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In-Sights and In-Spirit-tions from Marco Island!!


The very first day we arrived in Marco Island our host, Julie, had a fantastic idea, lets go to a park.  It was a park at the water’s edge where people fished.  Open grass and large trees created an inviting walk to the water.  We had no plan, no real agenda, she was just feeling inspired.  The 5 of us, standing on the walkway that was built on the water’s edge, enjoyed getting to know each other.  Then someone (I cannot even remember who) said let’s do some energy stuff.  Another person found this huge tree to be our center point.  I so wish I would have taken a photo of this tree, sadly, no one did.  It had so many small separate trunks, not much larger than several inches in diameter each, all growing into each other to create this easy 6-7 foot in diameter tree trunk.  Someone put crystals at the root line of the tree trunk.  Another person suggested we form a circle around the tree, another thought… lets hold hands to keep our energy flowing.

Thru it all, not a single agenda.  No prestructure, no preconceived idea of what we are doing or why.  I was pretty much just a participating observer, enjoying what was forming.

Julie, our host, said she started to see this diamond form around the tree, instantly my vision snapped online and yes I could see it too.  And it became larger, fuller. We held hands and sent energy around the tree, my focus was now on this diamond looking field of light growing wider, higher and lower.  It started out with just two sides that connected at the top point, then four, very pyramidal in shape.  A precious soul sang into the tree, her voice amazing.  I switched my view from what was forming around the tree to see what her voice was doing.  To my initial surprise, I seen nothing.  But it was later that I realized, thanks to the insight of Julie, that nothing was something incredible.  Her tones and melody washed away the past, all thoughts and concepts to create the void.  The emptiness in which the new could form.

We resumed our energy field, I became very aware of 5 mini ships positioned directly above each one of us and a central mother ship much higher int he sky but in the center above the tree.  That diamond suddenly starting to spin clockwise, and eventually formed 12 sections held together by an east to west line and a north to south line.  3 sections between each line.  The twelve tribes held in power within the four directions on earth.  As this diamond spun faster and faster, suddenly these balls appeared about 2-3 inches out from each section.  The balls were about the size of a soft ball each, filled with this white/yellow/honey gold elimination of light and energy, they appeared to be still as the diamond was becoming a blur in its spin.

We started to try to understand what this was.  Someone said a merkabah or light body, I heard distinctly… NO.  The moment we stopped trying to name it, I heard clearly what this represented, what this is: THE NATION OF LIGHT

The only thing I understood beyond that, in that incredible moment we formed together out of the formless (no agenda, no intention at all) was that each ball represented an anchor.  There are 12 people scattered about this beautiful world that will anchor in this new way of Life, Light, Love field.

That ended that session.  It was elating, exciting, something so brand new to explore and align with, personally, for myself… and whoever else wants to join in.

When we got back to the condo, a conversation ensued.  I wanted to understand some words my team, in the 17 years on this crazy ass path, never use, but I hear a lot of.  The Merkabah.  The only thing that resonated with me was:  “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.  YES!!  We all have one, all living things have one.  My computer has one!!  What did not resonate was the limitations of the images that were presented.  I have been doing readings now since 2003, to include 7 years of hands on massage readings and I have seen a tremendous amount of light bodies, physical and energetic, injured and brilliant and everything in between, not once, not ever did I see two triangles on anyone.  But then again, unless I am connected to an old energy mind/body, I do not see the chakra system as they once were either.  Being in massage school and being forced to understand eastern mythology and meridians, the bodies I have connected to, do not run like that energetically.  That stuff was formed 3000 years ago, and was very valid on that body prototype.  We are no longer that disjointed in our energetic streams.

This is what makes up mass consciousness.  We see what we are programmed to see.  It is as heavily an illusion in the “light workers realm” as it is in the mundane physical realm.

If, inside your heart of hearts, what you desire is to truly live Shambhala, the kingdom of god on earth, Be the emerald city, you MUST lay down every resonant pattern you know of.  Strip down, know nothing and open your eye to the inconceivable!  And more than anything, KNOW THYSELF!!

Another one of those pretty sayings that I feel, gets lost in fully understanding its value and need.

In the evening after the tree of life event (smile) we started to ask what each person brings to the party.  What are your skills (spiritually speaking,) what do you do with them… this innocent conversation revealed so much to me, most especially this morning (I take some time to process and understand it all.)

