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Claim YOUR Inheritance!!

swim free

On the second day of Marco Island, our beautiful host Julie had the inspiration to take us to the river and a couple of parks.  Again, for what, none of us really knew, but trusted.  I was expecting a river like I am familiar with, but it was more like a skinny part of the ocean with the bridge that crossed over into and out of Marco Island.  We walked around to the sands of the adjoining Yacht club and just talked.  I do want to mention here, before I forget again, every time we went to the water, dolphins always showed up!!

As soon as we slid thru the gate of the yacht club, I immediately became aware of two vans parked in front of their building.  Silly me, once again did not take a picture of the vans, so I recreated it from other images:

regular van

raised van

The vans were identical, except one had the raised roof.  Both displaying large colorful letters spelling out FUTURE!!!  I knew its significance immediately, we are all in a massive choice point (not just the 5 of us, but every human on the planet) of which future we are going to choose to enter.  The old world type future or the elevated, roomy future.

When we were walking back to the car after our third park adventure, a tractor-trailer was backing up almost into us.  My eyes were honed in on the huge logo on the back of the semi:

star transport

I held in my excitement until we all regrouped again.  We kinda had to scatter to get out of the way of the truck backing up, but before I could even open my mouth, Julie chimed in with DO YOU SEE THAT!!!   Freakin YES!!!

All I could think of was the nursery rhythm…. twinkle twinkle little star… and at the same time, the star is already delivering the future we choose, almost running us over with it even!!!

By the second day, there was already a rift in our group from night one’s conversation that I wrote about yesterday.  Three stayed pretty much in their lane at the ground floor condo, and I kept bopping into Julie and her husbands condo.  I developed a serious girl crush on this lady, even musing to her that she is my twin flame!!  We are so freaking alike.  We process the same way, we bounce thru incoming information the same way and neither one of us are bashful about readdressing non truths in the attempt to raise the playing field for all.

When we all got back from our adventures, I went up to her 6th floor condo to expand from the day’s signs and understandings and what we could do together.  I am not even sure what the hell we were talking about in the moment when a gust of wind came thru her open balcony door. fluttered the stack of newspapers her husband had been reading and set on the floor, but that wind took a sales flyer that was in the middle of the stack of papers, flung it out of the stack so neatly and it landed in front of us in a position it was readable (not upside down or facing away from us.)  This sales flyer had a folded lip at the top declaring:


We both dropped our jaws!!  It was already evident from just the two days we had been together.  From the moment we all got together, we had started talking about a channel that was familiar to all of us.  I explained that long ago, I used to read his sharings, but stopped when they became so bogged down with sales pitches that I could not even find the message in his emails.  I had not read or even seen his postings in many many years.  Doncha know, someone that very day posted something on my facebook with a link to his channel.  Holy shit!!  That is just bizarre in its timeliness.  This happened before this wish on command, star transportation declaration events.  That said, later in the day, we talked about another channel, another one I long ago stopped reading for very similar reasons.  Once again, shortly (hours) there after, someone posted a link on my facebook, when I opened that link, there was a link to her writings.  What are the chances that two channels we talked about and I had not read, seen or paid attention to for many years, instantly became a part of my facebook.

This message was more huge than a simple wish being granted, or ever a complex wish for that matter.  It was showing us, what you focus on is drawn towards you.  The star transportation has no bias and dare I say, is rather instant!!

Now let me couple this into the only reading I was able to see yesterday.  But first, let me explain why there was only one, I ran out of time yesterday.

We are all in that funnel, the central creation point.  We will be there thru (at least) the end of this month as light switches turn off and on, depending on what you are willing to let go and move into or not.  Your future is being created by you NOW.

My lady showed up sitting on the floor inside my office, very colorless.  Her legs were crossed, her head was down and I could feel a merger of anger and sadness running thru her.  Yet, my eyes were drawn to the ceiling area, where the top of the walls meet the ceiling.  The most amazingly vibrant flower heads adorned that space between the wall and ceiling all around my office.  I understood their significance… Shambhala.  But why where they there.

I came back to her tense body.  Well girl, we gotta add some color to you, you’re too gray!!!  There was so much anger, more anger than sadness, but the sadness fed the anger.  Come to find out her parents passed and her brother is claiming everything that should have been shared between them, as his own.

