Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 23, 2017

Flowing From And Returning to Zero Point – Daily!

zero point

I hope this equinox was as in-powering for you as it was for me!!  The one thing I know for sure, the tide has turned and is stronger than it has ever been.  There is not much mercy that comes with this turn.  Of course, when I say this, I am talking about the only focal point that I am truly interested in, bringing the fullness of the emerald city, the kingdom of god, Shambhala to the ground level of life, of community… of Oneness…together!!  One thing that is absolutely clear, we have a lot of work to do, individually and collectively.

There are two buzz words that have been said, written about, I think, even overstated but truly not understood, at all.  Not even by me until this weekend.  Zero point and Flow.  I realized they are inseparable energies if our desire is to Be the Kingdom of God inBody!!  To truly live the emerald city in all its wondrous glory.

Let’s first look at zero point.  I received the greatest visual while in conversation on the way home.  No past = 0 and no future = 0.  When you overlay both zeros on top of each other, there is Zero Point.  The time of nothingness.  No past we are trying to rebuild and a future that emerges in the day and ebbs back into the sea of darkness at night.  Nothingness.  Not as a one time event, but as a way of life.

Flow.  In complete movement with the rhythm of the day, with each other.  No prior agenda, no structure or pre planned events.  To be so completely embodied in your personal power that the flow of the day is in complete rhythm with life, with the others around you.

The ocean is in a constant state of ebb and flow.  It has been trying to teach us how to live since its inception.  But we have structures, stories, words that often times keep us in a past that is desperately trying to ebb back into the abyss.  We, as a varied collective of incarnate human souls, will not allow it.  The time has arrived where nothing less will do.   It is being demanded.

Even the direction of the waves rolling to shore changes direction as the winds blow.  It allows itself to be given so many views of life, untethered to anyone of them, but taking it all into its fluid body for integration and possibly, later use.  The ocean is always building and rearranging something deep within itself.  All-ways.  Why aren’t we??

The answer is simple, we get stuck in the past.  Whether it’s 10 minutes ago or 10 lifetimes ago.  We are so constantly looking to our past to orient us to our future which only creates more of the same.  If we look at our past kinda like mile markers on the road, once we pass mile marker 10, it’s gone.  It was only there as a guidance to the next mile marker.  So our memories of past lives, off planet lives, home bases, even our current structures that have been created from our ancestral past.  Be it your personal homes or the pyramids… whatever… is simply a marker of navigation within your inner ocean.  It’s a mile marker and a resting point along the way.  A building of new power and understanding, not something to drag around and recreate.  If we cannot understand this, go on a road trip, try lugging mile marker 10 to mile marker 12… you cannot.  You will just stay at mile marker 10 and never go beyond it, at least, not in this lifetime.  That is a very valid and accepted choice point.  There will be many other incarnations to move thru and get beyond.

To truly live from zero point and be in the flow, we have got to drop a lot of things from our lives.  Expectation and structure, the two are so intertwined with each other.  Imagine the ocean, bits and parts finally reaching the shore line… and tries to hang on for dear life to the shore.  Some of the water end up in little pools on the beach, if it stays in that one place too long, it spoils.  There is nothing like stagnant water.  And yet, we do our best to live like that, on a shoreline, being able to anticipate every day, every movement.  Let that shit go!!!

With the passing of this equinox, every thing has been destabilized.  That is a wonder-full thing, albeit, uncomfortable for most.  As we get further away from the equinox point, there will be less and less shoreline to hang onto, to run towards, to build upon.

There is so much I am still processing deep within my own ocean from this weekend (and I know it was weekdays) that I want to share, but it’s not fully ready yet.  The one thing I can say, all the needed ingredients came together this weekend, and the cake itself is still in the oven… baking.

What I do know (smile) is that my house is closing at 2pm on April 3rd.  I will be leaving this house and heading to Weeki Wachee to grab my temporary dentures and refund check and heading to San Marcos, Texas from there.  I will arrive on April 5th and I have my new dentist appointment on April 7th.  They are willing to take the fee off and use the temporary dentures I will be bringing, since it is really the same place, different location.  I am in hopes of having all the work done the following week.  This is going to affect a few already scheduled appointments and I will get an email out to those affected today.

I am also changing my days off.  My daughter and grandson will be with me on weekends, so I will no longer be working weekends and I am grabbing Wednesdays as my personal day.  That said, I know there are some people only available on weekends that are already in packages and I will make arrangements to do our readings on weekends.  However, any new readings, no weekends.  Altho my calendar will not reflect this until I get to Texas, my personal time zone will change, again.  I will be moving from EDT to Central time, keep that in mind when setting new appointments please.  Also, once I land in Texas, I will increase my fee’s, to the prices I had them at December and January.  I will more than likely (always subject to change again and again lol) put a long pause on readings mid June.  I am changing, the focus of what I will do, is changing, even and especially the how is changing.

My beloved daughter Valorie got her update from the DOC (department of correction) and she will indeed have to do the 9 months and an additional 10 days from a traffic charge.  Her new release date is 1/8/18.  1818.  99.  She is taking this news better than I did when she told me last evening.  She said, I am in an oddly good place within myself.  She truly has changed so much, thank you all for helping to guide her ship into the deep.  She has truly found her own anchor point inside and not outside!!

Also, when I went to Marco Island, I did not bring my computer, on purpose.  I have a million emails sitting and a house that needs emptying in a week.  If I do not get to your email, please forgive me.  Spiritually, I am a group entity, physically, I am still just one body trying to get a lot done in a short period of time.  Resend if I do not reply within the next couple days.

If you were on the rescheduled list prior to the eclipse, please just go to the reschedule zone, section B on my booking calendar and reschedule from there.  Or just click this link and it will take you directly to the reschedule zone.  

I love you all soul soul much.  You are each, so beloved by Life itself, you fill my heart consistently and expand me even in the Silence.  ❤

((((((HUGZ)))))) filled with the entrance into the point of no return!!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Remember when you were all stressed out over the home equity loan and pissed at the Board and their freaking rules for fucking your plans up? And so many people replied that you should relax and “go with the flow”, that the Universe has got your back with something even better? And you once again called BS on the phrase “everything happens for a reason”? And your posts wrer thick with blaming dentists and the Stonehenge people? How would the equity loan have helped other than to complicate the sale? And with the sale, local dentists would have been another hassle. Just seems to me you got what you intended – but with tons of unnecessary work and strife! Like you said…that is SO OLD PARADIGM! Co-creation in Shambala requires none of that, it just happens for the reason you created it – like it always has! We just didn’t know or wouldn’t admit that we did indeed create it 😉 Just a “thought” I had – I love and treasure you beyond measure Sister! I have learned so much about me, my journey and my truths through the Beautiful sharing of your own heart and journey 🙂 We all have much to learn and much to teach one another ❤


    • Actually patty… I am still pissed, in a good healthy way. But given my druthers, I would be staying here in a free place to live. Please don’t pretend to know me or my team or the will of others which can and does affect every one of our paths. Its just way to easy to say… but its supposed to be this way. Such a crock of shit. It is this way as a collision of energy that forced this hand.

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  2. what I am good at tho… is bobbing and weaving and pushing on doors, whether it is what I wanted or not… until something gives. I don’t know how to give up… but I do know how to give in when needed.

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