Please do not ever fool yourself by saying I don’t need to know.  Of course you do!!  It’s imperative that you are so intimately familiar with yourself that no one… NO ONE can ever pull you out of your place of power, of KNOWING THYSELF.  And god knows, many will try.  But if you have no real handle on who you are and what you are capable of doing within yourself, you allow yourself to bend to others perceptions and become lost in someone else’s idea of what is best for you and how you should work according to their beliefs and concepts.

We can call this state of (non) Being, being under the spell of subliminal hypnosis (my teams term there, I had to look it up for full definition.)  Of course I found a great website and here is two great paragraphs of understanding:

“This type of hypnosis is different because you don’t even know that you are being hypnotized. While you may understand that you are receiving hypnotic suggestions and commands, you are not sitting down in a hypnotic session where a person is trying to put you in a trance.

You can basically function like a regular person while receiving commands. At a certain point, your brain starts to forget about the fact that you are receiving these commands and suggestions resulting in the unconscious mind to start accepting them.”

You will never be able to fully own your power for as long as you are owning someone else’s idea of it.  Equally, if you are doing any sort of energy work but you do not know what effect you are creating… well… you at least are at half power.  That’s something!!!

So let’s put all that on pause (smile.)

The morning of the equinox… Oh my good god, what a powerful, in-riching morning I had at the ocean’s edge.  I arrived about 5am and was the only person there.  HEAVEN!!!  I laid my beach towel as close to the water as I could without the waves overtaking my spot.  Well, little did I realize it was high tide, the water was creeping up and I had to move 3 times.  But even that felt so incredible, so purposeful.

The first thing I did was sit, light a smoke, and ask for guidance.  I know I am changing, my life has been in a state of change since July last year, but whats next?  I don’t know.  Suddenly, about 10 feet into the ocean and about 5 feet above it, I could see a doorway and myself standing in front of it.  There was no door on this doorway, instead it was framed with interconnected gold lights.  OK… now what?  Whats thru it, it looked exactly the same thru it as it did in front of it, just black, like the predawn sky I was communing with.  This visual lasted an easy 10 minutes with no movement, no greater understanding, just… potential.  Dammit.

I got up and walked into the water, suddenly the entire ocean was radiating with John the baptist energy.  Weird!!  I have had no connection to that dude in my entire life, and yet, there was not a molecule of water that was now singing praises of John the baptist.  Ok… baptise me, I am ready, I think lol.  The exchange was amazing really.  Like an old power source release from my whole body going back into the ocean of life and over the course of three days, a surge of new energy, new direction unfolded, bit by bit.

I spent a lot of time bouncing things off Julie and even her husband and vise versa.  On day one, with the other three amazing souls, conversations that could have gone further were shut down by annoyed anger.  I did not embark on this weekend to deal with others issues, I really really really wanted to understand me and where I was going, in relationship to others and what I have already done over the last 17 years.  And most especially, how to bring the emerald city to the physical plane of earth as a living breathing energy system.  It became crystal clear really ad our group was so perfect in the revelations.

I did a quick massage on Julie’s back on the second or third day and I about shit when I (eventually understood) that the ball of white/yellow/honey gold light I seen in her solar plexus was one of the balls from the Nation of Light energy system.  It was slowly releasing itself up and down her spine and what her team said it will continue thru the rest of this month.

Thru her downloads and spirit team and mine, we were bouncing in understandings with emerging direction all in relationship to the Nation of Light.  What can and must be done and what cannot be held in this field.  Hence yesterdays sharing 😉

We started tossing around doing workshops, stripping people down to zero, to no-thing.  We will never build the new for as long as we look to the old.  Ever.  Period.

 I was going to go to the beach before sunrise on day 2, but my team said, oh no, you cannot take in one more ounce of energy.  By 2pm, I was knocked out cold in sleepy land.  On day three, no one was keeping me from the pre morning beach!! lol  I went down to a fog laden ocean.  It was so beautiful, so still.  No constant wind like the prior two days have held, just… divine stillness.

I sat on my beach towel and gazed out at the fog, instantly something from the book channeling Erik was pulled into my awareness.  It was the part when he was back in spirit, more integrated into his soul energy (after committing suicide in this realm and the recovery it took to heal his energy field) and God showed up as fog to talk with him.  The Presence, the Source of Life overlaid the entire ocean that I could see.  He even named phase one of these workshops… “Into the void.”  He even gave us a layout of what these workshops, initially, will be like.  The image I received was very much like this:

tri frame

Only the images on the right and left were completely black, the center one… the true void, was a milky white.gray kinda like in the picture.  Even the time was given… 3 days stripping down, 3 days in the void and three days building anew.  9 days in total.  But held together by an 11.  One day arriving and one day departing, 9 fully active days of workshop energy.