First thing we need to do, get your ass up off the floor.  Stand up, stand in your power.  It took a little coaxing, but we got her up and on her feet.  Her hands clenched in a tightly balled fist.  Let that shit go!!  Release, let it flow out of you.  All this pent up anger and sadness took her out of the fields of Shambhala, her center and is taking lifeforce away from her.

I pried her damn fingers open, we needed a release point of that anger.  When she finally gave in… and it is always YOUR CHOICE to given in, or be eaten up, the energy flow was amazing.  Power in anger.  It spewing out in clear and golden energy, forming a puddle around her of some highly potent energy, intense magnetic fields becoming!!!

She did not want to fight her brother in court.  WHY the hell not??  Both her parents showed up and begged her to CLAIM HER INHERITANCE!!  There was such a reverberation in their words, in their declaration to her that it moved my soul into excitement!  On a physical level, on a spiritual level…

It is UP TO US to CLAIM OUR INHERITANCE.  Fight for what is YOURS, for what YOU Desire.  Why not?  If not YOU, then who???????????

Just watching her stand up, release her anger outwards created such a marvelously energy field for her.  Again, we get so oddly weirded out by the power of our anger, we sit with it instead of allowing it to catapult us into the next grand version of ourselves.  The force brings to you what you are declaring is your’s!!  It will open doors that never even existed before.  Or… choosing our future here… we can be consumed by the perception of injustice.  In-Justice.  Or do all we can to claim our In-heritance!!!

I had planned on taking my first dentist to small claims court since he twice refused a refund of the $1093 on the crown that was never made but charged me for.  When my move out date moved up, I released that option, only because it would cost me more than I would get back.  On the very day I released it, a refund of $723 posted to my carecredit account.  I’ll take that with deep gratitude and release the rest to fulfil his needs.

Anyone declaring “this is the way it was meant to be,” really needs to wash their mouth out with soap.  This is the way you are choosing, period and exactly what you will get back.

Let’s clarify a little deeper.  Your wish is ON command.  Not my, not someone or something outside of yourself.  ON YOUR COMMAND.  What’s coming out of your mouth, your heart, where are you focusing your attention??  Can’t have or can’t wait to have!!

On my last day at the beach, sitting with God’s foggy Presence, I thought about my teeth.  The gratitude of being able to finally get my teeth done without the stress of worry.  In that moment it was as if god picked into my brain and pulled out what my intention was.  get implants only on my lower jaw and save $5000 by not getting the upper implants.  His question was…. why?  Well, I really don’t need to spend the extra money and can save it for my mexico adventures.  His statement to me, is so true for every one of us…

You now have more than enough to fulfil all your desires (my teeth and lasik) do you still want them (as if he didn’t know lol?)  Of course I do.  Then just do it!!  There is an endless supply of everything, you can never run out for as long as you are in your flow.

How often do we want the big prize and settle for a smaller one, happy just to have gotten that.

This is one major place my girl crush Julie is ripping me out of.  (smile)  She does not settle for anything less than wonderful.  In planning our workshop, the one thing that was crucial for us, for me… was secluded.  Some place where we are not mixing other people’s energies into ours (like big hotels and stuff.)  Neither one of us wants to do the outhouse thing, I want running toilets and electricity and wifi, dammit!!

I about shit when she sent links last night of this amazing… FREAKIN AMAZING luxury resorts, so secluded, so oozing the beauty of our world on every level.  Her forte is planet earth.  She has been taking people to sacred sites thru out the world for a while.  Other than Canada, I have not left the USA… yet.  The first link I opened I about had an orgasm, brought on by shock!! lol  Just look:

There were 8 more links, one other in Greece, several in France and one in Spain that were as insanely beautiful and secluded as the other.  OMG Heaven looks and feels more beautiful than I ever allowed myself to dream of on this earth.  And why not??

I couldn’t even reply to her yesterday…  I was knee-deep in process… thinking about… money!!  Not so much my own, but yours, those who would want to spend two weeks with us here.

It is truly amazing how ingrained lack is, not even in our individual selves, but in our perception of the world and most people.  We are in a massive choice point, do we build heaven from the energy of lack and not enough… or go full throttle into abundant beauty and every comfort and possibility.

God is limitless and then, it goes to say… so are we!!!  If we dare!!

What future are you building right Now???

I love you all so freakin much!!!  ((((HUGZ)))) of life changing stories to and thru ALL!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas







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