we all end this first quarter of a massive Life Changing year, energy system, way of Life!!!!

I love you all so freakin much.  Thank you for Being an integral part of my heart field.

((((HUGZ)))) filled with new life and boundless Joy to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas










  1. Lisa my Darling you need to come on over to Instagram, there’s a huge soul family building over there, reuniting to bring the balance back, feminine with masculine, return of the dark twins, we are back Lisa and we’re not going away this time, I have seen all the timelines and oh the end is coming, watch the film or read the book high rise it tells our story. Live love and light Lucy Lee x


  2. Instagram @lucyleebuckley


  3. Wow, Lisa! Spring has sprung ( at least on our side of the planet) and the burst of newness is upon us. 🙂 Love it!
    New Moon in Aries, 2017 Poem:

    The Ego struts and does its thing.
    The Soul awaits — knowing what it will bring.
    The dance of the two
    May last many lives-
    Until 2 become One,
    Merging, they Thrive.

    Xoxo 💖
    Much Love from Ky.

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    • Love love love that poem!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! Indeed, spring is everywhere ❤ (((HUGZ))))


  4. Reblogged this on unity2013.

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    Nine is also the number appropriate to the void; the void where there is to be perceived nothingness; darkness; and yet within the darkness there is All That Is. And it is required to enter into that space of darkness before emerging from the light as a being that is Higher Than Divine. Therefore, it is a number of emergence.

    One can perhaps imagine that in coming through all of the numbers to number nine, one has learned tremendous, tremendous amounts of knowledge. One has encompassed and one has rested upon the nine to assimilate of those numbers all of the energies and lights and essences contained within each that has come previously.

    It is the accumulation of all past and present and future into the one, into the whole. It is the gathering point of all energy to make way for the infinity that follows.

    So, as a Nation of Earth people, that is where they are, at number nine; entering into the void and assimilating and readying for emergence.

    You who are here have already begun your emergence through the nine, so let us call you ‘nine-plus’.

    When one gathers into the void, one cannot enter into the void in the physicalness. It is on the higher levels. Earth Healing Transmission from The Highest, September 21st 1994

    It is different for those with divinity. Kundalini is not brought forth into the divine state; It is different; it is vastly different. That which is power, that which is love, that which is all divine quality, are integrated into one whole being without the need for structure in separate boxes. It is integrated into the one whole. There are not the chakra systems. It is part of the purification of the self.

    Therefore, you begin in a more ignorant state and you refine yourself and evolve yourself into a more sophisticated state, which is, in actual fact simpler. It is that you have in the divine state, less. And less is more, in this instance. Can you understand? Perhaps, perhaps you can.

    It is that you have complicated yourselves, in a way, in being in this physicalness and being distracted by the many stimuli. And you have delineated your emotions out of the two; fear and love. You have created many, upon many, upon many, of states of being. In the divine state, it is simple. Less is more, in expanding you see. For I that is I, that is All That Is, is an expression of The Highest of Love, and that is all. I have evolved my being into this purest of purest states and I am not hindered or complicated by any other knowing, other than Highest of Love. Earth Healing Transmission from The Highest, October 26th 1994


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