As I was taking all this information in, I needed a freakin smoke.  OMG my doorway is truly going into the void, the nothingness and creating from there.  I’ll do it… whatever it is.  Julie too, we have been talking about this for days now… nothing.  No titles, no self identity, no old rituals, no nuttin’.  So as I was looking for my smokes… where the hell did they go???  My towel is not that big, nowhere to be found.  I blinked and wham there they were right there.  I know I felt my towel, they weren’t there, then they were.  No sooner did that experience happen, a super double lit bright light started to motor down the edge of the sand, the sand cleaner was coming… dammit.  As he bright lights went behind me, the ocean became so visible, no fog.  Where did the fog go???  Once his tail lights were passed me, the fog returned.  This is soooo kewl!!

Me and god had  a holy smoke together and I went back up to the condo, pacing til 7am, I couldn’t wait to share with Julie but didn’t want to wake her up.  We bounced and plotted and continue to do so.

That is when the conversation on the drive home became so huge.  If we take the tri fold picture frames and turn two outer frames to zero’s instead of squares and merged them into the center frame…daily, ever freakin day… that is where true empowerment… LIFE begins.

return to no thing

I just want to add to Lao’s profundity… the last word DAILY!!

I was chomping at the bit to get to readings yesterday.  I cannot wait to see what the field looks like now, what we look like now.  My first appointment happened to be with my lucky charm guy in Ireland!!!  The way the field opened up stunned me.  I had imagined a million different ways to see this moment, but none were like this:

zero field

Now eliminate all the energy and color of this double-headed energy system.  It was fog gray.  God colored!! lol  There was nothing at the top nor the bottom, just open and connected to no-thing.  My beautiful man was in the very center of this system, almost to the degree I barely could see him.  He was in the void.  He was in true center point, zero point.  Diligently doing the homework from his last session.  More was added.

When I looked up online the image of this to send to him, so he could see what I see I came across another image and it presented even more information based on my weekends experience and understandings:


The colors I used have no meaning except to be visible against the layout.  There are three places we fall into as a whole world.  The center point of creation, where the yellow is.  The platform surrounding it… not aligned with the ways of the world, but not fully recognizing our own inner power and abilities, the red and then those that are anchored in older ways energetically and mentally speaking, the pink.

Those that are in relationship to the pink still see (and I am going to use the phrase) “as above so below.”  Working towards being both above and below at the same time… zero point of creation.  We are all a work in progress and to allow and acknowledge that, is where true accelerated growth happens.

Then the red, realizing heaven is already here on earth, just not too sure of their own placement within it.  I would even dare to add in, within this group they have not fully developed their natural abilities yet.  What we would consider being able to see thru their spiritual mind and hear thru their spiritual ears.  To fully occupy the Nation of Light, the emerald city, if that is a desire, and as I learned this weekend, not everyone really has that desire, you must FULLY occupy the Presence of your Soul.

Then we have the center yellow placement.  Inner occupation is there, used, formed and released daily.  The ego so integrated with the soul mind that it has the amazing capability of trigger others with its communication.

We so have this illusion (not everyone, but many do) this path is filled with sing-song days, and doing nothing (which is very different from living in a no-thing world.)  I have worked my freakin ass off for 17 years and barely got myself started in what we are capable of. Barely!!!

Which is why not a whole lot of souls are needed to fully establish the Nation of Light.  12 anchors around the globe, with 12 seeds of light within the anchor points.  144 people, initially.  That’s it.  From that, many many will grow and form 12 new anchors with 12 seeds in each anchor point and so on.  But lets start with the first one.  Not for the weak of heart and faint of ego!!  At ALL.

How you see this amazing world means everything too.  EVERY-THING.  Let me leave you with my new signature line:  We say so often we want the world to change, but it cannot ever happen until we change the way we see the world.

Are you ready????  Let’s do this thing, We are a team and We Are ONE… Strong!! ❤

((((((((HUGZ)))))))))) of in-powered release and determination to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter/bookreading.html

I love you!!!








  1. Going with your 12 tribes/souls theory- John the Baptist was said to be the forerunner of Jesus. John taught Jesus and even some of Jesus’ followers.

    If we know who we were/are….then my thought is it will be a chain reaction, or a domino effect. It will start with “John” again in this life time, then it will trickle down to the next light person to help awaken/light the positioning of the next tribe….and so on until all 12 tribes are activated.

    Have a good day! 🙂

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    • I think John lives in the ocean as the ocean!! lol ❤

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      • Water is powerful so why not? I think of water as a spiritual conduit. The source being ‘God’ source and us being its final destination. Our bodies are made up of at least 70 percent water, so it would make sense that that would be a way for energy to transfer to and from us.

        It would also explain how our molecular DNA structures are changing.

        Here’s an interesting thought! Tie molecular DNA and quantum mechanics together and what do you get?

        You now have the same energy existing in two different forms. If you break down the energy particles even smaller and transfer those via water or through wavelengths….then now you have a multidimensional energy source!

        It’s very fascinating and exciting to think that John the Baptist can be an Ocean AND a person!!

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      • To Rachel:

        Such synchronicity….just a few hours ago I was contemplating on how we still “separate” ourselves from WATER, and most ironically I’ve observed that those who worship it are creating the most *separation* from it, even though they intend the opposite.

        But we ARE water. (Remove the separation)

        We ARE, already, that powerful entity….


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  4. First-hand experience is such a great teacher.

    Lisa, somewhat like your massage training, soon after training in a bodywork therapy 20 years ago, things began happening with my applications of this modality that the more experienced practitioners and teachers could give no satisfactory answer for. I recognize in hindsight that I was perceiving developmental phases to evolutionary change within my own system; evolution of flow of energy and light that I was creating; and the reciprocal evolution in human movement catalyzed by this evolution of higher consciousness; as I worked with clients, their systems also began to seek these new adaptations.

    Exploring Network Chiropractic at a later date through the recommendation of a friend I fully trusted myself in allowing a natural, autonomic motion my body was exhibiting.

    The Chiropractor misinterpreted. As I lifted my head in the natural
    translation of the spinal sine-wave motion, he actually held my head down because the intention of the work as he knew it was to “keep the energy in the system to keep processing whatever came up”.

    This felt wrong. Network Chiropractic did not determine the outcome because I maintained a higher level of personal power and truth without further interference, even when the Practitioner became frustrated and
    tried all options to ‘re-educate’ my system. This individual was not willing to expand his limited beliefs.

    People will work within their own belief systems.I there are limitations within the belief systems, and often there are, then various energies, lights and essences presented to such a person would be interpreted within their model of the world; within their model of how the human and human-plus (if they believe in human-plus); how their systems work. There is expectation. There is an unfaltering belief that it is the way they have discovered it to be within themselves.It will take a paradigm shift in consciousness for such people who have learned their techniques; and their particular values that go along with what they have been taught. The suggestions and auto-suggestions will need to be de-hypnotized in order to assist such people to be unlimited in their perception; and open-minded to the many differences and the many possibilities in being; on all levels, aspects and dimensions.

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    • “evolution of flow of energy and light that I was creating; and the reciprocal evolution in human movement catalyzed by this evolution of higher consciousness”


      judith: What needs to be “de-hypnotized” here, is your deliberately confusing SCIENTIFICO-TECHNO Speak.
      Yes, you are attempting to “impress”, obviously. Most humans are.
      But operating from your Ego now, in these Higher Consciousness Energies, only makes you look childishly foolish, instead.

      One purpose of the Earth Ascension Experiment, is to stop the mass confusion that so many humans such as yourself proliferate — and reverse it all back to Sooooooooooo SIMPLE — back to the fundamental beginnings.

      As Einstein said, if you can’t explain it so that a 6 year-old can understand it, then don’t explain it at all because you don’t understand it yourself.



  5. “and I have seen a tremendous amount of light bodies, physical and energetic, injured and brilliant and everything in between, not once, not ever did I see two triangles on anyone.”

    That’s because you’ve never done a reading on ME.

    My merkaba contains both pyramids (2 “triangles”)….spinning as they are supposed to, in opposite directions.
    After I deliberately practiced spinning them 4 years ago, the 2-pyramid merkaba started showing up in my 3rd Eye vision.

    IMPORTANT: When the top and bottom pyramids spin in opposite directions, this generates the universe’s best kept secret: the TORSION field. With ZERO POINT at the center of the funnel.

    aka The Vortex, the ever-spinning Toroidal donut.

    Which are the very pictures you yourself just put up — same pics I showed you a year or so ago which caused you to become very angry at me for doing so.

    The fact that YOU are now putting them up, instead of ME — and that you are no longer “fighting” me over getting this information out there….is a much Higher Message meaning that the Earth/GAIA is just about ready to go into her LIGHT BODY.

    And thank christos for that.

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    • “SCIENTIFICO TECHNO Speak” Kiera!

      and obsolete


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  9. “It’s imperative that you are so intimately familiar with yourself that no one… NO ONE can ever pull you out of your place of power, of KNOWING THYSELF. And god knows, *many will try* . But if you have no real handle on who you are and what you are capable of doing within yourself, you allow yourself to *bend to others perceptions and become lost in someone else’s idea* of what is best for you and how you should work according to their beliefs and concepts.”

    “You will never be able to fully own your power for as long as you are owning someone else’s idea of it.”

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  10. Such a shift in energy in the comment section.

    Kiera your energy is divine.

    Rachel you are clear as..

    Such a profound shift into the new..

    Much love to all..


  11. Reply to Kiera
    If it is humanity’s purpose to grow and evolve in consciousness, it is also humanity’s purpose to ‘Walk upon the Earth’. Locomotion. Each purpose must be mutually compatible. Consciousness and movement are linked in purpose within the human psyche. Human movement is consciousness manifest.
    Structure and function are interrelated to the point that they are ultimately one and the same.

    Movement demonstrates the purposeful flow of energy.

    Human movement evolves from within the core, Cranio Sacral System of the
    physical body.

    The cranial bones (skull) and the sacrum (tailbone) continually expand and
    contract as cerebrospinal fluid is circulated within the membranes and bones of
    the skull and spine. The cranio sacral rhythm creates characteristic whole-body
    motion which can be palpated anywhere on the body. Tactile Cranio Sacral Therapy techniques rebalance the negative effects of stress on the body and release restrictions in the rhythm and the body.

    I have experienced and observed the evolution of the rhythmic flow of the golden coloured cerebrospinal fluid that Cranio Sacral Therapists call the cranio sacral rhythm. This fundamental ‘rhythm of life’ divinely evolves as the multidimensional Dolphin Rhythm.

    Dolphin Rhythm is the evolution in human movement that manifests when divine light, energy and essence of Highest Love integrates into the physical body; expanding through resonance into every level, aspect and dimension of the whole being.

    What appear to be separate evolution levels is really one evolution; divine evolution. It is just that this process takes time to integrate the healing changes that the body proceeds through.

    Where there is integration, there is no separation. Each part influences the
    unified whole.

    The Cranio Sacral System is the physical structure reciprocally linking
    evolution in movement and consciousness. The observation of specific patterns
    of autonomic motion identifies how the light and energy translate into the
    physical level.

    Information and data contained in the divine energy, light and essence
    from higher dimensions is accessed and integrated as the physical body
    evolves in tandem with our spirit, mind and emotions. It changes the way we
    move, think and feel about ourselves and our perceived world. We bring the
    full-spectrum of available information and data into our consciousness to make
    the best, most beneficial choices for ourselves and all life; And that choice is to
    be an expression of Highest Love. This is the contentment and confirmation of who we are in the core of our being. As we remember this truth, it resonates the possibility of inspiration for
    others toward empowerment, healing and evolution. Highest Love is one of the
    most powerful catalysts for change available to humanity. It changes our DNA,
    raises our evolutionary frequency and lightens the density of our physical
    body, paving the way to ultimately clear all disease.

    “Beyond Healing is Creativity and Evolution.
    Evolution creates that which has not occurred before.
    Healing is like learning to write the alphabet.
    No matter how clear or fluid, it remains, still the alphabet.
    Evolution is another level altogether.
    A new pattern emerges. A new threshold is entered.
    One learns to write words, sentences and poetry;
    And the symphony of language unfolds.
    So too, does the language of movement unfold
    As Creativity and Evolution in the Dolphin Rhythm.
    Evolution in Human Movement,
    Spiritual Evolution of Consciousness;
    One and Same; Purpose Fulfilled.”

    “What is the cranio sacral rhythm? Is there a better term to describe it?”

    When you ask good questions, the Universe provides good answers!

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  12. […] of events to hold thru the house I just rented for the Nation.  This morning I am back to the “Into The Void” workshop God presented at Marco Island.  Instead of it being 9/11 days it will be […]


  13. […] is interesting, as I write this out this morning, at least, about the trees, I am instantly reminded about that one huge tree from Marco Island, the event that started this whole Nation of Lights in my heart […]


  14. […] The Nation was put together as a unique… experiment??  Anything that is new in this plane of existence, and any other (from what I am hearing) is considered an experiment.  The concept of the Nation came thru a conversation I had with God thru the spring equinox at Marco Island this year.  The detailed sharing about that is clickable from here. […]


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